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Mommy (1994)
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Worst Movies Ever Made Part 4 of 12:

Mommy (1994)

I got this movie in a "Horror Classics" 10 pack for Christmas one year, I assume it came from JV Bargins. It is so so so damn bad that I laughed!

It's about a little girl who's mum is psychotic (she also killed her father a few years ago) and wants her to do well and then after her mother murders her teacher for not giving her the class mate of the year award a big investigation starts and more people start dropping off.

This movie is full of cheesey dialogue and diconnected voice-overs by the little girl that suggest that this movie is intended as a poignant family drama.

The mother seems to love her daughter so so much yet there is this totally random scene at the end in which the mother tries to kill her! I laughed during that scene because their idea of a climatic scene involves a dog coming out of nowhere and attacking the mother and in this very scene the girl hits her mother with a metal bar and then the mother begins a speech of "who loves you more than anything on God's green earth?" and the daughter breaks down sobbing and embraces her mother, Yes you mother who just tried to kill you for no reason loves the shit out of you!

Poor script, woeful acting, bad cinematography and cheap film quality give this movie a "home-video" feel. The actress playing the mother, Patty McCormack, was nominated for an Oscar some 50 years ago for "The Bad Seed", I guess talent goes with age.

Well I give this trashy b-movie zero stars