AL's Rating of Batman

A's Review of Batman

5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


The best Batman Movie, prior to the Nolan series. The dark tone set by Director Tim Burton brought out the essence of who Batman is. Even though many scoffed at the idea that Michale Keaton was to play Batman, I think he was definitely the right choice for the part. He played the part of the dark and mysterious persona of Bruce Wayne and the Cynical and closed ego of Batman to a (T). Keaton is in a stratosphere above Val Kilmer and George Clooney in the realm of Batman. Action and suspense is dispersed evenly throughout the movie and there are even slight comedic parts. Jack Nicholson as the joker, is epic. Most would disagree with me, But Where as Ledger's joker was a complete sociopath and psycho, Nicholson brought in the more comedic and laughing Joker, who is the sociopath and psycho with a more comic tone. This type of Joker character fits well in the Tim Burton's Batman and easily can be up
there with the Dark Knight Joker of Nolan.