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7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


Film is not just about storytelling, its about storytelling with the most technologically advanced form of art known to man. Filmmakers can choose to be nostalgic and use obsolete technologies or they can build up the courage to experiment and push the limits of the medium. Audiences can be equally sentimental, favoring the old and showing hostility towards the new. James Cameron is among very few group of filmmakers that dare to put hundreds of millions of dollars, countless hours and their careers at stake for an original expression. Film is and always has been a visual and audial form of storytelling, if you don't care for spectacle and sonic emersion, read books. The story is not just escapist entertainment which often associated with a kind of childish break from reality but an attempt to have an experience beyond our own and beyond man in general. It deals with strong, political themes like over-consumption, genocide, pollution and the human need for exploration and to find meaning in the world. Like Star Wars, Avatar restores a sense of awe and wonder to the world and to the cinema.