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Mario's Review of Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark

5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark

Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark(2011)

WOW.. this was truly a huge turd of a movie. I really am tired of walking out of the theatre feeling like I just got mugged and raped at the same time. I mean, at least buy me dinner dammit!!

Seriously though.. in the first five minutes they show the main character(the little girl) holding a camera that I haven't seen since 1989!! I figured, oh well.. this is a remake of a 1970's movie so it's based in the 70's... then they show a 2011 BMW not even 5 minutes later!!

I knew I was in for a story full of holes that anyone would notice, but this was just a sad joke. There are too many scenes where people show up out of nowhere and other scenes where people that you expect to be there are absent for no reason whatsoever. I honestly felt insulted. Does Hollywood think that we are all brain-dead??

Don't answer that..