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6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Fast Five

Fast Five(2011)

...much like Dwayne Johnson's previous - nonstop, adrenaline-laced tour de force, FASTER - this film opens like a rabid dog torn through a chainlinked fence, and doesn't stop til the houselights go up. Bloody Cool. It is refreshing watching a film which actually delivers on the expectations. *NOTE: I haven't seen the first four, cause honestly, my brothers love em' (and they prefer movies which suck); and the glimpses I did happen upon, also satisfied my expectations: Digital car-crash-trash & hyped-up ego yuppie-banter. To recall a comment made by Quentin Tarantino on production of his Vehicular-Throwback "DEATH PROOF" (a homage to the classic 'Car Crash & Chase' filmmakers of an expired era,) "CGI for car stunts doesn't make any sense to me; how is that supposed to be impressive?" - FFive is loaded with amazing stunts, innovative camerawork, (which by my observation, utilized minimal CGI,) and created something simply awesome...and above all, was grounded by plot and characters which weren't completely asinine, a mos def rarity these days. And the music: the subtle excitement of which Brian Tyler fuels the escalation is mastercraft; reminiscent of Mark Mancina's influence on the high octane film "SPEED". The definition of a great time at the movies. Bravo! (Maybe D.Johnson shouldn't have ditched that nickname which carried him into the mainstream film so soon; his movies continue to only get better: the way I see it - he is THE ROCK in Big Cinema.)