FrancisChicago's Rating of Skyline

Francis' Review of Skyline

6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


If you are a sci-fi geek, trust me, you need to see this. You will not leave the theatre disappointed. Lower your expectations though, there are a lot of things wrong with this movie. If you are a sci-fi fan though, I know you will walk away satisfied. You can tell that the Strauss brothers are big time fans of the genre and that they are aiming to please people like themselves. I gave it a 100 percent because I dont feel like it deserves the critical thrashing that it is receiving.

This has been a strange year in movies as studios have tried to emulate big budget productions with small budgets. This has been seen in movies such as Predators (The ship blowing up and just about all of the explosions), The Expendables (That building falling down at the end and some explosions), and Let Me In (The woman and nurse in the room on fire). Now Skyline has joined these movies where you can tell there were budgetary limits. I just dont see why filmakers would let things like that into their film, it makes it look so tacky. I would just edit it out. Oh well, just like in the movies above I was able to look past those things and enjoy the film but moments like that did take me out of the film and it was obvious that some members in the audience were not able to look past those aspects.