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Iron Man 2
Iron Man 2(2010)

When it picked up right at the end of the last one I was hooked straight through. Robert Downey Jr. plays another masterfully eccentric and narcissistic rich boy superhero to a T. Nice to see him back working strong along with ole Mickey Rourke. Both are fantastic acting comebacks.

This movie is what it is. If you liked the first one then this is just a mere extension of that. Add in the Avernger crossover and the plot begins to wash into a piss warm bath. Not as exciting as the first but hardly much different.

Special FX were great straight from the beginning all the way to the end. Twist turns and some added Avenger plotline made the story pretty engaging on first view. This is a great big screen blockbuster movie and deserves all the praise anyone wants to give it. In the end it falls short of what it could have been due to a darty plotline.

Rotten Tomatoes viewers get an A for their happy viewer reviews of Iron Man 2.


When I say things like Desperado and From Dusk Till Dawn, if it makes you perk up and listen then you've found the right movie. This once predictable bad guy typecast becomes the lead in Machete. This year?s summer gore fest continues with violent scenes any diehard action movie fan would love. The grind house formula worked and this movie is another decent summer flick.

Rotten Tomatoes viewers get an (A) for some really enthusiastic reviews of Machete.

The American
The American(2010)

I was delightfully surprised at how stylish this movie came off. The way the movie was shot and the feel of the directing was really well done. That said the rest of the movie was shit. It meandered along at a stop and go pace and stretched the story so thin I had lost interest half way through. However stylish this move is it lacks attention to pacing for sure that makes it drag in parts it should be picking up.

Rotten Tomatoes gets a (B) for their often times style hungry reviews of The American.

Cop Out
Cop Out(2010)

I laughed I cried. But I mostly cried to see Bruce in another crappy slap shtick movie. I mean Hudson Hawk was enough buddy. Brian Fellows err I mean Tracy Morgan is Bruce Willis' sidekick partner in crime. This movie suffers from the same formulaic problems with all cliché?d cop comedies. Tracy Morgan can be funny at times but the pairing made for a slow slow slow movie.

Rotten Tomatoes users get an (A-) for their often disturbing but accurate reviews of Cop Out.

Piranha 3-D
Piranha 3-D(2010)

This was a pretty good summertime horror movie. If you like gore and T&A you have come to the right place. Take a seat on the boat and don't let the wet t-shirt?s bother you because later you're going to see some shit that is just downright atrocious. Come for the T&A but stay for the gore.

Piranha has one of the goriest scenes I've ever seen in modern cinema. The bland and dragging characters slow the movie a lot but when the gore scenes came they just kept getting worse and worse. If you like gore go check it out but don't expect anything more than what I told you here.

Rotten Tomatoes gets an (A) for its accurate reviews of Piranha.

The Other Guys

I think after watching Cop Out so close this, this movie made me really dislike the "2 bad ass cops in the precinct" characters since both movies had those characters in them. It's interesting to see the two stars to be paired from earlier award show encounters. I did see the chemistry but the acting got kind of predictable and half assed. I think 40 minutes in the story drops out and you start to get bored with the dialogue. Good to see a NKOTB still working these days. Will Ferrell can make me laugh doing just about anything and the writing was pretty witty sometimes.
All in all I still had a good laugh even if the comedy setup was old.

Rotten Tomatoes users get an A- for their reviews of The Other Guys.

Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn

When I turned it on I was a little confused by the first 10 minutes given where the first evil dead left off. There were some plotholes in this one which really kinda just bothered me, but after I got over the obvious plotholes this movie was a decent sequel to the original. With even more gore and blood than the first one. Ash's character developed a lot. I'm not sure why people don't like this movie better than the first one. It kicks the drawn out beginning of the first one right in the face by bypassing it and getting right to the goods. Chainsaws, possession, blood squirting out of the walls, possessed mounted deerheads. This movie kicked ass.


I wasn't expecting the best Zombie movie ever but it ended up being a pretty fun ride. I really enjoyed the "rules" part of the film. After seeing countless zombie movies it was a nice touch. The narration was super cheesy but still pretty good. The girls in this I wanted to smash with a lead pipe but that's what they were going for. Great film. Big ups.

Army of Darkness

I was pretty pissed to see this movie have a 75% rating considering all the time and effort that went into finishing off such a remarkable storyline. I can understand why people were upset it didn't follow the gore of the previous 2 but still. I saw Army of Darkness before I saw evil dead 1 & 2. When I first saw it in the 90s I absolutely loved it. The first scene at the hole where Ash is destined to be pushed in, was remarkable and made watching these movies back to back to back so pleasurable. The dialouge made me think "fuck yeah!". The movie was more of a horror/comedy which is fine with me.

The Evil Dead

I had watched this movie years ago and revisitted it recently. And man, was it gore filled. I remember now why I loved this series. Being trapped in a cabin in the woods while demons possess you ened up being a better story than I thought. For it's time the FX were good but still using stop motion which is ok. Ash is a total pussy in this film which is great for part of his attitude ajustment over the course of all 3 films. I really liked it and found watching them back to back to back was a great way to spend a stormy evening.

Drag Me to Hell

This movie was pretty good. I'm not scared easily and this movie will scare passive moviegoers. The character Christine was pretty weak. There were many times where I wondered why they were trying to pass her off as a good person. Clay her boyfriend was the worst character in the movie. He was stupid, lame, and a big ole pusssy.

I found the movie's special fx to be fantastic and well done. The story was ok but it wasn't as good as I had hoped.

I give Rotten Tomatoes a (C+) in it's reviews of Drag Me to Hell.

Trick 'r Treat

I thought there might be some trick involved in this treat but I was wrong for even being skeptical. After waiting a long time for this I was happily rewarded. This movie being straight to dvd made me wonder why they didn't have the confidence to release it in theaters.

The 4 stories are well dialoged and unique for the most part. My favorite was the principle/serial killer story. Being close to halloween it certianly left the right vibe with me.

The choice of actors is said to be above par by critics but what I was more interested in were the stories themselves.

So far I have only read good reviews here which is a pleasant suprise.

Rotten Tomatoes gets an (A) for it's reviews, thus far, of Trick r Treat

Terminator Salvation

When 3 left off I found it hard to stomach how they could have made another movie. Given the plotline I think they did an alright job. People seem to have a lot of hate for this movie because of Christian Bale. The movie had a roadwarrior/madmax/fallout 3 feel to it. I especially loved the terminators in this one. Very impressed with the the special effects.

The cameo by arnie in cg form was neat to see. I'm pretty disappointed in Rotten Tomatoes, yet again, for being so predictable and partial, as usual. While I admit the story could have been better, there was a TON of action in this flick.

Rotten Tomatoes gets an (F-) as in Fuuck you for being so god damn predictable.

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

When I first sat down to watch this I was anxious to see if they could pull of a script about a book that is not very long. Well they did it. And in grand fashion.

The characters are very lovable and the comedy was fun. A lot of the special FX were very creative. If you see one animated movie this year. Make it this.

Rotten Tomatoes gets a (B+) for it's reviews of Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs.

Star Trek
Star Trek(2009)

If you have never watched Star Trek you will likely enjoy this film. Here are some thoughts on the movie.

Spock = Sucked
I hated this character with a passion. The casting for Spock was stupid. He ruined most of the movies enjoyment for me.

Lahora = Hooker.

The only two characters I enjoyed were Captain Kirk and Bones.

Lensflares. Honestly enough with the fuucking lensflares already. Using lensflares is great but not when 40 percent of the movie is lensflares.

All in all I expected this movie to be what it was. It gets a decent grade for trying. But I was not at all impressed with the writing and casting.

Rotten Tomatoes gets a (D-) for constantly jumping on the bandwagon. Damn posers.

What really bothers me about this site is the fact that everyone jumps on the bandwagon as fast as they can. It's annoying.


After about 20 minutes watching this film I kept thinking, "If I wanted to watch a porn I would have rented one". Then 10 more minutes pass and my finger is hovering over the off button for the DVD player. Then suddenly the small parts of the plotline start to come together. Soon T and A take a back seat to blood and gore.

The eye popping scene... wow just.. uhh wow. If you saw it you know what I mean. You carry that shiiit with you forever. I can't say this movie was down right awesome becuase "it" almost talked me into hating it.

This is my alltime favorite revenge kill. Never have I wanted to see a character die like I did in this movie. Just kick a$$ moment. It goes from being a low 20s rating to a high 60's just for that.

Rotten Tomatoes get's an (A) for accurately depicting the rating for this movie.

An American Werewolf in London

I am basing this review on my viewing of this in the 80s so bare with me.

As a kid I was not aloud to see horror movies. I would sneak out of the house and follow my sisters up the long country road to their friend's house and peer through the window to watch movies. One night they caught me and said "Hey, lets make him watch this movie and he will never want to sneak out of the house again". Boy were they wrong.
I sat about 4 feet from the TV and absorbed it start to finish. The best parts were the parts were when the werewolf changed. I was mesmerized by the now crappy special FX. At the time the makeup was so realistic.

Two backpackers walking the roads of Europe at night where a savage beast roamed. The porno scene at the end was when my sisters kept trying to cover my eyes and I kept batting them away so I could see some titties. Good times. Good times. Needless to say that was the beginning of a lot of sneaking out.

Rotten Tomatoes gets an (A) for it's reviews of An American Werewolf in London.

The Goonies
The Goonies(1985)

This movie has a lot of nostalgia attached to it for me. When I was a kid this movie created a rich environment for imagination. The kids and thier kookie antics were supurbly matched with the times. The oriential kid, Data, was my favorite.

I don't want to sound partial but, one of the things that really bothers me with this site is the posting of reviewers who forget who the target audience is of a movie and fail to accept it as it is intended to be.

Top Critic reviews get a (D-)for thier craptastical insights.
Rotten Tomato regulars get an (A) for thier reviews of Goonies. Hey you guuuuuuyysss!!!!!!!!!

Howard the Duck

When I was a kid I watched this movie and thought "Hey I like it". Recently I got a chance to see it again and now think "Wow was I a dumb kid". I realize it can't hold a candle to today's standards but wow what an awful movie. It's plot was interesting but at some point in the movie you ask yourself, shouldn't I be doing something else right now?
Like counting the ceiling tiles?

Rotten Tomatoes gets an (A) for pointing out the lemon.

Hudson Hawk
Hudson Hawk(1991)

This has to be one of the worst god damn movies I have ever had the displeasure of watching in my entire life. Not only was Bruce Willis a slave to the horrible script but the acting was even worse.

Richard E. Grant, Sandra Bernhard and David Caruso were so quirky and out of balance with the movie that every scene was a "fuucking I can't believe I am sitting through this".

I've seen some pretty awful reviews on this site but people that gave this a good rating need to have thier heads checked.

I give Rotten Tomatoes a (B+) on it's reviews of Hudson Crap.


This movie is on my top 20 of the best movies ever made. Just when you thought Alien was too good to be bested, it got bested by this amazing sequel.

Drawn back into the story the main character our beloved Sigourney Weaver is plunged back into the world she tried so desperately to avoid in the first installment.

It's rich artist elements, and kick a$$ special FX made this movie awesome from start to finish. Anyone who has not seen this move MUST pick it up and watch it atleast once.

Rotten Tomatoes get's an (A+) for being spot on with it's reviews.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

This movie holds a special place in my heart for me considering it ran non stop for 2 years in my house where I lived when I was in college. My first viewing of this had a redonkulous amount of "WTF?" involved. If you saw this once and gave it a bad rating, shame on you.

Hunter Thompson was a revolutionary of his time. He was a journalist that wasn't afraid to record his culture in his moment of time. One thing people do not give this movie credit for is it's uncanny ability to show the character of the time for which it was intended to represent. Of course it wasn't supoosed to make sense. Give me a break.

The third and fourth viewing will reveal lots of small details you may have missed. I cannot fault viewers for giving it a sub-par rating due it's "required" taste.

Rotten Tomatoes gets a (C+) for it's reviews of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.


This movie has got to be one of the all time classics in the genre. When it was released it shocked audiences with a suspenseful, heartpounding storyline that had viewers gasping at the screen.

Sigourney Weaver was young, and hot in this flick. She played a very, very, believable character and without a doubt this movie launched her career into stardom.

Rotten Tomatoes gets an (A+) for it's reviews of Alien.


Nothing says kick some a$$ like a good ole fashion western. Except a good ole fashion western based on a true story. With out a doubt this is one of the best western movies I've seen. Val K. played an awesome role. When i first viewed the movie it got to the point where I wasn't sure where it was going to end. For those not familiar with it's rich history, such great climactic scenes make the viewer unaware of how it will all end.

I really enjoyed this film and still put it up there as one of the best westerns of all time.

Rotten Tomatoes get's an (A) for it's reviews of Tombstone.

District 9
District 9(2009)

Imagine a group of people all sitting around a table deciding how to make a movie based on viewer interest.

"So violence, we got violence, and gore. We got gore. Add some high quaility special effects in there. What else do people like? Aliens! They like aliens. Realism! Oh yeah can't forget that shakey camera."

This movie delivers on every level it was trying to except one. I don't know if I loved or hated the fact that I could almost word for word predict the entire movie start to finish. If it wasn't for the amazing special effects this movie would suck. The story is so obvious that by the time the main character is thrown into the story head first, I had already made up my mind how it was going to end.

Parts of the story were just obvious "plants" to help weave the story. Certain dialogue only existed to justify the plot line. The ending also seemed fabricated to justify a sequel which also left a bad taste in my mouth.

All in all the movie delivered what it set out to do. So I can't give it the bad rating it deserves. 8/10

Rotten Tomatoes gets a C- for kissing the movie's a$$.

The Animatrix

When I first viewed this movie I wasn't prepared for how great it turned out to be. The short stories are wonderfully woven into the original story of the Matrix, in pure animation form.

It answers a lot of questions you may have had about the original movie series. My favorite chapter is the Second Renaissance: Part 1. We learn about man?s creation of the machines and the machine revolt that followed. We see that the machines evolved through more and more sophisticated A.I. and eventually started their own nation. Eventually revolting against the humans and dominating them with their ability to adapt.

All and all the stories helped me find a better understanding of the story behind the Matrix.

Rotten Tomatoes gets an (A) for their reviews of Animatrix.


I went into this movie not expecting much and boy didn't I get just that. Not much. This movie was aweful. Slow to start. Boring to watch. I am a huge WWII buff and I do love history, but this was a total waste of talent. Tom Cruise plays a revengeful officer looking to assasinate Hitler. The plot moved so slowly that I found myself wishing it was over. If you really like WWII you might like this but other than that, don't bother.

Rotten Tomatoes gets an (D-) for it's reviews of Valkyrie.

Inglourious Basterds

I really loved Quentin Tarantino's work when he first showed up on the movie scene with is first big hit Reservoir Dogs. Pulp Fiction, Hostel, 4 rooms, From Dusk Till Dawn, etc. were classic Quentin Tarantino.

This movie is a nice change from the norm lately. Brad Pitt reminds us how incredibly quirky he can be in this kinda role. Not since 12 Monkeys have I seen him act a part like this. Jewish assasins? Man QT is strange. But we all knew that.

If you like Quentin Tarantino you will be very satisfied with this flick.

This site is full of Fanboys. Rotten Tomatoes gets a C- for it's fanboy reviews of Inglourious Basterds.

Enemy at the Gates

Anyone who knows about Vasily Zaytsev knows that he was a propoganda wh0re for the Russian red army. That being said this movie still tells the story that was massively compelling at the time. This story tells of one sniper who against all odds survived and actually conquered the German army in Stalingrad. He defeated their moral by killing officers and one of those officers was a myth. General Koenig, his nemesis. (Ed Harris, was a thought up character I think but still a great story line plot) Vasily's sniper kills might have been exaggerated but still worthy of commendation.

Now to the movie. Jude Law looks nothing like Vasily. In fact Jude is much much thinner and shorter. What I love most about this story is it's timeline. One of the greatest moments in the world's history was in that city of Stalingrad in those cold months. I am convinced we would have lost the war to the germans if they would have finished their marching across Russia. The story is not correct in the end as far as history is concerned but I still loved the movie.

Rotten Tomatoes gets a (B) for it's reviews of Enemy at the Gates.

Saving Private Ryan

Probably the greatest WWII movie ever made next to some great oldies. Shame on the unamerican people that review this movie and spat in it's eye. If you don't get it then you don't get the sacrifice that people all across the world made in WWII, not just Americans. This movie not only shows the sacrifice of soldiers but the unbeleivable courage that was common in that time. Show some respect. And STFU.

Rotten Tomatoes gets a (B) for it's reviews of Saving Private Ryan.
(I would have rated Rotten Tomatoes higher for it's reviews if it were not for the dumb unamerican foreigners that crapped on this movie)

The Dark Knight

The excitement I had to see this movie was purely based on the character The Joker. And I was not let down. This movie was awesome start to finish. I am especially taken back by the witty storyline. Tragic though.

Rotten Tomatoes gets an (A) for it's review of The Dark Night.

No Country for Old Men

Sitting down with no idea who produced/filmed this movie, I would have to say it was worthy of best picture. I didn't leave my seat on the couch the entire time watching it even though I could have paused it. Tommy Lee Jones, Javier Bardem, and Josh Brolin were magically intertwined in this movie. Javier Bardem's character was amazing. The story was by far the best part of the movie.

Rotten Tomatoes gets an (A+) on their reviews of No Country for Old Men. Bravo.

Aliens in the Attic

I am blown away with the disconnect this site has with average viewers, especially children. Now considering that you as an adult probably (and I SAY probably) do not goto this movie because you want to see space aliens. You go to laugh with your kid and watch them enjoy it. I wouldn't be so caught back by the reviews if it weren't for the fact that every single child I saw that has viewed this or even seen the trailer for it loved it. Sure this movie is corney, out of touch and clearly has some pre-pubencent issues. But it's a funny movie filled with LOL parts that kids roared over in the theater. This site is truly pathetic when connecting with the reality of who views these movies. Horrible.

Rotten Tomatoes gets an (F) on their review of Aliens in the Attic. Stupid.

Toy Story 2
Toy Story 2(1999)

Without a doubt, this is one of the greatest gems in animation ever made. Not since Walt Disney himself has a production studio created such imagination in the minds of young children. These movies not only teach kids about the simple lessons of life but provide a stunning visual treat.

Rotten Tomatoes gets an (A+) on reviewing Toy Story 2. bravo.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

As far as Harry Potter goes this is a nice follow up that gives a long awaited perspective on how Harry has grown up. And puts the rest the sheer awkwardness of trying to make this man look like a kid.

I give Rotten Tomatoes an (A) in reviewing this movie.