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Politiki Kouzina (A Touch of Spice)

Sensitive and sweet as the scent of cinnamon! We are impressed and pleasantly startle us!

Better Things

In a asyschetisto 90lepto which aspires to capture the weight of the human soul. Through human avatars, who depart have lost their way in the hard paths of life.

Mary and Max
Mary and Max(2009)

Mary and Max is littered with wonderful touches but keep your eye out for the Que Sara Sara scene, which is marvellously provocative: a whirlwind of emotions rendered through gloriously imperfect aesthetic. It is a standout moment in a standout movie.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

summers success give you all you need to see from a action movie.the effects are just perfect and the battles between the transformers are epic.


based on the comic is a very good job of miller 300 may not be consistent according to the actual story, but shows a story of bravery and tharous 300 Greeks who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of their country.the GRAPHICS alive with tremendous detail based in the amazing of my favourite(greek storys)movies

Mr. Brooks
Mr. Brooks(2007)

An original, fresh, another thriller, with a view and brightness, which, despite borrowing elements from other films of the kind left in the preamble to the viewer for some time after the visibility.

17 Again
17 Again(2009)

Flows smoothly, without the Rabelaisian humor of American Pie style movie with some very good moments like the Ned flirtation with the school director, in the language of Lord of the Rings, the Westron. A few moments but will probably find boring.

Star Trek
Star Trek(2009)

The whole scenario can be a little ... dead, but we like the sci-fi entertainments, where overflow of imagination, charm and special effects. The humour used in the correct dose and make the movie even more irresistible.

Hannibal Rising

Compared with previous ones, is significantly will spend a good two hours, but after a while is not going to remember.

Terminator Salvation

I believe that a real director with the same batzet and a better scenario, could actually have done wonders with the story and was probably the classic film.

Zorba the Greek

"You will live a thousand years." *Yes, a person from Crete is called a favourite one......

My Life in Ruins

is a somewhat funny movie that is fine to view greek but i dont like the movie a lot.

The Sixth Sense

M. Night Shyamalan top film.scary as need brilliant performance by bruce willis and Haley Joel Osment a very big tallent of the future hollywood.the end was breathtaking


one fairytale for kids.very nicy.take you in a place that every child would like to be..Robin Williams i think that feet the role in him no the oposite..

First Blood
First Blood(1982)

all time classic hero...the movie(together with rocky)that make stallone super movie star

The Ring
The Ring(2002)

naomi wats was perfect for the role..magnificent story..the last scene is one of the best i have seen in horror movies..

The Wrestler
The Wrestler(2008)

micky rouke best performance...and i believe tha last one


Some stand out as the `fly the milk

Slumdog Millionaire

The most optimistic film of the decade

Lady in the Water

cute movie byt very poor script and sometimes boring

Scream 2
Scream 2(1997)

one of the best in its of the best horror sequels

Pan's Labyrinth

its one he most nice story i have ever see..dark and brutal some times..i like it

The Green Mile

tom hanks top 5 of the best plots i see


a movie that pout spilberg in the topof holluwood...change the way we go to sea in our

District B13 (Banlieue 13)

The film of Luc Besson, the innovative technical and artistic expression sets a new and acute human sensitivity and relies on the position of individuals in all.

Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe(2008)

The truth is that everything begins and ends suddenly, at the same point, the zero point. To our blocking a truth we already know. The human loss becomes painful for those left behind

Peur(s) du Noir (Fear(s) of the Dark)

Peur (s) du noir combines the Japanese with American comic presents strong draftsmanship that gives an alternative form of the classic animation and manages at times to take-offs as the animation art

Che: Part Two (Guerrilla)

The film Guerrilla, more emotional than The Argentine, but more focused on the psyche Che Guevara, along with the first part is a reference point for modern history

Che: Part One (The Argentine)

Notwithstanding any objection to the mythopoiisi of Czech film with the rotation of pictures in black and white and color film help viewing the movie with interest, gives a PARALLILA ntokymantairistiki dimension. I expect new special interest the second part of the film for Che Guevara called "the, Guerilla"

Nothing But the Truth

Interesting story dosmeni smart, great cast, good pace, especially for the kind of film that could very easily become boring and a very good direction without many many famfares with only "lakouva" quite the belly at the waist, once the facts stopped running

Coco Before Chanel

As the project Life as Rose, so the Coco avant Chanel presents the life of a strong personality who broke social barriers and resulted in individual recognition.

The Terminal
The Terminal(2004)

spilberg and tom hanks together again.very nice movie.SENSITIVE romantic with humor and a dose dramatos.for sure is that you have pleasant hour.


very nice movie.a boy in a house trye to find whtas wrong with the strange neighbor

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Inspired by true story or not i like it.The overall climate in the movie.seamless run and dont want something other than a film type like this


Kathy Bates take tha oscar fo the leading role...the rest movie is nice nothing amazing

Edward Scissorhands

one the best movies of jonny depp..emotionaly..its a fairytail

Back to the Future

amazing plot and changing of scenes a zemeckis resolutionary movie...its history

A Beautiful Mind

Crowe and crew deliver top-flight performances. of the best films of rasel crow


The General made a slave. The slave who became a gladiator. The gladiator who apsifise an empire.. epic movie rasel crow on of the very best in our days..

Spider-Man 2
Spider-Man 2(2004)

my favourite super hero on a super movie.the effects are from another planet..together with batman(2008)this are the top movies of super heroes

Pulp Fiction
Pulp Fiction(1994)

You won`t know the Facts until you`ve seen the Fiction

Bad Boys
Bad Boys(1995)

an unbeatable dyï.action movie with all tis.and alot of good humor between the two staring acters

The Talented Mr. Ripley

the best film of Matt nteimon beautiful story, plot and good performances.nteimon showed that has a GREAT actress polth

In the Electric Mist

Having made that could, the French director polypragmon arrived near the «peiragmeni» print up the competition in Berlin, met with indifference, and from there onwards following an expected path to a grim future.

Lola Montès
Lola Montès(1955)

one of the best restorations of classic films that I have personally attended. And just what would be a sin not to seize this unique opportunity


all the movie its just fantastic i love wachting it again and again..every time you feel that life is so of the best of 00s


His whole life was a million-to-one shot!stallones start as action movie character.he is note good actor buti can not imagie anubody else for this role..

Schindler's List

Whoever saves one life saves the world..the best drama movie of spielberg.truly a master piece

The Truman Show

In air. Without he
know.the best movie of jim carey.amazinig story

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

It's easy to delete somobody your mind ...
but difficult to get from your of the very best of careys films

Silent Hill
Silent Hill(2006)

based one he game it very good some scenes are cory from the movie nothing special a bit scary

The Hills Have Eyes

The lucky ones die first ...

The Abyss
The Abyss(1989)

A Place on Earth, much more terrifying than any in space

The Terminator

arnold Schwarzenegger bigest and most well know character.a film tha rote history..asta la vista baby....

Dead Silence
Dead Silence(2007)

nice story boring the rest but nice the ending socking


a movie with a lots of meanings.the best dezine animation in our days.mayde the best movie of 2008

The Iron Giant

The Iron Giant fairly towers over its competitors.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

a non pixar movie that is amazing dezining

Spirited Away

the best japanese master piece

The Little Mermaid

one of the all time classic


like it say its fantstic.all time classic movie.walt disneys hand made

The Godfather, Part III

the end of the trilogy with also a master piece desoite is not as good as the rest is miles better than others films

The Godfather

the best gangster movie in the history...

Carlito's Way

a scarface scent in the atmospere..


Loved the American dream. pacino in his best times

A Clockwork Orange

The adventures of a young, interests who are rape, excessive violence and Beethoven.

Somers Town
Somers Town(2009)

Within seventy minutes the Meadows fills the cold, black and white shots with emotions, photographing frame - frame the birth and evolution of a friendship.

Last Stop 174 (Última Parada 174)

a modern social melodrama, giving weight to both central and individual stories from that, the central protagonist and the image of people who govern


Starting with some interest (but with a very classic style reminiscent of a little Saw) concludes Kaffir, social (in bad sense) and fairly predictable


Can the movie with his presence Neeson to take some points but it manages to stand out from the pile and a scenario is poor on each side with plain characters caricatures

Eden Lake
Eden Lake(2008)

Doll outside and inside plague. Unstable, unable to find a steady pace and even more to settle whether this is a normal commercial thrileraki aimed at young audiences and a strong slap in the system and society

Apollo 13
Apollo 13(1995)

Houston, we have a problem..from the best movies based on true story.ron howard is painting

Twelve Monkeys (12 Monkeys)

The future is history.bruce and brand excellent duo.amazining story..crazy music

The Karate Kid

a strong relationship between teacher and student.learning that life is not only the arms but the mind and heart that they take you front ..

Drag Me to Hell

finally after so much years a very good horror/thriller the best of the last 5 years..well done

The Bourne Identity

mat deimon is the perfect man for this role..very nice movie.action and mystirious too

Scent of a Woman

my favourit al pacino is of the best movies and performances ever

The Grudge
The Grudge(2004)

the japanese was better.few scenes of horror.poor movie


very brutal.reach people order their toys

Independence Day

a block buster with amazing effects

The Last Samurai

the book was far better than the movie.but i like the movie of tom crusie best performance

The Ladykillers

black comedy.not the strong curt for tom hunks

Malcolm X
Malcolm X(1992)

the best performance of denzel Washington and maybe one of the 5 bestof the last 15 years

Ocean's Eleven

the best casting ever play together.

The Others
The Others(2001)

nikol kidman very nice performance.nice story atmospere in the house..close all the lights and see it

The Perfect Storm

very nice movie enjoyable bat same facts are true fake..very good cast and carracters


amazining story.boys becoming animals in the fire of war.epic war movie


very entertaining movie clever script but poor story...

I Am Legend
I Am Legend(2007)

new york empty..and lotsof powerfull zombies hunting tha will of the very best hits of will smith

Dawn of the Dead

if you like zombies this gone be one of you re favourite.lots of zombies trying to get inside a mall to eat the last(?)menkind.survive is everything

30 Days of Night

i like this kind of the idea of 1 month in cant escape so you have to fight.brilliant would be better with alternative end

The Thing
The Thing(1982)

classic.amazing.scary(not any more)horror movie in our days sould be like this one

The Shining
The Shining(1980)

from the front page you realize that jack nickolson is crazy...the madness him selff


horror in space..nothing better..


one of the classic horror movies you have to see..just like that

Let the Right One In

The «Let the right one in» is a dramatic love story in pure form which has many elements of the vampire myth and terror and splater landscape shown in white to give a different hue...i love it

Saving Private Ryan

one of the best war movies..spilberg painting on tom hanks.great work.


the best Unexpected end in movie i have ever seen...


in 1960 alfred hitscok directed one of the best ever horror movies or scary if you like

Sex and the City

the best film for women.for the rest one enjoyable movie to see and relax

The Silence of the Lambs

antony hopkinks play one of the best(if not the best)roles of his life as of my favorite thriller movies and in now days its one of the movies you call...must see...

The Prestige
The Prestige(2006)

very nice movie..hugh and cristian are amazing torether..also the historical people like tesla and entison is something spacial in this magical film


together with the batan movie(2008)this 2 are the best heroe movies until now

Jurassic Park

when we talking about scince fuction movie this is the irst one coming in my head and the second one...Steven Spielberg the corleone of hollywood

Cidade de Deus (City of God)

Fernando Meirelles is directed something more like documentary because this is about life in brazil its 100% true and its 100% masterpiece


from the best movies for the casinos..what realy is going on in this of de niro 5 best movies

The Deer Hunter

in the begining is a bit boring but when they finally go to vietnam...hell just start..robert de niro one of the very best and he prouve it in this role

The Count of Monte Cristo

the novel of alexandre dumas coming alive in the big screne.very nice movie


nice movie.true store and true talent from mel gibson as woualas and as director.very nice job

Finding Nemo
Finding Nemo(2003)

maybe the best animetion of the last 5 years...

Boogie Nights

Paul Thomas Anderson saw as that he is capable for great thinks.the movie???one of my very bests

Gran Torino
Gran Torino(2009)

One of Clint Eastwood's finest movies.Bad news though,is that he stated this would be his final movie.
Gran Torino came out on 2008,but definitely belongs to classics.One 'classic' American guy in a poor neighbourhood,who refuses to accept the phyletic changes into his beloved American neighbourhood/Country.

Jeepers Creepers

i like the dark filling in the movie the unstopable hunting that you now you will never escape...cripe

Wrong Turn
Wrong Turn(2003)

have 3-5 scary scenes but nothing more..despite the bas criticks i like it...


The new Pixar film after the excellent «Wall-E», is filmed in three-dimensional digital format and was chosen to open the curtain of this year's Cannes Film Festival. It is worth noting that this is the first time an animated film shown at the Festival premiere in Cannes

The Dark Knight

for me the best super heroe movie together with spiderman..

Bram Stoker's Dracula

Francis Ford Coppola drawing the true dracule the blood maniac

There Will Be Blood

very nice movie but boring.daniel is maybe his best of his age actor alive

Training Day
Training Day(2001)

Denzel Washington is the movie.its nice no dout for that but Denzel make the difference big difference


a bit scary for gids movie but i like it very much.nice dezining.nice colors and story..

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

very nice story.brand pitt show that if he want to he is amazining actrer

American History X

the best performance of edward norton

Toy Story 2
Toy Story 2(1999)

very rare but yes is better than the first one....better than the best???yes it is...........

Toy Story
Toy Story(1995)

this one start it one of my very best 5 movies.strong story.nice animation.and the voices are just perfect.tom hancs is as good as like staring performer

Dragonball Evolution

a huge disaster...all fans waiting all this years for a nice movie and they come up with this?

Angels & Demons

too much run but nothing more.the davinci code was better

The Lion King II: Simba's Pride

good bat note like the first one.nice story better picture than the first one.missing the magic of the very best lion king


in the bottom it can be only one....the evil


Nothing on earth could not be placed between them....a biblic movie.the ship.the muth.the true story that sock the world in 1912.james cameron master piece

The Lion King

with few words one of the very best cart.movies ever....just like that.nice story very emocianally and great music very best one

Forrest Gump
Forrest Gump(1994)

The world will never be the same after the show with the eyes of Forrest Gump.the hole movie is a master piece.tom hanks one of the few.....