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Resident Evil: Afterlife

Resident Evil: Afterlife(2010)

The Resident Evil Franchise have been a glamor in today's society. In video games however. The film adaptions have been no more then subpar achievements although the first three were at least entertaining. The recent 3D gimmick called Afterlife falls flat and its quite ugly in comparison. Just like the nasty zombies that this film puts out.

The story starts off right after Extinction and leaves Alice in a dead world with no trace of her friends. Her only option is to find Arcadia. A so call paradise where there are no infections or creepy monsters. She finds nothing and decides to travel only to find more survivors in a prison who are also looking for Arcadia, or to be picked up by it. So far its a solid lineup but from that point on, it was pure trash.

There are many reasons why this film falls extremely flat. Milla Jovovich does a fine job as Alice but her costars seem a bit out of place. With odd characters struggling together, its more likely going to end in disaster. The miscast of Chris Redfield also did not help. Little is known about him and all he does is make good eye contact. Beyond that is irrelevant and even his sister Claire played by Ali Larter doesn't even seem convinced that Chris is a relative at all. Yes, I know she has memory loss but still, pretty awkward. All the way till the end actually.

As many characters that the Resident Evil Franchise carries, it seems Paul Anderson never seems to make them work well together. They are either miscast or randomly popping up out of no where and have little presence in the story at all. Also little or deflated detail is an issue when dealing with sophisticated characters. The existence of Jill Valentine is rather concerning. Films should never be a near copy of the game but it has to at least use the concept and not stray to far away from the personal characters themselves. In this case, they're all over the place and its quite frustrating for a gamer myself and even as a open minded audience to understand why these characters have any purpose at all. It just feels like extra firepower more then anything. Jill had one major role but was hardly badass at all. Such a shame it is. Even after a brief role, she became a shadow behind Alice.

That's not the only thing to be concerned about. 3D again is used as a gimmick and the action is to Matrix like for my taste. The slow motion is also tiring to watch after an hour and some of the major fights are horribly choreographed. It did however have some nice scenery. It was nice to see an overview of how fucked up the people were by being in a prison surrounded by zombies. It can be a little comical to watch and at one point wonder why it took so long for all the zombies to call out their big boy to take down the gate. There are tons of zombies who although mindless cant even figure out the impact between them and their behemoths.

This installment is an embarrassment to the franchise and even to its own film galore. Its the worst in the series. Everything about this film can be considered gimmicky or clownish. That's not a good thing.

The entire script is poor, the 3D is poor, and to make matters worst the monsters themselves are poor. Although it does add a nice touch to the third film with a logical back story, the execution of it all is just to bad to fall in love with. It doesn't matter how many bullets are flying or how many flips Alice can do. In the end, its all pointless without a solid structure.