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World War Z
World War Z (2013)
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

This movie is a high tension film. You will be at the edge of your seat for sure. I got so worked up when I first saw it that I gasp so loud, I scared a lady one row down from me (mission accomplished). Everyone in the theater will be on edge until the credits start to roll. Speaking of credits, the end is not what you would expect out of a movie like this, but it is a great ending to the story. I like the way it ended because it leaves you feeling like all your questions are answered, but at the same time you are still pondering certain things. It's a good film that shows how a good family core relates to human nature, and how human nature reacts to Mother Nature: a true serial killer. Have a good night at the movies folks!

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Man of Steel
Man of Steel (2013)
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Superman! One of the coolest and most iconic superheroes to every hit comic book stands. I mean even if you hate comic books you cant hate Superman. He is just a genuine good guy, and lets not forget he is incredibly suave and sexy (even as the nerdy Clark Kent). But in recent cinematic history, they have stained the name of Superman. After the epic failure of the last Superman movie, Superman Returns, released in 2006, I lost all hope in any Superman movie that could meet my expectations. But in June 2013 my expectations were met! Man of Steel release June 14, 2013, directed by Zack Snyder, was a movie I had been looking forward to since 2012, and it didn't disappoint. However, it is not what I expected. But hey, it was co-written by Christopher Nolan, so nothing ever goes how you expect when Nolan is involved.
Overall, this movie would be an A-. It's not an A + because it still left you wanting a little more. But it is a great start and it does Superman justice. He is a solid character. He has morals and stands for something. They kept him humble and they made sure he stayed true to who Superman is. They didn't corrupt him like some movies try to do with heroes. He was a true hero and that's the main thing I want out of my superhero movies. A good character that people look up to. So this movie is definitely worth checking out ASAP. You wont want to miss it! Hoping you have a happy day spent at the movies.
- Megan O'Neal ( Read the whole review at

The Great Gatsby
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

"Gatsby? What Gatsby?"
The Great Gatsby directed by the ever popular (or not so popular) Baz Luhrmann was released May 10th 2013. And it was pretty good; at least to me. However, I admit I am a little bias because I love Luhrmann. Many people don't understand that but, I do. I mean come on he directed Moulin Rouge and Australia (which are two of my favorite movies), so I can overlook the not so great Romeo + Juliet film that was released in 1996. Yet, even with that film he dared to be different, and sure it may have been a bit of a miss, but at least the man dared to add his own personal flare and originality to his work; can we really condemn him for that? Anyway back to Mr. Jay Gatsby....
Before we discuss the casting of this film, let's talk about the soundtrack. Now I know everyone either loves the soundtrack or hates it. Personally, I am indifferent about it. I think that this movie would have been great if it stuck to the originally type of music used in the 1920s. AKA: mostly jazz type music. However, I would only be okay with this if the movie was directed by any other man. But it was directed by Baz Luhrmann and I expect him to mix modernism with the past. It's his style and I believe he is good at it. If there is anyone who can get away with sticking modern-like music into a period piece, its Bax Luhrmann. Also please notice I said "modern-like" music! I think many people overreacted about the soundtrack saying "Ahhhh!!! It's not like the 1920s at all!" Truthfully, most of the music in this movie is rooted in the original jazz sound. It has the base of jazz and is modernized. I do agree that it is not the same music as the time period, but it is not so far off into left field that it doesn't make sense. When you go to see this film don't let the music make it or break it for you. Just let it flow in and out and accept it for the duration of the film, then when the film is over, decide if you hate the music. Later you might realize you didn't hate the music that much after all.
Leonardo DiCaprio... what else can I say. The man can act! He is good at his job and nobody can deny that. He made Gatsby come to life on the screen. I could just feel his energy coming through the screen, helping me follow the story. In the movie, you must wait for a good 25 mins before Gatsby even comes on screen. We all know Leo is playing Gatsby so for those first 25 mins my mind was building with tension just waiting for Gatsby to come on screen. And when he finally reveals himself, your heart jumps because on the screen you don't see DiCaprio, you see Jay Gatsby. DiCaprio was perfect for the role because he can go from happy and calm to a crazy mad man in seconds. He also is good at working his mysterious eyes which is what you need to play Gatsby. I'm not saying that this was his best movie role, however, I am saying if he wasn't Jay Gatsby this movie would not have been as good or as successful. They picked Leo to play Gatsby but he really did bring the character to life.
Overall I would give this movie a A - . It was very good and worth a see in the theaters. It was beautifully shot because Luhrmann is really good at making movies look pretty! The plot is good and has a mystery factor to it which will keep you guessing and intrigued until the very end. There are some cons of course, I do think it was a little slow at some moments. For example, the party scenes are drawn out a little longer than they should be, in my opinion. Things like that slow the movie down and make you wanna just movie on to the next scene. There are some funny parts in this film so you will get a chuckle now and then, but don't expect a lot of cheery moments. One more thing about the movie is they do include a lot of text from the book, which makes the movie easily quotable. Go see Jay Gatsby in theaters and prepare yourself for some wild parties and a crazy ride.

- Megan O'Neal (to read more of this review or others by me go to

Iron Man 3
Iron Man 3 (2013)
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Iron Man was finally released into theaters on May 3 and I have seen it twice already. Its safe to say this movie lived up to my expectations. Where do I begin on breaking down the awesomeness of this movie?

Okay, lets start with the fact that the action in this movie is AMAZING!! I don't wanna give away too much to those people who haven't seen the film yet (speaking of, get your butt to a theater ASAP!), but the action scenes in this movie are intense. As seen in the trailer they blow up Tony Stark's house and I was at the edge of my seat. Things are blowing up, people are flying backwards in slow motion, and the music cuts in, adding even more intensity to the sequence. Tony is flying in and out of suits and even kicks butt when he is sometimes left with out the suit for a moment.Moving away from action, poor Tony Stark just makes me sad with those puppy eyes. The film shows how he is having a hard time after New York and how his paranoia is overtaking his life. This effects his relationship with Pepper in some big ways. However, Pepper and Tony still are one of my favorite super hero couples. In this movie, they really show how much Tony needs and loves Pepper and its adorable. I'm a sucker for the lovey dovey stuff and I am not ashamed of it. So any women who is not a fan of action movies (for whatever strange reason) you will love the way Tony treats and talks about Pepper, its so cute.

I don't want to speak too much about the villain of this film because I don't want to give away too much of the plot. So for those who have not seen the film yet, LOOK AWAY...

- Spoiler Alert: Okay, I know there are a lot of people who do not like the way The Mandarin was portrayed in this film, but I actually was okay with the fact that they made him a fake. I thought it was a funny touch that most of the audience appreciated. This is the most intense of the 3 Iron Man films so I think, Trevor is a nice touch to the film. As for Aldrich Killian... man.... he gives me the creeps. Guy Pearce is just the perfect villain. I mean come on Count of Monte Cristo, Prometheus, and countless other films, Pearce just makes a good bad guy. We love to hate him and that's the truth. He is a good actor though and I was impressed (once again) with his villainy in this film.

Lastly, I don't want to talk about it too much, but a kid helps Tony in this film and he is amazing. The kid's name is Harley, played by Ty Simpkins, and he is just hilarious and cute. He is kinda witty and sarcastic just like Tony. He is basically a mini Tony Stark and he is so cute. Him and RDJ act well with each other; they flow and their interactions seem natural. So when you do go see the film, pay attention to Harley cause he is pretty great.

Overall, I really liked this Iron Man. It was funny and filled with action. The writers developed Tony Stark's character even more but even though he has been through a lot, he was still the same witty, cocky, billionaire that we love. And as usual, RDJ, is perfect in this film. He does Iron Man justice once again. And I believe we will see him again in The Avengers 2. So if you love action, Marvel, Superheroes, and good movies in general, Go see Iron Man 3.
- Megan O'Neal
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42 (2013)
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I just saw the newly released "42. The True Story of an American Legend" directed and written by Brian Helgeland, and it was a very good film. It stars the great Harrison Ford as Branch Ricky and a new comer (well to me at least) Chadwick Boseman, as the amazing Jackie Robinson. This film has heart and is very inspirational. It shows the story of a man who the "guts not to fight back."

When watching the trailer with my father he told me that this movie could either be great or be awful. When I asked why he explained "Robinson worked hard. People didn't just hand him things. He had to learn to deal with the pain and fight through it. He came up from nothing and made himself. Nobody handed him anything. I worry this movie may not show it that way." Well I am happy to report that my dad does not have to worry. This film shows all the nitty gritty, the pain and the triumph of Jackie Robinson. The road was not easy but he persevered and he succeeded. "42" is also very funny. You will laugh during this film and enjoy it. But many moments in this film are intense and some things are a little hard to watch. By that I mean, the movie really tries to embrace what happened in the 1940's which hits the audience with a reality check. However, this film is also very motivational and heartfelt. You will leave the theater happy and overwhelmed with a sense of hope. You will leave thinking that if we can change then; we can continue to change now. So I defiantly recommend this film and I just wanna say, 'Grab your ball caps and go to the theater, it's time to play ball!'

- Megan O'Neal
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