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Avatar (2009)
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I went to this expecting what one so often sees out of Hollywood these days: a pretty light show clashing with a lackluster story.

But out of nowhere, this film (to which I was dragged by a friend) actually lived up to Cameron's bombastic pre-release claims, expanding the boundaries of what cinema has accomplished up to this point.

I have not encountered a cinematic environment this immersive before. These special effects are not present for special effects' sake; they work effectively to build an attachment to this new world and its characters.

While the plot may seem rather dogmatic or even two-dimensional at times, this "fairy tale" atmosphere only adds to its charm.

W. (2008)
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I am so glad we have a wondrous film director like Oliver Stone to enlighten us as to the shortcomings of a man none of us would ever suspect as being anything less than the most magnificent apex of human evolution. What's so beautiful about this film is that the jokes have never been heard before; the reenacted scenes in which former President Bush awkwardly misspeaks were secret prior to this production. Every scene in which the glorious film crew allows us to laugh at or sympathize with a representation of the former president is as innovative as it is effective. I just couldn't stop myself from bursting out in joyous chortles!

No. Just... No. There was absolutely nothing the least bit creative, original, or entertaining about this. There is not enough material here to justify thirty minutes of run time, let alone two hours. This is a terrible film, totally devoid of humor, dramatic purpose, or entertainment value.