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Eyes Wide Shut

Eyes Wide Shut(1999)

Eyes Wide Shut is Stanley Kubrick's last film about a New York doctor and his adventure during a night of confusion. The film in all is very well shot, it's nice and smooth. It's Stanley Kubrick, his films are all to the bone for perfection. He was a perfectionist, and as always, he wanted his film to be picture-perfect. Frequently, Kubrick uses this very stylish type of lighting in his interior scenes were all the color is so bright and elegant, it's almost surreal. He has a talent for his shots and his general directing which makes his films extraordinary.
Now he takes a big turn in career when he makes Eyes Wide Shut, a very sexual and very misunderstood film. Lots of the scenes in the movie could more or less be enhanced, re-shot scenes from a porno. You might think that Kubrick is a downright pervert for adding all this sexual energy and psychology into the film and attempting to make a decent plot out of all of it. But the film is a gem and it's totally different.
At many points in the film, there are slow parts. Considerably, the lines in the dialogue being picked at very slowly and monotonously, as a way to make sure that they get into your head for the movie. For me, it got kind of annoying. The pace of the movie can be very bipolar, but it doesn't get boring. There's lots of slow shots, with lots of scenery and things happening during them. Kubrick guarantees the viewer a sometimes overlong continuous shot of the place the scene's at, which is a direct skill he's had since 2001: A Space Odyssey.
Eyes Wide Shut can be a confusing film, which means you have to think. You have to think hard, behind the sexual nature of the film, and see what the film is really trying to say. When you look at it like that, the film brings a very raw, but very true message. Lust is something everyone feels, and this is pretty much a theme in the film. It's confusion, being lost, and sex being a narrow passage out from all the shit that's happening.
I read a couple of months ago that Kubrick hated the final version of the film, and he felt like he failed in some way. It's ironic that he wasn't too confident about his film, yet lots of people ended up loving it. Maybe Tom Cruise's infamous reputation for changing things up in the story had something to do with it.
Compared to Kubrick's other films, Eyes Wide Shut is not as strong and less memorable in a sense. But as a film in general, comparing it to all the stuff that comes out today, it's a true work of art.