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The Informant!

The Informant!(2009)

Informant! is about an employee at a large firm, Mark Whitacre, who works with the FBI to take down his place of business for illegal activities. Many unexpected events occur as well as an interesting twist that changes the focus of the movie to Mark Whitacre himself.

I was unsure of how to feel about this movie before I saw it in the theatre, lately I have been disappointed in the way movies are protrayed in the trailers. The last few "comedies" I went to see (Funny People, Taking Woodstock) ended up not falling comfortably into the comedy genre to say the least. I also did not see the first take of this movie or knew much about the real life events on which it is based. So I was ready for anything.

I would have to say that I was solidly entertained by the film. Much of the humor, besides the silly choices and lies by the main character, came from "Scrubs-style" thought narratives. Mark Whitacre (Matt Damon), the main character, through out the movie has random thoughts that end up being funny by "coming out of left field" and have almost no relation to what is going on at that moment.

I thought it was terriffic that way the director made you respect Mark Whitacre as an honorable whistle blower, and then slowly lose that respect as the events unfold and the character becomes more seemly neurotic. In the beginning you suspect that there is something "not right" about Mark, but you give him the "benefit of the doubt" and can relate to him as an honorable character. You would have to be so selfless to be making an income of $350,000 with many benefits and at the same time be an insider for the FBI because your employer is doing something immoral. Later you learn that Mark is a very complex guy and far from honorable.

It was interesting that many well-known stand-up comedians made cameos as the dozens of lawyers, (Patton Oswalt & Paul F. Thompkins)

My notable dislikes were, at times the movie seemed to develop a bit slow and ending for the last hour of the film. The score gave you the feeling of a 1970's secret-spy feel, even though the movies time period of was 1992 - 1995ish, I imagine that this was a planned mechanism and part of the comedy-silliness.

Epic Level: I applaud this movie for being funny and cleaver. Matt Damon did a fine job and I enjoyed the casting, It seemed a bit long but I still give it a solid 3 out of 5.