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The Expendables
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Perhaps a better slogan for The Expendables is "Ooh, lookey lookey! See your favorite action stars make big things go BOOM!!" Overall, I was not impressed with this film, as the acting was subpar, (most of) the character development was unmoving, and the writing was just plain bad. I suppose if you just wanted to see a movie for it's action and big explosions you would love this flick, but for those who really expected something grittier from a film with Stallone and Statham, you're going to be sorely disappointed. And don't even bother seeing it if you're putting up your $15 for Willis or Schwartzenegger; the former has a lackluster 2-minute scene, the latter has an even worse 30-second cameo. Maybe I'm coming down on the film too hard... granted, it never pretended that it was going to be anything spectacular. And I have to give credit to the writers for at least TRYING to give the film an echo of a conscience; there is a slightly touching moment between Rourke and Stallone, but beyond that one scene, you won't find much of, well, anything. It's all been blown to smithereens for no apparent reason.

Alan and Naomi
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Although sadly overlooked, Alan and Naomi is an amazing art film that follows the story of a boy who helps a Jewish girl recover from the shock of seeing her father killed by the Nazis. A very touching film, and I must say this is the best child acting I have ever seen in my life. The best part, however, is the ending. While I won't spoil anything, it is very unusual and thought-provoking, definitely only what an art-house film could achieve. 100% certified fresh!

Dead Silence
Dead Silence (2007)
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

When I found out the film was about dolls, I could pretty much guess that I wasn't going to be scared by this flick. I was (mostly) correct. Despite having watched the unrated version with some friends, this typical horror film fails to really scare the viewer. About 3/4 of the way through the film, I finally started to actually care about the outcome of the film's main character. In the unrated version we do see a man's tongue and voice box pulled out of his throat, which was completely disgusting, but still not very disturbing since we had barely enough time to get to know/care about the character. As far as the production values go, the only good thing about this film was the soundtrack. It was genuinely creepy and would have been much better implemented elsewhere. There were a few cool effects towards the end that did make the film at least a LITTLE exciting, but again, the creepiness factor was almost nonexistent, besides some dialog from an insane old woman warning that time was running out. That said, the ending was actually quite good, adding in a completely unexpected plot twist that will throw you for a loop as the credits roll. Unfortunately, it doesn't justify wasting two hours of my time.