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The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared

After reading the book and finding it funny, interesting, and even a little touching I had to check out the film version. Things are shortened, changed a little here and there and especially the ending... it keeps most of the important stuff intact but does lose some important bits. Overall an enjoyable film but I suggest one should read the book.

Cutie And The Boxer

A great documentary, sad and happy story of an artistic couple and their 40 year marriage. Very touchingly told and presented. What I got from it is we all have to make our own bit of happiness in this otherwise bleak life and we can be no one but ourselves.


Hollywood seldom makes films as charming as this anymore, Jimmy Stewart is his usual endearing self in this slightly odd comedy film. Left me feeling warm and happy and wanting a friend like Harvey. Worth viewing again and again over the years.


Fine story, acting, dialogue. They don't make films like this anymore, sadly.

She Demons
She Demons(1958)

Sort of a PG exploitation film. Women who are experimented on and tortured by Nazis on a remote island. No real violence or nudity though.

The Gate
The Gate(1987)

Great film as a kid, as an adult it's OK at best. The second half is much better than the first half where we get to know the characters. It is actually a pretty intense movie where a 9 or 10 year old boy has to deal with the problems of normal life as well as demons and a gateway to hell in his backyard and that he might have unleashed Armageddon on the earth. Luckily he saves the day because the most evil and destructive force ever known can be defeated that easily. Reminds me a little of House (1986), Poltergeist (1982), and Subspecies (1991) as well as other films. The little monsters in Subspecies are very similar if memory serves me to the stop motion monsters in this film.
The efects hold up well, the 2nd half's action is OK, very good for younger viewers, It's PG-13 but I'd say 8 and up would be about right.
A happy ending, but really, the dog didn't need to return to life, they had accepted his passing, he was old. Oh well. It gets a passing grade, the box art alone gets it a point or two.

Don't Open the Door

Just not enough to warrant a passing grade. Low budget and pointless, characters actions make little sense. If handled a little better could have improved the film some. A decent lead actress.

The Pit
The Pit(1981)

A low budget film which I had not watched and had mistaken the name for some other film which I can't recollect about a pit to hell. This film has a handful of good ideas and good moments and some effort was put into it all around, just not enough as other parts are terrible. The film is salvaged to a small degree by an amusing end.

Necronomicon: Book of the Dead

Quite a neglected and under-loved film in my opinion. It's far from perfect but manages to deliver enough Lovecraftian goodness to satisfy me a lesser fan. Overall I'd suggest it for horror fans to take a look at.

Creature from the Black Lagoon

A short film with a simple monster story, what works best is the Creature's look, the underwater scenes, and who can't sympathise with the creature, just lonely and has a weakness for hot women. Besides he's protecting his territory so again man is the bad guy in this monster pic. Well worth the watch every decade or so.

The Changeling

A very solid ghost horror film from 1980. It has it's moments and it's flaws but overall manages atmosphere, decent acting, an all right story, fine directing.
Fairly early on the main character experiences some hauntings and is told he should leave the house but doesn't. Why not? I guess it's his mental and emotional state after losing his wife and daughter.
Worth a watch on a dark night.

The Hitch-hiker

A more solid film than most made in the last 20 years. Pretty basic story but holds the viewers interest with the great performanceof Talman as the hitch-hiker.

The Missouri Breaks

Well worth the watch. Decent western, good characters and acting, OK story. Jack's performance is top notch, Brando's performance is different, it works well and creates a memorable character.

Where the Sidewalk Ends

An engaging 50's crime drama, fine directing, acting, characters, and some good dialogue raise this above it's sometimes basic story.

Sullivan's Travels

Well written, directed, and acted this movie is quite modern, however if it was redone today would need some heavy tailoring to be plausible. Veronica Lake... what a gal.

I Married a Witch

Needed to be just a little funnier/risque to be great. An average romantic comedy which is greatly helped by Veronica Lake in my opinion.

The House of Mystery

Sort of a comedy-supernatural-murder mystery from the mid 30's. It's not worth seeking out but is short enough to kill an hour for those interested in experiencing some average film entertainment of this period. :P

The Mystery Man

A newspaperman whose a little down on his luck gets caught up in a news story which turns his personal and professional fortunes around. Interplay between characters/actors is good. Story is charming and entertaining. Decent 1935 "film noir light" maybe... :P

The Devil's Party

Solid and entertaining drama of four young friends who grow up to be a nightclub owner, a priest and the other two are cops. The nightclub owner gets mixed up in a murder and has to juggle his devotion to business and friendship.


Fairly entertaining and worth a watch if you like film noir type stuff.

Behind Green Lights

Overall quite entertaining crime/drama with some nuttiness added in small doses. Still the pieces fit well and didn't overstay it's welcome.

Behind Locked Doors

Not bad for what it is and that's a late 40's Private Eye film, nothing which hadn't been done many times before and after. At just over an hour seems like it could have been an episode of any number of detective dramas from the time.

300: Rise of an Empire

Maybe not as new and fresh as the original was when it was released this is still a welcome accompaniment to it and Eva Green steals the show though historically not so accurate. Really enjoyed this.

The Stranger
The Stranger(1946)

Not as engrossing as I'd have liked but still solid enough as one would expect from Welles.

Black Angel
Black Angel(1946)

Entertaining enough, sort of a paint by numbers pic.

The Hound of the Baskervilles

Maybe I missed something near the end but Holmes didn't seem so smart as everyone else not so bright. Mind you it was a different time and place before finger prints and many scientific methods like dna and fiber analysis and forensics really changed crime investigations.
Still the story is entertaining, the acting good to very good, the look and atmosphere top notch. In short well worth the watch.


A great film which isn't too dated for being made in 1940. Fine acting, story, and directing make this not just watchable but re-watchable. Has the Hitchcock feel but less so and after reading about the film there are reasons for that.

The Shunned House

Sort of follows some of the main parts of HP Lovecraft's short story... not for everyone. Watched it as background entertainment on youtube.

Downfall (Der Untergang)

As close to being there, based on what is known, as I imagine we will ever get.

The House on Sorority Row

Overall a better than average 80's horror film.

Solomon Kane
Solomon Kane(2012)

A well done sword and sorcery flick - not quite worth the high score I give it but it seems others aren't as kind so I have to be. :P Enjoy - worth a sequel I think


Hit the spot for an adventure/action/fantasy film. Good youtube watch.

Sucker: The Vampire

Not the worst movie I've ever seen, it has a certain charm to it's story and characters. Developed under the proper talents this has potential. Troma has put this and many of their other movies up in Youtube.

Trick or Treats

It looks like anything could get into theatres back in the 80's, this would be straight to video from the 90's onward.
There is some quality under all the crap, a sort of interesting story idea and some at times decent actors and an OK ending make this sort of enjoyable as a late night youtube watch while doing something else. :P


Another 80's horror film on Youtube.
A cult of witches, a sleepwalking girl, a psychopath... it doesn't make a lot of sense, then there is the ending... it's pretty good, just doesn't make much sense either. Maybe I'm thinking too much about it, overall enjoyable enough.

The Evil
The Evil(1978)

Not enough to hold my interest.

The Burning
The Burning(1981)

Solid slasher film despite the lack of acting talent.

Sorority House Massacre

Passable, actually has some good stuff going on, similar to Halloween but different enough, first off the killer doesn't wear a mask....

Dallas Buyers Club

An engrossing, true life tale of a hard living man who contracts AIDS. Only given a short time to live by the doctors he refuses to accept their diagnosis and goes about treating himself with un-approved medicines.
It is the personal story of a man fighting for his life and his rights in a world where laws are made not to help individuals but to control them. Refusing to be told how to take care of himself while dying of a terminal disease the main character finds life in the process of death.


Wish I had seen this on a date as it's a hell o a date movie.

Wasn't sure what to expect but the story and acting were engrossing, touching and often very funny. Like a good date movie it deals with relationships and what makes a relationship and the pains and joys of love. Re-watched it with a female friend and found I had missed bits and pieces so was more enjoyable on a second viewing. I see this is Phoenix's highest rated film and I think I have agree with that.


I will give this a 90% because it was a good story, nothing great but good, the rest of the film is great. The acting and directing and music and everything was pretty great. Not the type o movie or everyone though.

This is called a black comedy and I have always considered myself a fan o such fare but this to me had no comedy in it at all. This film is a straight drama, a bit artsy but did not have one funny moment. Edward Norton claims to have laughed uncontrollably when he first read the script.... I don't get the joke.

An intense psychological drama which never rushes and is bristling with confidence.


Nothing new in this film still it's well done and delivers some chills.

En kärlekshistoria (A Swedish Love Story)

A great little 1970 teen flick from Sweden, very watchable but don't expect fast paced action. Hard to think these teenagers are 60 years old now... anikka is a sweetheart. :)

Run Lola Run
Run Lola Run(1999)

Re-watched this after many many years and it's as great as ever. Could this have been great without Franka, not likely. It is her as Lola which is the key to the whole film. Maybe another actress would have managed but Franka is flawless for this role. One of my favourites of all time perhaps, it is a pleasure to watch.

Asterix Conquers America

I have only seen a few Asterix films, this one however seems a little less fun than the last one I watched which was a much earlier one. Maybe because it's all the same stuff, Romans and magic potion and Obelix eating. Still an entertaining enough affair.

Asterix and Cleopatra (Astérix et Cléopâtre)

Just watched on youtube and found it very entertaining, sadly a little inaccurate historically but just plain entertaining, and it's all thanks to Dogmatix. For a 1968 animated film it felt quite modern, I guess this has more recently been done as a big budget live action film with great reviews, may have to check it out.
Let us see if RT is working now and will save this.


It is what it is, a university sex comedy. One or two humorous moments, a bit of nudity, crudity, attempts at romance and in the end was an ok diversion. For only 85 minutes it seemed long, could have trimmed 10 maybe?

Silent Hill
Silent Hill(2006)

A serviceable sort of spooky film. At two hours it's a little long, has it's moments but not high on the re-watch list.

Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior

A great sequel to the first film. Just re-watched the trilogy and found I hadn't seen the first film. Last couple reviews haven't saved so I will see if this does.

Last Exit to Brooklyn

As described, a rather brutal, bleak masterpiece. Well I don't know about a masterpiece but a heck of a good film. JJ Leigh steals the film but ther are several fine performances. Not sure how true to the book the film stays as I haven't read the book but I may ow after seeing the film.

Mad Max
Mad Max(1979)

I thought I had seen all three Mad Max films... so when I decided it was time to rewatch them I was surprised to learn I had not actually ever seen the first one. It sets things up nicely for the 2nd film and despite the low budget or maybe sometimes because of it the film works wonderfully.

Alien Resurrection

I will be more generous than most reviews. I liked the cloned Ripley with alien powers, I liked the story enough, Winona Ryder's addition works for me as well. The one thing I didn't like was it was 200 years in the future, why not 75 or so? 200 is a long time, I'd like to think if humanity survives these critters would be nothing more than a parasite, easily controlled with technological advances.


Not as good as the first two films this one isn't bad at all. Some terrible looking early cg effects of the alien lowers the overall quality. Ripley shaves her head and looks sexy as ever.

The Innkeepers

An effective enough film as in it's kooky but realistic enough, as a horror film it's kinda creepy and atmospheric and does not have a happy ending which gets it an extra point or two from me. Paxton's character is likable and well played but like most horror films their actions leave more than a little to be questioned.

You were told to leave the ghost alone and stay out of the basement, no you have to continue tormenting it and go in the basement, and then for some reason after escaping from the it once she goes back to the stairs down to the basement, which naturally leads to being knocked into the basement.

The main character kinds of gets what she deserves, sad as it might be, the end is left unclear and muddled... just took half a star off for that. Sure it doesn't need to be explained and is best left sort of vague but ... meh it's an OK haunted hotel film. Having worked in hotels I felt a slight familiarity to the scenario.


It's like an 80's action film, complete with late70's/80's classic rock tunes blasting throughout, just ad a modern silliness and special effects and you have Battleship. It's sort of Top Gun on the seas vs Transformers, in modern times but as said with a definite big 80's feel. As long as we can misinterpret Sun Tzu and have classic rock we can overcome any superior force with a hotshot rookie that can use the force when he needs to.

A paint by numbers big dumb action film which manages to be entertaining enough.


I have seen Alien a few times over the decades, I remember liking it as a teen but not fully appreciating the film. I had maybe thrown it on again after that but didn't fully watch it perhaps or maybe was still just not able to appreciate the nuances, timing, or something.

Well on my last viewing I think it came together, the different elements, the sci fi, the drama, the action, the end, the twist and then final climatic end where we're sure the nightmare is over.

I recently watched gravity and it reminded me of Alien, more realistic perhaps but no less a survival story.

Am just re-watching the second and despite a decent start quickly is feeling like an inferior sequal... will finish it asap her and it will be the next review, followed by 3 and 4. Maybe eventually a 5th.

As for a 5th, I have an idea, I've got a draft email about that idea prepared for Sigourney's agent. After I finish the 3rd and 4th I may send it in hopes he passes it along to her, if she wants to do a 5th I have the right idea I think.

Still unless they're going to wrap it up and deliver a 5th that lives up to the 1st why bother? Sure to make $$$ but ... Sigourney doesn't need cash. Guess it's best to finish the quadrilogy.

A League of Their Own

Just re-watched this now 22 year old film, it's still great.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

a favourite from the past that needed watching again. Still enjoyable but has lost a little something with age, but has gained a little in 90's nostalgia.
A good idea, a great cast, and an OK end result which led to a very popular tv series I couldn't get into, still prefer the movie.

20 Feet From Stardom

Another best Oscar documentary about music, I think it won anyhow. Follows several back up singers and tells their interesting and emotional stories and shows their HUGE contributions to popular music and culture. Can't help but give it 5 stars as it's real, or some close facsimile to real in a slickly produced package.


It's been 14 years and several sequels later I return to the original. Hardly feels 14 years old, still a great introduction to the film franchise, one that has had some highs and lows but is going strong at 7 films and more planned.

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

Daydreaming about a life more extraordinary, well Suicidal Tendencies say "Life is 99% what you make it so if your life sucks then you suck" would fit the theme of the film I think. A very good but somewhat bland film at times. Does have it's funny moments as well as touching and thoughtful ones however still sputters at times here and there.


Wasn't expecting this to be great but low expectations often help.
It isn't as good as the original in my opinion but does a decent job rehashing and updating the original. Still the original has a better story, acting, violence, just better so check out the original before watching this shiny and empty remake.

Tank Girl
Tank Girl(1995)

Enjoyed back in the 90's and still enjoyable nearly 20 years later. not perfect but could have been a lot worse and no where near as bad as some claim.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Overall another fine X-Men film, a little better than previous entries. Makes me want to go back and re watch the first three, it's been a log while. Jenifer Lawrence shows she can shine in any role.

The Wolverine

not sure what to say, it wasn't bad, wasn't great, liked Logan's trip to Japan. I sort of want to see Wolverine and the Hulk in a film... alas it won't be for a while.

Godzilla: Final Wars

I have seen a number of Godzilla films and enjoy them for what they are. This entry was sort of the big finale for a while. It's long and strange and has too much human story for my liking, it's engaging enough but way too much. From reviews this is sort of a remake of Destroy all Monsters, well that's fine because I haven't seen it so when I do I will compare.
Still Godzilla battling it out with all sorts of other giant monsters satisfies my destruction quota. quite funny how the 1998 Hollywood Zilla does against the real Godzilla. Also you can see how Pacific Rim reused a lot of material from the franchise.

Pacific Rim
Pacific Rim(2013)

Super fun big time futuristic action monster movie.

Captain Phillips

Outstanding edge of your seat drama, so well done it's like being there. Amazing how little security there is on a cargo ship with thousands of tons of product. Seriously not even one guard with a gun? A rent a cop with a taser? That one little flaw in the movie is no one would ever allow cargo ships to travel in dangerous waters with so little protection a couple guys in a little boat with some guns can hijack it. Oh it's real, nevermind they were asking for it, silly film.

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa

Much more entertaining, funny, touching than I was expecting from a Jackass production. The film had it's low spots but overall was a triple and brought a couple runs in. The comedy wasn't over the top most of the time, was plain and simple and the candid camera element added much to the production. Still the humour was right up my alley for the most part, and as said I'm generally not a huge fan of Jackass material. Johnny Knoxville though gets to step away from the crude stunts and shine with crude but witty enough comedy and some improvisation.


Perfectly it seems to capture just what it sets out to do, a very gripping and emotional voyage. A little over the top I think is the point of the film, it's about being taken to the limit and just narrowly coming back.

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

Well it's been a while since Ron Burgandy was in theaters, 2004 it was so 9 long years.
I wasn't sure this would be any good, I liked the first but didn't know if there was any need for a sequel, the reviews wern't great for #2.

So I finally watched it and loved it, more than the first I think. Laughs galore and a few touching moments, most importantly laughs, lots of them.

So yes Ron Burgandy indeed has stayed classy, and very funny.

The Valley of Gwangi

This is a B movie with great special FX. Fairly entertaining western dino film with top notch effects (for the time) from the legend Harryhausen. If you ever wanted to see a cowboy battle a dinosaur in a church then this film is for you!

Saving Mr. Banks

Wow, a movie which is made by Disney of course, which has Tom Hanks starring as Walt Disney. Right there you'd have a winner more than likely and they throw in Mary Poppins and Emma Thompson as Mrs. Travers which gives us the familiar tunes of Mary Poppins. It's a couple of stories woven together with pieces of more as well. It's nostalgic and finely crafted, a family film with a more adult skew.
Walt Disney, the personality even though dead before my birth has been a huge influence on my life and I feel as if I had grown up with him. Tom Hanks on the other hand I have watched for as long as I can remember, and although it's him in the role he performs his magic and I also see Walt in his performance.

I am giving it 90, likely to go up if I ever re watch and revisit this review.

Love Me Deadly

Just watched on youtube, not really an Easter movie.
Just barely watchable, movie about mentally unstable woman and a cult of killers. Strange and misses the mark as often as it hits.

Craze, (Demon Master)

Neal Mottram needs money, he has a devil statue and is involved in black magic and witchcraft as well. Neal starts killing for his demon idol and money comes in for the sacrifices. The police are suspicious of him and his accomplish wishes to stop. Will Neal get away with it in the end with help from the dark lord or will the law catch up with him?
Not a great movie to be sure, one or two good lines, cheap through out.
Watched it on youtube where the video has 22 positive ratings to 10 negative. :)

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Well darn if the fans, critics, and I agree on this film, and the last.

Haven't read the books and not going to but a pre-teen daughter of a friend says the books are better, I will trust her.

The first film wasn't bad but had it's flaws as does this one, however Catching Fire improves on the first in minor ways and has more surety to itself. Also it's easier to get into as we've been introduced to most everyone and the world they inhabit.

So for the book fans it should be loved, for casual movie fans it should be appreciated, and the serious film fans should accept it more than the first as it is for whatever minor reasons a better piece of film. - maybe I need to re-watch the first? Nah, not yet.

Since watching the first film Jennifer Lawrence has become a super lovable media darling celebrity, and she's added several career highlights to her short resume, she has quickly become a stand out performer of her generation, if she improves with age and she seems to be doing so then I hope she lives forever and I'm there to see it.

Pee-wee's Big Adventure

A trip back to 1985 thanks to Pee-wee and Tim Burton.
Big Adventure is entertaining enough, a few laughs, nostalgic and worth a watch. I had seen it long ago but remembered little so borrowed it from a friends collection.

American Hustle

American Hustle keeps you on your toes, dazzles you with it's story, acting, directing, it's very nature and substance and soundtrack. It's stars shine, stars I have liked here and there in their careers but this film is a showcase for all involved.

Christian Bale's worst films are the Batman ones, I hate those but he is very good to outstanding in most other films I've seen him in, this is after watching my favourite performance from him. Amy Adams who I've liked in films and has dazzled me at times does so here. What can be said of Jennifer Lawrence? I was hating her character most of the film but in the end admit the character was likable and sweet, her acting was so natural and was award worthy. Hope this improves on later viewings.

The Fountain
The Fountain(2006)

Captivating at times, overall quite a film but not for everyone.

The Fall
The Fall(2006)

A fine balance of reality and fantasy, entrancing and entertaining.

Thank You for Smoking

A very good film which I found very funny and educational, though it does lose something on repeat viewings.

A History of Violence

A super solid drama which tells you just enough, there is more pre and post story material the viewer is left to fill in on their own.

Picnic at Hanging Rock

A dreamy and interesting film, based on a book which had an additional chapter the publishers decided not to include it claims to be in some small way based on actual events but is complete fiction. Well worth a watch or two this film is artsy and sort of eerie.


A very solid family fantasy, entertaining and re-watchable with a great cast. Saw it a few years ago and forgot about it and just viewed a second time and was thoroughly entertained.

Time After Time

I watched this one a few years back now on the suggestion of my cousin who is a movie fan and enjoys an entertaining film, things that might bother me are to him water off a duck's back. This one was very entertaining and well done, mixing historical figures and time travel surprisingly well. A sort of hidden gem which needs another viewing a few more years down the road.

Hot Tub Time Machine

Could have been ok, maybe even good, this flat out sucked, all you needed to see was in the tv trailer. Not worth the time, even to waste.

The Flesh and The Fiends

Reminds me of one of the Hammer Frankenstein films with Cushing as the doctor. This film though is more a drama and less a horror, based on historical cases.
Though interesting and educational the entertainment factor is rather low.
Acceptable late night fare for the horror aficionado.

The Undead
The Undead(1957)

Rather an undiscovered gem despite the 18% audience score.

An entertaining reincarnation film, part 50's hypno-science and half dream-like fantasy (which from the few Corman films I recall seeing is par for the course).
Scientist uses street girl in a past life regression experiment. The young lady is returned to a medieval past where she is to be killed as a witch though she is not one. The cast play the characters well and though a little campy is done with a rather seriousness.
Hayes as Livia is attractive and well cast as the real witch. Welles is a standout as the gravedigger Smokin and his lines are well written for his character.
The other actors/characters are fine, the devil's appearance at the end well done and overall I just really enjoyed this film. One review says it deserves a remake, well if it was handled properly yes it could be a good candidate. Still why bother as long as the original exists.

The Old Dark House

For me as a fan of good film this is an all out winner. It's a horror comedy from 1932 and it delivers an atmospheric menace which for the time was more than enough horror for a night out with a clever humour and charm. There isn't much to the story but it's the characters and the actors bringing them to life which raise this to all out winner. Whales direction is here and yes this film I think deserves to stand along side Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein in the horror genre, this however is not as serious and really is more of a comedy. A strange film with unforgettable performances by several of the cast.

Phenomena (Creepers)

I have only seen Argento's Suspiria and wasn't to impressed, though upon seeing it's reviews again and after watching this I guess I will have to re-watch it.
Even when this movie was a little too silly or out there I was still interested and entertained. At times it felt like an episode of X-Files minus our favourite FBI agents.


Visually there are some nice scenes, colours, a bit of a haunting atmosphere to it. Really though this tale of a witches coven falls short of the praise it gets.


A rather good comedy, funny, original, great cast. Surprised I haven't seen it before, worth a 2nd watching down the road.

The Killers
The Killers(1946)

Just a classic detective crime film of the 40's. Reminds me of many a Richard Diamond, Johnie Dollar, Same Spade, Philip Marlow or Boston Blackie radio shows of the 40's.
Everything in the film is great and it's all based off of an Ernest Hemingway short story.

Thor: The Dark World

Another good film with Thor, so far this franchise is better than Iron Man or capt America.

Death by China

A political and economic film, shows how China gained a huge access to the Western market and have exploited and cheated it to the fullest. America's laziness and gluttony have ruined it and allowed China to get more powerful at human rights and environmental costs. It's just a big mess and the answer is... don't buy a bunch of crap you don't need. :)

Gonzo: The Life and Work of Hunter S. Thompson

Well a 'die hard" fan might wish for more about Hunter I don't know why. I am a Hunter Thompson fan and thought it was enough of a film, covering most bases I think and having quite a lot of footage and comments from friends and family.

Ghostbusters 2

This film just takes me back to childhood and though yes it isn't as good as the first one it delivered what people wanted, more Ghostbusters and sadly there hasn't been another film since 1989.... though one has been teased for years and is still being dangled for fans to wonder about.
Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!

The Eagle
The Eagle(2011)

Great story, some decent actors but no stand out performances, amazing cinematography, and some small doses of history but mostly fiction.

On Netflix and worth a watch, some great action/battle scenes. No obvious CGI to ruin things.

Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark

A dark and well crafted fairy tale more than a true horror film.

Just a thought, why not fill the hole with a whole lot of concrete?

Side by Side
Side by Side(2012)

Another excellent documentary found on Netflix. Digital video is improving and increasingly making itself the main form of film. However are we losing something if we lose traditional film? Is there a balance? Talks with several top names in the field and hosted by a rather passionate Keanu Reeves.

Imaginary Witness: Hollywood and the Holocaust

A fantastic look at how Hollywood dealt with Germany, before, during and after WWII. Covers pretty much all the bases and talks with film makers, survivors, and has several great film clips. Well worth a watch and it's on Netflix!


Always loved Robocop, the 2nd and 3rd films were terrible but the first had just the right amount of future cool for the time dark, gritty, sci-fi, action, drama which all appealed to a 10 year old. Seeing as this film is 26 years old I guess I watch it every 6 or 7 years, and it always entertains. Hope the new remake is decent but we will see.
Classic 80's film.

Horrible Bosses

Not a very good movie, a few funny spots, I'd say 3 maybe 4, not enough to cover an hour an a half so called comedy. Jamie Foxx delivers the most laughs with his character Motherfuckah Jones. A good idea not followed through on. The horribe bosses then each maybe deliver a chuckle.

Shadow of a Doubt

Getting to know Hitchcock, a well crafted story and good acting but nothing to make me think this is a true classic, something worth multiple viewings. Just a well made film, drama, suspense genre of the mid 40's. I don't believe it has aged well, 70 years ago I'd have probably given it 100%.

Silent Movie
Silent Movie(1976)

I have now seen almost all of Mel's films and I am definitely a fan of all but a few. Basically he should have stopped in 1981 after History of the World Part I, I did not enjoy Space Balls, Robin Hood, and least of all Dracula: Dead and Loving It. Everything before that is classic stuff and Silent Movie is in there. If you compare this with the classic silent comedies of the 20's it's part homage, part spoof, mostly good old fashioned fun. Several moments were laugh out loud ones and they were spread out nicely. The big star cameos of the time ad the perfect touch of realism and camp to the film. You sort of want to see this movie they're making and then realize it's what you're watching, it's sort of a movie about itself. It's clever and funny. There's no real sad or romantic/serious moments, it's just one rather silly and enjoyable 70's Hollywood romp.

Monkey Business

A fast paced film chock full of the boy's usual humour and music.

Body Double
Body Double(1984)

Despite not really knowing how to describe Body Double easily I can say I found it enjoyable. At times it felt a little campy and amateurish, sort of tv quality, and at other times felt more big budget. It is a bit of a mess but a solid mess, thriller, erotic voyeurism, murder mystery, some dark comedy bits. Definitely unique and as I said entertaining so worth a watch.

Man of Steel
Man of Steel(2013)

Ha is all I can say to the 56% this has from the critics as I think it does a hell of a lot better job with rebooting Superman than the last one did.

Things need to be reinvented a little and modernized despite what purists and devotees say. This does that, we see a faithful enough origin story, some differences to the traditional canon of the subject matter. Superman has undergone many comic book changes and some reboots here and there, as all long lived series/characters do. This to me felt like a very good first entry in a franchise, I don't want to get my hopes up but would love if the quality maintains itself over 3 or 4 films and builds a fanbase. Time will tell.

Is it a more serious and slightly darker Superman, yup but this is 2013 and not 1940'2 or 50's status quo. Do thousands die but the effects of it not shown, sure, it's a little over the top but worked for me. the story, effects, the ending.... and even listening to the somber end credit music the film is very consistent and creates a great and yet it seems under-appreciated in some regards film.

I like Amy Adams but she's far too old for the role of Louis Lane here in my opinion and I'd have given the role to someone younger quite simply.


An entertaining, obviously dated film but the film which gave us the song Making Whoopee which is in my mind a standard classic of the 30's. Based on the Broadway musical Whoopee itself based on the play The Nervous Wreck. Eddie Cantor was a comedic star on broadway and this helped his transition to film. This is definitely an early SCREWBALL comedy.

The comedy is actually quite good and it's the musical numbers which are most dated and drag the film down for modern audiences I think. Worth a viewing for film buffs - early colour film, fairly close recreation of the stage version, good early comedy.

To Have and Have Not

Reminded me of Casablanca, seems to be a clone almost in many ways but holds it's own. Entertaining, great acting, some great chemistry between Bogart and Bacall. 46 year old Bogart would leave his wife of 7 years Mayo Methot (the two fought constantly and both drank heavily) for the 19 year old Lauren Bacall.
Very worthy of 100% rating if not for so many similarities to Casablanca.

The Fallen Idol

Superbly acted with a nice story, the ending is sort of odd and the child is a little annoying but overall a heck of an entertaining film.

An American Werewolf in London

Although not an outright comedy it is certainly funnier than many films which call themselves comedies. Also it delivers on dark, eerie atmosphere, some gruesome horror, some amazing special effects, nice obligatory nudity for the time periods R rating. Good soundtrack, fine acting and directing. I had seen bits and pieces of the film over the years but never gave it a proper watching until today, and I dare call myself a werewolf fan, shame. :P
Can easily suggest this and especially this time of year so near to Halloween.

Near Dark
Near Dark(1987)

Solid story, acting, and directing make for an overlooked film from 1987. Maybe a lack of star power, maybe it was poor marketing, I don't know but this film is an entertaining vampire tale.

They Live
They Live(1988)

While being fairly clever and entertaining They Live fails to ignite. Roddy Pipper is enjoyable as the reluctant hero and the story keeps your interest, which is more than a lot of films. Nothing to rush out and see but still worth eventually checking out.

Curse of Chucky

So a new Child's Play/Chucky film and direct to video. I have long said the 2n and 3rd films are garbage and then the 4th and 5th unexpected horror/comedy gems.
This film I have to applaud as it continues the legacy and story of Chucky and does so very well, dropping the comedy for a more serious good time guy.
It hits a lot of familiar notes but that's what works, we're following a story some of us have been following for 25 years and it's still giving us new story and character pieces. I liked the ending but then there was a confusing after credits scene which though entertaining has me confused for the moment. Ignoring that short clip it's a solid 80% score. Could have been better, could have been so much worse, deserved a theater release.

God Bless America

Going to do an old review as I watch.

This sounded just my cup of tea when I read the review for it somewhere. Having Bobcat as the writer/director also sounded good. So I started and after the first couple minutes was very impressed.
It followed with a lot of intellectual dialogue criticizing modern society/culture. Several scenes were very familiar, maybe because it was portraying things rather realistically rather than me remembering things like them from other movies. Just bad taste commercials and everyday stupid people, we all encounter them, they are everywhere. But our hero Frank has no one to confide in, his attempts to connect with his daughter don't work, she's one of them, the ones who don't deserve to live because they have lost connection with every part of their humanity. He attempts to connect with some co-workers which doesn't work, he's about to give up and end it when...

must watch more but I kinda know where the story goes, let's see how it goes then.

2/3 through the film and Frank and Roxy are bonding well, though they are trying to make the world a better place and find some personal happiness it seems they're failing. Tara Lynne Barr, the young woman who plays the teen Roxy is very likable and a great actress, hope she has a long career. Joel Murray who is familiar but hasn't done a lot of tv/film but has some good stuff on his resume.

God Bless America so far has a few laughs and an intelligent but dark view of the world. Still so far it is falling into the "sad" film cetegory for me as I feel bad for both characters. Time to watch the last 1/3.

Without Warning

Considering this was a made for TV halloween movie based sort of on the War of the Worlds idea it's not bad nor great but would have been a very good bit of entertainment if you'd have been stuck on halloween 1994. Given 4 stars based on it's quality on a 1994 level, today it'd score a 3 as it's dated.

Satan's Little Helper

Wow, a low budget gem that it's taken me 9 years to discover. For an hour and 40 minutes you would think this film might out wear it's simple concept but it doesn't in my opinion, it keeps going with gusto.
Doses of comedy and horror/suspense in equal measure. Does what the original Halloween did with a sense of fun. The end when it finally does arrive satisfies, game over. Some things are never answered and that's fine. Film deserve a sequel, actually it deserves some love.

Iron Man 3
Iron Man 3(2013)

Feels overblown and without heart, yet another decline in the series.
Sure it has the right elements, big effects, Robert Downey Jr.... and that's it. The story was uninteresting, the bad guys never felt like a threat and Tony Stark was mostly his own worse enemy. Not only is there Iron Man there is the Iron Patriot which is just like Iron man, ok that's fine but then there are a whole number of automated Iron Man suits. Well now you have gadgets saving the day and the hero not so heroic or special anymore. Even Pepper gets super bad ass powers at the end. Then the end sort of whitewashes everything away ... blah. I've been saying for years there are too many super hero movies and they just keep making more. I guess some have been ok but in the end they become tripe.

The Woods
The Woods(2006)

This film has a lot of "greats" like acting, effects, dark eeriness, and Bruce Campbell. What it lacks is a real violence, swearing, and nudity to deserve an R rating. It also ends with these seemingly powerful and crafty witches who have been waiting for years being easily defeated by their own stupidity. This film needed some teeth but comes off as a well polished PG-13 teen flick.

The Croods
The Croods(2013)

A solid, entertaining prehistoric romp, which boasts great animation, well cast voice actors, a fun story, some cute animal critters and at times even touching.

Die! Die! My Darling!

Pretty paint by numbers but effective enough for the year it was made. Has some pretty good acting and was the 2nd in a collection of Hammer suspense/thriller movies I got. Unlike the first one which was a little to tame this one had some bite and a crazy jesus freak. Worth a watch.

Ghostbusters (1984 Original)

A movie which wowed me as a 7 year old nearly 30 years ago and still does it today. I love the story, the actors and their characters, the effects, the music, Sigourney Weaver at her hottest, the pop culture hit which spawned a sequel, cartoon series, toys, games, and is still in the public consciousness. Kind of surprised a 3rd movie didn't happen.

The Iceman
The Iceman(2013)

A very good film based sort of on real events. I had read the bio on The Iceman and don't understand why they feel the need to change so much of what is known fact. Shorten, condense, do what you have to for a 90 minute film but when you are dealing with a historical scenario, a recent one, then do it right. Loses points for making shit up when not needed. According to record he beat his wife, abused her and in the film he's shown as a great husband and not abusive other than a moment of anger.

Worth a watch but not two, unless it's a long time in the future.

Captain Clegg (Night Creatures)

Engaging enough but feels dated and contains nothing special. A film which would have entertained more had I been a young teen maybe 25 years ago. Not worth going out of your way to see, just watching a Hammer collection of thriller/suspense films, this was the first and I sure hope they get better.

The Conjuring

So here is another "based on "true events" film... like all the others whatever truth is in the film is minuscule I'm sure.
So we have a demonic/evil spirit and it's now after the family that moved into the house. It's a gripping enough little suspense, horror film that dies in the last act and lost me as a viewer. Nothing new is added to haunted house movies, but for the most part The Conjuring is a bit of a throwback to older days and delivers a worthwhile late night or halloween flick.

Saint John of Las Vegas

While not having anything terribly bad about it, Saint John of Las vegas hasn't got that much which is very good, settling for alright.
I like all the actors and characters, there is an alright story idea. Somehow none of it seems to get developed to it's potential and it's frustrating for the viewer. Had it been a little more quirky, a little more raunchy, a little more violent - it would have been more memorable. It had an R rating and did nothing with it.

Celebrity Sex Tape

Not great but not terrible. Plenty of tits, decent acting, ok story, a few chuckles but no real comedy. Watched it on Netflix, one of their many direct to video offerings.

Bikini Spring Break

The only reason to watch this is for female toplessness. There is no comedy, the acting is just passable in a B movie way. There was more potential here but the point was tits and mission accomplished.

Lesbian Vampire Killers

There is no good acting, the story is barely ok, the special effects are cheap but at times effective, the comedy is lame but there are a few chuckles, the erotic parts aren't very erotic, the horror parts aren't scary. Still it isn't all horrible either and I sort of enjoyed this Netflix flick. Enough to pass it.


An entertaining comic book movie which feels like a comic book movie should, over the top action and violence which is well done. The super heroes aren't that super and the bad guys are just bad. I doubt i'd have enjoyed it as much without the character of Hit Girl, something likable about an 11 year old foul mouthed violent vigilante girl. I was just left wondering how Katie was being bothered by the Razule character. :P

Frankenstein's Army

An idea which I thought I had come up with, Nazis use Doc Frankenstein's ideas to make monster nazis.
This film has little story but enough gore and horror for most fans. I liked it but not as much as I had hoped.


Better but similar to Family Guy. Ted gets a lot of things right and has it's funny side, it's caring side, it's vulgar side. All in all a good start to Seth MacFarlane movies which I am sure there will be more of.

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

A fun movie which holds up well over time, Keanue Reeves hasn't made such a great movie since. Watched this back in 1989 and a few times since. As always it's excellent!

Sometimes They Come Back

Not very good or interesting, rated R but doesn't meet the requirements if you ask me. Lame movie.


So much going for it, decent acting, decent story, basic but very good effects, has the creepy elements but a lot of it is a little drawn out, I never understood the moth metaphor fully, never understood why the Dr. got the babies remains but didn't take them to the cabin, didn't understand why the uncle ran off alone... and the ending didn't fully satisfy me, they'll have lots of explaining to do. Missing kid and missing aunt and psychiatrist... oh well it was a sort of happy ending?

Warm Bodies
Warm Bodies(2013)

A fine zomromcom decent zombies, an odd cure which one can only say is hope on behalf of all the zombies except R who changes out of love.
A great date film.

The Station Agent

A little predictable but still charming, witty, and well acted. After watching Game of Thrones and seeing the incredible performance of Mr. Dinklage I like many others am checking out some of his previous work. While all the performances are well done it is his portrayal of Fin which stands out and makes the film work so well as he is the focus point the story revolves around.


Let's see, this guy directed I'm a Cyborg but that's OK. This isn't that good but still excellent. Not as entertaining as Cyborg but more reality based and slower.


Not perfect but very enjoyable with fine performances, historical based story, violent and gritty, nice scenery and well photographed. Looking at the box office performance I'm kind of surprised, after viewing the film I'd say it greatly under-performed it's entertainment value.

Bad Lieutenant

It has been a long time since I watched this, I hardly recall much so it was time for a rewatch and then watch the Herzog film.

Great film!

Grave of the Fireflies (Hotaru no haka)

The most adult Ghibli film I've seen but it's about war and death. Other films may have dark elements and touch on death but are set in fantasy worlds of one sort or another. Grave of Fireflies is set in the real world of War Time Japan and doesn't shy much from the atrocities of war. People suffer, people die, and everyone has a story. I think in the end what the message is that life is short and to embrace the small moments, and to struggle to survive because life is worth it.

Disco Pigs
Disco Pigs(2003)

Disco Pigs grabbed me from the start remained quite engrossing through out. Loved the story, the directing, the acting... I may give this a better score after a future watch. Fantastic and thought provoking, at times oddly moving.
Disco Pigs is a gem.

Night of the Comet

A precursor to Buffy the Vampire Slayer film except in Night of the Comet it's a Cheerleader and her sister fighting Zombies after a comet kills most of humanity.

An entertaining film, has Robert Beltran who would appear later in Star Trek Voyageur.

Should be looked at as a remake I think. A lot of 80's music on the soundtrack, a lot!

Baby Love
Baby Love(1967)

An ok exploitation film which does tell a story and have some effort put into the acting and craftsmanship of it all. Reminds me of Lolita and A Clockwork Orange a bit. I'd call it a B classic.

Dracula - Dead and Loving It

Has a lot going for it but sputters out of the gate and continues most of the film. Lovingly crafted with a lot of potential it never gets both feet out of the grave, what comedy there is is thin and infrequent.

Return to Sleepaway Camp

Sadly uncreative, messed up story, terrible acting, poor special effects, lack of quality all around. I am quite a fan of the first film and the two zany sequels and this one is better left unwatched. Can't even suggest it to fans of the franchise.

The Illusionist

A supernatural romance murder mystery where all the pieces fit. A fine story well directed and acted with great period scenery and costumes.

Eden Lake
Eden Lake(2008)

Well acted and crafted but feeling rather pedestrian and cliche from start to end. Eden Lake fits in with films like The Strangers and Funny Games. And with those two movies in mind this feels like it falls sort of right in the middle. Still it does do what it set out to do and gets points for it. Just seems there are a lot of films like this and they're all about the same quality more or less. The formula isn't a hard one to follow but like most things it still requires a certain magic to raise it above being alright. This film could set up a decent sequel...


As low budget horror goes this isn't too bad. A hillbilly cult lives in the woods and look out to those who wander to close. They kill the males and use the women to breed. more of a PG-13 horror as there is no nudity, gore or vulgarity. Watched it on Youtube so it's a youtube flick.

Stephen King's It

Haven't seen this since it originally aired way back in 1990. I liked it then but remember the ending was weak compared to a strong start and middle. Watching it now 23 years later and found it just as remembered. A solid start and middle which features several characters versions of a summer from their youth when they were tormented by an eveil supernatural clown. Now as adults the evil has returned as it is explained it gistorically does every 30 years. Despite short comings it's well worth the time and quite entertaining with a classic performance by Tim Curry as Pennywise the clown. Rated as a TV film it gets higher marks than it have as a would theatrical release.

Wake Up, Ron Burgundy: The Lost Movie

Made up of cut and left over extras from Anchorman, this is actually a pretty good movie. Not as funny but has it's moments, this is worth a watch for fans of Anchorman, otherwise you may wish to leave this a "lost movie".


Well acted and presented this is a true story about a man who has trouble with his temper and violence. Bronson is a fairly likable and intelligent fellow when he's not on a psychotic violent kick which he is always on the verge of. The film shows his life put together in movie scenes and although entertaining and well acted/directed the film doesn't tell you a lot about him, maybe because there isn't a lot to tell.
Perhaps Charlie Bronson still has a final act to his life and will redeem himself and have a more interesting ending, the film ends with him still in prison and that is where he stays, for now. this film is worth seeing for it's historical accounting of Charles Bronson and it's fine lead performance.


An entertaining sword and sorcery film for the family.
Some decent performances and an OK script help things out. Fine animal performances are important also. The costumes seem a little too clean for the setting, some of the 80's musical score doesn't fit either. Mathew Broderick's character is irritating and likable. Not overly convincing sword play but again it's suitable for the pg nature of the film. A nice fairy tale romance also. Overall a good kids/family/teen adventure.

Valhalla Rising

A decent film for those who like little dialogue, great scenery (Scotland) and a dash of violence. Several reviews mention Aguirre as a comparison and it's fair in some regards. Aguirre is far superior and if you need a film to watch it's a better choice.


Takes an hour to build up and then the bombs drop. Bleak and realistic look at the UK after WWIII in 1985. Sort of a documentary look at things. If nuclear war happens this film shows the survivors will envy the dead.
Who needs zombies or mutated monsters when the reality of it is far more horrific. Powerful anti war film made during the end the Cold War's grip.
The characters all have unhappy endings, the film's end could have been slightly positive but the creators decided it best to maintain a realistic and bleak ending.

Worth a watch but there is little entertainment value. Should be shown to all grade 6 students in school.

Seven Psychopaths

An entertaining romp, a mad mash up of dark quirky and a little violent. Some great performances from a stellar ensemble cast. Many little stories woven together to make one, the psychopaths aren't all that psycho, just a little nuts.

Also the soundtrack was very fitting most of the time, added a nice touch.


Vibrant animation and fine voice acting is a Disney standard as is fairy tales. This reworked Rapunzel story is not bad but feels a little thin and the music is some of the weakest in any Disney feature. Still it follows the Disney formula enough to be a winner, though not as impressive as expected from the brand. Perhaps the large amount of competition in animation these days is also to blame as Disney isn't a monopoly in the field as it once was.


What is most revealing about the man is his wife played a significant role in his career for much of it. This film doesn't supply much excitement and seeing as it's based on such an envelope pushing film, this bio piece plays it safe.

Is it great no, is it very good, yes, worth a watch, but watching psycho would be more productive a watch.


Wow man, far out crazy stuff. Story of a deaf girl who goes in search of her brother in San Francisco at the height of the hippie movement. Seeing as the story and location are authentic it adds a lot to the feel of the movie.

Everything is ok in this film, nothing is great other than the real feel of hippy days. The story has it's moments as does jack Nicholson as a long haired musician hippy but in the end it's a flash back you don't care to repeat.

Sleeping Beauty

I didn't like this Sleeping Beauty, some interesting story ideas, decent acting, and pieces of a sad, lonely woman's life don't add up to anything worth while in my opinion. A sort of faux erotic horror film where the horrors are committed to a willing participant whom is unaware of what is happening to her, mixed with a good dose of dull mediocrity fitting of the main characters personality.

Wreck-it Ralph

Really enjoyed Wreck-It Ralph. The story centers around a 30 year old arcade game and it's main two characters, the antagonist and the protagonist. Seems Ralph is tired of being a Bad Guy even though the rest of the video game bad guys are understanding and accepting of their lots in life.

Ralph sets out on a quest to gain a hero's medal in a new arcade game. This mixes characters from different video games up, each looking for something and finding it in their quests to save all the games in the arcade from a virus.

The story is great, each game is realized fully and the characters mostly fantastic. J.C. Riley as Ralph is dead on but I was most enamored with Sarah Silverman's Vanollope, but then I am a big fan of her all around.

No lame musical bits to ruin things. Plenty of wit, charm, style, story, and great animation. Should appeal to most under 40, probably why it didn't win best animated pic. Sort of like Toy Story but with video games... it works well.

The Secret World of Arrietty

Magical, beautiful animation, lush backgrounds, nice soundtrack, good story. I liked it a little more than Ponyo but less than Spirited Away, Mononoke, Howl's Moving Castle...

Again Disney did a great job with english voices. Carol Burnett is the one which stands out and is recognizable but the rest all seem to fit the roles well especially Arietty voiced by Bridget Mendler.


Wonderfully animated, great voice actors, good story, entertaining film which is a failed to capture me fully though I do see it hitting it's core audience better, that being younger and with a princess hero perhaps more female.

In some ways similar to Hotel Transylvania with a large part of the story being between a parent and child, both animated, and about the same level...

Salò o le 120 giornate di Sodoma (Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom)

De Sade would have praised it to be sure all things considered but it is a little tamer than the source material, not much though.

I had tried to read the text out of curiousity, it was an unfinished work but had been sort of outlined by chapter where you pretty much got the intended effect without having to suffer the entire read. I hadn't known it had been adapted to film until searching for interesting movies and it topped several lists as Most Controversial Film Ever.

After buying it off ebay for a super price I watched to see how it had been adapted.

The story maintains all the key elements of the Maquis De Sade's work but condenses them and presents them in a more consumable form then the text. As graphic and twisted as the film is it seems sort of tame in it's depictions which shows the director had limits and boundaries he would not or could not realistically cross. This is essentially an intellectual snuff film in a sanitized version.

I was curious to see what the hype about Hostel was when it came out, I was disappointing. This film explores the depravity of men better than Hostel does or 99% of slasher films. The villains in this film are (perhaps one needs to read the text to understand this or maybe its just my imaginings of it all) but the villains are high ranking officials with wealth and influence in positions of trust and if not at least power. Like Lord of the Fly's shows that environment will dictate behavior so does this film.

Il portiere di notte (The Night Porter)

Well, it has an interesting premise, I would say some very good acting and directing with a nice look to it all. An artsy nazi exploitation picture. Where most of them are trash this one rises above them in acting, story, directing, and even it's messages whatever you find them to be. It is a look at human nature, like watching an abusive relationship start up again because in the abuse was some compassion and the combination creates an odd bond.

The end of the story bothered me at first but upon makes sense and is explained well enough in the reality of the film.

Similar but nowhere near as brutal and extreme in it's depravity as Salo, 120 Days of Sodom. As bad as The Night Porter is in it's offensive material it is nothing compared to Salo which makes Night Porter seem main stream fare.


An entertaining film with some great performances, a decent script, a little too preachy. Seriously the film was a little to happy and positive at the end. Take away the Hollywood ending where he decides to tell the truth and you have a better film because then he'd be true to his character. I guess it took making a miracle landing to convince him to turn a new leaf.
Densel is great, Goodman is great, the rest of the cast is solid.

King Kong
King Kong(1933)

Awesome classic film which ages well, worth watching every 5 years or so it's that good. Finally watched the 2005 remake and found it quite enjoyable and true to the original. So it was fun to see this film again. Forgot there was so much screaming in it, quite a lot.

The story is quite a good adventure tale of an ambitious director who just sets out with cameras and a vague idea of a film in mind to shoot. This one is quite dangerous but he plans for it. This might seem a little odd but if you watch Unknown Chaplin you will see it was at least his mode of shooting.

I don't know how much of the film he gets but he finds adventure and a huge Ape. The story then includes the "monsters" humanity and fondness for the female lead. It's a fantastic adventure and the effects were beyond ambitious and I dare say hold up fantastic for being 80 years old.

King Kong wasn't just the big budget effects movie for it's time, it had substance, sure the acting isn't top notch but it has some good dialogue, good story, great effects, it really managed to show I think Kong's human qualities well for the limitations of it's day.

Watching King Kong makes me want to watch the Lost World 1923 again, the inspiration for King Kong.

The Master
The Master(2012)

An engrossing film, subtly depicting a scientology like cult's beginnings and how a returning WWII vet gets mixed up in it all.

An entertaining, engaging, thoughtful film with a solid story and outstanding performances, notably Hoffman. I see it's by the same person as the film There Will Be blood. It's as well made but a less epic type film. Worth watching again.

A Boy and His Dog

What and odd ball treat. A dark comedy sort of post nuclear film.
Vic is a survivor and he has a pet dog named Blood, Vic can hear Blood's thoughts and so they communicate. Blood is smarter than Vic but still the pair co-exist well, Vic helps feed Blood and Blood smells out women in this wasteland for Vic because he's eternally horny.

Gets stranger and then ends on a dark and twisted note. Worth a watch or two.

Arizona Dream

A wonderfully strange romp from start to end with moments of near insanity. Some great actors doing some great acting but the term off the wall sort of fits. Did it make me laugh? No. Cry? No. Smile? Yes. Entertained me? Yes.

All i can say on this one is I'm amazed I didn't know about it sooner and will have to watch it again. I will probably give it a better score on a second viewing, will have to see.

Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend

A favourite of my dinosaur loving childhood.

I always enjoyed this movie, of course i was about 8 years old when I first saw it and was the largest dino fan.

I like the story, I like the acting enough, I remember the male scientist was irritating, thought the female scientist was hot. The dinosaur effects are great for the time, no stop motion or cg or man in a suit stuff.

I see it has terrible reviews here at RT but I have to disagree and say it's a decent film for the time and for dinosaur fans.

Les Misérables

Seeing as I couldn't get into this film and only watched the first hour i can't review it but here goes. Rather terrible musical. Has a nice sort of look to it and the idea sounds good to me in the movie info description but I didn't see much of substance, or for a musical I didn't hear much either. Will probably watch the full film sometime and will give a better review then.


It's a true story, it's one of Jack Black's best performances. It's well acted and made and entertaining through out. I doubt the real life Bernie was as likable as the movie version.


Well it sounded interesting, by David Bowie's son no less so why not give it a watch. A very solid and well done piece of film. Makes one think is it easier to and cheaper to clone someone many times and have them trained to do a solitary job for three years or just send someone new every three years. Aparently it isn't hard to get to the moon as the Eliza team are sent straight away to fix a problem... there's endless fuel for moon trips.

No it doesn't make sense and isn't explained, so the viewer has to ignore this large flaw to enjoy the film. I can't do that so the nice effects, good acting, stylish mood which is created is all for naught. No the hinge this story is based on doesn't work and the more I think about it the more I dislike the film. :S

Django Unchained

The 6th of 2013 Best Pic nominees I've seen and.......

Django is a fantastic film, the one so far I'd want to watch again before any of the others. It has great directing, great acting and story, the look of the film also hits the mark.

I can say it's a great Tarantino film, how can it not be but to me it's not quite a perfect film, it's not his best in my opinion nor his worst. It's just that I'm looking at this like the other recent nominee films I've viewed judging it as a best Pic nominee. It is deserving to be nominated with the others I've seen but it's a very violent and R rated film, I can't see the Academy giving it the win, but not for those reasons. The reason is the artistic styling and self awareness the whole film seems to have. So much is perfect but it's not done with the proper seriousness I expect from a Best Picture. I'd give Inglourious Bastards a Best Pic award before Django, still it's very much deserving to be nominated.

Hotel Transylvania

Wasn't thinking of watching this but it was recommended and so i gave it a try. Some things about it are lame, but it has enough style and charm and comedy to get by. The voices are great, the story is OK, the animation is great as is the directing. I will say it's a great family film, kids should like it and adults won't suffer terribly. It did have potential to be more adult and have more of an edge, maybe in the sequel.

Dark Shadows
Dark Shadows(2012)

As I have written the Burton style and flair has become sort of tiresome where it was once fresh and wildly captivating. Still there is more than enough in this film for me to praise.

At turns it is a dark gothic vampire film, oddball comedy, part romance, family fare trying to be a little of everything and succeeding far better than most would. I don't know the source material, I thought I caught based on something or other in the titles. Obviously it was something Burton liked and ran with making his own.

The things I liked. Strong and attractive female cast. The visual style of course. The humour which there were a few laugh out loud moments. Depp's almost predictable but none the less charming acting. A fitting Alice Cooper cameo as Alice Cooper.

Things I disliked. Again it is tame PG violence and adult situations which has become a Burton standard. Burton never delves into darkness, only plays with it in fantasy form. Everything seems to be for a middle of the road audience, acceptable for children and adults alike, not too strange and never offensive. I'd like to see him deliver something more adult for once, grittier and more unnearving.

Some will say the film should have been either a full comedy or a full horror and it was really neither. In this reviewers opinion it worked most of the time but not always. The ending became a somewhat silly but entertaining sort of mess and then finished on a rather poignant and dramatic/romantic note. So yeah it is uneven in it's delivery and final outcome.

Witches of Eastwick was a better supernatural time, this could have been better and should have been but settles for a decent flick.

Life of Pi
Life of Pi(2012)

Life of Pi, the 5th of 2013 Best Pic nominees I've seen now, it will have to rank lowest as well. Though richly woven with spirituality and meaning, some of the best special effects I've seen with animals, a fine acting job from the main protagonist, dine directing by Lee the whole thing fell short in several areas for me. If feels like a young adult type film like the Hunger Games, a top notch film and great entertainment but not up to being in the Best Pic category.

I can highly recommend Life of Pi, it should appeal to many and will in years to come become a family favourite perhaps but not Best Pic i'm afraid and not as good as the other 4 nominees I've seen now: Silver Linings Playbook, Lincoln, Beasts of the Southern Wild, & Amour.

Silver Linings Playbook

This was the 4th of the 2013 best pic nominees I've seen now leading up to the awards. This was a very good movie which half way or a little more through changes and becomes a more predictable hollywood film. This is mostly a comedy though not too funny, some what of a serious drama until the third act and it becomes a predictable, feel good type romance film.

All the acting is fine, interesting characters through out, decent story, a few chuckles, a little more intelligence than most romantic comedies and a little darker. So far this is the nominee I'd likely watch again quickest but still that'd be mostly for Jennifer Lawrence. Would have made a great date flick.

Looks like it's nominated for Best Pic and Best Actress. Well though I may have enjoyed it the most so far of the 5 I've seen now it isn't the best so very unlikely to win best pic. I like Jennifer Lawrence as I said and she deserves the nomination, I'd give her the win from what I've seen so far but I think it will go to Emmanuelle Riva for Amour, at 85 years old she deserves it for that as well as her great performance.


Third of the 2013 best pic nominees I've seen after Lincoln and Beasts of the Southern Wild. It was what it was described as and despite the Oscars still being subjective they do tend to nominate quality.

I was going to give this a higher rating at first because I thought this was a deeper, more powerful film which more people could relate to regardless of age or race or sex and it may be but as more than a couple reviews I saw state this is as much a horror film as anything and it's brutal and honest, unflinching look at it's subject matter may not appeal to many. It is a slow film, lacking in vibrancy, colour, humour, action, history, and is about elderly people who are dying. It does not sound like a winner at all. So could I recommend it, sure, do I honestly think most others will appreciate it like I do, no.

I had another small issue with the ending but in rethinking it can say it's open to interpretation and one can look at it how one likes, so it's not a problem in my rating.

My next thought is how much of an impact did it have on me? Enough, maybe not in the same way as Lincoln or Beasts but as I said it is a deeper film, more personal.

Some movies you want to watch again, maybe not right away but eventually. There are certain films that seem to have endless replay-ability. So far none of the three Best of nominees I've watched are anything I can see myself rushing to watch again. They all made a distinct impression, stylistically, acting, story... I may watch them all again at some point but none will be on my top 50 list, or top 100. I think of something like Amadeus, a best picture film I have seen several times and will see several more, that I give a 5 star rating too, not this.

The directing and story are great, shots are given their time, everything seems to be almost documentary like and we're watching in a reality tv like way. It's about getting old and since it happens to everyone it's a very relate-able story, more so than living in a bath tub or being President during the civil war.

The acting is excellent, between Quvenzhané Wallis from Beasts of the Southern Wild who is the youngest nominee ever for best actress and Emmanuelle Riva from Amour who is the oldest it is sort of hard to say which is a better acting performance. One is a little girl acting like a savage little girl but still really more like a strong willed child and the other is an elderly woman acting as an elderly woman. Hard call but in this it goes to Emmanuelle Riva I think, will have to see more performances.

So a fantastic film, near flawless in my opinion, loses points for simply being too realistic and melancholy to call for future viewings or to recommend.

The Lord of the Rings

This was a pretty good mucky and dark 70's Bakshi attempt at bringing the novels to life. Limited by time and budgets I think he opted for the rotoscoping and it allowed him to get things done quicker and cheaper.

This film does not match up to the Rankin/Bass Hobbit film a year earlier in terms of uniformity and fluid animation or character voices. So what does it have? It has the story, it has certain artistic moments, it has the audacity to try but since Jackson's LotR's trilogy this sort of falls by the wayside as curiosity.

The Hobbit
The Hobbit(1978)

A brisk animated version which captures the childish charm of the book well. More faithful than Jackson's first Hobbit film in some ways this is the perfect youngsters introduction to Tolkien.

The Last Unicorn

An outstanding voice cast, great little story, top notch animation all combine to create a fantasy tale of love, magic, danger, & mystery. The music for some is a little dated but I find it fits the film well and the time the film was made (early 80's). This is a film I revisit every now and then and it has yet to disappoint.

Beasts of the Southern Wild

Second film after Lincoln to watch several of this years Oscar nominees. I gave Lincoln 90% and am giving this 90% as well.

The story of a six year old girl and a community of people cut off from the modern world in a place they call the Bath Tub and living off the land sort of way. Her name is Hush Puppy, she imagines the way the universe works and lives with her daddy. Massive storms and government patrols threaten their way of life.

The story is interesting, the characters well acted, location and natural backdrop impressive. The imagination and outlook of Hush Puppy is both childish and naive but harsh and mature.

Most viewers I think will relate to the Bath Tub people's desire for independence and to be left alone, even in quite harsh and brutal conditions. For me a large part of the film is about government intervention in ways it is not wanted and the fight for freedom from unnatural restraints.

Sort of you can take the child out of the wild but not the wild out of the child.


Decided to watch most of the 2013 Oscar nominees and started with Lincoln. Seems there are 3 american patriotic movies in the running this year so it is obvious the usa is trying to feel good about itself at the movies since in reality it has nothing going for it anymore but Honey Boo Boo and never ending shooting sprees. I don't care to see Argo or the Bin Laden movie at all.

Such a great man and this is a very good film but somehow just lacks some spark of magic. Lewis was Oscar worthy as Lincoln and the rest of the cast also performed exceptionally. Certain scenes were captivating and inspiring, still on the whole I found Lincoln vs Zombies early as entertaining with a more satisfying ending. Lincoln had better acting, directing, production values, as well as historical accuracy and so gets the win as a superior film. As mentioned Lewis deserves the nomination for best Actor and for costumes and sets this film is a visual spectacle.

I can't help but think of The King's Speech, a film about a leader during wartime... it had an outstanding lead actor and set designs and all that but it had the magic element to it which made it resonate louder and longer with me.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Upon watching the film I have to simply agree with most that it's too stretched out and the changes though small are many and distracting. I have read the Hobbit and LotR both twice and from the first Hobbit movie would have to say it ins't as enjoyable as the first LotR film was.

I can really go through the film and pick out scenes I was looking forward to seeing and then was left shaking my head as to why they altered it. There are a few changes I don't mind however. The Necromancer and Radagast fit and make sense. I don't recall if there was a necromancer in the hobbit but there seems to me there is mention of Sauron as a necromancer somewhere.

I was expecting more, after LotR they should have had little trouble with the Hobbit, seems Jackson and his pals just went a little nuts in Middle Earth.

The Hunters
The Hunters(2011)

Not great, i was going to watch the Hunter and ended up watching the Hunters.

I don't think it's meant to be a horror film really, more a gorey thriller. It's a story of a group of murderers who are using an old military fort as their base of operations.

The twists are predictable, the acting is ok to not that bad, the thrills are few. There isn't much here to like.


I don't know why people don't like this much, as the title character says if you want to know me watch my movies. And yes Chaplin really is in his films and his story is in them as well. This film is magic as it does what movies do best, creates another time and place, it's not perfect but it gives many a chance to shine, it fills in the details about Chaplin which aren't present in his films and importantly it also tells it all in a reasonable length of time. It has some humour, it has it's wit, it has it's drama and sadness as well. I can't quite give it 100 but it's a superb film. I'd have expected Douglas Fairbanks to have been wilder, it wasn't a movie about him though, is there one I'd like to watch it.

I hadn't seen this film for many many years but remembered it fondly, wrote this review after watching it again and I still like it, surprised critics were so harsh but what do they know, what do I know?

Black Death
Black Death(2011)

I liked this film, it's historical setting, it's violence, it's take on religion.

It's the 14th century, the plague is having devastating effects. A group of soldiers and a young monk are sent to a village which is rumored to have a necromancer there and is free of the plague.

In their quest to find the evil necromancer they spread the disease to healthy people and also show extreme prejudice against any anti-Christians. In the end the young pure monk is turn evil in his quest to punish the witch(necromancer) who had escaped them at the village.

This was a German production and to me that shows in it's bleak, dark look at the world and it's unhappy ending.

It's not Werner Herzog but it's good cinema.


A psychological, fantasy, contemplative, artsy film which is entertaining and worth a watch. Kind of draws to a predictable ending.

Fans of female nudity will enjoy it, is it sexy or raunchy? Not really. But if you can get a bunch of girls to be topless in a movie you do it.


Semi fictional account of the great leaders youth and rise to power, nothing mind blowing but a well acted and photographed film.


I liked the first Judge Dredd film with Stallone, it wasn't great but entertaining enough. This film didn't have a lot to live up to but blew the previous one away.

Simple story, no big names that I know of, it's own visual style,very good special effects, decent acting, gritty violence, good action.

The film feels like issue one or chapter one and I hope there's plenty of life in this franchise.

Start The Revolution Without Me

Superbly one historical comedy. A bit of Mel Brooks, a bit of Monty Python, this movie stars Gene Wilder and Donald Sutherland playing dual roles as a pair of mixed up twin brothers during the French Revolution of 1789!

Several memorable scenes and quotes make this a film worth re-watching. Vive le revolution!

The 39 Steps
The 39 Steps(1935)

A very good, entertaining, and well paced story in which a man meets an attractive woman who's a spy. She gets killed by foreign spies and he's accused of the murder.

There are chases and escapes and a bit of comedy/romance but mainly an espionage thriller.

Worth a watch for Hitchcock fans or old movie buffs.

Children of Men

A sci-fi type action drama. The world has collapsed, it seems after the human species has become sterile and extinction is near. Only England continues on in some semblance of normalcy and so survivors of the other collapsed and burning nations flock to it. The British government is really strict however and all illegal immigrants are hunted down and exported. One of these immigrants however is pregnant.... and it's up to Theo to help save the baby, and maybe humanity.

Hits about every note it needs to and tries for, something to be re-watched and enjoyed multiple times, right down to the last credit and child's laugh.


For me this was painful to watch because it failed to live up to any of the hype, like many films do. People went on about it and I was blown away by how easily they're impressed, or brainwashed by media.

Great special effects that looked fake and cartoon like to me. A cliched mess of a story and some good actors who were terrible, for whatever reason.

I hated Avatar.... mindless kiddie fan crap.

Grand Hotel
Grand Hotel(1932)

A grand slice of entertainment, the lives of several different characters intersect in a busy German hotel pre-Nazi days.

Garbo, Crawford, and John Barrymore are all very good, it is however Lionel Barrymore's character that gives the film it's heart and humanity most as well as humor.

Several good bits of dialogue and a few great scenes, a great cast and an OK story and innovative film.

Along with the film was a film of the original 1932 premiere and that was also fascinating to watch, though not as entertaining.


I saw this in theaters and was expecting to be entertained, I wasn't. Such an uninspired and bad film which really feels like and is a rip off of Ghostbusters.

And it isn't something so bad it's good, it's just bad and sticks with you always reminding you it isn't ever worth a second watching. Honestly it isn't worth a first one.

Stage Door
Stage Door(1937)

Stage Door is a great film, fast paced, witty, touching, clever, and starring a fantastic cast. Few films today could touch the dialogue and repartee between characters.

The Trip
The Trip(1967)

You'd get just what you'd expect from a 1967 film written by Jack Nicholson, directed by Corman and starring Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper about an acid troip.

Not great but entertaining enough, great 60's psychedelic feel and look. Still it does portray an lsd experience well enough for it's limitations.

... All the Marbles

For a 1981 film about women's wrestling and starring Peter Falk as the manager of a tag team looking for fame it delivers as a solid and entertaining film with some decent wrestling in it.

I've seen this described as the Rocky of women's wrestling films and it does have a similar feel on a smaller scale.

Other than a little language and a topless woman it could be a PG film but rather I believe is rated R which works in the films favour giving it a more real and gritty feel.

Iris says to Harry, "You're a lousy lover, a lousy manager and a lousy human."
Harry replies, " That hurts, I am not a lousy manager."

The Cabin in the Woods

Formulaic with a sort of H.P. Lovecraft twist I'd say.

It is a smart, fun, self-aware roller-coaster of a film with a few scares. It mixes a few things together and doesn't deliver anything new or that different or significant.

Because it is above average in quality, scope, and intelligence it seems to be a beacon to those who are use to mediocrity and don't know what real quality is. I almost want to give it a better grade because it did in the end entertain and that is the point.

A combination of Scream, The Truman Show, Evil Dead in my rough calculation.

The Dark Knight Rises

A lacklustre finish to a mediocre trilogy.

The highlight of this film is Catwoman, the highlight of the last film was the Joker. Christian Bale is a dull and uninteresting hero who I just never cared about in any of the films.

Dark Knight Rises is a drab and dull looking film, Batman's vehicles are taken from GI Joe or Transformers or something like that. The story isn't very interesting or the villain... Bale has disappointed me as Wayne/Batman, the design of the outfit doesn't look right... nothing is very good.

Enter Catwoman, she's got some depth and interest going on and adds a bit of excitement to this mess.

Really for me these films are trying to grasp the basic elements which made Tim Burton's first two Batman films great and they fail. Marvel Comic Films have far surpassed DC comic films in quality and entertainment.

Batman doesn't rise, this film would need a bottle of viagra to get a rise from it. The ending with Alfred was a decent moment and added a bit of emotion and left it wide open for someone new to take over as Batman... he can't do worse in my opinion.

High School
High School(2012)

Maybe I was too stoned to care about the films problems too much.

Positives - Good premise, some good actors, some good acting, some good humour, a small amount but some good female toplessness

Negatives - not enough comedy, the romantic part is weak and just thrown in at the start and tacked on at the end, a little unrealistic at times should have stayed a little more in reality,

So quite solid over all but could have been better. Obviously made for potheads and will probably get a passing grade from most of them.

The Devil's Rock

Simplicity works in this films favour. Well crafted occult, nazi, WWII film. The three main leads were excellent, the story realistically done as it were for a demonic film. Loved the red devil make up and gore and a good ending. All in all a good little surprise.


Made a killer look like a victim, got facts wrong, not worth watching or reviewing further. :P

Iron Sky
Iron Sky(2012)

High marks for effort, not as good as I had hoped but better than expected.

A mix of political satire, sci-fi, WWII nazi exploitation, and impressive special effects (considering it's budget). For all it is trying to encompass it impressively delivers most of the time. I believe it is set to have a prequel and a sequel, I hope they happen.

The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane

Jodi Foster is great as the orphaned 13 year old genius and Martin Sheen is a creepy paedophile looking to take advantage of her.

Not the best movie, not as good as I was hoping for but still manages to be worthwhile on the strength of the two leads and an all right story with an all right ending.

Carnival of Souls

This film has always captivated me with it's story, acting, look, and feel. I can understand why some people don't like it but upon each additional watching of this film I still find it enjoyable and am pulled into it once again.

As for calling it a padded twilight zone episode... it might be, but a darn good one where the extra time is used to create an uneasiness and nightmare quality. Also with out Rod Sterling introducing and ending the film it has a much more realistic and serious tone.

Like all films it's not for everyone but I was happy to find it has a nice following of fans.

Let's Scare Jessica to Death

I liked this a lot and found some similarities with Carnival of Souls, its pacing maybe or dream like atmospheric world.

It's an odd film, maybe not super scary or gory but decent enough all the same. Jessica's mental health problems may be all to blame or she's had a nasty supernatural experience. In the end she's just clinging to a thread of sanity... or is she?

A unique and fairly well crafted low budget film, a lost horror gem? I'd say so.

Blood on Satan's Claw

An enjoyable and well done film, worth a second viewing at a later time.

Everything is kept fairly simple and low budget and it works in the films favour, the great cinematography and acting with tight directing and suitable music give it a real atmospheric and realistic feel.

Again even after just watching it I'm not sure I paid enough attention to detail and subtle nuances... so will have to give an other watch to this 42 year old and counting classic British horror.

Tales From the Crypt

Very well done, based on the old classic EC comics but done in the British style of horror at the time.

Could have been better, could have been worse. Over all it holds up well I think considering it's age.

Worth a watch for fans of such stuff.

In Darkness
In Darkness(2012)

Dark, gritty, realistic, and consistent from start to end. A well made film which portrays a true life WWII tale of survival. What complaints I have read in other reviews I can't agree with. For me there were no weak performances, the movie encapsulated all it aimed to which is saying a lot. You understood the motivations for each character and their different reactions to the events they were thrust into. In Darkness deserves all the praise it has received.


Perhaps not what most viewers will be expecting, still it is very good and quite satisfying except for some unfortunate forays into absurdity.

A great story, acting, and overall production gets several random and twisted moments which aren't needed with two catholic spy's with super spy gear. Bah. An edited version could score about 90%.

The Stepford Wives

Quite good all around although it doesn't deliver on it's potential near enough.

The reason behind the whole convoluted story seems to be the male's desire to play God and have a subservient worshipful wife who shouldn't have an original thought, or really any thought at all. Hell never mind thought, apparently the men in Stepford don't want emotions either, a basic dressed up machine is much preferable and if it malfunctions just have it taken to the shop.

In some ways it's better than the remake, in some ways it's not. They're about equal really although one is made to be a little more comedic.

Mirror Mirror

Watched this after Snow White and the Huntsman... was told it was better. I didn't think so.

Having some humorous moments and a few nice fantasy fairy tale moments it all felt very empty and juvenile. Trying to be bits from many other films it almost never felt like Snow White much where as The Huntsman film did.

A good and solid ending was then crapped on by a lame song and dance number which belonged in a bollywood film.

Barely passing with help of some nice fantasy elements, Julia Roberts and a bit of comedy. Compared to the original Disney animated classic this is camel dung.


The film hits the mark it seems to be aiming for.

Found it to be well written and acted with a good amount of comedy and wondered what it would culminate in. An ending that didn't quite work for me is the answer.

The Dictator
The Dictator(2012)

Borat was a very good movie, The Dictator is better but still far from great.

I watched the uncensored/extended film version and it was I think pretty easy to pick what scenes needed to be cut. An edited, shorter version would improve the viewing experience of this film.

Still it had an interesting story, some good comedy of various kinds, a social/political edge to it and an acceptable ending.

What The Dictator needed was to be a little more envelope pushing but in different directions than bad taste toilet humour. So really it needed a little more intelligence, still quite a good film.

Snow White and the Huntsman

A very solid adaptation of the classic fairy tale, however it has it's flaws.

First off Kirsten Stewart is not the loveliest woman in the kingdom. She's attractive, she's pale, she has the jet black hair but still she doesn't capture the essence of what Snow White should be. Still she does OK.

The evil Queen step-mother played by Chalize Theron on the other hand is spot on and plays the role with relish. She's beautiful, cold, and evil and I was cheering for her despite knowing she was doomed to die in the end.

The rest of the cast is decent, nothing exceptional, the Huntsman is well acted and a couple of the Dwarfs have their moments.

What works best is the atmosphere, the visual look and feel of the film. If the acting and story have some problems I found the artistic design to be engrossing. While the Queen is in power it's a dark and dismal kingdom, the sky, the land, the people are all bleak and miserable but the film does fit in enchanted scenes of many types which give the film it's fairy tale feel/look.

So it was better then expected but not as good as it could have been, Kirsten Stewart does not come close to filling my idea of Snow White.

Friends With Kids

A flawed movie with problems all over the place and yet I liked it.

It had some great laughs and a decent premise for the story and had some decent acting and some so so acting as well. It just didn't have enough laughs and had the far too happy and predictable ending which seemed to kill things.

Reminding me of another movie with amazing potential and then died at the end, The Invention of Lying. That movie had a lot going for it and the last act was utter dribble. Friends with Kids wasn't quite as good but like that film died at the end as if some studio idiot said we need this cookie cutter formula ending for test audiences to like it.

The House of the Devil

Captures an old school feel and has some fine performances but offers nothing new. When the climax comes it's after a long set up and one can't help but say been there and done that before.

Fairly atmospheric and creepy this is worth a watch for horror fans wanting to see a newer movie with a nostalgic feel to it.

The Outlaw Josey Wales

Great story, historical backdrop, fine acting, great dialogue, humour, action and violence.

So what more can I say? I really liked this film.

Santa's Slay
Santa's Slay(2004)

Sure it has a few flaws but overall is quite good and at just over an hour long it doesn't overstay it's welcome.

Bill Goldberg is spot on perfect in his role as evil Santa and for a B movie the rest of the cast is pretty good. Throw in plenty of swearing, violence and some nudity and we have a holiday classic.

I'd like a sequel, probably will never be one. If there is it needs Goldberg. Love it was filmed about an hour from me also. Wonderful stuff.


Some are praising it and others are denouncing it as cheap crap.

I will admit it does more than a lot of big budget films do and has it's moments but is way too long and uneven for me. The low, very low quality video doesn't help either.

If you didn't like Blair Witch then you probably won't like this. I thought the original Blair Witch was OK, this film is a step below that.

If you have 2 hours to kill :P and want to watch something this is something. Still your time would likely be better spent on something else.

The Dark Knight

The best in the new trilogy simply because of the Joker and his portrayal by Heath Ledger. Bale again isn't as good as Keaton as Wayne or Batman and the trilogy collapses for me in the third film much like Spider-man did.

The Expendables 2

Enjoyable over the top violence, using every chance to milk old catchphrases, heroes who survive countless bullets sent their way to overcome insurmountable odds, mostly none the worse for it all. A film with little story or character development, just lets shoot and blow up as much as possible with some bad jokes thrown in.

Still it manages to deliver just enough of what it's supposed to (nosalgia mostly) to get by. Perhaps a little better than the first one.. but that's added star power mostly.

Get A Life
Get A Life(1990)

Just stumbled across this early 90's FOX show which ran along with the early Simpsons and Married With Children series. I barely recalled it and so had to watch it this show which was too dark and twisted for the network.

It is twisted and got more so as it went on. Still it was quite funny and original and honestly ahead of it's time.

The character is a psychotic and delusional 30 year old misfit paper boy who still lives at home and has only one friend who is married to a hot but controlling bitch who hates Chris. Chris' parents don't much care for him either. His other friends are the 12 year old newspaper boys who he works with.

Chris often does psychotic or wildly stupid things and often gets injured or killed, much like Kenny from South Park years later Chris always appears again later fine.

The show is surreal and one of a kind, sadly not catching on and being ended before the end of the second season. I could use a few more seasons of get a Life. Just saw Chris Elliot on Conan and he looks much the same, he could maybe do a movie?

The Condemned

Tell me how the Hunger Games is better than this, or how it's better than The Running Man? Other than having Woody Harrelson and a bigger budget it isn't.

Is this movie making contradictory statements? Yes, and life is a contradiction. Is it wrong to slow down at an accident scene and take a look? Perhaps but most people do it all the same. So get off your high critic horses and stop criticizing simple human conditions you're unable to accept.

Decent story, well executed action and viloence. After watching Abe Lincoln vs Zombies the acting was all pretty good, and I like Stone Cold so I'll give this movie a Hell Yeah and that's the bottom line.

The Hunger Games

Quite well crafted with a decent cast and performances, still the story holds nothing new or exciting.

Feels like something adapted from a teen novel, overly hyped by the media and created to make some money more than any real political or artistic statements.

Almost seems like a tv movie or miniseries or a Disney production.... The film just fails to deliver while having so much potential to work with.

I'm giving it a kind rating because of the main actress and Woody Harrelson. I'd rather watch Running Man and am going to watch The Condemend now as I think I will get more out of it in a similar type concept.

Abraham Lincoln Vs. Zombies

Sure it could have been better but it does enough right to get a good grade from me.

A historically inaccurate zombie film to cash in on Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter. As a child Lincoln sees a strange disease turn people into the walking dead who like to feast on human flesh. Young Abe has to kill his afflicted mother after his father who is unable to do so commits suicide.

Years later Abe has grown up and become president, during the civil war he gets word of a new outbreak of the disease at a Confederate fort. On a secret mission with a group of men from the newly formed secret service the president sets out to eliminate this threat to national security.

The zombies are ok, sometimes they stand in a sleep like state and are mostly harmless unless a loud noise awakens them.

The film feels a little long, probably because of the amateur acting at times but the actor playing Lincoln is solid and sells the film. Along with a quality ending this film stands up well and should gain a mini cult reputation to keep it going.

Napoleon Dynamite

It's been eight years since this came out, well time to watch it again as it didn't impress the first time I saw it on it's dvd release.

I found it had more sadness, heart, and humour than I remembered. Still it isn't for everyone and I can see why some people would hate it. An oddball teen type comedy.

Was well worth another watch after all these years.

Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who!

Yes so far this is the best Dr. Suess film adaptation, still not perfect but manages to maintain a mostly Suess fell and retain a good deal of the original's spirit.

Terrific animation and perfect voice cast and not too much music. Suess fans should be content with the end result.

Dr Seuss' The Lorax

Most of the additional story works alright but what doesn't work is some of the character changes and the music. The Lorax didnt seem to have the attitude he did from the book. It wasn't terrible but far from great.

Decent voice cast and big bright animation help but again too much of the Dr. Suess feel is lost in the final product.

A Night at the Opera

Started with Animal Crackers and moved on to Duck Soup and now have finished A Night at the Opera. I'd say a more complete and polished film which still contains the essential Marx elements.

Not much I can say, the Marx Brothers are masters of their crafts, acting, comedy, music... entertainment.

The Smurfs
The Smurfs(2011)

Maybe I'm a bigger Smurf fan than I thought but I thought this film was ... smurfy.

Likely a case of having such low expectations that when I finely sat down and watched it I was surprised to find it entertaining.

I had been a fan of the animated show back when I was young, haven't seen it for a while but this managed to remind me of the better parts of the show and even the rip to New York (where all things seem to happen) worked well enough.

Sure it wasn't a cinematic masterpiece, what do you expect, it's the Smurfs. Like I said about Conan, it delivered what it should, what do you expect? This is the same idea, it delivers what it should.

And after now seeing it and reading how well it did, 500+ million box office worldwide... not bad, there are two sequels in the works. Critics can hate but apparently there's a smurf market.

Can a Fraggle Rock movie be far away? A new He-Man film? Some one some where is developing it.


I quite liked this film and it's sequel even more before a lame 3rd film. I wasn't eager to see the new Amazing Spider-man thinking what could it offer? Well it has some obvious flaws but overall I think outshines this 2002 Spider-man from a decade earlier. Still what would the new film be like with out this one?

Tobey Maguire is well cast, I didn't like Kirsten Dunst, organic web shooters or the green goblin look.
It was a very goood start to the franchise, had a better follow up and a terrible final film.

The Amazing Spider-Man

Wasn't thinking I'd like this but I did, it had a few problems with it but overall I'd say did a better job at introducing the hero than the first Raimi film did. Spider-man 2 was the best in that trilogy by a mile, this one fails to quite reach those heights but has greater promise for a sequel I think so am looking forward to The Spectacular Spider-man next followed by Web of Spider-man to end off a new trilogy.

Better than all three Batman films and 2 of the three previous Spidey films.


It seems this film isn't for everyone, I liked it.

Date Rape, the main characters nick name tries his best to do what's right in his mind but fails miserably. The film shows the end of his life, one which has been going down hill slowly for a long long time. The acting is all top notch as is the directing. The story is finely nuanced but what so many seem to be gripping about is the film goes nowhere. Well it does go some where and does so on it's own terms.

A very good film which allows Woody to show his acting skills more than any other I can recall at the moment. Worth a watch.


I am going with most of the critics on this one, Coriolanus is an excellent film. From the story to the acting and mix of old and new it worked for me. Sort of like a Knight's Tale did. I've seen several other Shakespeare adaptations and most are rather forgettable. I thought the dialogue worked fantastically well in this modernized version.

It has it's flaws but in the end is a well crafted work.

Secondhand Lions

Takes a while to get going but hits all the right notes to be a great family film. Has a bit of action, comedy and drama, mixed with a interesting and fun story and fine acting.

This one was given a thumbs up by the 10 to 70 year olds in my family. Very rare a film is liked by everyone I know but this one is a real crowd pleaser.

War Horse
War Horse(2011)

Didn't know what to expect, I was expecting more a movie of a boy and his horse, this was more a movie about a horse though and is better for it.

The human characters have their parts and yes it is a little odd to focus on a horse when millions of people are dying but the horses story and character are more than enough with human characters supplying small back stories.

The attention to detail is great and visually it's a joy to behold. I will agree with some other reviews and say Spielberg does lay it on a little thick with the ending, the whole messy bloody war is wrapped up and ended on a relatively happy note. Still it's the best horse movie I've ever seen.

The Artist
The Artist(2011)

If this film doesn't win you over then you are no movie fan.

Nearly flawless from start to end. Loved the story, if not a wee bit predictable. The cast was fantastic, only recognizing John Goodman who is always great to see. Jean Dujardin and Bérénice Bejo were all star in their performances. Bérénice was captivating and perfect as a silver screen charmer.

Truly deserving of the accolades heaped upon it.

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol

The three film franchise gets a fourth installment, is it worth checking out? Well it is the best Mission movie thus far.
I really like the 3rd film but thought the ending was a little weak. Number four hits all the right notes and comes in a few points ahead. Not as entertaining as the Avengers but still gets the job done.
Even though it is the fourth I feel there will be a fifth and hopefully final film.

Underworld: Awakening

After liking the first the second fim was a let down, then the third was perhaps the best of the three. This is almost as good as 3 but not quite, the so-so ending could have been better. I know a few ways I would have changed it, still I am sure they have a plan for 5.

The addition of subject 2 was great, almost stole the show. Kate was as always fantastic. The story was quite good I thought, great visuals and action. I'd call 5 Underworld Continuation, slate it for an early Oct 2014 release and on blu ray and dvd by Xmas.

Marvel's The Avengers

Marvel has over the years created the Super Hero movie formula and it seems to be getting perfected.

This felt like a comic with the mix of heros, I love the way that the solo films all had clips and this has been culminating over years. Avengers may be the best pure comic book film ever, I've hailed the two Burton Batman films as the best - up until now. This had story, acting, action, effects, humour.... the Avengers outshines crap like Transformers and G.I. Joe and really combines things in a way fans should love.
Lots of talk has gone to the Hulk, on his own his movies were ... OK at best but here in the group he shines, it is great the way Bruce Banner has become sort of angry an the Hulk has a bit of fun to him.

I can write and write but in the end you should do yourself a favour and check out the Avengers, lives up to the hype, a solid couple hours of entertainment!!!


A dark film filled with moments of dark humour, nihilistic violence and odd,uncomfortable scenes. It is a film which is going nowhere but does so interestingly to a conclusion which really pulls it all together for me and makes it quite great.

An in your face film full of subtleties and nuances, some top notch acting and it has a mostly Metallica soundtrack. Check it out boys and girls.

Conan the Barbarian

Ok, the story was weak but acceptable, this is Conan, the acting was weak but acceptable,, this is Conan, the effects were pretty good but nothing spectacular, this is Conan.

This was a pretty good first entry in a franchise reboot. When I first saw Mamoa I was shocked and though he ain't no Conan, 15 minutes later I had already accepted him. So Arnie wasn't hard shoes to fill, he doesn't hae the body but he's a suitable barbarian and with the hair it works.

Now one area this film scored some points was for violence, it had a good dose of that and how can you be a Conan movie without it. Second it had a little female toplessness, should have and could have been more. If it would have had more though it wouldn't have affected the score much more.

I was left wanting another film so we will see, I don't think the box office performance was good at all so I won't hold my breath. Still I thought a decent film.

The Running Man

High art this isn't but it is entertaining, loud, has enough action and sci-fi to work. The future date at which the movie is set is nearing now and so it could have been pushed another decade into the future but oh well. It shows the government as evil and corrupt and corporations as all powerful and controlling. We've known that forever, common theme and a believable one. So there is sme social commentary and a bit of a message but more or less this is a chance to have Arnold kill bad guys and give cheesy lines and that's made it a favourite of mine for 20 years+.

The Border
The Border(1982)

There's nothing wrong with this film, just seems to not leave you with much to cling to after it's done. Nicholson's performance is the highlight here but as a reserved and brooding character who isn't that interesting.

I can't see ever wanting to see this again so it's getting alower score, though it isn't that terrible of film.


This movie has a bit going for it, good premise, some good potential, it all fails to materialize though.

The first 5 minutes set up is the best part of the movie with no main cast. So watch the first 5 minutes and then switch to something else, like Office Space, a good Mike Judge film.


Although I beleive the sets and wardrobe were all wrong for the times that doesn't matter. This film captures the zany antics that were Caligula pretty well from my readings. Of course many will argue, I enjoyed the story which got mst things more or less right I think. The acting was superb, Malcom Mcdowell after the part of Alex from Clockwork Orange was inspired casting. Yes it is easy to tell the scenes of sex which were added after initial filming, yes it is X-rated material but by today's standards it's tame.

This was so much more entertaining and spiritually enlightening than say The Passion Of Mel Christ. At least for me. Good show.


This film was recommended by a friend, I said nope I haven't seen it, sounds interesting.

Almost instantly it's one of those, yes I have seen it, so long ago I don't remember where or when but pon viewing it I found there was a good amount of it still in my head, if not very distantly.

It is very unusual, surreal, twisted, random... it's slighly raunchy and over the top. I know nothing about the book, somehow it just seemed to be a joke that no one seemed to know how to deliver properly.

Dan Akroyd is playing a character which Jim Carrey must have used in modeling Fire Marshal Bill, at times amusing and irritating, Belushi plays a straight man which seems odd, but he's in a dull life when new neighbbors move in next to them at the end of a dead road. The neighbors, Akroyd and Kathy Moriarty who I found mesmerizing in this film simply turn life upside down for 24 hours. The pace is all over, slow and crawling one moment and frenzy the next. The actors all adhere to character and deliver, again it is difficult to say just what they deliver. A few say a misunderstood gem, others say dung.

I lean more to gem as it is different and unusual despite failing to deliver the laughs. The music really ads a lot to the atmosphere and mood. MOstpeople will probably be left wonfering WTF? Belushi fell off the wagon during filming and was dead 3 months after the film's release.

Barry Lyndon
Barry Lyndon(1975)

Not as great as I recall it being but still a fantastic film. Shows Kubrick's adeptness at tackling all sorts of material and genres. Beautifully filmed, well acted... a finely detailed/crafted work as one would expect from Stanley Kubrick.

Batman Returns

I like how one review talks about how we can look back now on these movies.

This movie feels like a second issue of a comic book, we know the hero, he's killed the first and best villain in issue one so now we need two or even three villians. Though one is a sexy and misunderstood feline femme fatale.

Also Tim Burton puts more of his mark on this film. We have Batman and the batmobile from the first film but Gotham has been redone. The villains, the original chaacter Max Schreck played by Christopher Walken, Cat Woman by Pfeiffer, and the Penguin by DeVito are very Burtonesque.

Though in many ways it remained dark if not darker than the first film it definitley went with cartoonish and more comic book/campy in places as well.

Sadly we never saw the third Batman which had Burton and Keaton attached but one left and the other and things fell apart qick.


Looking at a fan review to the right of this stating this was Burton's directorial debut. That just amuses me.

Back to Batman. Does it have flaws, a few but forgivable ones with all things considered. Was part of it's success the huge marketing campaign it had? Well probably but did it deliver, I would say yes in all aspects.

There was no Robin which was a good thing. It was dark and gritty which was good. Jack Nicholson as the Joker was perfect, even though Heath Ledger was also perfect it was for a different film. Keaton as Batman gives his defining performance I think and has more to him than Christian Bale does. Although I think Bale is admirable and again it's a different film where he is meant to be younger I think... so it's hard to say but for me Keaton is the best Batman.

What won me over most of all was the artistic style, design, atmosphere and look/feel of the film. It's Burton's first big budget directoral effort and it proves he knew what he was doing in most aspects. It maintains a Burton touch around the edges but is a Batman film, and created a huge Batmania for a couple years and also boosted comic books.

Night Shift
Night Shift(1982)

So long since I've seen this I don't recall very much of it at all. Watching it was like for the first time with a bit of hey I saw this in 1985 on Beta.

Great film, well cast and acted, Henry Winkler, Shelly Long and Michael Keaton. Does it seem dated? Yeah of course a bit but still has plenty of great moments, lines and laughs. Even though as said all the main players are very good it is Keaton with the stellar performance.

The Rum Diary

So very hard to live up to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and it doesn't try to, much.

The film has enough of Thompson's and Depp's talents and touches to satisfy most fans. It isn't as loud or twisted or energized and doesn't have to be because it isn't F&L. I haven't read the book but am guessing it might be better than the film, then again it might not.

So sit back with a nice stiff one and relax, enjoy the film. It does drag a wee bit here and there and inthe end it just ends with no big fanfare. Decent story, decent cast who all do a decent job, decent everything. Not great but very good.

Drag Me to Hell

A review as we watch .....

A sick boy, a stolen gypsy necklace, a church, demons knock everyone around and drag the boy to hell... Ok it has my attention.


Nice intro, great music.


I don't want to give much away but...

Not much happens, bad/annoying actor.


Old creepy gypsy at a bank, sick, old in debt....
Young, blond wowan who would like to help but also wants to advance at work turns her down. And you guessed it.

Young lady gets some awknowledgment from her boss...


A very decent scene in a parking lot where there is the gypsy curse.


Bad actor enters the movie. Why get a bad tv commercial guy to act in your movie? Instant loss of points.

Ah a good scene with some mystical qualities to it and it is confirmed that she is cursed by a third party. Possibly someone who can save Carol Anne.


Demon attack!

Bad dream.

40:00 minutes or so
Bad day at work

Bad visit to the Gypsies

Anial sacrifice or... Llamia will get you

Dead kitty, everything is well.

All's well but an annoying actor... he better be dragged to hell.

Llamia calling....

I know someone who will help you Carol Anne but they need $10,000

Irritating actor says I love you and paid her to help even though she has waited her entire life to do it and looks to have plenty of money.

Seance with a goat... and the dead. Don't forget Llaia and kitty too.

Do you have an enemy?

Honey, let's go for a drive.

Someone to pass the curse to... but who?

Sam Raimi is up to his old tricks.

Quick shot of lame actor to remind you us he's in the film.

It's all over. A pretty decent ending to cap of an above average film. Minus a few points for the one actor who sucked... a few points for a few lame digital looking effects I saw and predictability in several places. I have to give it a .... 60% Could have been quite a bit better but it was decided that a generic and unthreatening bland as hell tv commercial actor should be in it and also it should be PG-13. Bah... Sam, why'd you even bother coming to the dance this time around... to ake a few bucks. Not impressed.

The Strangers

Complaints I see in reviews on the Strangers is it's pointless, well aren't most twisted and evil acts quite pointless? That's where the film works? This is random violence... it does happen, none of us want it to happen to us. So we watch movies like this and complain about hw pointless they are. Well if some deranged psycho is torturing and killing you just tell them it all seems rather pointless and maybe they will stop.

Is this film disturbing, I thought it was disturbing enough. Well acted and delivering just what it was meant to, senseless violence in a well executed package. Worth watching? sure. Is there a point to it? As much as any slasher type pic.


An excellent film all thing considered but yes a guilty pleasure to be sure.

Some great atmosphere and camera shots. Acceptable acting, an ok story, decent light lesbianism and nudity, plenty of violence. Definitley a Hammer feel to it, I believe it's a regular Hammer location they used as well.

Italian film made in England.

I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK (Saibogujiman kwenchana)

Quirky, charming, dark and witty, mental asylum romance film from Korea.

A beautiful and quite tragic story, wonderfully directed and shot, great imagery through out the film. All of the acting was excellent, the two leads giving award worthy performances.

In the end this film should make you smile a few times and charm you. There is a few violent action sort of scenes and a lot of odd behavior and dialogue from the characters. A fairly positive and sweet ending as well all things considered.

Funny Games
Funny Games(2008)

Hey I rated and didn't review and now it's been a while since I saw the film.

I remember it being very dark, nihilistic type of violent horror/comedy. Thinking back on it I should have given it a higher score... tie to watch again?? not for a while.

This would have been maybe someting that Alex and his droogs from Clockwork Orange would have spent an evening doing. Not for everyone but with wit, fine acting and a lot of venom this is way more hit than miss. In my opinion which means Jack Squat.

Clive Barker's The Plague

Just stumbled on this and was hooked by the premise and thought the follow through was decent as well. Not great but far from terrible. Far from it I thought.

Very much liked the scary children/religious sort of theme and how the adults needed to "teach" the zombie kids willingly sort of like sacrifices.

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it and how little it seems most others did.

The Jacket
The Jacket(2005)

I a going to say from the reviews I see this is underappreciated. Yes it has been done before in a lot of ways, mostly Jacobs Ladder and Donni Darko. I think this film is done very well, acting, directing and script.

What ore can I say? I had watched this some time ago and don't remember exactly where or when and thught it was entertaining and interesting, it captivated me. Then I just accidently found it and enjoyed it even more on the second viewing in soe ways although the creepiness factor was lowered quite a bit. Enjoyable film, great for Halloween.

Kiera Knightley.. I've watched it twice and didn't know that was here??? Ha! Well she rocks in this.

The House By The Cemetery (Quella villa accanto al cimitero)

Tries hard and succeeds in some ways but overall it just doesn't carry through. Good gore but not enough of it, a bit of nudity right at the start but again not enough... I sort of like the story but it isn't delivered very well and something about the Doctor Zombie doesn't work for me... but I've never aquired a taste for this "italian" style.

Black Swan was much scarier than this.

The Haunting
The Haunting(1963)

Now I know why people scream.

This film might well deserve its reputation as one bad ass haunted house movie but.... don't give the house all the credit cause half of the story is from the mind of a crazy woman.

So yes the film is effective as a horror, more effective than most. Since we see no ghosts and aren't sure what is causing the noises our imaginations are allowed to ... wonder. So the unknown is scary. The fact that it seems all the persons present are witness to the strange sounds does at least confirm the crazy woman isn't imagining it all since a large part of the story is from her view, so at times the viewer might think it's all in her mind, but no it isn't. To the crazy woman's mind. It adds its own element of creepiness to the film. She is lonely, she feels some guilt about her moether's death, or maybe guilt for not feeling guilt. She starts to think the Doctor is interested in her and it almost seems like he might be but wait, I forgot he's married and she turns up just at the right spot to remind us.

Doc, i'll let you have the house cheap.

There are a few classic lines in the film, some great film moments and overall a satisfactory ending.

Robert Wise is the director. you don't say. What else has he done... Well I know he directed Star Trek. I will say his movie is far superior to the 2009 version. Ummm, ok I haven't seen Sound of Music or anything else of his. I probably should.

Overall everything more or less works and that alone will make any movie at least ok. If you like a good ghost film and I only know a few good ones myself then this is for you.

Black Swan
Black Swan(2010)

A movie about a girl who has a controling mental case mother, the girl also is a mental case.

This is a psychological drama, mix in mental instability and you have a horror film as well in parts.

Nina, the protagonist wants to be a professional ballet dancer, the best, which seems to be a failed dream of her mental and domineering mother. Nina has a compulsive scratching problem and halucinates, she's never had any real relationships it seems. She's a young adult but mentally still a child.

Nina gets the role she wants but then things get worse for her. Will she be able to dance the performance of a life time or will panic, doubt and her fears destroy her... Will she become the Swan Queen and if so at what cost?

This film did have a bit of "The Wrestler" feel to it just with Ballet. It captivated, entertained, saddened me a little and in the end... well I was somewhat uplifted as well.

Is it perfect? For what it is it is perfect enough.


This film starts off saying it is entirely true and only the names have been changed. Well of the many times that has been used this is probably the turest.

Based on Ed Gein and his murders/life this film isn't 100% accurate but gets most of it right and Roberts Blossum in the lead role is superb.

Well worth a watch as an old school horror film or a semi historical psychopath film.

Interestingly the Producer Tom Karr was a concert promoter, much of the funds came from profit off concerts by acts such as Led Zepplin, Rod Stewart, and the Temptations.

Anneliese: The Exorcist Tapes

A low budget mock documentary of the so-called possesion of Anneliese. I was quite disturbed and moved by the Exorcism of Emily Rose (based on Anneliese) and did quite a lot of reading into it. This film isn't worth downloading.

I'd say her parents and priests were backwards thinking simpletons who couldn't understand mental illness and so thought it was possesion. I heard nothing demonic in the audio recordings of Anneliese, and from the photos she looked beaten and starved, her mental disorder worsened by religious old world ignorance.

Watch the Exorcism of Emily Rose over this or The Exorcist or ... some other movie.

Black Christmas

Black Christmas.

A little slow, some of the character's actions make you scratch your head.

Still it delivers enough creepy holiday mayhem, added with it's age, Canadian origin, ahead of it's time inventivness and I'm giving it an 80%.

Am confused why there wasn't a sequal with the ending it had.

Lady Death
Lady Death(2004)

Not sure how true it stays to the source material but this is a decent little animated film.

Sure it could all be better but a war in hell between the devil and his daughter works OK for me. The animation is alright as is the story, the backstory is set in Sweden which is cool.

Lots of violence so if nothing else you can watch the animated blood splatter.

The Invention of Lying

I was sure I would rate this higher after watching the first half or so and then like others say the film becomes a formulaic and bland compared to the super octane inpsired first half or so...

Jennifer Garner is delightful and looks great. The rest of the cast are ok but nothing noteworthy. The writer, director and lead actor is ok, it seems like he wrote it with himself in mind maybe.

But overall there is more than enough intelligence and wit, humour and appeal with this film the second half isn't that bad,turns a in two movies in one and succeeds more or less. Could have been better but again ends up very good.


I was never going to watch this based on it's reputation as being crap but it was recommended to me and so I had to, besides I'm an Jen Aniston fan and it had to be worth a watch here in October with Halloween getting near.

Dan O'Grady gets a Leprechaun's pot of gold, he thinks he's set or life. Well the Leprechaun wants it back, let the tale unfold.

Demonic Leprechaun (Davis) is trying to get his gold back, throw in a tale of a city Dad and his young adult daughter (Aniston) who move to a run down old dump house out in Dakota or somewhere.

The film gets 50% for having Jen in it. Then lets give it 10% for the evil leprechaun story and decent design on the wee little green guy. Then there are a couple of decent lines in the film but a lot of bad ones and some ridiculous moments that may raise a chuckle but lacking on scares and even the violence seems to be wasted for a horror film.

After shooting the Leprechaun at point blank range and not hurting him why continue to shoot?

Outwears its already thin welcome at around the hour mark... and then hey have to find a way to kill it still?

Might be fine for those with fond childhood memories of it, Jennifer Aniston or Leprechaun fetishists and few others. Even for Halloween this is worth skipping.

The Return of the Living Dead

Again with an 80% score.

Well I've seen a lot of horror films and a lot of zombie films but this is another which has eluded me over the years. For some reason I always thought it looked rather dumb, even way back as a youngster in the late 80's and early 90's.

So being near Halloween I am catching up on never seen horror movies. Return of the Living Dead was decent, staying simple and sticking to zombie formula helped. There was no real humour in it, what there was had a sort of camp quality to it.

It was played tongue in cheek and done well, no real scares or humour but a decent zombie flick which is gory and amusing with a little T&A and healthy dose of punk music. Had some surprisingly good acting and effects all things considered.

Again better than I expected, not as good as a Re-Animator or Night of or Dawn of or even Day of the Dead good but above average for the genre.


Hard not to enjoy but impossible to say it's perfect, the ending sort of drops the ball a little.

The story and voice actors are great as is the animation, this is an inventive and twisted mash up of genres which should appeal to most ages although may be a little intense for the very young.

As stated the ending seems a little out of place, luckily the singing mariachi owl band who narrate through out the film save it. I guess it needed that ending though. It is definitley something great in animation and cinema.

Dead Alive
Dead Alive(1993)

I have seen Jackson's early works, Bad Taste, Meet the Feebles, Heavenly Creatures and the Frighteners... but finally I watched Dead Alive.

A fantastic, humourous horror film, sits about the same level as Evil Dead 2 I'd say for gore and fun, well ok it has a bit more gore maybe.

I quite liked the film, a good October Halloween film, don't let that stop you from enjoying it year round though.

The undead are amusing at times, I'm confused by their lack of hostility towards Lionel at times and then the next scene they're attacking him. I guess he has them tranquilizered up.

All in all worth a watch for sure, it has Peter Jacksons hand print all over it.

Show Me Love (Fucking Åmål)

Pound for pound as the expression goes this movie stands up against Titanic. Remember I said pound for pound and Titanic has a lot more weight behind it...

A well written, directed and acted tale of teenage angst and romance. It is set in Amal, Sweden but could be anywhere pretty much.

The film isn't slow or fast paced, it moves at a normal feeling speed, nothing is rushed but nothing is lingered on either. There are a few humourous moments, a few sort of poigant ones and also a few rather touching scenes. In the end the movie has a good final line and I'm a fan.

So I look up the two lead actresses and find the one who played Elin has done nothing since and the other who plays Agnes, the one with beautiful eyes, she has done a little acting here and there... nothing much and nothing for a decade. So I can't look forward to seeing much more of them which is a pity.


A dark and twisted horror film which is much better than reviews say.

In the end everything sort of works, some things are left unanswered, oh well. Dead girl escapes and that is what I wanted for her although escapes to what?

This film was at least gripping, I was interested in how it would end and as I said it left things open to your imagination on a few details.

Now I want to talk about why are so many reviewers offended by this film? There are more offensive films out there and several of those are highly praised. I hope in the years ahead this film gains some appreciation for all the things it does well which are many.

So I say good script, decent acting and direction. The ending didn't ruin it, in fact I like how it played out.

The movie implied that after becoming an undead in this fictional universe you lost your humanity as well. This is unclear up until the movie is almost done. One could think Dead Girl was "normal" and being tortured and confined in isolation for so long may have drove her mad but I think the ending makes it clear she was a sort of "moster" as JT put it. He and most of the people in the film are more monstrous but in the end you feel most for Dead Girl and are left wondering about her origins and fate after her escape.

No there is little to be offended by here, a good solid horror film which should find a cult following in the future.

The Mist
The Mist(2007)

Again like the last film I reviewed which was Stephen King also this film is really good and almost great, well I gave Pet Cemetery a high 80 score and this is getting a low 80 score.

First there is an old radio episode from some series... which is about fog, kinda like mist... listen to it here
I know Stephen King heard it, I'd say there's a 90% chance or so of it... but listen and see if you think there is enough in common to warrant he stole the idea. :P

Still the movie is effective and well played, the ending is top notch and almost makes me give this a 90%.

Again it shows how monstrous people are, which makes it all the better.

Pet Sematary
Pet Sematary(1989)

Maybe not as good as I recalled it being this film is still a decent horror all these years later.

Basic jist of the story, leave dead things dead, trying to bring them back to life just is never a good idea. But sometimes during the grieving process resurrection can seem like a good idea, even if by evil unnatural magical ways which have proven flawed already.

Ok so maybe I'm still giving this a slightly high grade, it's far better than Maximum Overdrive.


I thought I had reviewedthis gem when I watched it but I guess not.

Pontypool, a real place I used to live a few hours from in Ontario is the setting, sort of for this tale. I can see where some peopel may not like this film... it requires a certain level of intelligence to enjoy and being Canadian may help a wee bit. The makers based it on War of the Worlds which is quite evident and brilliant as it worked way back then for Orson Wells and done right it still works.

Very atmospheric/claustrophobic, wordy and low budget, all done right. What it gives you is enough to let your imagination handle the rest. Mix in an odd angle on the infection, but a just as believable one I'd say as most with a semi political/cultural slant and yu have something unique.

Unique isn't always a winner but here it is. Just watched this film for a third time and I still like it. Of course I'm a little biased toward this Canadian work.

Session 9
Session 9(2001)

I enjoyed this film in a lot of ways, good cast, fair story, atmospheric setting, nicely shot... even has a bit of a twist that is well done. In the end it just falls short, everthing seems a little thin, predictable and although not terrible isn't great, there is never any real scare or horror or extreme creepiness. Watching this leading up to Halloween was a bit of a let down, could have and should have been better.

The Innocents

Well if you're in the market for creepy and spooky and little or no gore and slasher maniacs then you might want to check this film out.

In some ways this film is like The Others with NIcole Kidman, in other ways it is like The Haunting by Robert Wise. I will need to watch it again but after my first viewing it isn't quite as good as either of those.

But the story is effectively chilling, the children are well acted. It has a decent ending which with this type of film will make or break things.

So overall it isn't the best haunted house movie I've seen but an effective one none the less.

The Dark Crystal

It had been a long time since I viewed this properly, I couldn't even remember how many years. The main protagonist Jen sucks but works ok in this film. It was quite an epic for me as a youngster and hold up well nearly 30 years later.

The thing that makes this work is the detail and complete immersion into this fantasy world. There are no human characters and if there were it would probably fall apart. The next film Labrynth successfully blended the puppets/animatronics with live actors.

But I enjoyed this film on rewatching. It has a decent story, some interesting characters and creatures, great design and detail.

Anvil! The Story of Anvil

This movie is a tragedy with a few bright spots of human hope, dedication and spirit. Why is it tragic? Because we all know, from the band to the film makers and watchers that Anvil really deserves better than the lot they've got in life.

There are many Anvils out there chasing long lost dreams, and many soon to be Anvils who will find themselves in years to come wondering why things haven't turned out the way they should have.


I like so much of the film, it is beautiful, simple, whimsical fantasy. However it is lacking a little and not the unquestionable masterpiece of other Miyazaki's works.

Seems a little more aimed at kids and less at adults where as his other films had amore mature slant to them. I will need to sit and watch it again sometime but it didn't leave me with the sense of wonder Howl's Moving Castle did or Spirited Away.


Thor was a thundering good time. A very good start to what could be a decent franchise although it appears Marvel may be doing an Avengers movie and combining several popular heroes into one film. In my opinion a smart and logical move.

Thor though was like the last super hero Marvel film I saw in a lot of regards, that was X-Men first class. It see to feel like it held true enough to the source material in look and feel, though I'm sure to some comic faithful will be upset with whatever changes might have been made.

Thor and First Class both made their worlds feel like MARVEL universe places to me, meaning they got things right more often than not. They felt like really good graphic novels (though watered down for mainstream reasons) as films.

X-Men: First Class

A very good, better than was expected maybe prequel film which stayed true to the previous films which maybe was it's great strength.

The story was great and felt like a well done comic to me, a real page turner. No needless jokes or real goofiness, lots of great effects and action, nice relationships with some of the characters, a good dose of attractive women in lingerie, and it had Kevin Bacon.

Was it the best super hero movie ever? Not quite but it certainly solidifies X-Men's claim to best Super hero francise. Even The Wolverine film held up reasonably well.

Will I watch this again, yes. Does it make me want to see another X-Men film, yes. Surprisingly good despite lacking the big name cast.


Loved this on initial viewing. One of those films I knew nothing at all about before going into it. Thought the story, the characters, the actors all worked really well. It grabbed and held my interest all the way through.

Watched it again a few years ago and it was as good as I remembered. Overall it isn't great but almost makes it there. More of a intellectual horror film, low on gore and action but high on interest and substance.

The Secret of NIMH

I am looking through my reviews and am confused to see some ratings with no review, like a 90% for The Secret of NIHM.

I just watched this with my 9 year old nephew who had never seen it. He didn't seem to care for it but stuck with it and by the end he said it was an OK movie.

No it is much better than OK. Superb animation from Don Bluth, great voices and very good characters. Dark and mature story, may be a little scary for the very young but a suitable kids film. I haven't seen the straight to video sequal and hope I never will.

I should read the book this is based on though. Should be a good read and see what differences there are.


I gave Beowulf 80% and didn't review it, seems odd to me since I watched it at least 3 times, maybe 4 or 5 even. One would think that I'd have wrote a review and also gave it a higher score.

Great film, great cast, very good cg animation, that explains my watching it several times so why not a 90%. I think, upon watching it several times, ok a few times it was just on as background noise and I glanced up on occaision, I decided with todays effects this could have been done live action and cg heavy effects, there was no need to animate it. I don't know, part of me want to give it a slightly higher score but I can't. Still a great action packed sword and sandal type pic.

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

Upon reading the original novel (I think the original 1818 edition and not the second revised edition) I can see the problems with adapting this story faithfully. It is a good story but feels a little dated. You also have the classic films long legacy to contend with and modern movie going audience demands. Add that all up and you get this, DeNiro as the monster in an updated yet mostly faithful film which didn't meet the viewer or critics expectations.

This film could have been better but is still pretty good, not great. Yes, as I see in a review on the right. It is a better film than '92's Dracula.

Sucker Punch
Sucker Punch(2011)

For a movie with so much going for it, it has nothing going.

This guy made 300, I loved that film. He made Dawn of the Dead remake which I liked very much. I haven't seen his Watchmen movie. But this sounded good, so despite the bad reviews I thought I'd give it a try. Pirates 4 had bad reviews and I liked that.

Well this film never grabbed me. It was very nice to look at but the story, characters, whole idea fell short. You could see what he was going for but it seemed too ambitious to achieve maybe. The whole fantasy world thing is a hard one to do and here it just never comes together. I can't see myself giving this film a second watching.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Why the bad reviews? I thought it was a decent story, liked the new faces, the effects were fine and it ended on a good note. Really, this stands up very well with the other three. All I would like is for it to be a little more violent and R-rated. I know it's Disney, but it is also Pirates. So add a little more sex and violence in #5. Thanks.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2

Not a Harry Potter book fan and not a huge Harry Potter film fan let me say this, the final movie delivers and wraps things up smashingly well. I thought the last couple movies were needless build up. Why did things take so long to come to a head? Why didn't Voldemort act sooner, it seems he should have been able to. Maybe I missed some details over the last decade of films... not important. This film finally has the action you've been waiting for and does an admirable job delivering on all fronts.

I am guessing the books are better than the films but this last film gives the series an ending which will solidify this as one of the best film franchises ever.

The Night of the Hunter

An intense film, Robert Mitchum's performance is brilliant and probably the best of the year but as noted the film was not appreciated in it's time.

The film is set during the depression when a lot of children sort of were abandoned due to high poverty rates and so like adults there were homeless children. Although this film could as easily take place today, even though the times change, people don't.

What brought me to this film was watching Mutiny on the Bounty with Charles Laughton and thought he was quite convincing a actor, playing a ruthless character but still a somewhat noble and decent sort also. This is the man's only directorial effort and it is a solid homerun which I guess was too ahead of it's time.

Shelly Winters and the children actors are also very good as is Lillian Gish. Just a great film. Worth a second watch down the road for sure.


I have recently watched Samson and Delilha, it was quite good but this was better. What lead me directly here though was It Happened One Night. Claudette Colbert was so enchanting in it I wanted to see more of her and this movie fit the bill.

Also you should put your self in the theatre of the time, well mentally attempt it. This film would have blown you away back then, it was a historical epic, thankfully a non biblical one.

I don't know what things are historically inaccurate, other than the overall design. But the Acting is adequate, with Claudette carrying the film as she should as the title character. The story and writing are maybe a little soap opera like but lends itself well to the time. The huge sets and costumes, especially Cleopatra's are breath taking at times. Overall I can'twait to sit back and watch this again, cultured as I am with a bowl oof buttery popcorn and bottle of wine. :)

The Iron Giant

**Added couple years after review.
Just watched with my ten year old nephew. I still love this film. He had never seen it and although it didn't blow him away it more than held his interest. He resemble Hogarth quite a lot and is about the same age.***

One of the finest animated films ever made, one of the finest films ever made I believe I saw it three times in theater and a few more on video. Deserves a 10th anniversary re-release in 2009!

I can't tell you one bad thing about this film. The animation was perfect, the story ( quite different from the book ) is perfect, the characters and voices are all excellent and pretty much is flawless. It's an action packed family friendly nostalgic sci-fi movie with charm and a dash of humor.

I am a huge animation fan and this outshines many of the top grossing films in that category. I would rather watch this than the Lion King, Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin... This harkens back to the glory days of Disney, thankfully without the singing characters. The soundtrack is filled with period fitting tunes which only add to the whole presentation.

Maybe not for everyone but this film is fine entertainment and a complete work of art. Warner Bros, do yourself and everyone else a favour with a BIG RE-RELEASE!!! I will see it at least a couple more times on the big screen and make sure a few others do as well.

Mutiny on the Bounty

Some of the facts might be wrong but for all we know some of the truth may not be true. So about the movie.

It is the late 1700's, a ship called The Bounty is sent from Enlad to Tahiti to get plants for an agricultural project. The captain is a stern disiplinarian who rules by fear and violence. Finally the crew led by Christenson mutinies, they set the Captain and those loyal to him adrift in a small boat and try to make a new life for themselves. It isn't the last they see of Capt Bligh though.

It doesn't show Capt Bligh as totally evil, maybe mad with power. Christenson is portrayed as mostly noble but may not have been all that noble in truth.

Engaging story based on a true event. The film is well acted and directed, some fantastic ocean scenes, snappy editing.

Clark Gable looks quite different without the mustache, almost like superman and Clark Kent with the glasses, small change akes quite a difference.

It Happened One Night

This film deserved it's 5 Oscar awards. Maybe it's a ittle light on substance but it is supposed to be. Perhaps a little dated but it's hard not to be when your this old. Still this movie stands up and surpasses most of todays films without a doubt. The acting and directing are great as is some of the writing and story even though as said it is a light hearted comedy.

I've seen a few Clark Gable films now, far from all of them but this is so far my favourite. I think this is the first time I've seen Claudette Colbet but she's quite an engaging actress in this film. I quite like her eyes I have to say.

So cuddle up with someone you love and a big bowl of popcorn and enjoy this quirky little film which won great academy award praise.


A top notch zombie comedy. Nearly perfect I was dissapointed a little with the end of Bill Murray, could have been done better but he was amazing as only Bill can be, great cameo.

This movie has a few light horror moments, some good comedy moments but is most effective in my opinion as a drama. All the actors are very good, even Jesse Eisenberg (who I thought was Michael Cera the whole movie until I just looked it up.... Jesse is slightly less annoying, just slightly).

Really is Woody Harrelson's movie from start to end. I have never been happier to see a man get a twinkie. Wow.

I'm not sure if I like this or Shaun of the Dead better as a comedy zombie movie. I felt Shaun started off strong but veered into a more traditional horror film the last half and Land was more consistant through out. Its pretty close though.


Again I am beginning a review before finishing the film. Thi film was recommended to me by someone whose taste in movies I mostly trust. He says it has Rourke and is about meth, it sounded good.

So it begins and the quick editing style hooks me, it has Jason Schwartzman, he's good, it has John LeGuizamo, not sure on the spelling, I like him and didn't know he was in it so another bonus. Brittany Murphy and Mena Suvari, well this gets better and better.

So the story is about some heavy Meth heads and the Cook(maker of meth), obviously all losers and it isn't easy to like or invest much emotional interest in any of them in the conditions they're in.

I'm half way through so the story as I know it centers on Ross(Schwartzman) who is an addict. He gets hooked up through Nikki(Murphy) with the Cook(Rourke), and seeing as Ross is an addict he does what the Cook wants in order to score some crystal. Mostly Cook wants Ross to drive him and Nikki around. Ross is sleeping with a stripper for drugs and after sex with her handcuffed spread eagle naked on the bed he gets a call that Cook needs a ride.

Now it gets kinda bizarre. Maybe to a spun out meth head it might make sense but to me it is the point which is bugging me the most. The stripper asks to be untied, a reasonable request I think but Ross says he has no time to, he has to go but will be back. He also duct tapes her mouth and eyes closed and turns on music for her to listen to, a loud and heavy song which it is kinda implied she won't like despite Ross saying it's her favourite. He leaves her and when slamming the door causes the cd to skip and so the stripper, is left. He calls once in his travels and his machine answwers and he tells her he's sorry and will be right back. Eventually he does get back, finds an eviction notice on the motel door. He takes the duct tape off and she screams and ... then... I think that is where I am.

Ron Jeremy and Rob Halford are in it very small cameos and Billy Corgin of the smashing Pumkins does the music. The opening song is Iron Maiden's Number of the Beast done in a super cool way where you really have to listen because it is so different sounding. So now I will finish this so far fantastic film...

Ok, yeah the whole thing comes together nicely. Decent ending and there is little to complain about. Great cast and acting, great directing/editing, decent story, I quite like the music it is fitting for the film, some cool animations and... at times almost will make you feel like your on speed.

To Be or Not to Be

Am starting to understand Mel Brooks more and more with each movie I watch. Sometimes I find his films amazing and other times not so much. This one is a not so much.

Having recently watched the original it is easy to say it is superior to this one in almost all aspects. Now this isn't a bad movie, it is a loving remake in the Brooks style and I am sure he was a fan of the original. Yet as another review says Mel seems a little flat here, Bancroft nearly steals the show. Some of the supporting characters were very good and seeing another minor role of Chris Llyod's was great.

So this movie does add some humour and change some elements but stays true enough to the original.

One thing I noticed which I found funny was the Polish escapees touching down in England. In the original there is a line about "First Hess and now him." or something like that which to me was hilarious because if you know a little history... Rudolph Hess, one of Hitler's trusted and high ranking friends had mysteriously flew across the channel and crashed in England. His story is worth reading about on Wikipedia but in the original the line would have got a laugh because the audience would have been familiar with the Hess story, it had been quite recent. But by the 80's and the time Mel did this remake it had to be removed because most people wouldn't have got the joke. Still in the Brooks version seeing the fake Hitler walk into the tavern was pretty good.

So this is for sure worth a watch, if your a Brooks fan, a fan of films with nazi's in them or WWII themes. If your a fan of the first film though you will almost find this a pale rehash... which is worth the watch none the less.


A sort of Rags to Riches tale... drus usually ruin lives but sometimes drugs are good. I liked this film, maybe it has flaws and the happy ending which almost ruins it but is done in a satisfying enough way it works. No this film was a suprise hidden gem of a film. It's a drama with a sense of humour, not funny but clever enough. It has style and good acters. The story almost verges on Sci-Fi but doesn't quite get there. So I'd say a drama with doses of action and a slight sci-fi feel.

As reviews say this film could be a notch or two better but is well worth a watch... or more.

To Be or Not to Be

What a dreadful poster for such a great picture.

I can see why Mel Brooks remade this, it has a totally Mel Brooks feel to it, or should I say it has a totally Jack Benny feel to it. Also it has the Lubitsch touch as everyone has pointed out, I believe this is the first of his films I've seen. Now to watch the Brook's remake.

There are those who see it as being insensitive, I don't know how. It is a funny film on a serious topic and delivers both laughs and a message, also poking fun at Hitler and the Nazis. This and Chaplin's The Great Dictator I would think were powerful weapons during the war. Boosting the moral and spirits of our side while if ever getting to the enemy would surely lower theirs.

I know Jack Benny mostly from his radio days and a little from his tv show. This is the first film I've seen him in that I recall and he is more or less himself without the trademark jokes, he does a bit more acting but not much.

Carol Lombard, again I think I've heard her on Old Time Radio maybe once or twice but looking over her long list of films (especially for someone who died so young at 33) I haven't seen any others. To Be or Not to Be was her last film. She was great in it, a classic Hollywood Beauty!

So maybe I'm being overly generous giving out so many high scores but it also has to do with I try not to waste time watching junk movies.

Modern Times
Modern Times(1936)

I will begin writing this reveiw without having finished watching the film. I've watched the first 37 or so minutes twice now and am watching it a third time and will finish the film and this review as well.

My first Chaplin film was The Great Dictator and being a film buff and a history buff this was a good one to start with for me. The Great Dictator being his first true sound film and also I would guess his most political film it might not be representative of the early spirit of his work but I have watched it several times and know it is a film I could never get tired of.

Modern Times to me feels quite modern, maybe the more things change the more they stay the same. I've had more jobs in my life than most people do, and anyone with a job knows the repetition and also the lousy management that would drive a person to a stay in a mental facility. The job I happen to have now though is so, so, so similar in it's same physical repitition I was surprised such jobs still existed because I thought machines did them, this is nearly 80 years further into the industrial/now technological revolution that shouldn't machines be doing those type of soul sucking jobs, faster, easier, better and more cost efficient than people? Have we advanced much at all?

Anyway, the working and economic and social/political class stuff is still all relevant today as it was 80 years ago if not more so. I have seen people suffer, I've suffered from a similar, although not nearly as funny work breakdown and then a long gradual convalesence. Again this fillm seems more modern and intelligent and funny than most films I see today. Entertainment isn't the same now. This film was more a personal project, those don't happen now and when they do... well we do sometimes see magic still and that is why I watch film is for the magic. The masses want empty laughs and big explosions and effects. They will make their money but how many will be relevant and entertaining in 80 years? Maybe to someone it will be, if just to catch a glimpse of what was entertainment of a bygone age.

Chaplin is so good at what he does it transcends language, race and age and the ages. A man who knew the human condition and could portray comedy and tragedy in the same heartbeat, the same frame of film, in the movement of his body, expressions. To me it's like watching/listening to Elvis, watching Gene Kelly dance, or any number of great artists do their thing.

So I have the rest of the film to watch, it's just introduced the female lead I'm guessing stealing banannas. Same actress as in the Great Dictator? Yes, ah she was married to Chaplin for a while, well common law I guess. She got a nice settlement from Charlie. I like her so far. I don't need to really write more, people who enjoy good film will eventually get to the films they want to see and this will probably be one of them. Why aren't these shown on tv more or ever?

Ok, watched another ten minutes where the Tramp tries to go back to jail and meets the girl. So funny, and kinda sweet. This would have been labeled as "Year's Best Date Movie" HAHAHA and I love the line. "I'll do it! We'll get a home even if I have to work for it." lol good one but so true.

Ok, I have finished watching it and some great scenes, loved him roller skating in the department store. It lost a bit of momentum here and there and seemed to be heading for a happy ending and then finished with sort of open ending.

So it didnt end up being as super great as I thought it would from the start. I was going to give it 100 but it gets 90. Next Chaplin film on my list is The Kid. First thought on the silen comedy list is Safety Last.

The Hangover
The Hangover(2009)

A movie which is OK on initial viewing but quickly falls apart. A few over the top moments which provide a laugh but really a failure. I didn't like much of the cast or writing. The story had potential but just didn't deliver when it counted and has little replay value. Leaves me shaking my head why it did so well and has such praise. Dumb Asses. Oh I'm no genius Dodo Bird myself but when something uses gloss and marketing to sell a mediocre product and people buy into it... suckers. To each a zone right? :D

About as entertaining as a bad case of constipation. This film now has a sequel which is probably better since reviews for it are so terrible. LOL But since the first film was garbabge why watch the second?

Robin Hood
Robin Hood(1922)

According to RT this is not Doug's best film. Well it is the only Douglas Fairbanks film I think I've seen and it is awe-inspiring.

The story is what you would expect but better told than any other Robin Hood I've seen. Everything comes together and works so well. For a 90 year old film it zips along with great editing and timing, beautiful photography (wish I could find a better copy) some amazing action and acting.

Let's get to Fairbanks, he is Robin Hood. He leaps and bounds and skips and is more alive than any other version I've seen and it fits with the character. His smile and charm and sillyness shines through, but Robin has strength and confidence and when he's told bad news like Sherwood forest is surrounded by soldiers, he smiles and says perfect, lets kick butt.

It was the Roaring 20's and this is a Rip Roaring hell of a good time. You would not think this was a new art form watching this film, the skill and talent of all involved shine through. And the violent scenes are quite violent, the last fight scene with Robin and Gisbourne, well I loved it. And another scene where Robin kills a guy and throws his body from the castle wall, and he does it with this slight smile, satisfied with a job well done.

I will be watching this again, as well as the Errol Flyn version and more Fairbanks films. Douglas Fairbanks just simply owned this film. :D


After watching Hells Angels, Harlow's first film it brought me to this her last. Now I find her cute and attractive but never saw her great sex appeal. Her onscreen presence and personality from the two films I've seen is very likable though and I look forward to seeing more of her sadly small amount of work.

Saratoga. A charming romantic comedy set around horse racing. I found it very entertaining, some smiles and a laugh or two, interesting enough story and very good performances. I also liked the horse racing scenes and how they were mixed with the film. If Jean Harlow was ill I don't see it on the screen but she must have been during most of the filming. The scenes which feature a double are easy enough to tell but not so terrible as to ruin the film at all.

I believe this was Gable's 6th pairing with Harlow and there is a nice familiarity with their interaction. Clark Gable's last film was also Marilyn Monroe's The Misfits which is another film I need to see. So many.

Saratoga. Worth a watch for a good story, acting and chemistry, some light romantic comedy and Harlow's last performance at age 26.

Happy Feet
Happy Feet(2006)

Saw this on Time's list of top 25 animated movies. I love animated films and was expecting to have seen most of th elist but there were a few newer ones I hadn't including Happy Feet. The review did make it sound great, and it won the oscar so I was excited to see it.

The animation is gorgeous, so much personality is in each penguin, the landscapes are nearly life life. So for computer animation this is about the best I've seen and it's from 2006. I really liked th eanimation.

And I guess I liked the characters as well, characters and voices. Problem in some ways was the singing... it somehow felt odd. It was all well done but didn't fit together seamlessy. I think had they used original music and lyrics??? I don't know, still they needed some instrument to show normal penguin behavior and the abnormal dancing tendancies of Mumbles. Again the quality of music was top notch, the songs and performances but didn't fit perfectly with the setting. One user review beside me says kids film geared to adults and it is the music which gears it to adults and somehow removes us from the solitary arctic... or antarctic? i can't keep it straight, I live closer to the arctic and to me that felt like the antarctic... alone by itself down there at the "bottom" of the globe.

Robin Williams fits in here like he did in Aladdin, just great. Elijah Wood is an endearing Mumbles and somehow they got his eyes right for a penguin.

Almost belongs on the top 25 animated films of all time, well it does other than the music being a little much and distracting.

One Hour Photo

Big Robin Williams fan, otherwise maybe a 60% :P

The movie is OK, creepy, interesting enough, well done but nothing special. Williams in a darker role for him shines as a lonely, ordinary guy. And lonely ordinary guys can be darn creepy.

In the end nothing great, an ok movie with a very good performance.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

You cannot write a review for such a movie, I don't know how many times I've seen this and I can't recall the first time. For some reason I think a teacher showed it to us in Jr. High but I can't be sure. I do know I've watched it several times since the first time. It's a film where you know several of the actors, and you know they're acting but it all seems so real. Sometimes, even today it happens, a film is made where it doesn't seem like it is a film, just captured reality.

It's a variation of the man vs society theme like another favourite of mine A Clockwork Orange. And if the man or individual does not play by society's rules then society will use it's power in the people's best interest to eradicate the undesireable component. The two antagonists are very similar, Randall is a bit violent, a petty thief and trouble maker, a normal or slightly above average intelligence. Alex is more violent, a bigger thief and trouble maker, also above intelligence. Bth are individualists and free thinkers, anti-authoritarians and leaders of the group alpha males. The fact Alex is more extreme and violent is just a sympton of his times, this story is set about 40 years after in a crumbling society, or more crumbling.

So we have our rouble makers, both are the antagonist and the good guy in the story but they're bad boys. Society tries to reign them in, both go through the systems hoops, having spent time in jail or juvenile hall, probably getting punishments and such but they continue to rebel. I could see James Dean playing either one too ;)
Eventually Society ends up destroying the individual through invasive, inhumane, immoral medical procedures. This is done for the good of the majority. We do see however a difference in the stories here and that difference can be looked at a couple of ways.

The difference is in Cuckoo, Randall is gone, he has effectively been murdered by the state, legally and quietly and no one is the wiser.
In Clockwork though technology was able to "cure" Alex through conditioning. This leaves him defensless and then a target. The media becomes aware of the story (a fortelling of the future power of media maybe) and there is a public outcry. The antogonist, for good or bad is fixed and returned to his old self. We the audience cheer, as we did in Cuckoo when at first we think Randall has been sedated or lobotomized and then he reveals he's just kidding. We are happy to see he is still himself and asn't beaten down, though finally he is.

So One Flew Over the Cuckoo's nest... well written, acted, directed... is a warning against our rights and freedoms being controlled, restriced by the government? Sure why not. Although Randall had done some bad things and had pissed off some people, and would probably continue to do so had he really deserved his fate? Had Alex deserved his in Clockwork Orange?

A cautionary tale, those in power, though perhaps well intentioned have no idea how to dish out Justice and so becomes afraid to do so, giveing criminals more rights than the victims.

Awesome movie, why are you reading this shambling mess of a review when you could be watching it?

House (Hausu)

This movie looks too good to have been made in 1977. Thats what I kept thinking, not that it had great special effects but the image and colours were so clean and crisp and vibrant.

Now this movie bugged me, it was like an LSD trip, I wanted it to be over but just had to wait it out. It reminded me in alot of way of Raimi's Evil Dead but a pg-13 version of it made in Japan, years earlier.

I wasn't entertained by much but will rate this as just being fresh. Fresh in a you haven't seen anything quite like it but then again do you want to. Other reviews I see are high... let me ask them this. Would you sit through it a second time? If not then lower your ratings I think.

Star Trek
Star Trek(2009)

Thank you for reading my first RT review. My name is Kevin and I am a big movie fan and also a big Star Trek fan and it is the new JJ Abrams film which brings us to the review.

I don't mind it doing well, I'm very happy it is but the overwhelming positive response by the critics makes me realize there is no point in having them as they're mostly idiots and the only opinion which matters is your own. And if you are not a fan of the series I can see you giving it great reviews. It is a well paced movie with a great cast of characters and some fine actors playing them. I have much praise for how they managed to capture some of the "trek" magic and I am very fine with some of the huge changes to the trek chronology. Vulcan and most of it's inhabitants being wiped out... Ok. Chekov being there... alright I can live with that although I'd have saved it for the sequal or even the 3rd movie.

Spock being involved with someone romantically however I can't see. Involved with a student at the academy I like even less and having it be Uhura just makes it so over the top you might as well give Spock a goatee. You know what I mean. I did not think the special effects were anything amazing, decent enough, I disliked the redesign Enterprise a lot.

So overall the review is to the more favourable side but I have to say the deciding factor for me disliking it is the stoary. Tattoed Romulan miners from the future who happen to have been involved with Spock who happens to have some blackhole creating matter that looks like blood. The moments with Old Spock worked very well though and without time travel wouldn't have been possible or would they... however I am very very tired of time travel in Trek in general. The story was very similar to a superior movie.. despite its flaws, Star trek Nemesis. A Picard Clone with the power of the Romulans behind him more or less has a giant ship and wants to destroy earth.

So it's late and despite not stating my arguments fully that is the jist of it ladies and gents.

The Bad
- Messing with beloved characters too much in some instances.
- Too futuristic of a look for the Enterprise exterior design, overall a silly look. interior design was ok in most aspects however.
- A very weak story
- Poor villian

The Good
- Some great casting - some of the acting is inspired.
- Moments which capture the original's feel and magic but then they're wiped away quite fast. Some good humor.
- Good pacing and structure.

So it was an OK movie. Why it is the best in the franchise and the last one is the worst though is for the simple reason of marketing and hype.

Being a big movie fan and a big Star trek fan I am sad to say I can not reccommend anyone seeing this in theaters.


This film is intense, sometimes a terrible thing happens and you can't cope with it. You might blame yourself, someone else, you might just give up trying to rationalize and go insane.

I thought I had a good grasp on the film more or less but a few things left me a little confused as to their meaning. Still in a work such as this the emotions which are evoked in the watcher will each be personal. Someone suffering mental illness suffers in their own world. Both characters in this film are suffering from loss and pain and when that is too much to handle it becomes an insanity. They are both in their own worlds and still connected in the real world, but just barely and in a chaotic downward spiral to their ends. Does he though in the end escape or do the ghost like women who wander the forested hill show he is still lost in his suffering?

I don't know what this film is about despite having a good grasp on it. I know pain and suffering are personal and this film is like an exercise into someone's pain and suffering. Some reviewers don't understand the need for film like this but by going through this almost unendurable experience in a voyeuristic fashion like film it does harden, does strengthen I think the mental capacity of the viewer in some ways and gives them insight into dealing with their own issues.

I very much liked the film. No big rush to watch it again, no need to as it sticks with you very, very well.

Hell's Angels

Some wooden acting but none the less a decent tale, some amazing aviation sequences and Jean Harlow in her first role. I don't think much more needs to be said.

Wait, Howard Hughes was a genius... madman maybe too but genius.

Baby Face
Baby Face(1933)

It's a classic and a top example of pre-code Hollywood.

Watched the original undedited version and was blown away by how modern this nearly 80 year old film is. The code really hurt the potential for some hard hitting, cutting edge material.

The story is simple, attractive young woman has enough of being used and starts doing the using. Sleeping her way to the of a company she breaks a few hearts along the way and doesn't care who suffers as long is it isn't her.

Barbara Stanwyck is amazing, she steals the show.

I was a little surprised at the happy ending but it wasn't all that bad.

Worth a watch, you bet!

I Love You Phillip Morris

Just saw it on a list which said one of 2010's best. I haven't paid attention to much to what has been happening with films. The last two Carrey films I saw in theater were The Number 23 which was kinda lame and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind which was one of the best films I've seen.

This was much closer to Eternal Sunshine as it was hilarious, touching, a little dark and twisted. Is it top heavy with homosexuality? Yes and I guess it was edited to tone it down before release. Think Brokeback Mountain but more intense for on screen portrayal and well this films doesn't pull punches but doesn't throw too many cheap ones either.

Also it involves a con man escape artist sort of genius mind which can't help but invite comparison to Catch Me if You Can. It feels like three or four movies at times mixed into one and and still complete and coherant.

One other movie I will compare it to is Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. This I guess is a new directing team not an experienced director like Gilliam but commonalities I see are: Big name casts - Offbeat roles and somewhat controversial matter, both not making any real money in theaters or finding huge success on initial release. Loathing has become a cult classic though and much praised.

But One of Jim Carrey's finest performances, it is his movie. Everyone else is fine including Ewan McGregor, the two stars seemed to enjoy the indie filming and were allowed to do their job.

Animal Crackers

I was a little familiar with Groucho Marx, he's been sort of portrayed by Bugs bunny and Hawkeye Pierce on M*A*SH* and I have seen a few episodes of his 1950's was it gameshow You Bet your Life. This was the first time I watched one of the Marx Brothers films. It was pretty much what I expected, a rollicking good time, funny, entertaining and I'd think groundbreaking at the time.

It has some flaws in place and the sound was a little hard to hear in a few spots on the version I watched but it was better than at least 80% of the comedies Hollywood produces today. For a movie more than 80 years old to still be that entertaining it gets a 90. I would give it 100 but it is the only Marx film I've seen and have a feeling they have better. Will see won't I.

The King's Speech

Oh my, maybe slow and boring to some this film is a delightful insight to the private life of King George the 6th. The acting is about as good as it gets, as is the directing and the whole production really. Did it deserve to win Best Picture.... I haven't seen all the films of 2010 but yes I think it does. Other than being a great story, acting, directing and all there is the historical backdrop which adds so much. As said before a good film should transport you to another place and time, in doing so it can entertain you, can educate you, can move you and give you profound insight into the past, present and maybe future. I just wrote about True Grit how a film can transport you to the old west and you can almost tast the dust, feel the campfire and the cold desert night. The King's Speech transported me to a place and time and gave me insight into a leader, a country and a time in history that needs to be shown in ways like this. We are all part of history in our own minor ways but more than a documentary, film like this allows you to harness that period in time in a more tactile way, a more meaningful and emotional and human way. Maybe Avatar and Transformers also take you to some other place but does it leave you with anything more than some cheap bangs for your buck?

True Grit
True Grit(2010)

Hmmm, a damn good film, of course it's the Coen's isn't it? Don't know the book or the first movie version at all. This has as stated by most everyone else top notch performaces from the actors. The character's stories draw you in and their relationships with one another are complex and believable. I admit I listened more than watched this film only looking up now and then to see a bit of the well shot scenes. It's done so well you can listen to it as an audio drama, like an old radio play. You lose the powerful imagery the camera gives you but if you give it a try you will find your mind will paint scenes for you. I'm not suggesting you do this but am saying it is so well crafted you don't need any images to follow along and get the emotion and atmosphere of the film.

The images though, yes I've sort of watched it a second time are all done as other Coen's films. The landscape and environment is a part of the film, a character almost in and of itself. Somehow you'd think the newer the western movie the less authentic it would feel but great filmakers have a way of transporting the viewer to another time and place. Sure I wasn't there and can't say all the detail is right but a few of the older westerns I've seen in black and white don't seem as authentic as the big budget ones do today. Of course I am not really a western fan and so of all the old movies it is the genre I least look into. Maybe I should and this film gives me a good reason to so I can compare it to the original film version.


A little surprised this wasn't reviewed slightly better. One dimensional, not enough action. Well I like that, it was fairly straight forward, not over the top really, hard and gritty and Dwayne did well in a silent role. Yes it was a predictable, I knew as soon as the ... well it wasn't super layered.

Solid though, I though a good return to action films for The Rock after Tooth Fairy and things like that which I haven't seen and understand is a family type kids pic so it too needs to be cut some slack in grading. The Rock's return to Wrestlemania as host was kinda lame and other than one match it was a terrible wrestlemania. Then signing to wrestle next year but then not being in the ring at all is very pathetic. But that's wrestling, this film beats Monday Night Raw hands down.... not Breaking Bad though.

Dead Snow (Død snø)

Will be a little generous and give it 80%. I se a review beside mine saying a new twist on zombies, nazi zombies. It's been done, just not this well.

The story is bland, the characters and acting are bad (I have watched lots of foreign films, this is amateurish), the one thing this film has going for it is the Nazi Zombies. I think the leader was Herzog, same as the great director.

Herzog commands a whole damn division of SS officers who are cursed on a frozen mountain to protect their stolen Nazi loot. They explode out of the snow and attack full on. The zombies and attack/gore scenes were all top notch and were the main appeal to this film. I cheered the zombies, like I would Freddy or Jason or PinHead or Mike Myers.... I understand there is a sequal on the way and good. I want more of Herzog and his undead snow nazis. Really this movie is only a 40% flick, the zombies impressed me so much though it gets 80. I hope in the Sequal it is more of a prequel and we see the back story more from WWII.

Also I saw this compared to Evil Dead. I can understand why in some ways but this is no Sam Raimi film, lacked humour, zaniness, an antagonist really. So no, this is not the Norwegian Evil Dead, far from it. If it was then it'd be 100%.

Let the Right One In

I saw "Let Me In" on a list of best movies of 2011 and the review made it sound good, but mentioned it was a remake of a Swedish film of 2008. So I checked out the original first. How the remake will be able to match the overall quality of the original will be interesting to see.Let the Right One In to me wasn't a horror movie. It ...was a touching and tender coming of age story which happened to involve a preteen vampire and some gore and nastiness. The story was simple but well done, based on a novel which I guess goes into things a little more darkly and gorey than they chose to do the movie, which was smart.The realism and character performances were what gave this film its power and emotion. You don't care really for any of the characters besides the two protagonists. Oskar and Eli, one of the screens most unlikely romantic pairs. A drama, a coming of age film, some social commentary here and there a little, but mostly a toucing and desparate romance. Not a traditional one especially given the age of the characters, romance doesn't feel quite right but is.Lina Leandersson who plays Eli is the star of the film, her other 11 year old co-star Kare Hedebrant does everything right and convincingly is his character but being a bullied kid is one thing to play, playing a 200 year old vampire and delivering one of the finest vampire performances I've ever seen (I've seen a whole lot) by a 11 year old is a whole other thing. The did dub her entire voice in the film to ad age to her charand I am sure that adds a lot to the depth of Eli. Stil Lina's performance is outstanding!!!It has elements of horror but I can't say it is a horror film. It is in select class of vampire film which rises above the genre to be far, far more than the sum of it's parts.

The Brain That Wouldn't Die

Well it seems some people believe the MST versions are more entertaining than the original and this is probably true. And all these old B movies can be critisized and mocked for many reasons but still some stand out and are more than the sum of their parts. Brain that wouldn't Die is one of these films which is bad but in an entertaining and powerful way.

How is this movie powerful? Firstly it has some powerful images, the decapitated head in the dish all bandaged up is a cinematic image I've known most of my life, almost up there with King Kong or Dracula I'd say it's worked its way into a good portion of the cultural subconscious.

Secondly it does have a mad scientist exploring controversial themes and subject matter. He is "playing god" as all mad scientists feel they have the right to do. He also keeps the head of his lover alive despite her wishes and then goes on a body hunt for her. Some twisted and demented actions here kiddies.

The acting is competant, I do like Virginia Leith as JAN COMPTON, great job!

I like the strange and twisted story and characters. I like the music in the film and overall found it a good watch. Some great lines, great images, interesting story, ok acting, some attractive ladies and a monster locked in a room. For a Drive In "B" movie this is a gem.

Elvis Meets Nixon

This movie is fantastic. A must see for Elvis or Nixon fans, does Nixon have fans? It is comical and insightful in my opinion, offering some good entertainment and food for thought. The actor playing Elvis sounds pretty good but just doesn't quite look the part. Nixon is very good. It looks like they had a good budget for this film and it looks like Graceland to me and at least the exterior of the Whitehouse. It says filmed in Toronto though.

Well This has been a cult favourite of mine since first viewing back in about 2000 or so. Apparently with the lack of reviews on here its an unknown gem.

Where the Wild Things Are

I haven't read the book in more than 20 years but this film seemed bland.

Sure it can't be easy to adapt such a book into a film and a lot has to be added and so the interpretation can go many ways.

I feel the monsters looked fine but the environment looked dull. The story had some good elements but felt awkward and unnerving. The actions of the wild things were bizarre and I am a fan of the bizarre, just not in this bleak film. I get that Max learned to control his behavior by seeing how it affected others through Carol's behaving just like Max, getting upset when things don't go his way. I surprisingly could relate quite well however to Max and the bizarre monsters in many regards concerning their feelings of lonliness, fear of change as well as using anger and surreal imaginings to escape reality. Sadly in all my halucinations I haven't learned any lessons by self mirroring monsters.

And I just signed in and got some message that Flixster own RT now and blah blah blah they own all off the content we post on here in every way shape and form forever. Well they, the Flixster and RT whoevers who come up with that BS all have inter species sex with farm animals. There they can own that the Nazis.

Dellamorte Dellamore (Cemetery Man) (Demons '95) (Of Death, of Love)

A wonderfully crafted film, a sort of artsy film which reflects on love and death and it also has zombies.

I'm still trying to figure out the ending which makes you wonder about the whole film even more because there are hints dropped through out the movie that things are a little dream like and backwards in some respects and the end confirms this but with no closure.

Its being remade... well not really, the comic book it is based on is being adapted again I guess.

My Best Friend's Girl

At its best this film is a comic gem with a silly romance tossed in.

I had no idea who Dane Cook was before this film, still don't really but he made me laugh several times with his comic delivery. I was told this was a good film from a gal pal and figured Alec and Kate are in it, I like them so it should be ok. The reviews say its too raunchy, sexist, anti-religious, flimsy and unreallistic. Hahaha what were you looking for? I wasn't looking for much buch got a lot more than I was expecting.

Bad - Overall the whole plot is bad, guy for hire as Mr. Asshole to date guys ex's so they might reconsider and go back to their now not so bad looking ex's. Well I might not have the words to describe the premis of the story. It's sort of like Hitch I guess, the guys job is to keep people together, weather they should be or not... and who's to say he isn't really as one gal states in the film a romantic at heart who gives couples a second chance. Hmmmmm.

Kate Hudson is charming, Alec Baldwin is fantastic, Jason Biggs... well I'm not much of a fan and this changes nothing. Dane Cook, I don't like the name but I liked his performance.... and thus I give this movie upon its initial viewing a high score. Throw out a story that makes sense or characters that you don't much care for but still decent performances and some great comedy, lots of great one liners from Tank. This film is much better than the Hangover. Oh so much I think. But Hangover really sucked.

Oh and two things to add. I liked how the phone job was portrayed, I think a whole film could be done about working in such an environment having worked in one of the world's largest call centres. Onstar. Oh the stories I can tell you about that place, Nazi managers and business policies, some insane callers wanting unreasonable service, miracle service I should say. And selling people BS is an art, if not selling them something just dealing with them (even just on the phone) can be an art in itself. Well portrayed by Cook.

Also to add, you will maybe think that people aren't so mental when it comes to ... life, love, work, but stop and think again. You must know a few people who just act a little irrational over weird stuff. Maybe yourself. I have. I wish a guy could screw up to the point which Tank does in the film and somehow still get another chance.... even though they do make a point of him not actually deserving it, he loves her therefore he does deserve it.... odd, to me that makes sense and maybe it does work that way but..... not too often I don't think. I think women try to pick the right guy but usually don't.... through their own blindness. It isn't that the nice guy is better but that the bad guy isn't really bad. Does ruining a weding make someone bad? Does telling a dirty religious joke to a rabi and a priest make someone bad? Does dropping your pants and propositioning your girlfriend's mom for oral sex make you bad? I would say... it honestly depends on the situation and cicumstances. In this movie the so called good guy is kinda creepy where as the kinda creepy guy is sort of charming. But my point is people are all messed up in one way or another, finding someone who can handle your faults and whose faults you can handle is someone worth hanging onto. Even if that person can be an ass.

Man Bites Dog

Original. I see a few a comparisons to A Clockwork Orange and indeed that movie comes to mind. They're quite different but share enough commonalities. Clockwork is one of my all time favourite films and in time this might become one as well.

It's brutal and humourous with its own moments of tenderness and beauty. In some ways we'd all like to be like the protagonist in that he does what he pleases and has no moral conscious about it. Sure he'd rather not kill children but sometimes it can't be avoided. He is a lonely and sad man although he has a loving family and it seems some friends and notoriety away from the camera crew. With what would appear a normal life what has turned this man to become a relentless killing machine. It isn't for money alone even though he knows who to hit that has money. He calls what he does hard work and I'm sure it is, one would think just avoiding the police would be a full time job but this killer is very smart. He kills randomly ( although he does like to start the month with a mailman :P ) and does it also quite openly as well. I was once told the best way not to get caught is to do it in the open. Our protagonist does this, even with the camera crew filming so much damning evidence against the man he doesn't seem to consider that really.

Quite funny, violent and entertaining. I didn't quite understand the boxing match really but perhaps I need to see it again.


What can be said of this gem. Its been so long since I've seen it... well I remembered little and needed to see it again. Upon finally seeing it again I think it was films that this which have warped me into the sad human being I am today. C'est la vie?

This film is a great horror with a sense of humour to it. Maybe not laugh out loud bust a gut but get a nice big grin on your face humour. Makes me want to check out the freely available source material.

The story - mad genius meets not so mad genius in love, throw in fading semi mad genius and a puritan father, a cat and some glowing green liquid. Zombies, lobotomized zombies, decapitaed zombies, cat zombies and well its got plenty of gore. I just read that Lovecraft didn't much care for the story but it paid the bills, it was a spoof on Frankenstein and one can see the influences.

The acting is great through out as is the pacing and set designs. Makeup is good and well its hard to find much wrong with this.

Return to Oz
Return to Oz(1985)

This is another of those films I had forgotten from my childhood. I must have seen it on TV in the mid 80's or possibly a friends place, I can't recall. It is an alright film which makes me want to read the books. Of course it is not the classic the original Wizard of Oz film still remains more than 80 years later.

This film is supposed to be darker but I remember that Wicked Witch and her flying monkies and gorilla men as being quite scary as a child. Overall it is it's own version/continuation of the first film, even using the ruby slippers instead of Silver slippers I guess are in the original books.

Worth a watch for Oz or fantasy fans, an ok family movie.

The Monster Squad

A very good film for the younger set of monster fans, tries to stay somewhat true as a horror film in some regards but with a pg rating. Nothing great for adults or older kids though.

Obviously made by some big fans of classic horror.

The Straight Story

The Straight Story will likely make you smile, chuckle, laugh and for good measure tear up if not outright shed a tear or two.

Largely based on a true story this film is indeed heart warming, it is small and simple but touches on epicness. The power of the human determination and stubborness is central to the film. Our lead character Alvin however puts his mind to something and sees it through.

As the concensus says it is slow but perfectly suits the film, it is heart warming and touching and the acting and directing is perfect. Look up Peter Farnsworth on wikipedia for a good read on an interesting man and career which culminated in this his last part.

Ran across it on satelite and couldn't stop watching it, fine way to spend an afternoon.

I Spit on Your Grave (Day of the Woman)

It takes a long while to get around to watching some movies, the reason it took so long for me to watch this Cult Classic is because it wasn't easy to find.

I was expecting it to be pretty bad but it isn't, the film is competently made and all things considered holds up alright. I would say it has inspired its share of films, from slasher to revenge genre pics as well as more mainstream films like "The Accused" which deals with rape a little more court room drama rather than knife the bad guys. I'd say this is better than that critically acclaimed award winning film because I Spit On Your Grave sees the evil doers punished more appropriatley for their crimes.

Hard to classify this film, Kill Bill with nudity and minus Kung Fu fighting and swords. Sort of like that anyway, its something which was better than I had expected.

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

Wow. This movie is a trip into a mind not of a lunatic or psycho or simpleton but an average guy in love, and does love mess you up or what? Saw this in theatre with a girl I loved and now that we're long over this movie rings loudly in my mind. How I still am tormented by her years later and wish I could get her out of my head, and yet I would almost sooner die than lose those memories. Unlike the movie i doubt her and I will find each other again.

I don't know what else to write about this film except it somehow manages to explore and portray relationships and memories and heartache better than any movie I can remember seeing. A wonderful gem of a film which hits the nail on the head in all departments.

Year One
Year One(2009)

I have to say jack Black seems to find some lame scripts, and upon first viewing I would have given this a much lower score. I watched it a second time you ask? I did, and a third for that matter. Why, simply had nothing else to watch and it was more just on in the background. Strange thing happened though, I started to find it better and better. Maybe if I watch it several more times I will actually like it but I am going to give it a passing grade in this review.

I like Jack Black despite his skill for finding lame movies, i don't know why, maybe cause he's an underdog type and I root for them. But by that logic Michael Cera is also an underdog type and I hate him.

Now its a goofy, low brow toilet humour type of movie and doesn't make much sense but it does have its laughs in there. I almost have to say its subtle humour even though its hitting you right in the face all the time the funny parts get missed on the initial viewing I think. You must also remember the audience this is aimed at, teenage males. Yeah they're not that bright but I have to say this has hidden some intelligence under the PG-13 teen gross out comedy. If you didn't like it on the first viewing you probably won't see it again but I think on a second or third viewing you will find it isn't as bad as you thought... or at least has a bit more too it than you first thought.

Superman Returns

One awful Superman film and heres why...

There is nothing here, the actors are all wrong, the story is Foof with a capital "F" and the effects were plain. I did not like a thing about this film and am surprised its as high as it is here on RT... oh wait I forgot, professional film critics are like politicians and have shi*t for brains. This felt like a tv movie to me. I give credit to Routh for managing to harness Reeve as Kent to some degree but he like Lane were too young, Luthor as the villian? Again! Come on a superhero is only as good as the villain and Luthor is a goof, Batman would have him crying for mercy in seconds and the Joker would have the Super Do Gooder Superman giving up or turning violent. No I can't say this held my interest, I won't ever re watch it and if there is a sequal I will avoid it until its on tv because I hate adding to bad movies Box Office totals.

And to think Singer did X-Men... i guess he is a Marvel comics guy and not DC... or he simply had a crap script and casting to deal with. The animated Superman beats this chunk of smelly kyrptonite poop in every single way. Sad, sad, sad.

Live Free or Die Hard

Very good, Willis rocks, a little over the top and the guy who plays a Mac Computer kinda ruins it as I kept thinking hey he's a Mac but meh.

I'd give this a better score but I just watched Rambo 4 and it makes this look silly. First this is PG and watered down, second theres the Mac guy in it. Wait a sec it did have Kevin Smith as a fat geeky guy, so he played himself sort of I guess. Maggie Q was Faboo x10. Hello Asian Nurse! But overall this was a fun if not slightly silly and too PGish of an action film.

It does prove Bruce Willis can still do action, but then in movies anyone can do anything can't they?

Rambo (Rambo IV)

Damn critics, they know nothing like politicians.

This movie is great. Some say its too violent, well that's war for you isn't it? No story? It has a story, some dumb ass bible thumping goofs go some where they shouldn't and get in trouble which I for one think they deserve. However being the big hearted guy he is John Rambo goes in and saves the day. I thought that Die Hard 4.0 was good but this kicks its ass.

Now I am a movie fan and hate poorly made films. This was a well crafted film and although it didn't win any Oscars it wasn't meant to. Its been a long long time since I saw the original 3 and now I will have to rewatch them as I barely remember them from my childhood. I want more films like this, it makes violence art and yet I don't think it ever glorifies or endorses it. Bad guys die, some good guys die but really in the end we all die, better to die for something than live for nothing.

And there is going to be a #5! YES! oh wait, it won't be a war movie... um ok, it might have a genitically altered monster in it... ummm well ok I guess to that as well... wait Stallone changed his mind, no monster, good move. Well i guess we wil have to wait and see, kinda sounds sketchy to me but John Rambo or Rambo 4 or Back to Hell or whatever you want to call it is a bonafide winner in my books.

Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht (Nosferatu the Vampyre)

This movie does not quite deserve my 100% rating but I can't give it 99% so I round up.

A remake of the best Vampire movie ever and this is a well done remake, lovingly crafted but a little long and a little dry. Still Kinski gives a great (very restrained for him) performance and Herzog creates a dreamlike and heavily atmospheric film.

I haven't seen this in a while and need to rewatch it, usually I do so before writing a RT review but this fim is one which I know well enough I don't have to. All I can really say is it was a little long but it doesn't lose points for that. Between this and the original I would watch the original because this feels like a movie, the original feels authentic though and thus inspired Shadow of the Vampire which itself is a fine fine movie I DO need to rewatch and review.

This is not my favourite Herzog film, I haven't seen many of his films but this isn't my fave - All the ones I have seen score 100% though, this as said above is a 99%er rounded up.

Nosferatu, a Symphony of Horror (Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens) (Nosferatu the Vampire)

This is films first version of Dracula and is still the best. I have never read the book and probably never will but this is a great film. The official 1931 Dracula pales in comparison to this for atmosphere, chilling creepiness, excitment and horror.

Count Orlock is not the noble and well dressed vampire Dracula would become and thank god for that. He is in this film a rat like creature who spreads disease and death, not turning victims into vampires but killing them outright. There is much here vampire fans will recognize though as he needs earth from his native land to rest in and only comes out at night.

The ending introduces (so I believe I've read) the myth of sunlight killing vampires and the finale is far better than 1931's Dracula which has a dull ending in my opinion. The film is full of amazing scenes and iconic horror moments. The use of shadow is perhaps the best special effect after Shrecks makeup. Shows the simple things are often the most effective, a lesson which nneds to be relearnt by today's movie makers who throw money and effects into a film thinking it will improve a piece of crap.

Not everyone will like this, its old and silent and for those who can't appreciate that it is surely their loss. I have seen Nosferatu many many times and will see it many times in the future. It never fails to captivate me.



A classic but not as good as I had hoped. I hadn't seen this since I was quite young and recalled it as slow and boring, I have a good memory but as an adult can appreciate it more now than then.

I have seen 1922's Nosferatu so many times that I couldn't help but compare this film to that one through out. I do like many of the differences but overall I will take the 1922 silent film over the 1931 film any day. It's simply a better version with a much better ending. The ending of Dracula was lousy and ruined an other wise decent film. I would say both Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein are superior to Dracula.

Lugosi is very good however as the Count and Dwight Frye is a good Renfield. I like the minimal special effects, the smoke, the rubber looking bat actually looks ok, several scenes especially early inthe castle are well done and atmospheric. Really its the lacklustre ending whihc brings the whole thing down for me. And for a film as short as this it crawls along, very similar to the slow and measured pace of Dracula himself.

Again if I compare this to Nosferatu there are many things which I prefer from the early adaptation. Still this is not a bad film by any means and is something I will watch again sometime in 10 or 15 years perhaps. Quite curious to see Dracula's daughter now.


Well I watched it so I should review it.

This movie sounds like it will be great entertainment but is just ok at best. I like that its sick and twisted, the actor and actress are both decent enough for the roles.

Somehow it fails to ever take off, it was recommended by Bill Murray though so ... it gets a point for that.

Low budget, low humour, low rating... but it is passable.

The Bride of Frankenstein

Most probably the first film sequel to surpass the original in overall quality.

This film is great, Karloff's portrayal is worthy of an Oscar as are the effects/makeup. The story continues right from the end of the first movie and tells of Dr. Pretorius wants to work with Henry Frankenstein on his experiments with life.

What makes this film better is Karloff's portrayal of the monster. In the first movie he is more of a monster, being pieced together from the dead, given an abnormal brain and then being brought to life in a lab with lightning. We have an idea there is more to the monster than a rampaging hulk and in the Bride of Frankenstein we see there is more humanity in the monster than most of the other characters.

From nearly the start you are on the side of the monster and throughout the film the viewer will sympathise more and more with it. It is an abomination against nature but still does not deserve the treatment it recieves. Several very touching scenes clearly display it is humanity which is the monster.

This film is fine by itself as at the beginning recaps the first movie but I would suggest watching them together for the full effect.


Far better than Dracula (although its been a long while since I watched Dracula) this is the horror movie which sort of started things in the sound era of the 30's. A couple silent horror classics of the 20's may have paved the way for this (Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and Nosferatu at the top of the list) but Frankenstein has more modern film sensibilites than them. This movie though deserving of a perfect score on its own is diminished a little by the follow up, I dare say the first movie sequal to surpass the original. To this day that is an awesome feat in my opinion as most sequals fail to deliver as well as the originals.

I'd have given this 100 but as great a film as it is I feel it is missing a little something. It feels somewhat incomplete, thankfully Bride of Frankenstein gives us the final ingredients. The two films should be viewed together to fully be appreciated.

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark

Oh come on now and be a little nicer towards this movie. Why? Because Elvira is just that darn likable. Well I think so anyway.

Sure there were some moments that made me think this is a waste of time but it's somehow saved by the campy, sexy horror hostess Elvira. If not for her the movie would be a complete waste. It may be I simply like a gothic sarcastic sexpot and cheap horror films and so that being the case this movie isn't that bad.

The 10th Kingdom

A wonderful and long fairy tale adventure. Has enough charm, humour and visual effects to work and work fairly well. Some favourite TV stars of mine from days gone by are in it. John Larroquette from Night Court and Ed O'Neil from Married with Children. Kimberly Williams is a little annoying but overall cute and likable.

The story is a little weak but its a fairy tale - the scenery is amazing, the effects are competant enough for a tv production.

The weaknesses can be ignored especially considering this was on TV for free and not in an overpriced theater. The dvd is very affordable and this is a good addition to any family collection.

Death to Smoochy

OK its not great but it deserves better than a 42% I think. This is a movie loaded with talent and although it should be better it settles for very good. Somehow the upbeat ending ruined it a little, should have had more bite. Does drag on a bit but overall a nice dark comedy. Obviously underappreciated in my opinion.

Taxi Driver
Taxi Driver(1976)

Well after watching Raging Bull for the first time I had to rewatch a movie I haven't seen in years to compare the two.

De Niro's characters in the two movies have some similarities, both dark and brooding and neither is very likable. Although his acting is great in both movies I think I Raging Bull is a better performance by a small margin.

Which movie did I like better. Tough call. I like the added starpoewer in Taxi Driver, Cybill Shepherd is at the top of her game here and looks great, Jodi Foster despite her age is amazing. She was also a very cute kid and grew up to be a beautiful woman. The first appearence of harvey Kietel was great and he stole that scene. I'm a big fan of Peter Boyle and his role was small but note worthy.

Both stories I'd say are about equal in their overall scope and power despite being very different in nature.

I was curious to watch De Niro's performance again as I said in my last review that Raging Bull was his best performance that I've seen. I will stand by that, Taxi Driver is right behind it though, I just think there was more behind the character of Jake in Raging Bull and so the performance was more nuanced.

I know I'm a generous reviewer but when I give a film 100% it means almost everything was done exceptionally well and the film has replay value. So you can be sure I will be watchin Taxi Driver again in the future.

Raging Bull
Raging Bull(1980)

Finally after years I see Raging Bull. Despite not liking the character of Jake Lamota there is little not to like in this film. The performances all around are fantastic, by far the best role I've ever seen De Niro play and Cathy Moriarty is beautiful and holds her own through out. The boxing scenes are top notch, gritty and real and the whole movies feels like it captures the essence of the times and the characters.

I don't know what to say, funny this film recieved mixed reviews on release and didn't make much money. Still something as well made as this movie can't be held down and its found its place among the all time film classics. Not sport classics mind you, film classics. This is not a movie about boxing in my mind, its about a man who happens to be a boxer.

Where the Buffalo Roam

Where do the buffalo roam, out on the plains I guess. This is an entertaining film. It isn't great but far from bad. It is based on Hunter Thompson so is entertaining and a little wierd, I think first time Director Linson manages to get the job done. The acting of Murray and Boyle is very good as well, I am a fan of both so that helps.

Where it fails is that Fear and Laothing came out and did everything better. This is sort of Like The Evil Dead to Loathing being Evil Dead II sort of the same thing but better.

This movie is worth watching if a fan of Thompson or Murray or a fan of an intelligent (sort of)drug comedy. I've seen it a few times and it holds up well over time so that is another sign of quality!

Spirited Away

Wit all the reviews already saying how GREAT this is I really dont need to bother. More vibrance and life and emotion to it than a dozen of Hollywood's so called best. This film is magic as are all of Hayao Miyazaki films. Amazingly he seems to always out do himself so I look forward to every new film and hope he never retires.

Seen Spirited Away a few times now and it is a undisputed Classic, animated or otherwise.

District 9
District 9(2009)

What I saw was a movie that deserves a 100% rating.

A gritty realisticlly told story with fine acting and effects, a fantastic script that delivers everything one would want in an intelligent and action packed sci-fi film.

The great thing was an ending which is sad, touching and poetic and leaves the door WIDE open for a sequal... we could call it District 10. Why waste thinking of any title other than that.

*batteries not included

Warm Fuzzies. That is what this movie is for me taking me back to the later part of the 80's and childhood memories.

Upon watching it 20 years later I have to say this movie is pure family entertainment magic. Its a drama with some moments of humour and a a sci-fi element which is very fairy tale like.

I should almost give it 100% but one part of the movie made no sense to me and could have been taken out or handled much better, I'm not gonna say what though.

Great kid film for sure!

10,000 B.C.
10,000 B.C.(2008)

I went into this movie knowing it was full of historical inaccuracies and some bad special effects and so I actually enjoyed it. Sometimes it helps knowing what you're getting yourself into.

No one who was involved with the making of this film to my knowledge ever said it was based on fact. Tarantino never said hey Inglourious Basterds is fact and we all know it isn't, its fiction for the sake of entertainment and perhaps has some substance which gives it a greater depth and meaning beyond merely escapism. This has little substance in it but has some nice effects mixed in with the bad one, some action and story with dashes of sci-fi added in for good measure.

Camilla Belle made the movie more watchable for me but how sad I was to find she has dark eyes and not the bright blue ones her character has in the film.

So yeah, had I seen this in theaters or shortly after I may have been disgusted but being prepared I was satisfied with it for what it was.

The Wrestler
The Wrestler(2008)

A very good movie with some outstanding performances. Without a convincing Randy this film would have been a farce and Mickey Rourke shines as over the hill wrestling legend The Ram. Add in a well done realistic script plus the addition of two lovely and talented ladies, Tomei and E.R. Wood and this is the surprise hit of the year.

Being a rather knowledgeable wrestling fan I thought the look and feel of the film felt right. The matches portrayed in the film covered a few styles did so well. Despite being a fake sport it takes a huge physical toll, inside and outside the ring.

Although a good movie with a good script and cast and well directed I can't say this film is for everyone, even some wrestling fans I know didn't enjoy it. I however did enjoy it, its a movie without a happy ending and I like those. The Wrestler wasn't a totally negative ending either and held a bit of hope to it and some glory but overall had more pessimism than optimism.

No Country for Old Men

Yup, I'll give this film 100. Why? I enjoyed it all, even the ending. Without a doubt in my mind I can call this a truly great film and if there are any flaws in it they don't bother me in the least. Short review but for something this good just watch it.


At the 35 minute mark I was finding myself bored and uninterested because I was expecting a comedy and I?d chuckled once, slightly. At the one hour mark I had become more interested realizing it wasn?t going to get funny but was more a teen drama. At one hour and ten minutes there was half a laugh. Slight chuckle at the Rush drum solo. At an hour and 27 minutes the happy ending is well on its way to being smooshed together. Three minutes later and the happy ending is smooshed some more and then some more and there are no laughs to be found, oh yay Frigo gets sacked. AND a happy ending for the main character.

Ok so all the ads I saw made it look like a comedy which I think it is safe to say it clearly isn't. Some good relationship drama which is all fairly realisticly done and then the happy ending which to me meant nothing cause I didn?t care about the characters and it seemed unrealistic.

So some fine performances in a go nowhere film pretty much means I?m disappointed. This is a better movie than Superbad but NOT a comedy, not even funny. Jesse Eisenberg sadly reminds me of the super annoying Michael Cera but with a little work can have that fixed. For me this moviw had one stand out performance by Kristen Stewart. The other actors were all very good but her performance was the acting highlight of the film.

I am looking at the dvd cover and it says "TRULY HILARIOUS" False, false and false. Even "Mildly Amusing" is far from the truth.

I found one or two songs which I liked but most of the music bothered me.

I don't think I will ever watch this again, I may watch Superbad again. So despite this really being a better movie in some ways.... its not.

Hellbound: Hellraiser II

After watching the first movie for the first time in more than a decade and a half I found it was a very good film. The look and feel and story all worked very well. So I was eager to rewatch the second forgotten film.

A slightly superior film im some ways but fails a bit at the end. Still it is done quite soon after the first and with more or less the same cast and crew I understand so its almost the same thing but as I said better mostly.

The story is actually very strong I thought and picks up just after the end of the first movie. All the acting again is above average for a horror film and the effects are very ambitious and mostly succeed.

So a rare film sequal which captures the look and feel of the first perfectly and expands on the world created by it interestingly enough.


I first watched Hellraiser in the late eighties or early nineties and was young. I enjoyed the style and gore but was left a little muddled by what was going on. I later watched the second and fourth and unlike the Friday's or Halloweens or Nightmares I never revisted the Hellraiser series until fall of 2009.

I still enjoy the stlye and gore but now the story made sense too. This movie despite being low budget stands up well in effects and makeup and look. The story is fine gothic type material and strange demons and mystical boxes. The acting is fairly good especially compared to most 80's horror efforts.

Very nearly reaches the level of great. Still forr horror fans a must see.

Get Smart
Get Smart(2008)

Expected more from Get Smart from what I had heard... guess I needed to hear more.

I remember the original series just slightly but I liked that kooky max Smart with the attractive partner. Of course I only remember it a little.

This movie starts off ok and flounders. It does deliver a few good laughs and several smirks. Some of the action works and some doesn't, at times is too action filmy a bit and other times too cartoony.

Steve Carell plays the character well, not a super spy guy, just average spy guy. I didn't get the whole part about Agent 99's cosmetic surgery and her being old and what not. Anne Hathaway is golden, she's going to have herself an oscar oneday I predict. No, no not for roles like this but she's got unflexed acting chops I think. Dwayne Johnson shows again he has charm and acting ability but still of a unknown depth. I would have preferred him to have remained a good agent and... well I'd have wrote a different script.

Not worth a trip to the theatre or to purchase... watch it on TV, after all it is a tv show.

The Golden Compass

Isn't this a love it or hate it film from the reviews. I don't know the source material but it sounds like I'd like it from what I've read. The movie had some problems but overall held together fairly well I thought. Very strong visual effects helped as did the young star, in her first movie can that be right?!? Dakota Blue Richards carried the film solidly throughout, it was HER movie without a doubt and thats saying a lot I think all things consisdered.

Why didn't it do better? Why did it cost so much to begin with? Why did it do so well overseas? Simple, they seemed to have been more in line with my thoughts that this is a worth while movie. So do the sequal, just do it RIGHT! I mean get a more qualified director, this movie was fine but a better director (and maybe less studio involvment!!!) would have probably resulted in a stronger film. Studios like to shoot themselves in the foot and then blame others. Spend a little less money, make a better film and the sequel should hit the $100 million box office mark with strong overseas legs and good dvd/blue ray sales it doesn't make sense not to greenlight it.

Castle in the Sky

I love to criticize and find things to dislike but with a Miyazaki film I just sit back and enjoy. Beautiful animation, epic fantasy story, plenty of action and a bit of humour. Great for almost all ages. Any criticism about this film will fall on deaf ears with me like any work from this director. Simply put I'd like to see you... (are you reading this HOLLYWOOD!?!) do better or even as good.

I've only got Porco Rosso and Ponyo to see now... that is for the first time. All of his films are on my repeat viewing list... maybe more so than Herzog and Kubrick.

The Devil's Rejects

Makes you forgive the first film, although it also makes you see the first film as a valuable learning experience and shows Rob is a fine student.

I hated the first film, good title but... I failed to find much in it to appreciate. I'm not sure when I first viewed The Devil's Rejects but I was wonderfully surprised by its overall quality. The acting, the story, the filming/photography and directing... everything was better, considerably better.

A future classic in the horror genre.

The Passion of the Christ

That is right, I give this movie 0% freshness cause it stinks that bad. And the fact its a nice looking pile of crap, say with some whip cream and a cherry on it and that so many people are eating
it up makes me want want to start feeding people to lions.

I'm not religious but am not deaf to the meassage of Christ and this film ha none of it. The detail and beauty of the overall film is fine, a masterful work in many aspects but what is the point? To watch the physical suffering of Jesus. Blah I enjoy cutting the lawn more than this. I am a huge fan of horror flicks and if i was to rate this as a horror film I'd give it a higher mark but as film which is is supposed to be glorify the man and his teachings this does nothing but turn him into a piece of meat.

Hell Gibson, I mean Mel is Church whipped and knows nothing of Jesus Christ. Oh wait look at the money it made... I bet he has a golden cow in his house. :D lol

Inglourious Basterds

Top notch cinema with a story involving cinema all done by a guru of cinema.

A great multi act story with some good and very good acting. To me it was an interesting twisting story which I saw the end coming from the mid point. That isn't bad though cause how you get to the ending is the good part and then there's the cap and the Tarantino finishing touch to end it off.

Yes a little slow here and there people but that's to build and add to the moment. If you can't appreciate it I'm sorry, go back to texting smiley faces. :) There is one moment in chapter 2 where he slows things down and adds a dramatic music to the film where the nazi captain is getting up to meet Pitt's character. Wonderful. Anyways I just see blurbs from other reviews beside mine saying too slow. Overall wonderful pacing as always.

Violence, not that violent, it is a war film. No actual battle footage, sort of a crime war revenge flick. A usual Tarantino blend.

Shows a bit of a maturing to his art which is to be expected. Still maintaining his style but adding to it and expanding it.

Brad Pitt somehow just does his thing and that is act. To me it seems he finds his character well and plays it in almost every role I've seen him in. Critics might say that one role Meet Joe Black kinda sucked, i recall it sucked but wasn't he playing death... what the hell was he being asked to do? The director was telling him he was death and had to try and understand humans or some such crap and I bet he's thinking, "If I'm death shouldn't I just want to kill them, why is death getting all gooey on emotions?"

I noticed a lack of tunes in the film... Quentin usually has great music in his films but this seemed lacking in it. Still what was he going to use. The music whatever there is I guess works and blends in.

what more can I add to this. Somehow as great as it is wasn't as good as Kill Bill which blew me away on many levels. The acting, the story, the violence, the emotion and power from start to end... Kill Bill 1 and 2 are a masterpiece... this is a masterpiece compared to most films that are made but lacking just a little somehow and somewhere to be my fave Tarantino Film or Pitt film for that matter.

Dementia 13
Dementia 13(1963)

First effort from a now legendary director. His talent is apparent in this low budget horror flick.

It's all a little corny but done in such a maner that it works out fairly well. I thought the story, acting, directing were all acceptable. I quite like the intro and the title sequence. Not scary but it is creepy and better than average for a B movie made with left over funds from a previous film. I thought it sounded like Elvis on the radio at the start and I guess it was, even that added to the film in its own little way. Worth watching for a few reasons especially if you like old b/w horror flicks.

The Howling
The Howling(1981)

A very good movie which holds up well after 30 years due to some great special effects and a very good ending.

Reading some reviews the complaints are this is slow and boring and not scary. I will agree it has little suspense, no scares and seemed not enough killings. However I did not find it boring, I thought it was an interesting story with a good open ending leaving way for a sequal of which there were many, 6 in total. I have seen most of them but its been 15+ years. I am curious to rewatch the 2nd one now to see if they continued sort of where this one ends. I remember the 3rd and that veered far from the original.

The story has a blond newswoman (names aren't important really) who has an encounter with a murderer and then at the insistance of her psychiatrist goes to a getaway to relax, it is called the colony and is out in the country. Her and her husband go and find other patients of the doctors out there as well and some locals. The doctor does join them as well on the retreat.

Throw in some werewolves and and a few small twists and voila, it writes itself more or less.

The acting was standard, the standout moment was when Eddie Quist returns from the dead, well he wasn't really dead because only silver bullets or fire can kill these werewolves, they can even regrow lost limbs. Despite being in a ton of makeup the performance was the best in this film and now that I've looked up the actor who played Eddie it was Robert Picardo, I know him best as the Doctor on Star Trek: Voyager. This was his first movie role. Interesting.

As said the special effects are top notch, even after 30 years. The human to werewolf transformations are quite convincing, even a scene where a cut off werewolf limb reverts back to a human limb. There isn't much blood or gore or killing. Oh well I guess. There is a clip of a viloent porn scene shown at the start and then later a bit of a sex scene but the movie could have used more of it as well. I guess it was made in 1981.

So not the best werewolf movie and not the worst. I'd say above average and with the great FX and decent ending this is above average.

88 Minutes
88 Minutes(2008)

Yes this is a bad movie but... it has a few worthwhile moments where it does work. I'm sure for those involved the worthwhile moments were cashing paycheques.

Off the start it grabbed me and then it sort of lost me a bit and left me thinking huh? why do movie characters do such dumb things... then it kind of grabbed me a bit again just to sort of dangle me like a blanket covered toddler over a railing. I didn't quite know what to think.

Thinking hard right now I am going to say the story wasn't that bad. The actors involved I know are talented and held up ok in this film. So where do things go wrong? Is the movie too long and slow, to fast and choppy? Some bad dialogue did hurt things, some characters motives weren't well explained and the ending was somehow satisfying but not quite right.

Oh well not that my rating means anything in anyway but I will give it a 60%. I am usually a kind reviewer and am going to remain so with this film.

Horror Hotel
Horror Hotel(1961)

Not quite a horror or suspense classic it still has a few worthwhile moments.

No horror by today's element's, at the time it was made it did have some I'm guessing. Maybe it has horror but just lacks modern gore. The story was decent and with a little work could have been much better. Acting was pretty good I thought and the production worked well. I found several shots quite gothic and suitable for the film.

Doesn't suit a suspense film because you know who's bad and doing what from the start and although the ending is semi tragic but happy it's too corny to hold up.

It's being remade? hmmmmm

Blood Creature/Werewolf in a Girls' Dormitory

I watch a lot of movies sort of as background entertainment while I'm doing art or writing or surfing the web or something. Now the movies I do this with are the low budget type like Blood Creature and Werewolf in a Girls' Dormitory but sometimes they turn out to be gems, maybe not rare or priceless but still gems with a shine and sparkle of their own.

This budget public domain offering double feature starts with Blood Creature, a competant if stripped down working of The Island of Dr. Moreau by HG Wells. The Novel was written by Wells in 1896 and first brought to the screen in 1933's The Island of Lost Souls. This version is as I said decent but not as good as the 1933 version. The sound was a bit choppy, the image a bit dark and grainy but overall watchable. The ending is ok and works for me. I can say there was effort involved and the film is enjoyable but does come off as a cheap Filipino version which is what it is.

It was again redone in 1977 which I haven't seen and then it was done in a pretty lame 1996 big budget version which was panned. This film isn't worth seeking out for any reason but is OK.

There is then a Popeye cartoon for the intermission which was OK as well, adds to the double feature - Drive in theme and experience of the disc.

Bringing us to Werewolf in a Girls Dormitory. Just doesn't live up to the great title. An OK if there is nothing else to watch sort of thing and even then its questionable.

Dawn of the Dead

George Romero had more to say about Zombies after Night of the Living Dead and this time its in colour.

Night of the Living Dead is a Classic Horror movie and to try and do a 2nd zombie film took some balls. Well George must have a big set cause he not only tried he delivered. Not only raising the violence/gore Dawn of the Dead also packed in more of a message and theme. A good movie of any kind should not just entertain but reflect upon the viewer in some way, allowing us to see things as they are through an art form portraying things as they aren't. Make sense?

Also a good horror film should leave teh viewer a little disturbed or rattled if not actually scared or frightened.

Dawn is a perfect sequal to Night....


Yes most people who know the name of George Romero think Zombies. He has made a couple of the best zombie flicks of all time and more or less created the modern zombie genre but what else has he done you ask.

Well I can't guarantee everyone will like this film but it is one of the best vampire films I've ever seen and i've seen most of the important ones.

Martin perhaps is the most realistic vampire movie because it takes the material seriously. Like Night of the Living Dead this is not done for shits and giggles its done to make the viewer think and uncomfortable. In my opinion this makes for the best horror film you can get, one which affects you if not by scaring you by disturbing you a little.

The film is a bit slow but it allows for the mood and atmosphere to grab you. It removes almost everything we know about vampires and the stereotypes and gives a new, modern look (not bad for a film from the 70's)while still giving us a recognizable vampire character.

I think the directing and story are great and the acting makes it all work, John Amplas as Martin is spot on, believable and well nuanced. The characters all seem real and plausible to me, and the twist ending works well.

I look forward to my next viewing of this film.

Beast from Haunted Cave

I like good movies and those can include low budget drive in fare from the 50's and 60's. This isn't one of them.

Although Beast from Haunted Cave has some elements working for it it has an equal number of things that don't work.

It has some thieves stealing gold and then planning on cross country skiing out of the area to meet a planned plane to get away. It is a snowy area with a ski resort nearby and talk of a cougar roaming. They blow up an old mine in the area to cause a distraction... while planting the bomb in the mine however the robber sees a large hatched egg, which worries him a little, especially when people are killed and attacked. Throw in an approaching storm and some innocents... man and woman and the thing writes itself, the bad guys all end up dead as well as the Beast, the good characters live to see THE END pop up over top of them as the Beast burns in the background.

The good, an OK story, has skiing, a robbery, mountains, two attractive enough leading ladies, an OK monster although nothing great. At times some competant acting, at times.

The bad, the story is just OK and had more potential, a little slow - boring, not the best pacing. A couple OK characters but overall none which interest the viewer much. Just not enough substance.

So basically this movie isn't worth watching, its real purpose was as a drive in film, something to go and make out at or to make fun at, not to really watch.

Better names would have been:
- Beast from the Mine or
- Beast from the Earth (a cave is naturally made and a mine isn't among other differences)
- Escape Attempt

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

I've been surprised since the day this hit theater it wasn't a smash hit. It wasn't in theaters long and each time I saw it there was only a handful of other people sharing the experience, and they weren't as appreciative of the film as I was. One remark I over heard from a young lady called it worse than Spice World.

Here on RT it has a Rotten rating. What is there not to love about this film? Perhaps the veiwer needs to have experienced some different chemical experiences to enjoy it fully as the film depicts almost every type of drug consumption possible. I have tried a few but never indulged near these levels, in fact they are of rock star proportions.

The film is like a drug trip, or several trips and the tagline for the film was 'Buy the ticket, take the ride.' To a casual first time viewer the story may not make much sense, who these people are and what they do is erratic and never clear. The situations change, suddenly without warning. I knew little of Hunter S Thompson before this film but know a considerable amount about him now.

This story is a glimpse into his mind. Despite the fact Hunter may not have liked the film, it faithfully depicts his writing. It is his life as he recalls it. Sure it may not be the way it happened but Thompson's 'Gonzo' stlye is about honesty and feeling. It is so wild and over the top most would dismiss it as nonsense. The truth is often stranger than fiction and I think that is the case with the story and its source material. A dark comedy bio type picture.

Terry Gilliam does his usual masterful job as director. Sure he's got a lot to work with here, great novel to work from, great actors and obviously the entire crew were skilled at their jobs. Still a director is vital, a poor director can ruin a film, a good director can save it.

Johnny Depp is cast perfectly as Hunter/Duke... Bill Murray first did the role in the early 80's in a film called 'Where the Buffalo Roam' and did a great job with it but one can tell the film had been watered down a little. Drug use was removed it seems and the character was more a goofy drinker and not a free thinking drug user anarchist. Still Depp brings the character to life and will later use some of these 'wierd' traits in Jack Sparrow. Differnt character but I think Sparrow and Hunter would have gotten along well.
Depp shines.

Not to be outdone Benicio Del Toro is as off the wall as Depp. He understands like Depp that these characters live to indulge their addictions to the fullest. They are libertines and as such have no rules. Still they're good people, sort of.

Some minor character cameos fill the film and add fuel for the pair to work off.

Is there a point, not really. It is fun, with a few somewhat odd reflective moments. Wonderfully wild and bizarre yet real and gritty, well acted and director with a great soundtrack. It is cinema worth seeing over and over again. Deserved Academy recognition for Best Director, Best Film, best Actor, best Supporting Actor, Best adapted Screenplay.

Let's see how the Rum Diary is recieved upon its release.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

**Added - anyone involved with the making of this should have to ritually take their own life.... ok maybe not but they can't be holding their heads very high with pride. Ff they are they're delusional.

I will keep this short.

The first movie did not deserve a sequal it was that bad. It did however make money and the folks in Hollywood don't mind making garbage if idiots go out and buy it.

I did not pay to see the sequal, saw it for free and am i glad. It was one of my least favourite theater experiences. Sure I've seen other clunkers on the big screen but this one is the King.

The Bad - No story, Too long, Lousy acting and complete pointlessness all around.

The Good - Well I guess I will say the FX's were ok, but when thats the best part of the movie then you have a problem and they weren't that good.

As much as I was dissapointed in the new Star Trek, this film is far worse and has nothing which really redeems it or makes it worth watching. Will there be a 3rd, oh you bet and if they can make it worse than this then we may have the worst movie of all time.

This movie does prove that the average adult male is no more intelligent than his 10 year old conterpart when it comes to movies. This movie is on the same level of Speed Racer, and that movie didn't fair so well. I guess a lot of adults still fondly remember their 80's childhood and those toys they got at Xmas and birthdays. Maybe they should make some other lame toy line into a movie... say G.I. Joe or My Little Pony. Wait, there is a G.I. Joe movie on the way... *yawn* It is time Hollywood got some creativity, good films are few and far between but with movie ticket prices as high as they are and ticket sales dropping every year... Theaters are on the endangered list. And is it any wonder????

Howl's Moving Castle

Cinematic fantasy done in ways which will leave you woozy.

To me the world of Howl's Moving Castle and it's intricacies is much more engaging and wondrous than say the Harry Potter films. Much more awe inspiring and artistically to my eye more beautiful than the cg rendered fx of live action films. Moments of tenderness and reflection which are far more moving than those offered in most other films as well as powerful and dark scenes.

This is probably my favourite Miyazaki film, perhaps because as fantastical as the other films of his I've seen are, they are firmly planted in realism. The fantasy world is there and it is a wondrous and also dangerous place, it is a place you visit and hopefully make it back from. In Howl's world though the whole story takes place in a world of fantasy, a world at war and a senseless war at that. It is actually the pointless war backdrop which presents the most realistic element of the story. Everything else is wonderland...

Howl is unusual and it is revealed why that is but overall he is almost a secondary character as he does little through most of the movie, things just revolve around him. Sophie and the supporting cast of characters steal the show, the castle in the film's title is an impressive presence as well.

I saw a review say this was far more imaginitive than the new Star Wars films and had a much better story.... It does on both counts.

After watching this just wonder for a moment what the man's dreams are like :P

Princess Mononoke (Mononoke-hime)

Hayao Miyazaki does not make bad films. Although they may not appeal to all his films are fantastical artistic masterpieces. I would have to say balance is almost the best word to describe the films of his I've seen. Although they go far over the top in way of fantasy it's balanced with a down to earth realism which makes giant talking animal forest gods and small head rattling tree spirits seem not unusual but perfectly normal.

Mononoke is epic and long but travels at a brisk pace and keeps one engaged with the well crafted tale and beautiful artwork. Not the favourite Miyazaki film I've seen (it is the first I saw though) I still have to give it a 100%.

The X-Files: I Want to Believe (The X Files 2)

This movie is a bit long and muddled, a little lacking in it's bite and fails to live up to the best the series had to offer but.....

it is much better than the first film in my opinion. The first movie was over the top, lacking in atmosphere and believability, and felt too lavish. I Want to Believe had some paranormal, sci-fi type medical stuff and spiritual elements, it had a dark and somewhat creepy atmosphere, it also had a realism the first lacked.

The characters are still themselves but a bit darker than before, a career as an FBI agent working on the X-Files might do that. I thought it did a decent job of showing us this and how they've been after the show... kind of as one would expect, Scully is a doctor and Mulder is a bearded hermit.

So I say there is room for a third film, several things can be done with the story and the characters which if done properly would perhaps finally give the X-Files a movie which harkens back to the quality of some of it's best episodes.

I Want To Believe does give fans something to believe in... just not quite enough of it to be great.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

So many great films have been made and to see some reviews call this one of the greatest of all time makes me think the reviewer is limited in what they've watched in their life.

Bejamin Button is an excellent film and in time should become a classic. One of the greatest films of all time though I suppose is a matter of opinion. I can say that I've viewed it three times this past week and find it a film with few flaws. But life isn't perfect and to expect a movie to be perfect is daft.

The story is all centered around the death of an elderly woman named Daisy while her daughter Caroline reads the diary of Benjamin, the love of her mother's life. If having Daisy on her deathbed in a hospital room isn't enough to keep the atmosphere of these scenes dramatic the present day story is set in New Orleans as Hurricane Katrina is approaching land. Some heavy stuff here.

As Caroline begins to read aloud her voice is replaced with that of Benjamin Button who tells the story of his life, a very normal life except for two things. The first is he was born old and ages in reverse, becoming younger as everyone around him ages and dies. And the second thing which makes his life extroadinary is the relationships he has throughout it, most importantly the life long one he has with Daisy.

The story is very good, if you tell me it's stupid that he ages backwards or an old man and a young girl aren't gonna develope a friendship, well you're out to lunch and missing the point. Any flaws in the story are so minor they can be forgiven, if you even notice them. The love story between Daisy and Benjamin is well done and portrayed. No relationship is easy and with Benjamin's reverse aging the difficulty is increased. Also it shows what I believe is important, that even when two people love each other and want to be together, some times it isn't enough to make it work out happily ever after. Thus in both of Benjamin's relationships it is shown that it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. I've read it is drastically different than the short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald but retains a few key elements. I guess I'd have to read the story to see the differences, and so I shall one day.

The special effects are very good, for me they blend in almost seamlessly with the film. I quite like some of the flashback scenes, especially the more comical struck by lightening ones. Also the last time I watched it for some reason there was no colour.... the movie I think is even better all in b/w But I like old movies.

The acting is all excellent, Brad turns in another performance further cementing him as a living legend of cinema. Haha maybe thats overdoing it a little but not much, the films he's done speak for themselves, critically and commercially. Maybe not his best or most powerful but with the aging process and the characters unusal upbringing I felt as if Brad knew that Benjamin (or maybe the director knew) that having started life physically old and growing up with old people would be a mellow almost zen like figure. I don't beleive you ever see Benjamin get mad, a little upset by his father but is wise enough to let it go.

Cate also delivers a first class performance, looking gorgeous while she does it. She also seems to know her character well, and wouldn't it be hard loving someone, who although mentally your age is physically much much older. She is the first who though truly gets past the age and wants things to get sexual.

Some will wonder why Benjamin didn't accept Daisy's first offer of sex, why he almost got angry with her for pushing the issue. He had that insight, from his unique upbringing that the time wasn't right, he cared for her too much and wasn't going to ruin her youth, which she did go on to enjoy, both with her dancing and free spirit lifestyle. He knew his physical age (appearance wise) would interfere with her life. However just a few years later, looking even younger he sought her out and found she was a little too wild and free spirited for him to handle, thus proving his insticts right in the first place.

And all the other performances sparkled, not a single one was phoned in on this film.

So the story, acting, FX's were all very good. What was it I disliked about the film? Not much really. I don't know, I guess I will have to agree with one review I skimmed over which said it was sanitized. For a film which depicts an entire life, a couple of lives and deals a lot with life and death the film never gets its hands dirty. Now I will admit I don't even know what I mean by that. The closest it came was when Benjamin said that death didn't seem natural at sea, at war. Oh and a little bit at the start where Mr. Cake the clockmaker says he made his clock so that the men in the war might come back, while we see soldiers fighting in reverse and the scene of him at the station sending his son to war also in reverse. Somehow the clock was tied to Benjamin Button and his aging in reverse, although I can see no clear connection.

So I can't write anything bad about the film. Wish I had seen it in theater but ... no bunny to go see it with. Criterion Collection however is probably better, still no bunny.

An overall great film which deserves more than one viewing.

Friday the 13th

Oh how tortured a soul must Jason Vorhees be, always returning from the grave much to the delight of his fans usually to be put into a terrible film. He needs a new agent for sure.

Seeing as the last several Friday films have gotten stupider, so stupid we even get Jason in space (the only one I haven't seen) it did seem the right time for a reboot. There was a very good Freddy vs Jason film which managed in my opinion to get things mostly right. So I was hopeful this new Friday would possess the quality of that film. Maybe it was the absence of the talkative Freddy Krueger but this film had little entertainment value.

It starts off promising with black and white footage of the night Mrs. Vorhees is beheaded with a machete by the last surviving camp consellor. Jason is alive in the bushes watching this scene and after the survivor leaves Jason goes and says goodbye to his mother and picks up the Machete.

It is kind of a quick recap of the first movie with a young Jason added at the end. Really if he was alive I'd think he'd have run out of the bushes to his loving mother who would have then felt terrible for killing all the consellors, he doesn't though.

Jump ahead 20 years and a group of 5 young people head to the area looking to find a Field of Pot they've heard of, they plan to steal it and sell it, maybe smoking a little in the process. Then we see Jason has Grown up and doesn't like young people who engage in sex and pot smoking. They all die. Wonderfully Jason is wearing a sack over his head like he did in the 2nd or the original series. I liked it.

Then we have the title come up Friday the 13th. So far so good, a long intro with 6 kills and some tits. Off to a roaring start, i looked forward to seeing what would come.

However I soon realized the rest of the movie was not going to live up to the long intro. Some moments were very good but so little seemed to make sense, I know it's a slasher flic but even i could write better material.

The enjoyment of the film is seeing dumb, idiotic good looking people killed by an angry wild man who I've always felt a little sorry for. He was a sickly deformed child, thought to have drowned at a summer camp but who survives and then sees his mother beheaded as she tries to punish those who hurt her son. Mostly Jason kills peolpe who are unlikable and similar to those who were the consellors at his camp. So he didn't drown but grew up in the wild, somehow overcoming his physical ailments he grows big and strong. It has never ever been alluded to in any film but it is my opinion he probably canabalizes his victims. Just my idea.

So like a standard slasher flick we meet a group of good looking teens and watch them get picked off. However the whole presentation is a weak, garbled mess. The killings aren't that interesting, the one interesting twist is ruined by a lousy ending. A lot of it was too dark and choppy to see what the hell was happening. We do get some nice tit scenes, although they even seemed poorly done.

The end is a joke, it's almost like there was none written and it was made up as they shot. It could have ended better in several ways but by that time I was happy it ended.

So I'd suggest you watch the opening and once the title comes up hit stop, otherwise a terrible movie will ruin a great intro.

I understand a Nightmare on Elmstreet remake is in the works... with Robert Englund it should be great, just keep the director and writers and crew behind Friday the 13th away from it. Because of them Friday the 13th suffers a slow and terrible death. Poor jason deserves better, no wonder he can't stop killing.