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The story of yet another emo girl that tries to find something to be depressed about, while falling in love with a century-old corpse that introduces her to the wild world of necrophilia.

I am still puzzled as to why teenagers like such a boring, slow movie. I mean, most teens enjoy entertaining movies right? I never thought they'd come to like Twilight, which is basically 2 hours containing thousands of instances of Kristen Stewart touching her hair, and cringe-worthy dialog such as "hold on, spider monkey".

Everything in this movie is bad. BAD.

Day of the Dead

Now, there were remakes for George A. Romero's "Dead" trilogy, including two(?) remakes for Night of the Living Dead, of which I have neither seen, Dawn of the Dead, a VERY good remake directed by a first-time director, Zack Snyder, but I know for sure, that this remake of Day of the Dead just lacked enough creativity than its predecessors, or some other zombie films.
Now referring to the original versions, Night of the Living Dead was certainly creative, and it became a cult classic, Dawn of the Dead was a stunning sequel, I haven't seen Day of the Dead, but hear it's not as good than the first two.
This remake, was just a plain movie that did not have anything unique throughout.

But looking on the positive side, half of the actors were great, such as Ving Rhames, although some negative feedback for Nick Cannon, I personally thought he did great and was humorous.

Appropriately, this remake is bad, don't buy it, just rent it with friends and watch it at night, you will likely have fun with it.

Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny

Yes it was a bit low on ideas and being conceptual, but who cares? Were you expecting a masterpiece?
I believe this film is genius hysterically, with awesome songs, joyful acting and some excellent cameos.
Great comedy, great musical.

District 9
District 9(2009)

This is another example - one of the BEST examples - that a first-time director can make an stunning film.

As I sat through the first several minutes of the film, I wasn't bored to death and stopped watching like the majority of impatient movie-goers. It showed how humans treated the alien Prawns, being very, very similar to the apartheid-era. It showed how disgraceful as a human can get. This time, to be more original, it is presented in how disgraceful a humanoid can get. That concept brings emotional concern to the poor, mistreated Prawns.

People say this film doesn't have a plot. I say it does have a plot, it's that the story was so imaginative, it built up various events to connect with each other.

Many people misunderstood the whole film. This movie was not about an alien invasion! The plot is about aliens, being refugees from their home planet, forced to live like slaves with bad housing and environment. That would bring me to the point where people should read the plot before actually seeing the film.

The film's CGI was crafted with the wonderful Weta Digital, the aliens were realistic as well as the setting and Sharlto Copley's performance (no Oscar nomination for him is blasphemy).

District 9 not only gives the thrills and a captivating, original story, but it effectively delivers its message about societal chaos.

It is a masterpiece and I highly recommend it! 5/5.

The Descent
The Descent(2006)

The Descent is undoubtedly the best horror film of 2006.
It gives an accurate taste in what it shows, such as its claustrophobic setting and and the many unsettling shocks which names itself as "horror movie". But there's more to it.
The actresses are beautiful in both looks (even if they aren't wearing makeup) and their performance, it stood out boldly and gave the film a realistic tone.
The Descent isn't only a tale of survival, it's also about friendship and how far you would go to defend it.
A unique horror thriller, not only the best of 2006, but one of the best in decades. Recommended.


This is a great film, definetley not only for kids. Adults would certainly enjoy this too, with its sense of irony, and scenes which would absoloutley touch you in various emotions. A very powerful film, and as mentioned, one of the best films of this decade. Recommended.

The Mothman Prophecies

Not so much of a decent mystery film.
Sort of like a monster-of-the-week episode in The X-Files, but there's one part of the formula not used - some of the truth, at least a bit of the evidence discovered.
It didn't seem to completely revolve around the mystery of the mothman, but only what the event of a mothman sighting did to one man.

Not very worth watching. Only recommended if you're researching about things like this but if you're looking for a creature feature...this isn't for you.

AVP - Alien Vs. Predator

Not close enough at all to compete with the superb acting and gore in the two creature's own films, but had still had the aspects of thrill in it.
Overall, I think that this is not good, but not bad at all.

School of Rock

Has a very well-planned theme, one of the best performances ever by Jack Black, and isn't just "another of those films". Possibly one of 2003's best films.

Army of Darkness

A true cult film! The excitement in the whole film never ends, including it's comedic effect and slapstick violence.
It wasn't much of a horror though, it removed the horror and gore and created a fantasy film but very fun and hilarious.
You will absolouteley die laughing.

Dawn of the Dead

George A. Romero launches a modern style in film making aiming at not only horror, but also at other genres such as drama making this fantastic film, Dawn of the Dead, a cult classic. To be honest, I thought the remake was better but that was only because I watched it before this one. I loved the remake, it was everything I wanted, and the original is the master behind it.


A funny, cute boy-and-zombie film, Fido sticks to it's plot and doesn't add another hour with brief moments. I think that this will not scare any children, they'll be delighted to see a new version of their type of films.

28 Weeks Later...

Great movie! This had some great, tense moments and even if the shocks are predictable, they will still get you hiding. Plenty of explosions and carnage for you to enjoy, while not being perfect, it settles as a fun ride.

Dawn of the Dead

A successful remake of an excellent zombie film directed by a first-time director, Zack Snyder who converts simple-concept films into gripping experiences.
Many fun moments of explosions, zombie rage and even a little dog called Chips.
Overall, apart from the bitter end where the survivors meet a morbid fate at a zombie-filled island, I give it the highest rating I can for just being excellent.

Slumdog Millionaire

If you think this is overrated, you haven't seen it.
While I'm more into horror and science fiction than drama, this was totally different.
It was like a realistic fairytale. Beautiful, with a conflict and a happy ending.
This movie was just TOO good, very gripping, but there are too many words to describe how good it is.
What I can simply say is, watch this movie and feel better about your life. And just like Danny Boyle's other films, this is an emotionally gripping experience. Truly recommended.

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (Ice Age 3)

This wasn't as bad and childish as I thought.
Even if it's a movie for kids, there were actually some hilarious sex references in it which stunned me.
A funny and imaginative film for all ages.