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Martin's Review of Inception

7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


My first review after I have reset them. Inception was my choice because not only is it my favorite film so far this year, it is my 10th favorite film of all time.

The Plot: Most of you know the plot by now, and I think most of us can agree, it is very genius. The whole concept of dreams in dreams, inception, extraction, filling the mind with your subconscious, and such, are just works of a true artist. I was beginning to lose hope in Christopher Nolan after I only slightly liked The Dark Knight, but turns the table on me. I owe you, Chris, my deepest apologies. My friend and I (both nerds I might add) discussed the film the whole time while it was playing, to make sure we were on the same page and to understand what was going on. To do that to two nerds, I salute you.

The Characters: Before seeing the film, every review mentioned the genius, the dreams within dreams, but never once the characters. I thought they were good, but not perfect. This is not Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter where characters are the #1 motive of the film, but rather a side of the film we can appreciate. Usually, when characters are put second to plot, I never would like it as much where as if characters were put over the plot. There is simple story of a man wanting to get back to his family. Not many other character details are given, but in a very, very rare occasion: it works for me.

The Acting: Superb. DiCaprio, Gordon-Levitt, Page, all of them were perfect for their roles I believe. Page espically. A normal college girl whose curiosity gets her way over her heard. They all fit their roles and there did not seem to be any slip-ups in terms of acting.

My Enjoyment: Many films I go in to see and watch to criticize and applaud, at the same time as thinking about the acting and plot. I try in my head to work out my review before I even finish watching the film. I had no chance to do that here, as I enjoyed every second of it.

Overall Verdict: One of the best films I have ever seen, 10th all time for me to be exact. The best movie of 2010, and there are few left that have a chance to contend.