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Life of Pi
Life of Pi (2012)
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

An absolute masterpiece.

Drive Thru
Drive Thru (2007)
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Wow....... This movie was so horrible I couldn't help but finish it. Nothing about this movie made sense. NOTHING! Who directed this?!?!?! This is awwwfffuuulll.. Why? Why? Did they think this was good..?? The only movie i've seen that was worst than this is Blood Trails. This is horrible. Im getting sick to my stomach just thinking about how god awful this was. Who thought it was a good idea to have a FAST FOOD KILLER CLOWN?!?!?! With every scene that passed I began to hate Comcast On Demand more and more. For even putting this on there. And then I got another question? HOW ARE YOU GOING TO MAKE A HORROR CHANNEL WITH ALL THE WORST HORROR MOVIES?!?!?!? And then when there are good ones on there they only last for 2 days! What's wrong society? Who approved this movie?!?! Who said it was ok to continue working on this?? And a sequel?!?!?! Who would watch another one of these? Infact i'll do you one better. What actors after reading the script would say yes to this movie? No amount of money is worth starring in this movie. At least the Wiggas in the beginning got their 15 seconds of fame and moved on. They embrassed themselves, then got off the screen. The stars of the movie actually stayed in for the whole movie and and tortured not only the audience, but themselves as well. This movie was so horrible I wouldn't let any of the actors get a job this country ever again!! It should be illegal to let anybody who played in or worked on this movie to live in the United States! (No scratch that. Other countries shouldn't have to deal with this either.)Or even the universe for that matter!! If you hate somebody with a passion recommend this movie to them. I bet you if we played this movie in all prisons throughout the Country the Crime Rate would dramatically decrease because of the fear of having to sit in a cell and watch this movie all day. Avoid this. Don't watch it at all.

Small Town Folk
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Avoid this movie at all costs. It's silly, uninspiring, highly immature, and unbelievably bad. It fails constantly and steadily and never deviates from it's path of absolute suck. The Special Effects and Camera Work are bottom of the barrel and the acting/ dialogue is ridiculous and unfunny. It tries hard to make you laugh by implementing forced, overused, and silly "intelligence" jokes that never make you laugh. I didn't find anything worth watching in this movie. The backgrounds in this movie are, wow. I never ever thought people would use the iMac picture background feature in a movie, they look very similar. The movie also has this weird Zack Synder "300" style graphic style that makes the movie look worse. Do not watch this movie.

28 Days Later
28 Days Later (2003)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

28 Days Later was a huge leap forward in terms of "infection" based horror films. Boyle himself insists that this isn't a "Zombie" film, and I have to agree with him, gone are the shambling waves of infected citizens, those who have contracted the film's "Rage" virus sprint at full speed and are determined to inflict pain on the uninitiated. The desolation aspect was also very unnerving because it wasn't set in some rural country town, London, was dead. The score was great featuring opera-esque bellows and a few string based segments. I had two problems with this movie though. First, there just isn't enough action. It has stretches of just dialogue and occasionally throws in a scare or two to break up the monotony, but it just lacks the high octane scenes I was expecting. Secondly, the characters in this movie were rather unlikable. The main protagonist played by Cillian Murphy was decent, but I just found myself not caring too much about anyone else. This is a great movie however, don't let those small hiccups prohibit you from watching this one.

Cidade de Deus (City of God)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

City of God is a masterpiece managing to interweave the finer points of cinema into a gritty crime display. From the second the movie begins and the narration hit me I knew I was in for something. The narration is without question one of my favorites next to Robert Downey Jr's in "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.", Martin Sheen's in "Apocalypse Now", Ray Liotta's in "Goodfellas", and Morgan Freeman's in "The Shawshank Redemption" The characters in the movie range from your typical naive hero archetype to your ruthless psychopathic villain. The actors manage to find a way to make you relate to everyone of them though. It was interesting to see that Brazilians, while worlds apart from us, still have the same desire for wealth. The dialogue was also great, just because it is so natural and gritty. It gives a telescopic view of the hardships that plague the youth of the Favellas. In term of crime based films and film of any genre, this is grade A.