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7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3(2010)

I had a feeling going into the theater that when it was all said and done, and the now Toy Story TRILOGY would end, that the third and final film would become my favorite animated film ever. Toy Story 3, the last Toy Story film, did just that.

Many people worried that this seemed a silly way to bring the characters back one last time. Those people probably made like an Ostrich and stuck their head in the ground after the beautiful way Toy Story 3 re-introduced and sent off the characters.

Plot: Most know the plot by now. It was exceptionally perfect, showing someone in command, then others rebelling against the corrupt authority and yet keeping the Pixar charm to entire all demographics. There are many moments that will make you teary, weather from laughter or from sadness. Those who were major fans since in 1995 from the first one obviously felt high emotions at the end.

Characters: Buzz, Woody, and all the gang got the proper send off they deserved. My only problem is that what I find now repetitive is that the gang do not listen to Woody when he is telling the truth. The truth about Buzz in the first being alive, and now this, you would think they would learn to trust him? No matter, it is not a very big deal and the great thing about this is that no characters get very major changes. Woody is the same as he was in the first film and as are all the characters which is very fantastic.

My Enjoyment: Many films can be great, but boring. Others can be terrible, but very fun. This was neither. It was a fantastic watch and I had a fantastic time watching it.

Overall: An excellent way to end the Toy Story Trilogy. It is either my second or third favorite trilogy ever.