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End of Watch

End of Watch(2012)

Okay, let's get the main gripe out of the way: The implausibility of all these scenes on these cameras being recorded. I'm not talking about the main characters, I can understand the two of them doing this, but the fact that the bad guys are recording all of their illegal activities on a camera stretches credibility. Surely they wouldn't be that stupid? Despite that, all the performances are filled with great charisma, allowing for everyone to get a great handle on each of their characters and share some wonderful chemistry with one another. The main stars, Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peņa, are the main examples of this, playing characters who, under usual circumstances, would be deemed as a-holes from the get-go, but thanks to the performances, are characters we genuinely care for, who we want to succeed and survive till the end of their shifts so they can make it back to the ones they love. It's thanks to this great chemistry and performances that the films overcome the usual cliches we'd see within cop films and handheld footage films, allowing for an engaging and likable buddy cop film. Plus, where else will you see Ugly Betty wielding a gun?