Marjeezy's Rating of Mama

Marjeez's Review of Mama

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


Similar to last year's Sinister, Mama is a modern horror with originality, a star lead that isn't phoning it in, and a story that doesn't conclude as well as you'd hope. All of the scares here are jump scares, but they aren't annoying like most horror films these days. The story in Mama is well-told and Jessica Chastain steals every scene she's in. Mama is almost a Tim Burton-esque horror film with style that you'll probably enjoy. While it's good and I recommend it to any horror fan, it falls in the same pit almost all "good" horror films do nowadays, it just doesn't come together in the end like it could have. But around the first 80 minutes of the film are absolutely great.