BigSmella's Rating of Thor

Big's Review of Thor

6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


Save for the vehicle which carries the film - Thor, himself excellently cast and portrayed - this film is boring trash: Another LORD of The Rings Redux, and Marvel Mash-up of digital bore. Portman is annoying, and about the shallowest character she's subjected herself to: you get the feeling her entire role was filmed over a weekend. The intro - which is later replayed - gives an idea early in the film to 'Be prepared for some rubbish.' The score sounds like an extract from an early 80's Saturday-Morning superhero cartoon; recycled A.C.Clarke quotes from movies that are actually good)...just really terrible stuff here folks. Alright, Thor's wonderland, (including the dependable Anthony Hopkins,) beautiful digital mattes of the Cosmos, a sweet GateKeeper, and a sort of Klatu-Bot which shoots a ray of fire from his face - are quite solid and pretty cool, yet easily lost & quickly forgotten amongst the BORE that is THOR.