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The Hurt Locker
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

The Hurt Locker, is indeed a fantastic work of cinema. With beautifully crafted shots and compelling characters with loads of depth, grappling with their own heartrending inner turmoil, and a riveting pace that keeps you captivated throughout. That being said however, I thought it was terrible!
The biased propensity of a bunch of hive-minded critics to indulge the American rape fantasy that is the Iraq war to a point were it is considered to be worthy of the most prestigious accolade in the motion picture industry is what offends me.
There is much to say about a movie that hardly spares a moments consideration to the victims of the conflict who are, contrary to popular belief, not the warriors so valiantly and heroically putting their lives on the line. I guess though in that way it does portray the attitude of the soldiers in Iraq rather well, not to mention the general apathy of the American public. There is a lot more to say on the topic though it all depends on your own interpretation of the movie. And another thing. Its quite astonishing how such a phallocentric vision can be so accurately depicted by a female director. For make no mistake. This is a dick-flick if ever there was one.
Once again I cant stress enough that in my opinion this really was a well made, thought provoking and stirring film. I'm just worried that the reason why most people like it as much as they do is because they are missing the point.