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Glen and Randa

A slight sad post-apocalyptic story of 2 kids wandering a vast waste land looking for the lost city of Metropolis - Glen saw in a ragged comic book. Of course they never find it and along the way we're privy to watch humanity's last gasp. Made for about a dollar and well worth a look.

The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover

How on earth does (director) Peter Greenway think this stuff up. He would have to be demented, a genius, or both, or neither. I'll vote my first guess. I had already seen a couple of Mr. Greenway's flicks and rushed out to see this when it was in theaters. Not as obscurely brainy as his other films, I was none-the-less thrilled to the bone-marrow (if not a bit queasy). If you're a Greenway fan, this is his masterpiece. If not?..good luck. Not to miss Michael Gambon's ferocious turn as one of the vilest villains in cinema history. He's Dumbledore?