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Natural Born Killers

Natural Born Killers(1994)

Natural Born Killers is a compilation of the 90's eventful times of violence and raids, and people's reactions to the shocking things happening on TV. It was a controversial time, and it obviously inspired Tarantino to create this story. Although his name on his the credits, he didn't write the screenplay or direct the film. If he did, the movie would undoubtedly be SO much better.
This is one of those movies where I couldn't appreciate too much because the style of directing and flow of the story is so out there, I couldn't understand too it too well. The shots are black and white, different colors, and the camera has a tendency to twirl around a lot, at its attempt to take you into the paranoia and nausea of violence.
Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis play Micky and Mallory, a couple that resorts their free time to killing and causing complete chaos. They were good in this movie, no doubt about it, but actors can't save a bad movie.
The movie was all over the place, with scenes that made no sense and strangely executed dialogue.
Most people like this movie because it shows people's reaction to fits of violence and how the actual killers live their lives. The film is odd and may be need an acquired taste, but for me, it's just a mess.