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Andrew's Review of Kick-Ass

5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


(Spoilers contained within)

Kick-Ass is fantastic fable that aims to please and gives the watcher piece of mind on how the world works. Of the reviews I have read for this movie - many of them will say that it is half good and the half they point to as being good is Kick-Ass's reckless exploration of the "Superhero" occupation and what risk was involved with being a Superhero.

These people are idiots. I give this film 90% because I did not like Kick-Ass (played by Aaron Johnson) very much. He seemed to not have depth or wit - the kind that it would take to be a superhero. People that have superhero qualities strike me as the right types of people that would try to be superheroes.

Hit-Girl was, in a word, AMAZING. We will likely see Chloe Moretz in future roles in much the same way we will see Sharlto Copley in future roles. Hit-Girl was a dangerous and ferocious kid that would fire bullets through people's heads and stab them to pieces! I thought I was watching Kill Bill all over again! Hit-Girl was as good as "the Bride" and she even drops f-bombs and c-bombs to boot.

The critics that think Chloe did a bad job or those that think that the moral implications of making this actor play this role was abomination from hell should get hit by a meteorite and struck by lightning. Her job was to be the "CRAZYWOMAN" girl that deals with life adversity by battling her opponent. The culture that she is exposed to teaches her to drop f-bombs and steals her innocence. These things are perfectly plausible in today's world. Much (again) like the Monkeys and Typewriter in the infinite monkey theorem we could definitely have a viable existing human candidate for each of the characters that exist in this film. That being said, why limit a film to show us and employ actors to show us only what we all agree is morally and ethically ok? That is a DUMB idea!

Finally, let me point out that Christopher Mintz Plasse did a fabulous job with Red Mist. It was easy to see that he was on the fence with the morality and direction of his father's enterprise and he was debating whether or not Kick-Ass could be his friend - something that it was made VERY VERY clear he needed. He wanted to show defiance but was afraid of the serious nature of his father. In the end it is the antagonist of this movie, Frank D'Amico (played WELL by Mark Strong) that tells his son (Red Mist) to defend him from Hit-Girl. Hit-Girl had just (conveniently) killed all of his other bodyguards in a bloody and violent and terrifying way. Red Mist had protection until the end and then his father tried to feed him to Hit-Girl.

All I can say is, WOW! HELL YES!! When I grow up I want to be like Hit Girl. See this on the big screen before it is too late. Bring a date. Bring your wife/husband and hire a sitter. It's definitely worth it.

*** out of ****