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7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Ninja Assassin

Ninja Assassin(2009)

Wait ain't Ninja suppose to be Japanese? so why Rain as the leading role what about some other bad ass Japanese actors like Ken Watanabe.Don't get me wrong I like the idea of Asian ninja but Rain is not a high profile Hollywood actor maybe they picked him because he had worked with the Wachowski brothers(the producers of ninja assassin) in speed racer MAYBE but one thing for sure they picked him cause his Asian.Weird things about this ninja is they speak English the location of the ninja secret hideout is at Japan so why speak English.Some of you might wonder why i care so much about such a thing well it is because the story is so boring and preposterous.It moves back and forth with flashback this annoy the hell out of me cause it interrupt the ongoing story.Some film like Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince used the same technique but it work but not in this movie.So if they don't know how to fit flashback with the real story why don't just make continues scene of flashback?.Its a lot of flashback I know but its better that way.Lets talk about dialogue the chief ninja speak like he is one of "The Matrix" characters other sub character had really cheesy line and the main character Raizo(Rain) only have like 10 lines maybe less and they all suck.Maybe they tried to make Asian version of Rambo where the character doesn't talk very much and they only kick ass if they do than they're failed.Don't even bother talking about the acting the best performance in this movie is that Calypso from POTC and she done merely passable job.Of course the highlight of the movie is action scene and I admit its awesome and somehow they still managed to find a way to ruin that part.When there is action scene there are human body part flying every where its awesome until fake CG blood destroy the moment.Ninja Assassin is a horrible cliche action flick do yourself and your wallet a favor by stay away from this abomination.