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Alice in Wonderland
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Alice In Wonderland was a decent half-hearted attempt at the story at hand.

Many things drag this film down, particularly the beginning and end of the film. Both sides were incredibly rushed, and the plot takes a major hit on both ends. This film could have used an additional 30 minutes over it's brief running time of about an hour and forty five minutes. This would have given the chance for a more satisfying conclusion, and not the mess it ended or started with.

Seeing this film in IMAX 3D was not impressive, and felt that 30 bucks was a bit much for me and my partner to see the movie. It used the process of converting the original movie to 3D. Big mistake. Just another corporate sell out move after the success of converting Clash Of the Titans to 3D.

All nitpicks aside, it is a decent movie and I think I am being generous with the 50%. I have a bit of a soft spot for Burton. The average movie goer should be somewhat pleased by it, and the average child would most likely be bored. The kid relentlessly kicking the back of my seat in the theater didn't seem to be very enthralled with what was being played out on the screen.