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This film was incredibly stupid clearly an idiotic version of sky high but doesn't have the charm or anything that those films had but more of a superhero parody. Please never make a film like this again.

The Amazing Spider-Man

So Avatar is the only film I thought that had "good" 3-D. Every other film I've seen had unnecessary and annoying 3-D. The Amazing Spiderman is one of them. I had to wear my prescription glasses under my 3-D glasses, and it really wasn't comfortable. I tried to find a theater that doesn't have the gimmick, but was unsuccessful. I will for sure buy it when it comes out in stores and give it a rewatch. Anyways, the movie was very entertaining. Great actually. I had several nerdgasms through out the film whenever I saw some sort of accuracy to the modern spiderman comics, which I am a huge fan of. It was pretty darn funny. I really liked the visual style of the film. The Lizard was ugly but in a good way, in my opinion at least. All the actors were great as well. Andrew Garfield is perfect for the role! I see a lot of potential in Webb, and was somewhat reminded of Nolan with his Batman Begins. I hope the sequel fixes up some of the "flaws" of this film. I'd say it's one of the most emotionally resonant superhero flicks I've seen. The action scenes were pretty cool. I liked how the film has some "homages" to the past spiderman flicks. I'm sure there's much more to be said but it's late and my head isn't right so...yeah. It's great! It's taking second place in my top films of 2012 for now.



This movie was dissapointing...hulk is based on a comic book character, who has some very interesting and epic stories to be shown on screen,YET this film goes on by NOT being true to the comic books, contains mediocre CGI,generally gripping performances(thats one of the only good parts), lacks the action scenes a hulk film should have, and the screenplay is BORING. Half of the movie is an origin story, then the rest is still boring and ends off a bit cliched and mediocre. I did like some of the dramatic parts of the film, as they played out well and made you feel for him but the negatives outshine the postives on this one.


The Dark Knight

"PREPARED TO BE WOWED" says it all.

(Better and more detailed review coming later this year)

Batman Begins

this movie has got to be the greatest film ever made yet. i totally understand batman now, and the atmosphere of this movie was triumphant and i loved the way they portrayed gotham, as a city that has its dark shades and its good shades and the ending was pure awesome. 2 thumbs way up high.

X2: X-Men United

Huge improvement from the 1st film and great special effects and an excellent story.

Ice Age
Ice Age(2002)

It's a decent enjoyable animated flick but it's very silly, has a lack of much depth and the story has it's problems.


I didn't like it much when I was younger but watching it now, It's not bad, Good even but it's got quite a few flaws, mainly with the technical aspects and script. Still an enjoyable superhero flick though.


Madagascar caught my attention with the neat cast of comedians, and so did the film. Madagascar revolves around a hippo,lion,zebra etc, and it has a pretty decent story with ok animation. Though still, the main characters are pretty likable and the laughs are immaturely funny the film delivers. A good funny family film that mostly kids will enjoy.

Raavanan (Villain)

(tamil version)
Directed by: Mani Ratnam

This movie was just a weird way. I don't know why but it had such a "weird" tone all throughout the was in a happy/wild/sad type of tone.

Raavanan is the modernized re-telling of the Hindu God Raavanan's story, which I am not familiar with, as I am catholic but after viewing this film I became very familiar with the story. The story is about a forest-inhabited village and its folks living their lives with no fear and happily, but the village also contains many of India's most wanted terrorists, who are the leaders of the village. The terrorists capture the wife of a indian cop who lives outside in the city, and so the cop who seems to have a huge backstory with the main leader of the terrorists, Beera, goes on a manhunt with all of his forces into the forest to find his wife and also capture or kill the terrorists, mainly Veera.

This is the film I have been waiting for a smart, epic, and sad tamil film, as most tamil films that have come out this year have all been no brain action films. Mani Ratnam is one of my favourite tamil directors and this film seems to be one of his weaker films. I think they should have edited some of the slow parts more, as they seem to just go on and an talking about one thing. Also, the story seems a little muddled, as I had a hard time trying to understand all of the little back-stories.

The film contains alot of violence and gore, like in one scene where Veera captured his dead sisters husband who ran away, and so with anger for running away when his sister needed her husband the most, he cut off his hand and stiched him to a straw doll and hung him on a tree with his cut-off hand in the the other hand.

Despite all that the film's amazing camera work, beautiful and exotic locations, well done acting, breath-taking dance numbers, stunniing finaly and acadamy award winning A.Rahaman's score all make the film "spectacular".

Kung Fu Panda

Dreamworks films are always just the type of film that you will like for its animation but not so much it's story, and as the years go by Dreamworks has made some really terrible films.They only have 3 good films, and that is the first shrek and the second but even the third got ruined,but now after the release of this spectacular film,Kung Fu Panda, we have hopes again for another surprise film from DreamWorks.

KungFuPanda is about a Panda named Po, who lives in the splendid area of China, and was born into a family of noodleshop owners, though it is weird that Po's father is a bird that fact is untold. Po is a great supporter of the furious five, who are chinas legendary fighters, and he dreams about them but knows he will never be them...that is until when the Furious Five were going to select a leader for their group. So Po and his father leave to serve the people there noodles which saddens Po as he wanted to actually go there and watch the show. When Po actually makes it there he was too late and gets locked out, so in a fury to make it in he does using fireworks and crashes to the ground in the middle of the election of the leaders and looks upon to see him having a finger pointing at him, meaning that he is the furious fives new leader. Po first surprised, while others are furious and shocked, goes to expect something great gets the opposite as no one appreciates him and all try to kick him out. While that is all happening a mass criminal escapes out of a top security jail to go after the chosen leader(theres a whole story behind it on why). As Po saddens because none of the furious five want him to be their leader, he eventually thinks to leave but changes his mind as he gets support from the wise master wuo and as days pass by the furious five leave to fight the escaped criminal, but none were successful. So finally as the climax forms, Master Shifu realizes Po is the leader and that he must keep trust in Po(as he witnessed many sad events), and prepares Po for the hilarious battle of his life.

Kungfu Panda is an amazing film, as it delivers in every way possible. The film is very funny as mostly Po(Jack Black) is there to provide the laughs, and the animation is eye dazzling, the voice acting is exact,the action in the film especially the jail escape was totally amazing, and the music was beautiful as it had a very nice feeling to it and the story is triumphant as its main moral was that "don't judge a book by its cover."The film also had some very sweet moments with Po as the film makes you feel sorry for Po and his whole weight problem, and many other scenes that are heartwarmingly good. Overall Kung-Fu Panda is visually stunning, loaded with great action scenes, with a very well done story and is emotionally satisfying.

rating: 98%


Crap. I loved this when I was a kid though.

Captain America: The First Avenger

I liked this movie. It's got a nice retro vibe and old fashioned direction with wonderful visuals. I mean DAMN, Chris Evans body transformation before and after was flawless..but yeah. It's got a set of nice performances mainly Chris Evans. Action scenes are awesome. Direction flows nicely and embraces a certain cheesy side that somehow is not cringe worthy. Flaws are many. I disliked Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull..He was just very...cliched and boring. The film lacked proper characterization which is something I felt Thor was much better at. I mean the film went by VERY fast. It was entertaining but I felt certain things such as Steve Rogers and the struggles of his life before actually getting the powers could have had more depth,etc. The ending is a bit anti-climatic. I mostly blame it on the poor characterization...BUT I enjoyed it.



Rating: 7.2/10

Friends With Benefits

Film #337

Watched Friends with Benefits (2011).

It had a GREAT first half but a rather weak second half. I love Will Gluck for his "Easy A" and kind of expected a film as awesome as that while watching this and was rather disappointed. The first half was hilarious, extremely fast paced and entertaining as heck, but it's when the second half hits and the characters begin to get a bit serious is when the film get's rather messy and cliched and not so seemed to struggle to know if it was still aiming to just plain out funny or serious and ended up getting rather dull. The awesome chemistry between Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis manages to keep the film alive for a while but even that get's a bit dull and ends off with a satisfying but cliched ending. Overall, I enjoyed it but I have to say I was kind of disappointed.


-Alexson Philipiah

Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End

Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End (2007)

THIS is what event movies are all about. I mean DAMN this film was EPIC. Gore Verbinski obviously realized many of the various flaws with the second film and put a ton of work with this film. The second film seemed to be aiming to merely entertain the audience with ridiculousness and gorgeous visuals but barely ANY real story or character development. This one was the darkest and seemed to be aiming pretty much to tie up all the loose ends that the previous films left and give us the epic final battle we all expected to witness. From the start to the end, the film had a motive and that's good enough to carry a film like this. The performances were all great. The humour was a lot better then the second film. The visuals were flawless and a real wonder to just stare at for hours. The amount of detail that is put to the visuals is just amazing. The battle sequences had me awe-struck. If only all that work was put to the plot and characters. Indeed, the film had a lot better plot and character development then the second film but that don't mean it was anything great. The films have come to a point where the suspension of belief is at full extent. So I wasn't that annoyed as many people seemed to be with this film. It still did drag a bit in the middle but not much, I mostly blame the 2 hour and 48 min length of the film. The plot was very much incomprehensible as it combines so many mythologies and characters to the point where you just want to see the film get on with itself and it does so nicely. I do feel the last 15 minutes were unneeded and this could have been the last film. There was no need for a fourth. I have a feeling I will dislike it...immensely. Especially since Verbinski is not the director. But yeah, overall, At Worlds End is a damn good epic pirate film.




Twilight (2008)

I have mixed feelings about this film. I mean I didn't really hate it. It was OK. FLAWED AS FUCK...but it was ok. It's easily a film I consider mindless entertainment. I get what Joel Copling meant by it's "camp" feeling. I would have actually..."liked" it, if it wasn't for Kirsten Stewart. I mean wow. She was really bad in this. She annoyed me A LOT. For a central character, there was barely ANY depth provided for her character...she seemed like she ate something really bad and was sick throughout the whole WTF was up with all those exasperated looks she was giving throughout the whole damn film. All the other actors were just there, and Robert Pattinson seemed to TRY to do the best he could with the film but ultimately gave up due to boredom. I mostly blame the source material. The whole film had tons of extremely ridiculous, creepy and awful moments mixed in with some decent or watchable moments. It was painful to try to get to know the boring and angsty as fuck of a character that Kirsten Stewart horribly played. "Bella Swan" and "Edward Cullens" relationship was literally representing every single teenage girls dream. It seems to try to manipulate the viewer into the idea that there is nothing wrong with Edward Cullens creepy antics. The technical aspects were pretty darn weak. Also, there were various unintentionally hilarious moments all throughout the film. The baseball scene and the introduction of Edward Cullen for example made me LOL. I am in no hurry to check out the other films and don't reccomend this to anyone.


Mayakkam Enna

Film #340

Mayakkam Enna (2011)

It's a very good tamil film. Definitely one of my top 10 favorites of this year. Compared to the majority of movies that come out from kollywood, this is a different film. It's essentially an art film...and a helluva good one it is.

I first watched this with a whole different set of expectations but after watching this film, I realized that director Selvaraghavan is quite an intelligent director. I mean his last film made me hate him a lot and I lost a lot of hope in him, but he proved to me that he's still got the freshness that he had with his film "Pudhupettai" which is easily one of my favourite tamil films of all time. What makes this film so good is that it actually has some social commentaries, metaphors, brilliant acting, great cinematography,etc which is rare to find in a tamil film.

The first half of this film is a light hearted romance story that deals with betrayal, friendships, emerging adults, etc. All the actors are great in this but Richa Gangopadhyay and Danush were just brilliant as both play some very complex characters. This is one of the rare tamil films where I actually felt a genuine connection with the characters. The story is quite good in the first half. It's the second half where the film begins to lose it's momentum. The second half is filled with some tamil cliches and get's rather melodramatic. I would've enjoyed it more if the film didn't have the main character getting into a deadly accident that destoys his life overall. The first half of the film is very centered towards the male main character while the second half is more focused on the female main character as she has to go through a lot of troubles with her mentally damaged husband. The second half of the film is quite dark and very depressing. A bit TOO depressing to the point where the film feels like it's taking forever to end. Then it does with a rather cliched and predictable ending. None the less, the film does go very indepth in the relationships of these characters and making you feel horrible to watch them go through this pain. The music really brings up the emotions. There are a lot of small social commentaries like in one scene, the female lead tells a friend who tried to get on her while her husband is running around crazy on the road, about how we live in a world where feminists fight for woman rights and all but at the end of the day, females have to force themselves to be like men as we live in a sick and twisted world where if a woman shows a weakness she will be pounded immensely. I could go on and on with reasons of why this film is so good but I will end off with saying that if it wasn't for the weaker second half, the film could have been another masterpiece from this director. It's definitely not a film that many will understand straight up and demands a second viewing.


-Alexson Philipiah

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Film #331

Just watched Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl. (2003)
This is the first "pirate" movie that I have seen and I quite enjoyed it. I mean the sole purpose of the movie seems to be to just entertain for it's running time which by the way is a bit over long. Although, I do admit Gore Verbinski definitely knows how to handle visuals, as I was rather distracted by many of the visuals mainly the costume designs which I found to be very fascinating. All the actors were good with Keira Knightly being the best in my opinion. Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom were good but I don't get why so many people are THAT fascinated by Depp. The story is good but nothing amazing. The movie does drag and get a bit exhausting in the middle of the film but the overall adventurous feeling that the movie gives off is quite a treat and the sword fights were great to watch. Overall, Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl is a good fun adventure flick that I consider to be a "classic".


- Alexson Philipiah

Pulp Fiction
Pulp Fiction(1994)

Film #338

Just watched Pulp Fiction (1994).

DAMN! This movie is awesome. This is my first Quentin Tarantino film and I love it! The screenplay is just genius! Acting is flawless! Sam Jackson was BAD ASS, Bruce Willis was great, John Travolta was also great...their ALL great! It's actually VERY quotable and has some unforgettable moments. It's actually quite damn hilarious at times, but also fucking intense as heck in some parts. You could feel the spirit of Quentin Tarantino all over this film. I mean I can't bring myself to call it the greatest film ever or even put it in my top 10 list but then again I might have to give this movie a couple days to sum up my full thoughts on it. It's extremely entertaining and a great film overall.



-Alexson Philipiah

The Ides of March

Film #336

Just watched The Ides of March (2011).

I didn't find it to be as fantastic as many of you guys did but I liked it. It's a very quiet film. I found the first half to be rather slow and contain a lot of political talk that had me slightly confused but the twists in the second half made the films pacing get better. I also found it rather anti-climatic and the plot to be rather thin. All the performances were good and the direction was smooth and atmospheric. I kind of expected more but I guess Clooney is still learning. Overall, it's a good, small, political thriller.


-Alexson Philipiah

Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Film #332

Is it one of the best in it's genre? No. Is it better then the typical modern romance movie that hollywood gives us? Yes.

It's a very funny and sweet film with a sort of indie feel to it but at the same time has that whole hollywood gloss all over it to appeal to a mainstream audience...which is what made it...NOT so great. I agree that it isn't gonna make you fall head over heels for the characters or anything but there's a certain freshness to it that makes it good. It had me smiling a lot that's for sure. The story is great and has certain scenes that make it rise above the average romantic/drama/comedy. All the actors are extremely charismatic in this movie mainly Steve Carrel, Ryan Gosling, and Emma Stone. It is definitely very entertaining but it needed more depth on the relationships and the certain topics it actually tried to touch but kind of just shied away from. I also felt the ending was rather cheesy. Although, It had a lot of truth in it's messages and might even make you think about some parts that went wrong in your life. One thing for sure is that I can agree with the fact that love is definitely crazy and stupid but always for the best. Overall, I recommend this to everyone as it is a nice little movie about why love is just so...messy.


- Alexson Philipiah

Pineapple Express

Just watched The Pineapple Express. (2008)

I felt like watching a dumb comedy and so this movie came to my mind. I kept telling myself I'm gonna hate this and that I might as well check it out, and I was rather surprised at how much I actually liked it. I mean it's extremely ridiculous, stupid as heck, features many moments where the movie felt rather amateurish, features a lot of disgusting jokes,etc. YET there were more positives then negatives to this movie. It's easily the best stoner comedy I have seen. Which surprises me because I thought this would be total shit since director David Gordon Green's "Your Highness" was the worst film that I have seen this whole year. The friendship between all the characters mainly James Franco Danny Mcbride and Seth Rogen, is what drives this movie to be so damn hilarious and even kinda sweet...reminds me of the friendships in Superbad in ways. Anyways, the movie has a pretty good story for a stoner comedy and it gets pretty damn violent with a major bad ass finale that had me laughing non-stop. Yes I was aware I was laughing at something so damn stupid but I was watching this with my brain shut down, SO YEAH. This is the best stoner comedy to watch when your looking for a good time but unfortunately, I can see that the director, David Green for some strange reason isn't trying at all anymore, as his last 2 flicks are garbage which saddens me.


Sucker Punch
Sucker Punch(2011)

I STILL think Zach Snyder is a good director DESPITE this extremely messy film. This movies premise has so much promise in it and could have been made into something amazing...unfortunately, Snyder is a horrible writer. The movie is all over the place and the actors who are for the most part really cringe-worthy make it even worse. The visuals and action sequences are no doubt amazing but due to underdeveloped characters and plot, everything feels so...dull. I mean halfway in the movie you could see that there was some sort of promise in the movie as the movie TRIES to tackle certain dark themes but fails. I loved Snyders "Watchmen" and thought he did an awesome job handling the dark themes about humanity and all but none of that is evident in this movie. I did personally think that the last quarter of the movie was quite decent but that still doesn't help make this any good. I hope Nolan did the right thing in choosing Snyder to make the next superman Snyder has proved that he knows how to make a good movie if you give him a good story with Watchmen.



This is one of those films that make me feel proud to be Canadian and happy that I don't live in this country called the " United States OF America". This is the first film I have seen from director Micheal Moore and I LOVE him AND this film. It's a documentary that really goes in-depth to show the horrors of Americas healthcare system and the millions of citizens suffering from it. This film will really play with your emotions by starting off with a good old gross out gag to ending off with a very bittersweet message. It's VERY entertaining and I totally recommend everyone to watch it.



It's a good movie. Yes it is rather cliched,kinda corny,overlong and even a bit dull in the middle but the topic and performances are what drive the movie. Denzel Washington, Antonio Banderas and Tom Hanks are great in this film. It definitely got me to understand the uneasiness of being homosexual back in those days AND made me understand the AIDS disease far more. As a court room drama it is very good but as a film overall, it is decent. None the less, this film deserves the awards and praise it received.


Bad Teacher
Bad Teacher(2011)

Watched Bad Teacher(2011).

It's a pretty entertaining movie that you watch when your bored and got nothing to do. It's pretty low on depth and not THAT funny but it was decent. I found it hard to like Cameron Diaz in this movie until near the last quarter where you could see that the script was jamming in a cheesy redemption story arc. In fact a lot of the characters were very odd and stupid, mainly Justin Timberlake who had provided no depth whats so ever in the movie. Jason Segel was the best part of the movie. I also liked the premise but the script gives up trying around halfway in the movie and ends up being just plain cheese. Yeah I chuckled once in a while but for the most part, I was entertained.



Just watched Tyrannosaur. It's a very good but rather depressing film about abuse. This film is Paddy Considines first achievement in direction and he has done a very well done job at it despite certain flaws that stop it from achieving greatness. I did admire the fact that the pacing was very good. The performances are really what carry this film mainly Olivia Colman. Peter Mullan gives quite an amazing performance as well but it's really Olivia,playing as a woman suffering from battered woman syndrome, gives the most captivating performance out of all the actors in this film. I totally think that she deserves an oscar for her role. The film has a very bleak visual appeal, which I found to be another plus. The film really does try to show certain forms of abuse but it could have been MORE better if it went deeper and went for a more shock factor approach near the end. None the less, this is a good film that I reccomend for all of you to view.


The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

So I just watched Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. Fuck what the critics said, this movie was good fun. It was easily the best out of the whole series so far(3rd movie), and director Justin Lin has brought this franchise up from it's feet as the second movie sucked while the first was just decent fun. It had some fun cinematography, decent acting(better then the last 2 movies atleast) as I actually liked the main character in this movie,while I had a tough time loving Paul Walker in the first two,since he was so damn wooden. The racing scenes are WAY better as it ACTUALLY is high octane fun and is much more realistic unlike the other two which were rather silly and fake. I mean obviously don't come in expecting some sort of masterpeice but just a good old fun racing flick with a decent story.


American Wedding

Just watched American Wedding. It's the third film in this surprisingly long lasting series that started off with a bunch of desperate teens who wanted to have sex before they go to college to a movie about a bunch of adults who are helping their friend to have a proper marriage while trying to slowly fix up their lives maturely. This one is easily the best out of this extremely raunchy comedy series. I mean this series just gets better and better with each film. The first was rather mediocre, but the sequel was way better with certain flaws and now this one,which is actually the most mature film out of all of them. I am now officially really attached to these characters, I mean their just so lovable...maybe it's mostly because of my age and relatable expereinces. The movie still has tons of disgusting and hilarious scenes and provides tons of heart all throughout. This movie was actually rather surprising as it had a certain maturity and nice flow to it that kept me intrigued till the end. You know...I've always thought that this series was just a couple of stupid movies but I guess I was wrong, their actually pretty good. Sure there were some scenes that I felt were rather "what the fuck?" type but still. You can for sure see that the makers and the actors have matured and are confident with what their doing and so I say, It's a good movie that obviously demands you to just sit down and be ready for a good ol fun raunchy comedy.

P.S. I officially cannot WAIT to watch the next upcoming film, American Reunion. :)


American Pie 2

Watched American Pie 2. It was WAY better then the first. Yes it had plenty of disgusting jokes but it also had plenty of HILARIOUS moments. It was actually pretty heartfelt for a movie about a bunch of guys who want to have a good summer full of alcohol and sex. By the way, Jason Biggs seriously looks like adam sandler lol. But yeah, it's a good fun movie.

Rating: 6.8/10

American Pie
American Pie(1999)

Watched American Pie. It's about a bunch of teens who want to lose their status of being virgins before they go to college and it tries to be something good but it ends up being rather mediocre. A lot of disgusting jokes, stupid people, teen sex glorified in a rather comedic way,etc. Although I did end up liking the main characters of the movie and I did laugh a couple times so yeah.



Velayudham is probably one of the best tamil superhero films but that doesn't mean it's anything amazing. It's got all the makings of a typical tamil action flick but it actually does go a bit beyond being average. The first half is just full of fun while the second half is rather melodramatic and extremely badly edited and overlong but features some impressive action scenes that I would not expect from a tamil film.

It's definitely a crowd pleaser film. It's got tons of comedic scenes, decent songs, great action scenes, heart, and a decent story to keep it from falling to being the average film. In acting terms, Vijay has definitely improved but after "Kaavalan", where he took a lighter role, you kind of expect him to stick to movies that are more serious. I mean in this movie, he was acting as how he does in almost every single action film throwing punch lines and comedic balance to the movie but it doesn't make you love him that much as the nasty taste that his past action flicks left stick to you unlike Surya whose had a great career and adds in quite an amount of charisma to his films.

The action scenes are actually pretty impressive as they have some "hollywood" influenced fights, and the whole assassins creed ripoff suit actually added to it's depth. Although you could see they had a HARD time filming the train fight scene as it had some REAL choppy editing. None the less, I could see the hard work M.Raja put to making this film. I really liked his approached to the superhero genre as it was cliched as FUCK but still it wasn't anything as horrible as Vikrams "Kanthaswamy" (ugh).

Now, the major flaws of this movie were the editing and the tone. I have seen MANY badly edited films but this one had some major problems mostly near the ending as it was VERY fast paced. The tone was rather weird as it seemed to struggle to know if it's an action film, a metaphor for all the past action films in tamil ,or if it's a political thriller. It ends up being a bit all of them.

Overall, Velayudham doesn't SOAR to great heights but it definitely is the best tamil superhero film and adds a bit of credibility to Vijays career, despite some heavy flaws that plague A LOT of tamil films. It was fun :)


The Future
The Future(2011)

Just watched The Future. It's a VERY odd movie. I don't wanna spoil anything but some of the things that this movie has are:The meaning of life being told through the perspective of a cat, a talking moon, sex,etc. Yeah it sounds quite odd but it actually is quite good even though I was pretty confused halfway through the film. It's about a couple who decide to adopt a stray cat which changes their perspective on life, literally altering the course of time and space and testing their faith in each other and themselves. It's the type of movie that has me thinking about certain events to come in my life. It's a very quiet but quirky film. Miranda July who both directs AND acts in this film gives the...most unique performance in this film. So yeah, any one that's into indie films should check this out. Not the type of movie I'd rewatch though.


Knocked Up
Knocked Up(2007)

Just watched Knocked Up. It's not as funny as I thought it was supposed to be but that's not a bad thing. It's actually pretty heartfelt and even teaches me a thing or two about life. I loved everyone in this, EVEN Seth Rogen whose character went from stupid asshole to lovable,responsible father(I still think he reminds me of homer simpson). The story is nothing amazing but it is a rather refreshing look at unwanted pregnancies and the relationship conflicts that come with it. Yes, the movie is very much entertaining despite it's long running time(2 hours and 34 min). Does the movie have a lot of vulgar jokes that fall flat? yes. Still, I really liked it and it's probably the best one from Judd Apatow that I have seen.



Just watched Drive. It's definitely a really good film. It has a very slow and atmospheric direction that engaged me all the way to the end. It is quite brutally violent. Ryan Gosling plays a very quiet character who barely shows much emotion yet I knew exactly what he was thinking and feeling. All the other actors were great as well.It's indeed very stylish and the soundtrack totally drives the movie (no pun intended). The opening scene is just fantastic. I could go on and on about the positive things about this movie about a man who does some very fucked up shit, all to save the family of the one he loves. The movie is a very good character study. Yet I did feel that maybe the movie could have been more grittier and provided MORE substance. None the less, it is a great film that needs more recognition.

Rating: 7.8/10


Watched Apocalypto. I was REALLY surprised at how much I actually enjoyed this movie. It is easily one of Mel Gibsons best films ever. You could say this is Pocahontas Origins:the Natives. I thought I would dislike this film due to the first couple stupid scenes the movie has but as it goes a long you understand what Mel is trying to reveal to the audience. It is one epic,sad,realistic and bloody examination of an entire civilization. I loved the fact that the whole movie features the actors all speaking in Mayan language with english subtitles as it really makes this film realistic.Yes it is a very gory film with the first half being an examination of the civilization and the second half is the civilization being destroyed and all you witness is literally nothing BUT just watching tons and tons of people dying and the one man who survives to make a change. I would most definitely call that the flaw of the movie BUT everything else is my opinion at least. I could go on and on about this movie but it! It is a really good movie.


Little Manhattan

Just watched Little Manhattan. It is a very cute light weighted film about a kid who discovers first love and suffers through the loss of innocence. Although the premise sounds very familiar it is done in a refreshing way that manages to keep me involved in these characters lives. It is very well acted especially the 2 main leads. I laughed and even kind of cried at the decisions and thoughts of the kids as it brought back memories of my childhood. It's a good little cute movie :).


Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay

Watched Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay. know ALOT of you guys thought this one was bad,that the jokes don't work and that the first was better and critics on RT agree as well giving it a 53%...but I actually have to TOTALLY disagree.

I personally LOVED this one WAY more then the first. I thought the first was OK. It was really boring and extremely ridiculous in the middle. Then was the first stoner comedy that I have ever seen..I think. So when I watched this one I actually had REALLY low expectations. I was expecting a 3/10 movie since I gave the first one a 5.5/10.

I found that this one had way better direction then the first. The acting has definitely gotten better. The jokes were crude but I expected that and so a lot of it just was VERY funny for me. I also felt it was actually a smart stoner comedy. I mean I'm not saying it's an intelligent commentary or anything but a lot of the scenes that used subversive stereotypes actually didn't feel forced (for the most part) and even kind of had me thinking(UNLIKE the first where it felt forced). The chemistry between Harold and Kumar went up A LOT in this movie (I actually really love these guys now) and you'll know why due to certain scenes with their loved ones and themselves. The story was although ridiculous as heck way better then the first one. I did find some scenes to have jokes that made me wince but for the most part I enjoyed it! I also really liked the scenes with the credits. I am definitely looking forward to the third movie :)

Rating: 7/10

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

Watched Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. It's got a good opening and ending...but the middle is just ridiculously stupid and boring. I actually watched the last quarter while I was stoned...and I guess thats why I found the ending to be good. The acting was kind of awful. I mean the characters playing Harold and Kumar were decent but everyone else was awful to mediocre. The visual effects were really bad. Some of the jokes actually did make me laugh out loud but some of them just fell flat. Like that scene where the 2 girls were playing "battleshits" was disgusting,stupid and unnecessary. There were a couple major plot holes but I hardly cared since the story itself is literally all about 2 stoners who want to go to White Castle (a fast food restaurant) to eat, and go through some crazy shit before they make it. I did appreciate the subversion of stereotypes but sometimes it just felt forced and stupid. Still, it was decent.



I just saw THOR, and I went in expecting a mediocre super hero film thats entertaining with heart and sets up the Avengers nicely and got a awesome fun, action packed, visually amazing, greatly acted,funny,surprisingly emotional superhero film. It was WAYYY above my expectations, as critics seem to be calling this mediocre fun and all. I was really pulled into the story and I didn't want to get out, as it was very entertaining and VERY surprisingly emotional. So the story wasn't anything mind blowing but the human drama in it really touched me, especially the relationships between Odin and his sons, and I could actually relate to the relationship towards the 2 brothers, Loki and Thor. I mean it's not as amazing as Iron man was but it is definitely better then the sequel and it actually is in my opinion the most emotionally wrenching of all the marvel films to come out. I could go on and on about how awesome this film is but I'm gonna say, watch it and don't expect a masterpiece,but a movie that can touch u emotionally and make you have a great time with it's visual and action thrills. Oh yeah, and the film handled the AVENGERS situations VERY nicely unlike IRON MAN 2. Keep your eyes and ears open for some AVENGERS easter eggs, theres a couple, and stay after the credits theres something you might like or you might not me. :)


I didn't understand ALOT of this movie. I got the fact that they were creating a time travel machine but every thing else was like...what?! For a film that is made on a budget of $17,000 it actually is pretty well made. The camera work was actually interesting.The problems where that it had actors who weren't even trained and therefore showed literally no charisma at all and all of their dialogue was some barely decipherable techno-drivel, and the film was humorless all throughout to the end. The movie ends off in a way that definitely demands you to watch it again but why would I? I know some people have been calling this "a masterpiece" and " the most headiest singular sci-fi movie since Kubrick made 2001" etc, but I rather settle for Back to the future If I wanna watch a movie about time traveling. Overall, What I am trying to say is that, it was pretty fuckin boring.

Rating: 6/10

Back to the Future Part III

Back to the Future Part 3 was a good. The story, unlike the second, is pretty straightforward but this one is more sweet and charming and brought back the wistfully nostalgic feel of the first one. It is the weakest of the trilogy in terms of direction, but it manages to not fall to the "third movie" curse and is a decent satisfying ending to one of the greatest science fiction films of the 80's.


Back to the Future Part II

Back to the Future Part 2 was an awesome sequel. In ways, I found this one to be MORE entertaining then the first mostly due to it's wacky mind boggling and actually dark plot which involves going to the future then present then past,etc. The problems with this one were that the scenes involving the future and the alternate present were pretty cheesy, and there were a lot more illogical scenes but it was still very entertaining. Overall, the first half is pretty clunky but it gets back up on its feet after that to being great again. I also felt this one although still has the spirit of the first one, lacks the heart. Still great entertainment.


Back to the Future

Back to the Future is easily one of the most entertaining films I've watched in my life. I loved everything about it. It had lovable characters, a smart and whimsical script, wistful nostalgia that overall makes it a fun filled entertaining as heck of a film. Sure a little more sophistication wouldn't have been a bad thing and there were some obvious illogical scenes but w.e, I fuckin love it! An insant classic! :)

Rating: 8/10


Brave Heart is a really good movie. Although the story isn't anything original, the movie was well directed and features some great performances with tons of emotion all throughout the film. It's got tons of bloody battles and visually it isn't really anything complicated but it did have a certain realism I really liked about it. It did have the occasional corny but at the same time iconic dialogue and I didn't find it to be as "epic" as it was said to be. Still, It's an entertaining film that I and many others can call a "classic".

Rating: 7.8/10

In the Line of Fire

Seen "In the Line of Fire". It was an entertaining mystery,action flick. I personally don't understand the huge critical and audience praise the movie recieved. (95% on RT). It wasn't amazing in my opinion, as it had a couple illogical scenes and I personally found the relationship with an 80 year old man and a 30 year old woman to be kinda creepy. John Malkovich was amazing and gave the movie it's paranoid tone. I don't know Clint Eastwood THAT much as I only seen one movie from him (gran turino), and I personally thought he was a bit of an asshole in this movie...JUST my opinion on him. I loved him in Gran Turino, as his character had heart while in this movie he was just pissing people off. Still, I enjoyed it.

Rating: 7.2/10

The Last Samurai

The Last Samurai is an amazing film. After watching crap like transporter 2 and 3, I've really been needing a film like this. It's beautifully filmed, greatly acted, emotionally resonant and has some fine epic battles. Sure, the film was about 10-15 min too long and it doesn't go too deep into it's story but still it's a great film.

Rating: 8.1/10

Transporter 3

Transporter 3 is a disappointing and awful third film to a series that should have stopped with the first. Pros are that it still has a hot girl,is visually amazing, and features some neat action scenes, and I appreciated the serious and sophisticated tone the movie had. Cons are that, it acts like the previous 2 never happened at all, the girl is an annoying slut, the story is stupid,there are plot holes and illogical scenes all throughout, jason statham gives the same look all through the film and therefore making the film very boring and making ME hate this franchise...and even losing the little love I had for the actually good first film.

Rating: 35%

Transporter 2

The transporter 2 is an OK film. PROS are that the movie has improved visuals, the girls are hot,the action scenes are pretty fukin awesome and it's still entertaining. Cons are that Jason Statham is giving the same angry look all throughout the film with out smiling at all and the charisma he had in the first is gone :/. The story is tired and boring. The movie focuses on action more then ANYTHING else in the film and had me zoning out a lot. There were WAY to many plot holes and illogical scenes.

rating: 55%

The Transporter

The transporter is a pretty awesome action flick. It's got cars,explosions,people getting beat up,a hot girl, lame jokes...kind of reminds me of a micheal bay...except this films got something his films don't. Charisma, and it comes from Jason Statham. He is great in this film. The first half of the movie is pretty darn good while the movie does fall a bit with the second half, STILL it's great fun!

The Green Hornet

The Green Hornet is actually alright and not as bad as critics say it is. I personally liked Seth rogen( he reminded me of homer simpson for some reason), and the guy who played Kato was awesome. The action scenes were pretty cool but the overall film wasn't so cool. It was all over the place, and the tone felt weird and I didn't know whether to take it seriously or not. Mostly, I blame the direction. Micheal Gondry, you dissapointed me.

Iron Man 2
Iron Man 2(2010)

to also be reviewed soon.

Iron Man
Iron Man(2008)

When I first heard that a superhero movie called "Iron Man" was coming out, I was REALLY confused because I have never heard of a superhero called Iron Man. In my thoughts, Marvel had: the Xmen, Spiderman, Ghost Rider, Hulk,Daredevil,Elektra,etc. SO my first thoughts were that it must be some guy who is made out of Iron due to an accident and does some superhero stuff. Sounded like an average film and decided to watch it. I never seen the trailers. Anyways, I watch the film and in 20 min of the film my reactions were: love the music, this guy acting as this Tony Stark guy is friggen awesome, the story is looking really good, and I got this smile on my face that won't go down because of the awesomeness(I know it's not a word) of this film.

I absolutely LOVED Iron Man. BEST marvel film ever. It had eye popping visuals(I actually drooled watching it), awesome performances MAINLY by Robert Downey Jr, awesome action scenes, and a great heart filled story about one mans redemption from a rich,careless playboy to a responsible and powerful superhero. The film had many scenes I would call "perfect" in terms of a superhero film. YES, I loved this movie more then the Dark Knight(which I gave an 85%). After this film, I began to start trying to find out more about this hero and other marvel heroes that haven't reached Hollywood yet(and there are many). I also began to watch other films by this director, and Robert Downey Jr, as I love these guys. By the way, that smile on my face didn't fall, even after the end of the movie. It took a while.

Rating: 95%


So disappointing, i mean daredevil is the batman of marvel, and they screwed him up. Horrible origin, never understood how he made his suit or alot of other stuff. To tell the truth 2003 has to be the year of the most flops. I also hate how they made kingpin black and not evil enough.

Kung Fu Panda 2

I loved Kung Fu Panda, it was in my opinion, Dreamworks best film yet. The movie had a great story with tons of heartfelt scenes and some insanely awesome action scenes, plus the visuals were beautiful. Now it's sequel Kung Fu Panda 2 is a great film but not as good as the first.

The plot is as the consensus says " a tad to familiar to fans of the original", and that was a bit of a major flaw. I was expecting a bit more of a better plot, but still I enjoyed this movie. I found that another flaw was that the first half of the movie had a bit of a silly tone, and I couldn't really take anything seriously. The first movie balanced the comedy and the serious tones in a way that was pleasing. Although, the minute the film hits the second half, it becomes a lot more sophisticated,emotional and balances everything like the first did. Also, the film was a bit too short,as the whole movie revolved around the furious 5 who are on a mission to defeat the villain along with Po finding out some dark stuff about his past.

Other then that I enjoyed the movie. It had beautiful visuals, great voice acting, great action scenes,decent 3-D( I still hate 3-D), and was emotionally resonant.


The movie ends off in a way that definitly allows a story for a third film( mostly due to a certain new character), and I am excited for it. I hope Dreamsworks doesn't mess it up as they did for Shrek 3, and make a great third film that learns from the flaws of this movie.


Spiderman is easily one of the best superhero film, that I have ever seen in my life. It definitely goes along in my top 10 list. I actually never seen this movie till 2006, as I wasn't really into movies at the time, and this came out when I was like a kid. Now after I viewed it, my honest reaction was: WOW, that was freaking insanely awesome.

I had no expectations, and this movie blew my mind. I mean it had almost everything: real human drama, great characters, top notch acting, amazing effects, tons of great action scenes, etc. This movie was just awesome. I didn't know THAT much about spiderman, but I had a general knowledge of him, and the movie showed it very perfectly.

Now to get wit the characters and acting. Tobey Maguire was my favourite part of this film, as he was as pathetic as Peter Parker could be. Although, Kirsten Dunst could have been a bit more better, and maybe look a bit more attractive. I mean COME ON, she's playing Mary Jane Watson, who is supposed to be FREAKIN SEXY, which Kirsten is not. Just my opinion. Anyways, J.K Simmons was PERFECT as J.Jonah Jameson, He looks EXACTLY like the comic book character. To finish it off, William Dafoe. I know some people gave him a negative reaction for being to silly or cartoonish, etc. But I found that he played his part very well, and I didn't know at the time how green goblin really looked in the comics, but at the time I was expecting him to turn into some monster, which he doesn't and instead dons a weird looking costume. Now I can say that I still think he should have went for an "ultimate spiderman" goblin look. The suit does make sense in terms of logic for the movie, but still. That didn't majorly bother me, as he played a psycho maniac villain on drugs quite awesomely.

The things I had a problem with, were the logic and the one or two plot holes. I felt there was a lot of logic missing in how the hell he made such an amazing costume by himself, and that's just a small one. Theres a lot more but I won't really go through them. One thing was the fun but kind of cheesy atmosphere of the film, which I think is what spiderman is like, but still. The plot holes in this one were also minor, UNLIKE its next film Spiderman 2(which I loved but had 2 HUGE plot holes). I had to go along with my sense of disbelief a lot when watching this movie, so i didn't have a major problem with the logic and plot holes. Plus, the movie is just so much full of heart that I couldn't hate it, and I mean i actually got a bit watery during the Uncle Bens death scene. Oh yeah, another couple more pluses, THE MUSIC was awesome, and I LOVED the style of the beginning credits.

overall, I could go on and on about how much i loved this movie, but I won't and say that I totally recommend it if you haven't seen it( which I highly doubt, since they air it on TV like 50 times a year).

rating: 85%

Spider-Man 2
Spider-Man 2(2004)

So continuing on from the surprisingly awesome SPIDER-MAN, the sequel is also one of my favorite superhero films and even better then the first in many ways.

This one had a more sophisticated tone as it was a realistic look at how Spider-man is able to juggle his life of being a superhero and an average citizen of Manhattan. When I say sophisticated I don't mean "dark" or "intense" but it was more of a drama. The first film was a fun,action,superhero,origin flick. This one lowered the cheesiness a bit from the first and was a lot more logical then the first,which had a lot of logic missing.

The movie actually moves along a couple years from the first, and has Peter Parker in University. He is trying to get good grades, be spiderman, fight Doctor Octupus who is trying to destroy the world due to him losing everything he had and the extreme control by his mechanical arms, be a photographer,get another job for more money, watch over aunt may, try to get Harry to not hate Spiderman, AND prove his love for Mary Jane. Whew. That is a lot of responsibility. So like anyone one else in his position would, he ditches the suit and worries only about his normal problems. THUS chaos reigns and we get to have an epic final battle that ends off making the audience feel empathy for Doctor Octopus.( he never gets called that by anyone other then the Daily Bugle)

ANYWAYS, the acting in this movie is great just like the first. You believe in all of the characters and their situations, and Kirsten Dunst is A LOT better in this one. Even in terms of looks, STILL not MARY JANE WATSON sexy but she's an improvement. Tobey Maguire plays a pathetic nerd who is secretly a superhero VERY WELL in this film and is actually very funny. There was a scene where Peter Parker talks to Mary Jane and randomly starts quoting love poems to her and shes like "wtf" in her mind. aahahahah oh man...BUT YEAH. So everyone else is great and Alfred Molina is better then William Dafoe from the last film, and adds in emotional depth to the movie.

This film still had that cheesy feeling from the first one but it also had a sophistication that made me love it. The movie actually focuses A LOT more on what true love and real responsibilities are. I would say Peter Parker and Mary Jane probably have the best chemistry out of all superhero films. The scene where, Aunt May is moving out and telling her story of a hero she knew, with the beautiful background score by Danny Elfman was just "moving".

Problems that I had were that, well..the movie still has some logic missing and like some gaping plot holes. One is that, WHY the hell did Doctor Octopus throw a car at Peter and MJ, if he didn't know that peter is spider-man. yeah, unless his intentions were to kill the only piece of help he had to find spider-man I don't know... I mean the whole moment was pretty epic but that plot hole kind of turned me off a bit. Another was that, Doctor Octavious built a prototype machine and performed it in front of an audience of news reporters and business men, instead of a desert in front of trained scientists. Another is that, Aunt May has known Peter Parker for years and YET she doesn't seem to be able to recognize his voice? Another is that, even though Doctor Octavious is a huge criminal, for crimes of death and breaking and entering,etc, and YET he is able to buy fusion parts to rebuild his machine...I could go on and on, but I will not.

As overall, the film is very beautifully directed and contains awesome action scenes and gives a more better focus at the troubles of being a superhero and an average citizen, and goes more for drama then action scenes. That's something we all wished Micheal Bay could try once in a while. (please try that for transformers 4 IF YOU MAKE ONE) There is still some plot holes and logic that turned me off but at the end of the day, I loved this film, it didn't go OVER my expectations but stayed exactly at them,which is just as fine.

Rating: 85%

Spider-Man 3
Spider-Man 3(2007)

So...Sam Riami made 2 of the greatest superhero films, Spiderman and Spiderman 2. Now his next film Spiderman 3, is considered to be TERRIBLE, DISSAPOINTING, WORST SUPERHERO MOVIE EVER, etc. I honestly thought all those bad reviews and comments by a lot of people are way too harsh. This movie in my opinion was good NOT great, and yes it doesn't go to the cinematic heights of the other spider-man films but it sure is damn better than all the other crap superhero films out there.

I'll start off with the negatives of this film then the positives. The movie STILL has a cheesy atmosphere and it gets worse as the film progresses. The story is flawed as hell in this movie and direction went in a too much fun area. The love scenes in this movie were pretty bad, annoying, cheesy and wow what the hell happened Riami. The first movie felt real in terms of love scenes and I thought they were one of the main highlights of the film. I actually hated some characters, I thought Mary Jane was being an annoying girl friend for getting all sad and bitchy because Peter got touched by Gwen Stacy and was talking too much about his life. Also Gwen Stacy was extremely what the hell...she was a huge character in the comics. Anyways, Harry was awesome in the beginning, heck I thought his suit was decent (mask could have been something else), but after Harry gets amnesia (an obvious way to get rid of a villain) I felt like I was having a re-run of him from the first film and bored me . Peter was good but I felt he was way to wacky in this film, ESPECIALLY after he dons the black suit and becomes all EMO spiderman...ugh.....SO,Venom was one of my biggest disappointments...I was really expecting someone BIGGER, I mean I digged the way they made it realistic by making him look like a messed up spider-man(unlike the comics where spidey looks like venom with the black suit) but he was in the film for like 10 of the greatest spider-man villains and he gets finished off that easy...Overall, the story which was written by Sami Riami and his brother is terrible...I think Sam should stick to directing not writing.

The positives were also many and I felt they overshadow all the flaws. I was entertained all throughout the movie regardless what flaws it had, I wasn't really bored, that is something liked about the movie. Anyways, I really liked Flint Marko, he was a great villain (in terms of back story)who has a lot of logic missing in the stuff he does, but still I felt the movie should have just sticked to having harry and sandman as the villains. It would have been a lot better. In terms of action scenes this movie has the BIGGEST and most CGI used out of all superhero flicks. I loved every single action scene, even the little one on one fight with harry and peter in Harrys mansion. The final battle in this movie was as clichéd and wacky as a final battle could be BUT I loved it. I honestly could not believe they did that final battle. I have only seen stuff like that in cartoons and some comic books but never expected it to be on film. But yeah, wow I loved that final battle. I felt even though a lot of the middle is disappointing, the final 10-20 min of the movie were well done. I know a lot of people thought it was terrible and all but I had no problem with it. My favourite scene would be when Peter opens his real non-alienated spidey suit (Danny Elfman spider-man theme cues) and stares at it probably thinking about how much he has missed it. I actually cried in the movie to, mostly when Flint Marko revealed what had really happened to Uncle Ben and when Harry died. Yeah call me what ever you want, but no matter what happened, I still loved the trio of Peter, MJ, and Harry. I liked the themes that the movie had about redemption, revenge, friendship, values, etc. Overall, the final scenes in this movie really made up for a lot of the movie that disappointed me.

So yeah, Spiderman 3 never reaches the cinematic heights of its predecessors but it still is one great heart filled film and is a lot better then all the other superhero crap that have come out. After hearing about a new spider-man, I would like to say that I think Sam Riami did a great job with this series, although falling a bit with this one, they still ended it off satisfyingly and that is all I ask for from many third films.

Rating: 75%

Rabbit Hole
Rabbit Hole(2010)

"Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal."

This movie follows that quote all the way till the end. Rabbit Hole is a depressing and surprisingly humor filled film about a couple who lost their child in a accident and how they learn to move on with their lives. The movie was very delicately directed, as the topic is a very painful one, and it can't be rushed. The movie feels very authentic and at the end of it, you may have a very different view of life and it's ways. I really liked the various themes and representations that the movie had, like the theme of science vs God, and which one is really more trustworthy. The performances in the film are all well done, mainly Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart, who really gave a performance of a lifetime. The movie is only around 90 minutes but you will not notice due to the raw emotions and events that take place.The movie is not really aimed at people my age(teenagers), and didn't move me as much as it would for an adult or someone who knows about this experience but none the less this is a good film that I recommend everyone watch.

Rating: 75%

Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider(2007)

There have been many terrible superhero films, from Ang Lees hulk to catwoman, all have sickened me in a way thought impossible, and this one just gets added to that list.

Ghost Rider begins off with a very quick origin and then the rest of the movie is just him dealing with his powers and fighting his stupid villains. There are A LOT of boring and cheesy moments all through out the film. The special effects are quite terrible, but the biggest disaster in this film were the fighting scenes as,ghost rider seems to be able to defeat all of his villains in less then 5 seconds. The screenplay was pretty terrible and the actors were alright with Nicolas providing his wackiness to the film...but I hear that Ghost rider is not supposed to be like that...The music was ok with it's western dark music. Overall, it is a pretty terrible movie and it's many plot holes, bad CGI, mediocre acting, etc make this film even worse.

overall rating: 25%

X-Men Origins - Wolverine

A pretty good action flick, but it definitely had a lot of bad CGI and set pieces. Hugh Jackman was great as Wolverine, and I personally thought Deadpool was pretty kick ass in this film, I guess fans disagree. I was never a fan of this series and have no background knowledge of it other then the movies. It was a bit cheesy but I was entertained all throughout the film and so I consider this a fun popcorn flick that did basically shame this series sophistication.


X-Men: The Last Stand

i never really liked xmen but this film had enough action to make me satisfied a little. Not so much the story.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

This was just...terrible. The acting was STILL bad. It felt a bit TOOO amateurish. I was pretty disappointed with the action scenes and silver surfer was wasted in this film...there were like a billion plot holes...the ending was outrageous and just plain stupid and VERY unsatisfactory. Oh yeah, and GALACTUS IS NOT A GIANT CLOUD!!! Overall, pretty disappointing and just TERRIBLE.


Fantastic Four

It was...ok...acting was pretty bad except from the guy who played THE THING and Chris Evans who played THE HUMAN cheesy. The action scenes and special effects were pretty satisfactory to the least. I felt the ending was pretty cheesy and bad, as I was really wanting more of a better final battle. I watched this when I was like 11 years old, and my opinion hasn't changed since then. Overall, it was ok, and I mean I thought a sequel could be the least.


The Incredible Hulk the first film was disappointing and left me not really happy with marvel for making 3 crap films: Daredevil,Elektra,and Hulk. I thought this one was a much more better film then the Ang Lee version,although that film was more emotional and sophisticated then this one. This one had some pretty awesome action scenes, and good acting. Now for the mixed to negatives. The film felt a bit to melodramatic in alot of parts, mainly due to Betty Ross, the films first half was pretty good but the second half is weak,except for the last 20 min of the film,mainly just for the epic fighting scene. The last complaint would be that the film had a couple plot holes and it still didn't really make me care enough for such a character who is all about emotions.

Napoleon Dynamite

This movie was very odd, but it was extremely hilarious, has likable characters, took a realistic approach, and had a charming story making it a great indie comedy. For sure this film in my opinion will be remembered as a cult classic.

Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian

I know many might not agree with me, but I LOVED this. I was VERY surprised, as I was expecting it to be crap, as most critics said the first film was better and called it an overdose on slapstick and a couple more "meh" stuff. I thought the first film was alright, a 60% worthy type of family film. This one was WAY BETTER then the first. The plot was a lot more "mature" then the first one. It had some darker moments then the first did. There were many heart warming and well...nostalgic and inspirational scenes I guess, mostly with Amy Adams character who she played adorably. She was one of the major reasons, why the film even had some emotional impact on me. I loved the famous character cameos such as Darth Vader, Al Capone, and more. The film had some clever jokes that were aimed at adults, which I also appreciated. The film definitely was missing logic in a lot of the parts of the film and got really stupid near the end, BUT hey, I am confident that kids will love it and I actually hope they make a third film. This in my opinion is definitely one of the best family films I have seen in a while, SURE it'll never reach Pixar heights, but It's a nice try in my opinion.

A.I. Artificial Intelligence

This movie could have been something of a masterpeice...The story of this film is so amazing and complex...Yet, the ambition of Steven Spielberg to tribute this film to Stanley Kubrick by mixing both their direction styles, made the film an uneven,emotional and long film.

The film had awe-inspiring visuals but everything else in the film was flawed. I felt heavily disappointed by Spielberg. He really could have worked harder and expanded the dark themes about life in a much more better and complex way. The relationships all just didn't really touch me that much...they could have. The acting was solid but the child mecha was the best in my opinion. The whole last 20 min of the film don't really go along with how the rest of the film was going..but it could have. The music could have been better, just to add in. Overall, I was disappointed with Spielberg, and I really wish that Stanley Kubrick could have just directed this as his last film...

rating: 65%


After viewing Dreamworks earlier effort " How to train your dragon", and viewing the full theatrical second trailer, I was really expecting something amazing from this film. Then the third trailer kind of annoyed me as it gave away the entire films plot. Then after critics started giving in their reviews, i was really disheartened, as they seem to say the film is just an average film and not even as fun as it looks from the trailers or was said to be. I finally viewed this film on bluray, and frankly...I really enjoyed it.

This movie was really awesome. The animation was great, with detail put to every little thing, and the voice casting was great..but those are normal for a Dreamwork's film. The films plot was actually a very smart and heartfelt plot..I mean it was nothing that made me cry or really feel sad for any of the characters, but it was just a simple idea with a couple entertaining twists. I liked all of the characters except Jonah Hills character, who in my opinion was underdeveloped and just annoying..and creepy. BUT I didn't really care much of it, as the film was SO damn entertaining and the action scenes in this film are AMAZING. I had tons of fun, i didn't find the film to be boring in ANY way. OK, so the film lacked any real emotional depth, but then again, it did succeed in what it was advertised to be: a hilarious, action packed, well plotted animated film. I didn't really care much for any of the flaws that the film had, and trust me there were MANY. I'd like to add in that,as much fun as I had, the dance scene in the was stupid. Overall, I feel that the critics are to hard on this film, this is one of those, sit back and just enjoy yourself type of films.


When the film starts, you hear that awesome background score by Hanz Zimmer, then you see Cobb(Leonardo Dicaprio)on the shores of a beach, and is noticed by 2 men and is taken to a very old asian man. Then they talk, and the old man spins a top that never stops...

Inception is one of the best films, I have ever seen in my life. It is also the most MIND BENDING film I have ever seen in my life. The film starts off very confusing and slow but with an epic feeling, then as I started to put the puzzles together, I felt extremely entertained,and thrilled with some minor confusions. I suddenly wondered if this is the "brain twisting" film that everyone was talking about, then i realize what they meant when the characters start going into a dream, into a dream, into a dream. exactly the words I felt like yelling out. I actually had a headache after I watched the whole film, and I also felt the film could have been longer,even though it was 2 hours and 28 minutes long. I'm not complaining though, I was entertained so much, that I wanted more. Overall, Inception is definitely a film you have to give your full undivided attention, even though it does kind of lack in emotional depth, you MUST rewatch it because I know I am, to fully understand this INSANELY EPIC film by Christopher Nolan.

Toy Story 3
Toy Story 3(2010)

Toy Story 3. Oh man, where to start, is it the fantastic premise or the lovable characters or the fantastic tear jerker ending. But you know what, I'm not going to even talk about the plot of this film, because I'm pretty sure i could go on and on about all the awesome things in this film. Every Pixar film has a theme and Toy Story 3's theme was more of a personal theme to me,as it was all about growing up, and letting things go, because that's how life is. If your a fan of the 1st and 2nd Toy Story films, then you will definitely go through these emotions: You will laugh and be thrilled in the premise of the film, you will laugh your butt off throughout the film due to characters such as the Spanish Buzz, Rex, Mr.Potato Head,Ken, etc, you will be frightened in almost every scene Lotso Hug an Bear is in, AND you will most definitely cry in the tragic but true ending of this amazing film. Pixar made characters that are so lovable that you just can't imagine that this amazing series has finally come to an end. But like the the toy story gang did, you have to accept the truth and live on your life, with the ending, and the thoughts that there will be no more after this. Long live Pixar and I will most definitely buy the entire trilogy when it is released to watch the entire series all over again.

Rating: 95%


2012 was an alright film. The films plot was pretty basic; Humans ignore the signs that in the year 2012 the world will end, and the government make it sure that no one ever finds out about the truth, and so 2012 happens and the world meets its demise...then there's these certain characters who play as the main character and try to stop the government from letting the people of the earth die.

In my opinion 2012 was just your average destruction film. It had a lot of people dying, and you would never feel sad for any of the characters and i could go on with reasons why but I am sure most people know just by reading the title or the directors name.

I could see that Rowland Emmerich tried to make this film emotional, but unfortunately all he did was make the film one of his most cheesiest films. This was his worst scripted film, as you could spot all the holes in it so easily. The main character never dies, and manages to be able to surpass many dangerous obstacles that's impossible for a normal human. John Cusacks whole family issue just pissed me off, as it just made the film feel like some sort of family comedy, which does not suit a film about world destruction. The only characters that actually had some sort of emotional impact on me were the 2 old men that drowned with the huge ship. As they played their part really well, and managed to make me think about how it feels to die without hearing a loved ones voice properly.

Now I know that many people were saying that the visuals in this film were spectacular...well I gotta disagree. The visuals still looked pretty fake in my opinion. Some of them were nice to look at but if you look hard enough you can easily spot the CGI in the destructions. Also there were about only 10 scenes with the destructions happening, everything else was all aimless talking and yelling between the government and some other people.

So in my opinion John Cusack and his family were a huge waste in this film, and the only characters I actually liked were the russian fat guy and the 2 old men. As the old men made me reflect on things, with their good performance, and the russian guy was just plain funny, as I loved his accent and the way he would make every serious situation he was in hilarious with his saying of "is russian eh."

Overall, 2012 was alright, with some characters playing their role right but most of them all being useless in the story. The visuals were alright but not amazing, and Rowland Emmerich should have focused more on making the destructions better, instead of adding cheesy lines to all the characters and just dragging the film because he obviously is no different then the action,CGI cash cow, Michael Bay. So I think, Rowland Emmerich should hang the towel and just stop making films. :) who agrees?

rating: 52%


WOW. Talk about action orgasm. :|

I saw this film ENTHIRAN the robot and it's story is pretty much "Frankenstein" the robot version with a couple entertaining twists. This is Asias Biggest film, as it's budget is 30 million which is VERY high for a foreign film. The film is a kollywood film, hear me, KOLLYWOOD not BOLLYWOOD. Kollywood is a tamil film industry. It's got some AWESOME action sequences that I think are even better then films like MATRIX and TERMINATOR, but the graphics definitly need some tuning up, BUT its ok since it is the first time that KOLLYWOOD has made a science fiction film. I think a lot of you will laugh at some parts of the film if you were to view it, as indian director Shankar is not familiar with this genre and tried to make it as serious as he could. It has everything you want in a indian film : entertaining story, awesome action scenes, dance numbers, a musical score by A.R.RAHAMAN and a lot of heart.
The film has flaws, especially towards the end, and you may be bored in some parts,as you will be reading the english subtitles of it, and not be able to have the full proper expereince of this film, BUT the film is still a MUST WATCH. You may regret it at first, but when the finale comes and you see the creativity that the film has with its action scenes, you will be AMAZED.

rating : 85%


for those who will not watch this film, I think you need to check this video out to see why i think you should watch it. Prepared to either have your mind blown or laugh like you have never before.

sorry for the russian dubbing.

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

WOW...I thought the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy was just "good" but nothing majorly special, but after I saw this film, DAMN...I have huge respect and pride for this series now. It was easily the best out of the series. It was beautiful in every aspect,cinematography was great, acting was top notch,the battle sequences were PERFECT, the atmosphere was PERFECT, and the story was just amazing. The film deals with so many themes like the true meaning of friendship and betrayal, and it gives MANY references to world problems. Well, actually the film does lag a bit in some parts in the middle, but then the film quickly gets back up and entertains the hell out of me. It ties up almost every loose end, and it finishes off this amazing series with a very emotional and satisfying ending. I wouldn't say it was the best film of 2003, but it is DEFINITELY one of the best films in Hollywood.


Transformers is a fun filled, science fiction, action flick. It had awesome special effects,surprisingly ok direction by Micheal Bay, mediocre acting,a weird sense of humor,and a whole lot of kick ass action scenes. The story was told with a bit of a realistic and slightly dark tone, its still flawed in many ways but the film overall was a pretty good, popcorn flick that you can enjoy anytime without worrying about missing anything as the films plot is easy enough for a child to understand.

King Kong Lives

WOW this was terrible. The special effects were terrible, the plot was literally nothing, the acting was bad, and like it was bad in almost every way possible. This film was an embaressment to King Kong, like WTF?! Since when was Kong so calm, and have a wife and a kid?! I thought it was one of the worst films ever, and the director should be sent to jail for making such a film...I almost cried on how shameful this is to the legendary KONG. NEVER WATCH THIS!!!

rating: 5%


Its got good special effects, a great story with some historical references and biblical irony ( the devil aka Hellboy is holding a cross and seems to have faith in it,etc), some pretty solid acting, and great direction, even though it is a little weak for someone like Guillermo Del Toro. It isn't one of the best but it isn't one of the worst either, and overall is a fun film that will entertain and make you want a sequel.

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Continues the Lord of the Rings trilogy and it sure is better then the first one, which i didn't like as much.

The sequel to the fellowship of the ring is a lot less boring then the first film as it contains some very intense,and awesome medieval battle scenes. The movie also improved in the technical levels, as it contains some breath-taking CGI. The film is still beautiful and emotionally brilliant just as the first film, and I thought Smeagle the creature gave quite an amazing performance, creeping me out but also making me actually shed a tear for him. The first half of the film was a little boring but the second half is full of EPIC events taking place, and makes me (a person who never was interested in the LOTR trilogy, and thought the first was boring) very eager to see the final and for sure to be "EPIC" film.

rating: 75%

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Wow...After watching this magnificent film, it totally confirmed to me that the harry potter series is the most successful children's books to have ever come out: emotionally and financially.

This film starts off with a promising beginning as it continues where it left off from the disappointing last film. Now David Yates was officially called the worst director in my mind at the time, but suddenly after viewing this film I have totally changed my mind. He must have really noticed the major errors that the 5th film had and improved on them and made this my most favorite harry potter film. The films scenes were very beautifully shot and one of my most favorite would be Aragogs(Hagrids giant spider) funeral. The music for this film was so amazing, like the other harry potter films had good music but they were always making the series sound a little wacky especially the 5th. The music really matched the scenes and totally lifted up my heart listening to it. I also really loved the tone of the film as it was extremely dark and not childish like the other films, but kept the seriousness all the way till the end. The tone really made me sad as it would constantly remind me that this amazing series is coming to and end and that there will be no more happy endings till the final film. But then it had some pretty funny scenes especially the ones with Ronald Weasley and his over obsessive girl friend, and that would cheer me up a little. Another major improvement was that the film was alot more intense like the cave scene where the Inferi attacked harry potter and Dumbledore manages to save him just in time using a certain powerful fire spell. I was a little disappointed with the fact that the film seemed a little to concentrated on romance then anything else, like the beginning where Harry was hitting on a waitress and also there where a lot of random people kissing each other in corridors in like almost every scene. I also really enjoyed the Quidditch scenes as they were short but very stylishly done with the whole slow motion effect added. One thing I have noticed that many people were constantly saying about this film negatively was that it was really far away from the book and the endings removal really angered some people. Well in my opinion I thought though it might have disappointed me a little, director David Yates managed to hide that by adding a lot more emotional scenes from the Weasleys house being destroyed to Dumbledores tragic death.

Alas, David Yates has really impressed me with this film,and taken all my worries away. As after viewing the 5th I was worried that the 7th would not be as epic but after the whole Fenrir Greyback attacking Ginny scene and the epic,beautiful,intense,tragic(i could go on)ending of the film...i have faith that Harry Potter 7 "are" going to be the most epic films to have ever come out in a long time.

Rating: 93%

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

More darker then the others with spectacular direction,great acting, awesome special effects, this film was awesomely done.This series is getting better and better.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Now im not a Narnia fan but after watching this film i totally am now. this movie was spectacular and i love the story line and everything an amazing film. although the sequel was bad.

Vampires Suck

There are many reasons on why EPIC MOVIE, DISASTER MOVIE, THE SUPERHERO MOVIE are all terrible films...because they make fun of amazing films, such as The Dark Knight, Kung Fu Panda, Spiderman, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc. This film makes fun of a terrible film, which is TWILIGHT, and ALICE IN WONDERLAND gets a little cameo appearance. I don't like twilight and there were many reasons, and this film shows each of the stupidity that the films contains. An example would be the stunts as twilight has VERY bad stunts and this film makes fun of that. It also kind of tries to give emotional depth to the characters in a stupid way, but it tries. It had WAY better looking actors then the actual twilight saga, the music was in my opinion better then the movies, and so I liked this movie more then any of the twilight films. That doesn't mean this movie is good, as it is still VERY disgusting, stupid and racist, and instead of being extremely irritating it's more boring which is an improvement ( in my opinion) from the other recent parodies. Overall Vampires Sucks doesn't suck but it is no masterpeice either.

rating: 45%

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

The movies start was very epic and awesome with a space battle over Coruscant, then the universes most talented Jedi Knights: Anakin Skywalker and Obi Wan Kenobi, venture to defeat General Grevious and save the chancellor. To their surprise and delight they find Count Dooku also. Anakin with all his rage from their previous battle, defeats Dooku and actually kills him by an order by the Chancellor. Then After that the film pretty much explores the war and how the Jedi and the Republic are trying very hard to finish the war, which they do seem to be doing very effectively. Unfortunately, little do they know that all they are doing is just playing around with the last sith lords plan. Darth Sideous wanted Dooku to battle to see a test of who is better: anakin or dooku. When Anakin killed Dooku, Darth Sideous knew that Anakin would be his new apprentice and he would finally take over the galaxy. Anakin goes through many inner conflicts of greed, anger and confusion. All traits that lead to the dark side. Eventually, after a series of events, the Jedi fall, the balance between the force dies,the entire universe is damaged and influenced with the dark side by Anakins foolish decision of trying to save his wife. Which he also looses, and in the end...he gains nothing but more hatred, and sorrow and pain.

Star Wars: Episode 3 - Revenge of the Sith is the best of the prequel trilogy and one of the best films of 2005. This film ties up all the little loose ends and answers all of your questions. The special effects,the powerful score by John Williams, and just knowing the entire story of the star wars series are one of the main reasons of why this film is so amazing. The acting is still a little wooden for most of the characters but it wasn't a huge problem. The lines were pretty straight forward but also a little cliched and sappy, and the worst ones were with Anakin and Padme' as most of the time all they did was hug and kiss, or just ask for a hug like " oh Anakin, hold me like you did in Naboo, where there was no war" of awkward to hear.The action scenes were top notch, from General Grevious' final fight with Obi Wan Kenobi to the EPIC and tragic battle with Darth Vader aka Anakin Skywalker and Obi Wan Kenobi. The atmosphere of the film is very dark and depressing, as many of us know what is to happen. In my opinion, I felt that Hayden Christensen did a pretty good job of playing the tormented Anakin Skywalker. Especially, when he finally becomes Darth Vader, He does it with awesome rage and sorrow. I also thought this was the most emotionally affecting of all the star wars films, as when Order 66 happens, and you see the jedi get betrayed and die and especially the Jedi Temple scenes, i was very shocked and watched with sadness as it all happened. Overall, Star wars Revenge of the Sith is a great film, and ends off the saga with a tragic but EPIC bang, and it's a film I definitely won't forget.

rating: 85%

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

I have heard MANY great things about the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy from it being the best movie trilogy to it being Peter Jackson's finest films. The films all received critical acclaim with this movie receiving a 92%. So i was very intrigued with it, and decided to just check it out with VERY high expectations.

The movie was amazing but also VERY boring. I am guessing that it was boring to me because I have never read the books, and am not a fan in medieval films. The movie contains a ton of innuendo, as I had a very tough time understanding all the stories being told, and remembering the complicated names of the characters. It at the same time was also very beautifully done and very emotional, as the movie makes you feel for even the smallest things. The acting was top notch, with Elijah Wood being ,in my opinion, the best. The action scenes were pretty damn EPIC, but also repetitive making it kind of boring. The visuals were awesome.

The story was VERY complex but at the same time simple: There are a couple rings of power made, one guy makes a ring himself that gives him a lot of power, and is the strongest guy in the world. He dies in a war, with the ring being taken by various hosts, who all become a little insane for the ring. Then the first host comes back to life or something, and wants his ring back, so the ring is given to a boy and he has a bunch of dangerous adventures with it, while trying to take it to a certain place to destroy it.

Overall, this film was a pretty good film but it was a little short of my expectations, and kind of boring, but at the same time defines "EPIC".

rating: 65%

Dragonball Evolution

this movie should never have been made by thsi director cuz it suz so bad. i mean i was a huge fan of dragonball when i was a kid no know how they never made a live action film but i was always waiting and finally one is made and its terrible, this movie firstly had goku as a white dude and then theres this school oh god!!! wtf has happened to hollywood this movie is just a movie that u can watch with ure family and make fun of but not a serious film. i hope they make it all over again and make it good!!! with a director like steven speilberg or Ang lee or christopher nolan, i mean this has got to be remade into a serious film and better makeup

Rush Hour 3
Rush Hour 3(2007)

I felt like i lost an IQ after watching this. I mean its the type of film that you could only enjoy when you have nothing to do and just want a laugh. The script is lame,acting is horrible, i could go on with flaws on this film.

Where the Wild Things Are

Where the Wild things are is a good movie. It's based on a childrens book that was loved by many and still is. Now as many people know, book based movies are never as good as the book. This movie was like the book, except that it added more emotions, and story line.

The film was pretty dark, well...a little to dark for a childrens movie. I mean at some scenes in the film, it was exactly like a childrens movie as it was all fun but then suddenly the film would move automatically to a dark and depressing scene. The film took a very realistic approach on the emotions of the characters, especially on Max.

The film was way off the book, but that's because the book was only a couple pages. It would sometimes feel like some other film ,as it would drag aimlessly in some parts and near the end the characters would all show there true feelings especially the wild thing called, Carel, who would go a little crazy, scaring some kids in the movies for sure.

Max, the main character in this film had done a very good job acting as a child who would often suffer emotionally due to his mother(Who cared for him but sometimes would lose it), or the absence of his father.

The music in the film was nice to listen to, especially the one in the beginning. Most of the time, it was a dark, sad type of music, then at other times it was a fun, wild type of music.

Director Spike Jonze had a nice vision but I think he focused a little to much on making the characters immensely sad by making the film a childrens drama. So I don't think it was a good idea in giving him this movie, as he is an amazing director but he should focus more on making his films target older audiences.

Overall, the film should have been a more happy, and wild film as I just hated certain characters negative attitude. The acting was brilliant, and the films tone was to far away from what the books tone was. It was to scary and violent for children but other then those points this film was a well thought out film. Unfortunatly, the film did not do as well as Spike Jonze expected it to, as it recieved a B-, and became a box office flop in theatres.

rating: 71%

Spy Kids
Spy Kids(2001)

an awesome fun family film


an awesome funny movie with a hint of drama

George of the Jungle

one of the funniest movies i have ever seen in a while, and i love the way they talk to camera guy alot.

War of the Worlds

An awesome movie about aliens invading the Earth. "Steven Speilberg" you have done it again.

The Simpsons Movie

The best comedy film of the year!!!

King Kong
King Kong(2005)

Extraordinary film, i loved this movie so much. spectacular special effects and great story-line. i actually mourned for Kong when he dies because Peter Jackson made the movie so well that you actually get attached to Kong then any of the other characters.One of the best of 2005

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

What the fuck was this. This film was one of the worst films ever, like when I compare Transformers 2 to this, Transformers 2 is a masterpeice. The acting was terrible for ALL the actors, the visual effects were watchable, the story was buried in plot holes, direction was so bad, the character development was so chessy and laughable, the tone of the film was so cartoonish, and well...I probably would have enjoyed the cartoon show more then this movie. They should have never made this movie and there should not be a sequel and if there is, I hope that it flops.

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes is pretty good film. It was a fun film from the start to the end. It didn't drag in any scenes at all, I was kept entertained from the start to the end. Sometimes I might have given a yawn or two because of its slow pace in some scenes but the film would automatically grab you into it again with one of its great action sequences.

Robert Downey Jr gave an awesome performance in the film, and in fact he was one of the main reasons this film was good. He had such a wacky, smart, and devious attitude all throughout the film. The rest of the cast were amazing to, and the chemistry between the trio was just lovable and makes the film a great family film. Now as many people have said, Guy Ritchies directorial skills might not have been the best choice for this film but now at least he got a chance to prove that he is a good director, as most of his films are pretty crappy.

The action scenes were pretty cool and were also on of the main reasons this film was good, as I just loved how he showed everyone what he was going to do in slow motion (while also pretty much giving out some pointers on how to fight), and then automatically performing it.

The main reasons why this film was not great was because sometimes I didn't understand what some of the characters were saying because of their accents, and the tone of the film could have been a little more dark in some scenes, and that the film could have explained a little bit more about the main characters, as the film started off with Sherlock investigating a case and didn't tell how he became who he is or anything to people who have no idea of who Sherlock Holmes is. Other then that the film was quite engaging.

The plot may have been not amazing but it doesn't matter,as the the cast, and director made the film quite a fun ride. Overall, Sherlock Holmes was a good film that could have done better in character background development, but managed to stay as a fun, mystery solving film from Guy Ritchie.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

This was the best harry potter film yet. We can see that as the characters grow and film series grow so does the films excellency.I absolutely loved how the film got darker and the final battle was spectacular.

Peter Pan
Peter Pan(2003)

This movie is from where i see it the most faithful to its book and is a wonderful family film and excellent special effects, will be adored again and again.

Sky High
Sky High(2005)

May not be a serious superhero movie but its still a great family film and will be enjoyed again and again. The best superhero parody film with amazing special effects.

Star Trek
Star Trek(2009)

I'm not really a star trek fan, i like star "wars" but not star trek. why? because wars got light -sabers while trek got nothing but laser guns. so i just wanted to make my last day in my school good so i told my friends to watch a movie, and they were all like HANGOVER! HANGOVER! But then i don't watch comedy films in theaters maybe in dvd but not theaters. So since i heard this movie star trek got awesome reviews i wanted to see if it was all that great and dragged my friends to watch star trek. The minute the movie started i was already like this movie is pretty shit. Then the next minute i ate my words because the action had already started and i was all over it. so throughout the movie i enjoyed it all but at the same time i didn't really think this movie deserves a 95 %. i mean it was great but not awesome (probably because I'm not a star trek fan). i would give this movie a solid B+ (79%) because Eric Bana didn't really fulfill being a great villain but Chris Pine was totally awesome with style and humor,Kind of like the opposite of Dark Knight where the villain was awesome but the hero was stiff. Still a great movie and hope others enjoy it as much as i did maybe even more.

A Walk to Remember

an ok film about that loser in your school and how that person might actually make you change and it had that cheesy stuff but still it was pretty sad a little and a weird but nice ending, it haad some bad acting but so true to innitiation and all of that shit.


to be reviewed soon ( i watched this long ago but to lazy) dnt comment till i got a review for it.

Cats & Dogs
Cats & Dogs(2001)

A simple average entertainer. Made out of some cheesy material but it is still an ok film in fact my favourite live action dog film. A good film for a family night together.

Rush Hour 2
Rush Hour 2(2001)

Better then the first and still entertains at an ok level. Though i have to admit that it contains some of the most stupidest,cheesy lines i have ever heard of.

Rush Hour
Rush Hour(1998)

A good start to this series as it has plenty of laughs, as also some pretty dirty jokes, but keeps it funny enough for you to actually like it.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army (Hellboy 2)

"world, here I come."
Hellboy 2 is a major improvement from the first film(in my opinion).

In this continuation to the adventure of the demon superhero, an evil elf breaks an ancient pact between humans and creatures, as he declares war against humanity. He is on a mission to release The Golden Army, a deadly group of fighting machines that can destroy the human race. As Hell on Earth is ready to erupt, Hellboy and his crew set out to defeat the evil prince before The Golden Army can destroy humanity's existence.

Hellboy had alot more action then the first film, especially alot more bigger villians to fight. The film displayed how every villain that Hellboy defeats are all no different from him and they to were born and probably have someone to guide them, and whenever those parts would happen, the film would emotionally capture you into it. The film corrects most of the mistakes that the first film displayed, especially the visuals which were outstandingly awesome. The score was beautiful and triumphant as it had would appeal to every scene. The film still had a couple mistakes like the fact that the main villain was still not as threatening for Hellboy, and the dramatic performances in some parts of the film felt very...amaturish. But that doesn't matter as also it had some parts that were exciting like when Hellboy gets closer and closer to finding more about his terrible future. Overall Hellboy 2 is alot better then the first film with action,emotionaly appealing and some pretty funny comedic scenes.

rating: 78%

Shark Tale
Shark Tale(2004)

Just another average entertainer. It has plenty of laughs, and a pretty good story but it has a ton of flaws. 1 is that its animation and stuff seem pretty similiar to disney pixars finding nemo, but that film outstrips this film very heavily. I also noticed the sharks were the mafia and the main shark guy was either metrosexual or gay.i could go on.

Evan Almighty

After watching this film the first thought in my mind was..."what the hell was that!?" evan almighty is one of the worst films i have ever seen and has none of the laughs that the first movie had. Overall its pretty lame.


This film was pretty mediocre. i mean it had a good cast and acting, but the film was just had some funny jokes but it was still pretty boring.


a pretty horribly,cheesy film about a dog with super powers..oh ye and it destroyed alot of peoples memories of this film.

Tim Burton's Corpse Bride

I totally love tim burtons films, all except this one. Corpse Bride has a good story,animation and voicing. Its just that this film was a little too depressing and i couldn't watch it so ye...not a huge fan of this film as its about a dead wife coming back to life.

Blank Check
Blank Check(1994)

What started off well after an hour the film was just draggin on and on and on with the same stuff. Just a film to watch on t.v not even rent.


This film felt like i was watching plain bull shit on a plate. Totally horrible..

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

Racism,stereotypes,etc..all of these things are trying to be stopped by the world...but maybe those rules could just slide for this film.

Borat is about a guy named Borat living in Kazakhstan and he one day leaves it to go to America to learn about their culture. The minute he got there the rest of the film is about his learnings of America and his sudden passion for Pamela Anderson.

Borat is hilarious,totally rude and Sacha Boren Cohan carries the film all the way to the end entertaining you with his idiocy. 2 thumbs up way high.

What a Girl Wants

i don't even know how many times i have watched this on t.v because there nothing else interesting.

He's Just Not That Into You

Before i start i didn't want to watch this film but i was forced to by my teacher who loves this ye.

Now i start:

This film starts off with a stereotype,then goes on and on with the same one till the end. Though the cast does give quite a great performance its just the story that lacks many realistic things about relationships. The film had some ok jokes but the film was totally made as a chick flick. So really it was just proving the stereotypes of woman and also the casts acting held it up to a decent level.

Fast & Furious

Fast and Furious may be fast on wheels but just not fast enough with its story. The films story was easily copied off a need for speed games story, and the film bored me to sleep. Vin Diesel had pretty much carried the film with his quiet voice and there was some action but just not enough to wake you up from your boredom. Fast and Furious is just another stupid racing film continuing a franchise to earn money off teens.


Enchanted had really enchanted me with the surprise of actually being good.This modern-day,fairy tale is a cheery love story,and has alot of the hairspray style, cleverly sending up its shamelessly feel-good genre making you totally entertained.

Scary Movie 4

I actually didn't like this film as much as i did with the other ones because it made fun of films i actually like. But it still was funny a little to over the top but the scary movie franchise is the best of all the parody films.

Scary Movie 3

Scary movie 3 actually improved on the 2nd film and was way funnier...still dumb but hilarious.

Scary Movie 2

i thought it would be more funnier but unfortunately it isn't and instead is just plain stupid humour and way to rushed.

Scary Movie
Scary Movie(2000)

A pretty funny parody film. I would say its the best of all the parody films that have come out. Although entirely dumb but funny.


Pandorum does not deliverr properly but still it had plenty of petty scares and action but just doesn't fulfill me to what i was expecting for this film. It had ok acting,good visually but directing was messed up. Overall i fail this film for being another 2009 dumb film.

Freedom Writers

A richly rewarding film experience that rises to the top of its genre.It tells very inspiringly about what many teens face that live in the gang areas but just doesn't live up to what its title was named for but Hilary Swank takes it to its top form.

Remember the Titans

A film that totally accurately display the sufferings that many non whites have faced even in after the MLK speech. With the great performances by all the actors,and the heart warming themes and comedy, remeber the titans is so worth remembering.

Over the Hedge

Vibrant,clever,witty and a very entertaining animation action flik. With the cute characters, and the reality of the film showing the humans food waste and system. Overall i was entertained watching the film from an animals view.

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

A huge improvement from the first film, as this film had alot more drama then the first one did. This film had a very good story(anyone notice the similarity to the lion king),good laughs, and overall just a good damn sequel and will keep me waiting for the finally.

The Ant Bully

A good film and occasionally funny, but he Ant Bully really is not the greatest bug film as there have been way to many. Although the film had good animation,a bit unrealistic story, but the characters are quite likable. OVerall its an ok film to watch with a family but i for sure won't be watching this again.

Honey, I Blew Up the Kid

Entirely unrealistic but still was an ok family film.

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

funny,inventive and great family film.

Shanghai Knights

Just pure fun and silliness throughout the film, i watched this on T.V because i was so bored. It was entertaining.

AVP - Alien Vs. Predator

Started off well, then sank after 10 mins to being extremely boring. AvP barely had any action, gore, and absoululty no scares.THe acting was totally bad, though its final battle was pretty sik but thats it of the whole film

A Bug's Life
A Bug's Life(1998)

Another great pixar film, not the best on but still great and it had a good story, love the caterpillar guy and it had great animation. Overall i was really entertained.

Small Soldiers

i remember watching this so long ago, and i totally loved it. Though it had its cheesy moments it was still pretty funny and action packed with toys taking down humans. It had some pretty bad acting and some average direction but kept me entertained all the way till the kind of weird ending.

Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed

Still had the whole scooby doo formula but it was not as good as the first one.But it had way to much cheesy drama, alot of monsters to capture but to tell the truth i watched this on T.V and also i was seriously bored so ya. These are the type of films i cant take seriously but just for the family.


it has all the elements of a scooby doo film:cheesy drama,idiotic chases,scooby snacks and even more new ones like armpit farting and that lil scooby going maniacal. Overall i thought it was a pretty good family film.

The Haunted Mansion

Dont even wanna talk about it anymore as this film had seriously depressed me with its boringness, bad jokes, nothing that scary and was a another film that wasted eddie murphys talent. Just overall baby entertainment.

V for Vendetta

Amazingly done, one of the best R-rated films i've seen. This film had me interested all throughout out the film and the ending was superbly done. With the great acting by Hugo Weaving and Natalie Portman this film delivers greatly.It was also pretty educational showing the real aspects of dictatorship. The film showed a really scary vision of the future, making it look like racism would come back and a new hitler would rise. The film was greatly done without Alan Moore.So ha!

Monsters, Inc.

one of my most favourite pixar films as it has a little bit of everything..action,drama,fantasy,comedy...i was totally in love with the little cute girl..she was so adorable, and i loved the story...i've watched this film like about 10 times now...i actually cried in the ending, it was sad...but then i liked the surprise ending after...and made me feel better. i was hoping for a sequel at that time but i know its never gonna be made as its story is done and is best left alone...

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Not as great as the first film but it still had the thrill the first one had and more. Johnny Depps acting was ok and so was the others. It had a pretty sik villain and sotry and i was still entertained.


once again disney does it again with "bolt" another great film that was another film close to being a pixar type, this film had lovable characters(my favourite was the hamster), good story,awesome action and great visual effects.

Dragon Wars
Dragon Wars(2007)

wut the fuk was this!? wut is wrong with u hollywood!!!!

Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2

This film could be used as a sort of serious punishment in jail.

Big Fan
Big Fan(2009)

one of the most realistic films i have ever seen about sport fanatics and the film really does capture the feelings of the fans and how their real lives are like.


This film was non stop action all the way and its plot is new to the movie inustries but still the film just kept non-stopingly showing the same scenes pretty much. Its acting was horrible and it didnt make u feel any sort of sympathy for the characters. Overall it was just a stupid action film made for fun.

The Spongebob Squarepants Movie

once again i rarely would rate a "spongebob" film but during family movie night, i watched this film and i thought it had some pretty dumb jokes, but still i could see that it had a little jump from a kids film and overall this film had a little bit of everything.A great family film.

Mean Girls
Mean Girls(2004)

i hate chik fliks but i was kind of forced by my friends to watch this(obviously a girl) and i thought it actually was pretty funny,offensive but funny, and Lindsay Lohan did a good job (which is something i rarely say) and it still did have some parts that were unrealistic like a teacher spilling coffee on her clothes then taking her sweater off and showing her bra in front of her never happens but still i was entertained and i think it was the last Lohan film that i was entertained with.

The Others
The Others(2001)

i though this film was a pretty good film. It would constantly make me resort to crazy conclusions and i see the conclusion and im like whoah never expected that. i didn't give me that great of a scare but still u know it had a great story and an ending that u had to see once or twice to get it all in your head.

Superman Returns

i had expectations for this film after seeing batman begins and this was horrible, i mean it was visually stunning,ok story,great actors and acting,but it just didn't have action at all in the film there was maybe two or three scenes but thats it. I mean cmon batman has no powers and yet it had alot more action then a superman film. Bryan Singer your films suk.two thumbs down.

Christmas With the Kranks

a fine family comedy christmas film.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Better then the 2nd,great special effects, and action scenes are great to watch. Though it does kind of feel like im still watching the 1st film(probably cuz of the same director).

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

To tell the truth since i watched this film like when i was 11 or something i remember saying this film was awesome so thats what im saying now.

George Of The Jungle 2

Nothing like the first one, and just got really screwed up. stupid jokes ,okay plot,hate the new george etc.

The One
The One(2001)

This film was pretty gay. i mean it had horrible acting,dumb plot,special effects were horrible. Jet Lee was the only excitement for this film but the director managed to take Jet Lee down with the film.


This film was pretty much a stupid waste of time, ok for a family film but thats it.

Rambo (Rambo IV)

ive never been a fan of sylvester and this film did nothing to make me one.

Meet the Robinsons

A film that starts off with a promising beginning turns to a stupid film,with its classic villian and jokes, but as the film progresses the story turns out to be much better then expected and makes alot more sense. Overall, Meet the Robinsons is an excellent film with its eye dazziling animation and story its emotionally satisfying.

Paul Blart: Mall Cop

This film was more of a drama then comedy aiming at well...obese losers....and it tells how they feel with our actions towards them and tru the whole taking over the mall plot was totally far-fetched but im sure people will relate to it. The film had some boring parts,barely any jokes, a little bit of drama. An ok film.

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (Ice Age 3)

this franchise gets worse and worse with every film, why do the 3rd films always get messed up.

Ice Age 2: The Meltdown

Not as great as the first film but still good with scrat taking over the film most of the time.

Jurassic Park

Interesting plot,sik ass action, and dino killings all de way. Making this the best JP film out of all 3.

The Lost World - Jurassic Park

Not as good as the first film but still it was nice to see the dinosaurs come and kill people and take down buses.

Jurassic Park III

Non stop adrenaline pumping action all de way till the end.


Horrible action, stupid origin, fuked up villian this is the worst comic book movie ever known to mankind and if remade must be done by the legendary Christopher Nolan. 2 thumbs way down.

Finding Nemo
Finding Nemo(2003)

2 stories are told here: A faher who has had his wife and children killed except one and his son gets taken from him and so he goes after him, and the other is about fish and our idiotic actions towards them. This film was a heartwarming,clever,funny film and will be adored by hundreds.

Tropic Thunder

A hilarious film that parodies actors like Don Cheadle and Tom Cruise. I laughed all the way throughout the film. I mean true there was a part when the plot was messed but it still was damn kik ass funny making it 2008's funniest film, and striking another success in Robert Downey Jrs career.


The first 30 min of this film are quite interesting as the tension builds and it gets interesting then right after that you just wanna get rid of this film as it is so horrible, and ends off with a stupid ending, making this film one of the worst films of 2005.

The Flintstones

i remember this film from so long ago it wasnt that bad even funny you could say. A good bit of a cheesy film.

Stranger Than Fiction

This movie kind of made no sense since the authors character came to life but no matter what it was still an excellent drama film. It was weird watching Will Ferrel be serious but he still did a hell of a good job acting.

Land of the Lost

This films story was so gay but the visual effects were okay and everything else from the jokes to the direction was gay. But wut can u expect from a sceince fiction comedy film.


This movie was true to its title "obsessed" but that doesn't mean it was good. Beyonce couldn't do anything to save this film. All this movie was about was beyonce loves a guy so does this white girl so they fight over him by kiking each others asses like hell. Thankfully i watched this film with my freinds so i could make fun of the stupid stuff in the film and just enjoy the cat fights.


i loved this film. the beginning was really good and they did a real good job with the flying and everything making it look realistic not like superman who flys perfectly with no problem. a bit hard to undertand the ending and ye tru after about half of the film it does kind of get a bit doozy but still a good movie

National Treasure: Book of Secrets

i kind of hada feeling that this film would have been a flop and yet the box office was actually higher then the 1st film but reviews were even lower why? well becasue it was pointless making a sequal to the first film which was good on its own.

National Treasure

This movie may not be the greatest film ever that i have seen but it still is a good film. This film is a little bit of American history,action,and some booby traps almost everywhere.

District 9
District 9(2009)

WoW..wut an excellent film..i mean this film was pretty much the far best science fiction film i have ever seen in my life and i will never forget it. Peter Jackson you have done it again. 2 thumbs up way high.

Alvin and the Chipmunks

Alvin and the chipmunks is a cute,annoying film because the chipmunks are quite adorable but at the same time their squeaky voices will tick u off alot. Either way it is still a fun family film that is aimed mostly towards kids and parents who love watching family films.

Drag Me to Hell

Sam Riami...Welcome back to the horror industry and if u can do this then why can't u make venom be like this in spiderman 3? Either way this movie was ("finally") a good horror film(which hasn't been seen in a long time).

Casino Royale

I have never been a fan of James Bond and i thought i never would be...that is until i saw this film.
James Bond Casino Royale is a reboot of the series, and it is about a government agent who is saving the day as his job, and one day finishes a mission thought impossible and gets promoted to status "00". After that its all about his spylife and the many dangerous life risking events that he goes through. From meeting his partner who he madly falls in love and finding out something about her he'll never forget, to being stripped nude and being hit on the balls with a huge rope by his enemies. Casinos Royale has it all, style,originality,action,comedy,and a touch of drama making it the best bond film i have ever seen.


Cars is definitely the worst pixar film but that doesn't mean its bad though.

Cars is about a world of cars and theres this show off, Lightning Mcqueen who doesn't care about rusty cars or anything but himself. Then one day during his tour he gets accidentally tipped off the truck he was inside and thats where the story begins, Where he meets various friends and he has some adventure with them leading to the final race where he shows if hes really all that.

Cars is overall a fun family film that has a good message but it just is not as emotionally satisfying as other pixar films.

The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D

one of the stupidest movies i have ever seen in a while and they should really stop making movies like this.

Journey to the Center of the Earth

one of the worst movies i have ever seen and horrible special effects, hope they never make a film like this again.


this movie was so boring that even fans will hate it. i pretty much feel that brendan frasers movie career is going down hill with every movie. stop acting in childrens movies!!!

Planet 51
Planet 51(2009)

trailer looks shitty and i was right as the film got even worse reviews.

Speed Racer
Speed Racer(2008)

awesome special effects but horrible storyline, this is a movie for kids 10 and under and even they might not like it.

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

this was the most disappointing film ever. i mean seriously i totally enjoyed the 1st film but this one was so bad. bad story, bad acting, etc. i hope the next movie is going to be like the first movie. so disappointing.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

i had mixed feelings for Transformers 2. I mean it had amazing action sequences and the CGI was eye poppingly amazing,but thats it for the good points. Next the bad points. It had an awful lot of dirty jokes(robot humping megans leg),horrible acting except for Shia Labeof, Sams stupid parents especially his mom(the whole weed incident), no emotional feelings for any of the characters, the story was to fake(the first movie's story was actually quite believable), the movie was way to long...and i never say that about a film i only say its to short but this film was horrible and long. Overall i agree with the critics and am not looking forward to Transformers 3 unless the critics give it an awesome review even a 55 or more.


Ok so Bruno is about a gay austrian fashion stylist that lives the life till finally he gets kicked out of the fashion stylist areas for having a bad sense of fashion. So he tries to make himself famous again by doing some of the most absurd things I have ever seen in my life.

Bruno is not as good as Borat, but it has a ok story. It is one of the most disgusting films that I have ever seen in my life. It has alot of gay scenes with Bruno. I could see that Sacha boren Cohen really tried to cross the limits with this film, by having himself do some real crazy stuff. Like stripping himself naked and humping another man.

So really all I can say is that Bruno is disgusting but hilarious at some parts. It isn't as funny as Borat though, it's just plain homophobic. It is also pretty offensive to many cultures and races. Also I mean who would do animation to their penis to say "bruno." Like wtf!?!

I don't want to reflect anymore on this film as it had one to many disturbing things happening but it was still worth watching atleast once just for the good points that Sacha had to say about gays, which is one of the main reasons on why Sach Baron Cohens film are always good: he makes it offensive and funny but at the same times squeezes in a message to everyone.

rating: 68%


Up was a great film but it had alot of flaws like being way to silly, like the dog scenes and everything. I thought it would be the best pixar film but it had alot of scenes that were boring and off turning but also some scenes that really made me cry alot. The main villain was excellent though, it taught a good lesson of what extent you should really admire someone. The film also was about real people not monsters or fish or superheroes but the plot was kind of majorly far fetched but its ok as it is a childrens film. Overall Up was a good film but i felt i might have hyped it "up" a little to much.


Knowing is one of those films that I had to think a couple times about before finally giving it, its deserved rating.

So Knowing is about a professor(Nicolas Cage) who has a son whose school opened a time capsule and the professors son gets a mysterious letter that is full of numbers, and later the professor after hours of research finds that the letter contained dates of up coming disasters, and tries to prevent them from happening till finally the final date is the end of the Earth, during that the professor also meets many people who give him a clearer explanation of who the letter was written by but unfortunately he might be to late.
The reason is because this film starts off with a very unpromising beginning and automatically shows Nicolas Cages terrible acting, and man did Nicolas have terrible fact everyone in the entire film had terrible acting.

The film was very boring as it had some predictable moments but when the disasters start happening like, in one of the scenes where an airplane crashes down to the highway destroying everything in its ways, i was just shocked and my heart was pounding extremely loud as i watched all of the injured people get near Nick for protection.

Overall knowing was a pretty ok film but it was missing many parts needed for a decent flik.

rating: 56%

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Like many have said this film was the worst out of all of the series, i was pretty disappointed but i still liked it. it had spirit and daniel,emma,and rupert did a good job with it but you cant blame it since the book was kind of boringly long. I really hate the direction,David Yates is not my favorite director. Although the ending was surprisingly good with great special effects.

Slumdog Millionaire

Slumdog Millionare.

This film is based on an award winning novel, and the film is also award winning. Danny Boyle has made many spectacular films but slum-dog Millionaire just doesn't feel like its the best of his films.

Slumdog millionare tells the story of a boy who lives in the slums of India and it goes through the daring adventures he goes through, alongside his brother and the girl of his dreams.

Slumdog Millionare is heart warming,intense,and entertaining. But it just doesn't live up to the hype or the reviews it was given, Its great that hollywood is showing the others sides of our world and letting us get a whiff of it. But overall Slumdog millionare is visually and emotionally good but just not good enough.

Monsters vs. Aliens

:D a funny film, despite all the reviews that i have seen Monster vs Aliens was pretty good, and entertaining. It was still a little frustrating to watch the film in 3-D but then thats because i was in the front row seat since all of the other seats were occupied. Some jokes were pretty gay but all in all a good family film.

rating: 68%