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The Last Airbender
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

M.Night Shyamalan has never been good since The Village. Downhill projects and horrible film making altogether, its been hard for the public to accept any of his work. So using a popular animated t.v series sounds like a good way to reenter into greatness. Such as his old film like the Sixth Sense. Its not great nor good nor even decent and no where close to the Sixth Sense but I feel like it does just enough for you to at least enjoy the experience.

The Last Airbender tells the story of a young monk who can control all of the elements and become a avatar. The complication is that he hasn't personally learned them so upon discovery, two siblings decide to take him on a journey to learn the arts and retain balance in a world conquered by fear of the fire legion. A simple story to follow and it is. For once, there are little twist to the story rather M.Night uses them on the characters instead.

The overall package is disturbingly pathetic when being called a adaption to a famous series. The contrast in comparison is rather beneath then what most people expected. The amount of young actors themselves didn't prove to be any good as well. Inexperience was shown here. The stars were amazingly poor at their execution of dialogue and the perception of the characters itself.

The films moves a little to quick and rushes. Leaving out gaping details and offer little explanation in return. There was almost no synergy between the characters or the story. Its contriving and it totally ruins the experience for those hardcore fans. So what does make this a passable flick? Well...

As a blockbuster, it serves its own right and fulfills it. It has amazing special effects and the battles can be epic. In scale, this fits perfectly as a Michael Bay adaption but even then they have significance. This is more or less kids in action and have little significance. But as a fool for colors and dazzles, I enjoyed it.

On its own, Avatar is a frenzy of spectacular moments but doesn't hold enough for the whole ten pounds. If you get my metaphor. If not then allow me explain. The Last Airbender does what it needs to in order to earn its million dollar trophy but leave very little for oscar nominations. M.Night did not put much thought into the story or the structural development in general but in the end he does serve well to those who enjoy dazzles (CGI infested crap).

On paper, its tragic to accept this as a true film or even a decent adaption but it is in its own right entertainment. Thats all you can really say about our new Airbender.

Resident Evil: Afterlife
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

The Resident Evil Franchise have been a glamor in today's society. In video games however. The film adaptions have been no more then subpar achievements although the first three were at least entertaining. The recent 3D gimmick called Afterlife falls flat and its quite ugly in comparison. Just like the nasty zombies that this film puts out.

The story starts off right after Extinction and leaves Alice in a dead world with no trace of her friends. Her only option is to find Arcadia. A so call paradise where there are no infections or creepy monsters. She finds nothing and decides to travel only to find more survivors in a prison who are also looking for Arcadia, or to be picked up by it. So far its a solid lineup but from that point on, it was pure trash.

There are many reasons why this film falls extremely flat. Milla Jovovich does a fine job as Alice but her costars seem a bit out of place. With odd characters struggling together, its more likely going to end in disaster. The miscast of Chris Redfield also did not help. Little is known about him and all he does is make good eye contact. Beyond that is irrelevant and even his sister Claire played by Ali Larter doesn't even seem convinced that Chris is a relative at all. Yes, I know she has memory loss but still, pretty awkward. All the way till the end actually.

As many characters that the Resident Evil Franchise carries, it seems Paul Anderson never seems to make them work well together. They are either miscast or randomly popping up out of no where and have little presence in the story at all. Also little or deflated detail is an issue when dealing with sophisticated characters. The existence of Jill Valentine is rather concerning. Films should never be a near copy of the game but it has to at least use the concept and not stray to far away from the personal characters themselves. In this case, they're all over the place and its quite frustrating for a gamer myself and even as a open minded audience to understand why these characters have any purpose at all. It just feels like extra firepower more then anything. Jill had one major role but was hardly badass at all. Such a shame it is. Even after a brief role, she became a shadow behind Alice.

That's not the only thing to be concerned about. 3D again is used as a gimmick and the action is to Matrix like for my taste. The slow motion is also tiring to watch after an hour and some of the major fights are horribly choreographed. It did however have some nice scenery. It was nice to see an overview of how fucked up the people were by being in a prison surrounded by zombies. It can be a little comical to watch and at one point wonder why it took so long for all the zombies to call out their big boy to take down the gate. There are tons of zombies who although mindless cant even figure out the impact between them and their behemoths.

This installment is an embarrassment to the franchise and even to its own film galore. Its the worst in the series. Everything about this film can be considered gimmicky or clownish. That's not a good thing.

The entire script is poor, the 3D is poor, and to make matters worst the monsters themselves are poor. Although it does add a nice touch to the third film with a logical back story, the execution of it all is just to bad to fall in love with. It doesn't matter how many bullets are flying or how many flips Alice can do. In the end, its all pointless without a solid structure.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Harry Potter has been one of the most prestigious form of entertainment since its inception. From novels to film adaptions, it has never failed to please the faithful and shock the newcomers. All Harry Potter films carry a sense of accomplishment and virtue amongst friends and enemies. This latest installment however failed to meet its own expectations. It has a nice buildup but I felt it needed more material despite the lengthy time this film took to explore very little concepts of the book itself. This film beneath the extraordinary hype is none more then a legitimate disappointment. And I am here to tell you why.

The film starts off almost where it left off from The Half Blood Prince. Hogwarts is in turmoil and all the evil wizards have taken the world by storm. Harry and friends are back home not sure of what is to come and must find a way to end the treachery. Such as the destruction of the horcruxes and the dethroning of Voldermort. Harry cant do it on his own so everyone especially his school buddies Ron and Hermoine must help him achieve the impossible. Going through countless puzzles and dramatic dilemmas about who Hermoine truly loves. And of course the whole Deathly Hallows thing which ends up being a fable but with large importance. All of this is presented slowly into the film. Being bombarded by filler content and using all of its emotional strain to make this film as long as it is. Some seem pointless but others force the actors to truly shine. The drift between Ron and Harry and the countless mysteries hidden away in Harry's mind eats away hours and forcibly becoming the known accomplishment in the entirety. Making this film more or less a drag and a boring drag. At least the actors made it fun, for what its worth.

In all of this hype, you think of awesome spells and explosive magic to light up the screen but instead the action were short burst of chasing scenes and a bunch of fast pace wand action that is hardly ever concieved as epic. So many times it seems the "chosen one" is hardly powerful at all. Instead he relies on Hermoine's brain and Ron's ruthlessness to achieve something that should've taken Harry minutes to fully understand. Instead its weeks and boring weeks.

The exploration are none the less memories of Hermoine and truly nothing to look upon. Its not dazzling although it does do the film justice by showing the gloomy side of Hogwarts nation after the so call invasion. Nothing is really pretty and it was gray far and in between. It makes an interesting case for being a more emotional and darker film than the previous but even then it did not impress. The visuals were hardly taken advantage of because magic seemed like a lost art in the film. You spend most of the time with the three kids rambling around random settings, sleeping in tents, and reading books. At the same time, avoiding danger altogether.

It does do a nice job of presenting its characters and the maturity of our heroes but that's all it really does. Its a tedious experience throughout and is marked by at the least strong emotional scenes. So it gives us a chance to cry, laugh, or love but not entertained. So more couldve been done and so much more couldve improved upon what it already has. As for side characters, they are hardly noticed at all and that's a shame because some of them are interesting and fun. Like Luna and the Weasly twins.

I feel like this is a more personal film and the journey that we embark on is what makes this a seemingly memorable experience. To remind us what it took for Harry to defeat evil and so forth. It may have accomplished that or so it seems. Like I said, so little was accomplished in this film. It definitely needed more material or for instance, accomplishments and or victories. To much of Harry losing battles or finding himself troubled or confused, never did the chosen one showed his prowess. Instead its a bunch of failures combined. In the end tho, the film felt nice enough to allow Harry to have one victory or two depending what film you saw.

You could argue that this is a stepping stone into greatness, so nitpicking is somewhat prohibited. Harry needs a few bad days to truly crown the finale. Even then, it didn't feel like a sequel at all. Or at the least half of it. It was a boring experience throughout and even when excitement did kick in, it knocked itself back down to the horrible boring "lets all travel to some plain place and think about this" thing. Yes, that was the film. Investigation after investigation with no real answers, just more investigation. Not to mention, it was all done in cold and creepy places.

A coulda, woulda, shoulda film that wont impress anyone but has enough clinks to make this a passable Harry Potter. But in many regards, it is the weakest of the series. Such shame as it is. It has heart but hardly exciting. The strange thing was I never wanted the film to end because I was waiting for something awesome. Fortunately, it never did.

Pitch Black
Pitch Black (2000)
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

A film that ponders with the very idea of anti-heroes, Pitch Black happens to be so to say good enough that it expresses enough interest between action and sci-fi. Its an enjoyable ride that deserves its cult status. Its fun and at times imaginative.

Being a convict always means you get the worst of any treatment and will always have a sheer impact on how people follow you. Riddick is an anti-hero. On paper he is worse then anyone can ever imagine but can solely act in favor of those who despise him. A fixed vigilante with a personal agenda but the agenda can always be for the greater good.

Put into the future where there are tons of charted planets that look like deserts or so to say "moon surface", Pitch Black starts off in a space carrier where passengers go into cryosleep that takes a journey into a specific shipping route. Yes, these people are being shipped and Riddick happens to be one of them. Who is on his way to be sent back to the slam which is a fancy word for shithole or prison.

But in every film, there are complications and climaxes, so the only logical thing to do was to ruin the trip and crash land the carrier into a barren wasteland where there are a bunch of odd-looking aliens(who look like the original aliens) that hate the light but when in shadow will screw your day. Or to Riddick's own personal quote, "I'm not the one you should be afraid of". Yes, you are correct Mr. Riddick. Not to spoil but I have witnessed a man getting torn apart in mere seconds by just one of the beast.

The film does do a interesting job in portraying the atmosphere and creating a mood that settles in quite nicely into each situation. Tensions are involved, everyone's tired, and they all want to leave so lets just hurry and get it over with. Also, the idea of three suns with three different colors is just to me, witty. The scope changes from terrain to terrain depending on the destination and the magnitude of the planet is simply shock and awe. With colossal bones scattering the deepened wasteland and the ever so creepy tunnels that reside in the planet. Pitch Black offers a environment both creepy and exciting but is everything else okay?

And the answer is no. The dialogue can be sloppy and some acting could have been slightly improved but I believe Diesel moved along quite well and the overall experience was never ruined. As much of a sci fi thriller that it is, it is still in scope very weak when compared to lets say Aliens. It does present itself in a old school survivor tale kind of way but the whole idea gets kinda ruined when the deaths become so imminently bogus or cliche and the fact that the characters have little personality or overall presence. Also, the deaths are not all that amazing, even in the directors cut. Which is a shame.

And don't be to anticipated for action either because fist fights are not that exciting and firefights are limited because there is only one gun and is carried by a douchebag. But the night-vision glossy eyes and the brief scenes between Riddick and the aliens are fun enough to enjoy.

So much is lost in this film but the concept art and environmental design is more or likely going to be the savior and the fact that Riddick is a total badass just helps a little bit, despite hardly having any hoorah action scene.

What does make this film truly work is the character itself. Riddick's gritty yet calm attitude and being completely oblivious to the amount of harassment, just makes him that much better. The goggles, the muscles, and the attitude gets him a golden star which is good because this film lacked any solid character besides Riddick.

A lot of good can be had here but it doesnt quite fill the needs of die-hards. Casuals might find this more in tune but overall, the experience is just decent enough to allow one watch through and it sets a nice guideline for those who wish to make future projects related to Riddick.

In its own respect tho, it is a cult hit for obvious reasons. Riddick and the moon. Yup, he is that badass and the moon is that freaky.