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A's Review of Avatar

7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


James Cameron's Avatar is, like many modern science-fiction films, so obsessed with the world it creates that it forgets it needs to put interesting characters in that world, and give them an interesting plot to follow.

If you remove the gorgeous CGI and the computer animation and the special effects and the amazing lightshow and vibrant colors from the film, you really don't have much left. The plot is a combination of Miyazaki's Princess Mononoke and Lucas's Star Wars Episode Six. Big bad guys with advanced technology piss off forest, forest retaliates, and to the surprise of no one, forest eventually wins. Avatar tries to do a little more with this story than films in the past by adding a twist of Pocohontas, but it's not enough.

The characters are all stereotypes. Not archetypes, stereotypes. There's your do-whatever-it-takes-ruthless businessman who doesn't give a gosh darn about anything but money, your MISTER SCIENTIST, your hard-boiled-hard-talking-hard-fighting general guy, etc. I could go on with each and every character in the movie.

The script is not terribly well-written, and you'll hear the characters say some pretty odd things sometimes. Also, the pacing of the movie feels very inconsistent. Sometimes the movie covers the plot at breakneck speed, other times I would have checked my watch if I had one on.

If you don't mind watching a movie you're sure you've watched before but with a different setting, and one of the biggest deus ex machinas ever, you'll enjoy the movie. I did. It's a beautiful movie and it's very fun to watch, but I'm almost certain I will forget about it entirely in a week or so.

Oh yeah, and forest sex. Forest sex is hot. Maybe I'll remember that.