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Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark

WOW.. this was truly a huge turd of a movie. I really am tired of walking out of the theatre feeling like I just got mugged and raped at the same time. I mean, at least buy me dinner dammit!!

Seriously though.. in the first five minutes they show the main character(the little girl) holding a camera that I haven't seen since 1989!! I figured, oh well.. this is a remake of a 1970's movie so it's based in the 70's... then they show a 2011 BMW not even 5 minutes later!!

I knew I was in for a story full of holes that anyone would notice, but this was just a sad joke. There are too many scenes where people show up out of nowhere and other scenes where people that you expect to be there are absent for no reason whatsoever. I honestly felt insulted. Does Hollywood think that we are all brain-dead??

Don't answer that..


The Blair Witch Project

A blatant ripoff of a film. They produced all kinds of documentaries leading up to the film in order to make you believe that the events in the movie actually happened. I think these d-bags should be sued for all the money they made off of this film. They lied to the public and made a killing based on that lie. The only reason I even paid to see this film was because one of my friends told me everything was real and was literally pale after he came back from seeing it. He made me sit through a couple of documentaries that seemed authentic. Well, the movie was not frightening nor compelling, but I found it creepy that we were actually watching their last moments.. then I see them appear at some award show to accept their reward. They lied people.. they f'n lied. I was a gullible 19 yr old back then, but I felt cheated and I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!

Little Miss Sunshine

This movie is why I will never understand why the HELL movies win awards. How is thia a good movie??? How is it funny??? This movie was an in-flight movie for god's sake!! Since when do they show good movies on an air plane??? This was one of the worst films that I have ever seen. A family member dies and they decide that a stupid peagant is more important??!! This is great material for all those terrible parents that put their little girls into beauty peagants at 4 years old! DISGUSTING!!!

Shutter Island

I don't see why this movie is getting so many negative reviews. Yes, I did see the plot twist coming a mile away, but that was mostly because they described the movie as "full of plot twists". I HATE when they do that because I find myself trying to figure it out from the very first minute. I usually get pretty damn close too.

In summary, The movie did not feel like it dragged too long and had it's powerful moments. There were many clues leading up to the truth, but it was not so in your face that someone who had never seen the previews or adds would have figured it out in the first 10 minutes like I did. It deserves a "fresh" rating IMHO.

Toy Story 3
Toy Story 3(2010)

An excellent film! I've seen some reviewers over analyze the film and say it's too "dark".. apparently they haven't seen the older Disney films/stories. This movie was an emotional roller coaster, plain and simple. A+++


A wonderful film. A have absolutely nothing bad to say about it. A thrilling action film, an excellent screenplay, and brilliant acting from all involved. 100% and well deserved.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Pretty good movie, but filled with holes. In the end, I felt like there was still a bit left to be explained. Like why "the girl with the dragon tattoo" was so interested in the main character in the first place. Also, why she became the way she is is only briefly explained. Lastly, the police in Sweden are apparently the worst policemen on the planet.

I know it sounds like I hated the movie, but I actually did enjoy it. It would have earned a 100% had it filled in some of the holes, but it didn't. The ending left a little to be desired as well.

Evan Almighty

Another horrible Steve Carrell movie. This guy is the unfunniest comedian on the planet! This movie had ZERO laughs. Jim Carrey showed how a real actor does it in part one of this movie.. in fact, Steve's role in Bruce Almighty is the funniest of his entire career!! The office is horrible as is all of his movies. I think Steve Carrell is the Ben Stein of today. Not funny, but lands role after role in comedy films.


Like 90% of all movies based on crazy ex's, this movie was complete garbage. Filled with a million holes and an incredibly stupid story geared towards 12 year old girls, this is one of the worst movies I've seen in a loooong time. Complete garbage. How this got past 30%, I don't know. I'm sure a bunch of twilight watching morons chimed in to boost it's rating. It's sad because this type of thing actually does happen in real life, but movies like this make a comedy out of the situation.

Cidade de Deus (City of God)

A cross between Menace to Society and Scarface, this is a a good movie that gives you a first hand look into life in the slums of Rio de Jainero during the 60's and 70's. The fact that it is based on a true story really gives it that much more power and impact. Overall, a great movie that is not for the faint of heart.


I finally got the chance to see Avatar and see just what all the hype was about. I have to admit, the plot was very predictable. It is an old and rehashed plot device, but how many movies nowadays are totally original? I thought the story was executed well.

That being said, I really enjoyed watching this movie. Needless to say, the technology in this film was absolutely amazing. I was expecting to see a well made video game, but it was definitlely better than that. The world did seem alive and the facial expressions looked great.

It was a wonderful visual experience and the story was perfectly paced. I was amazed that even after 162 minutes, I felt like it needed an extra 30 minutes to show a bit more character development. All in all, I am glad I took the time to watch this film and now find myself wishing that I had shelled out the cash to see this in theatres. I'd give this movie an 85.

Slumdog Millionaire

WOW! What a masterpiece of a film! I can't even come up with words to express what an incredible picture this is! I don't think I've ever seen any movie that had me filled with emotion from the very first five minutes. I've always said that any movie that wins an award is complete garbage(ex: American Beauty). This film completely blew my mind! It is easily the best film of 2008 and possibly the best film of the decade.

The Hangover
The Hangover(2009)

This movie was very funny, but not as funny as everyone made it out to be. Alot of the scenes that should have been funnier were spoiled in the commercials(Tyson scene). I also felt like the first half of the film was alot funnier than the second half. Overall, a good comedy that I would definitely recommend.

The Last House on the Left

A disturbing, but good movie. I was thrilled at the end, but was quite worried with myself judging by how bloodthirsty I had become at that point! LOL If you saw this movie, I'm sure you felt the same way. I would have taken my sweet time with that scumbag. I'm talking 4 hours minimum.. he had it faaar too easy!

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

A below average entry into a beloved series.. this sequel came out 20 years too late. The decision to cast Shia LeBum was my biggest problem with this movie. I mean, they didn't need the character at all! However, they casted him as Indy's son... a tough guy 50's greaser... REALLY?? SHIA AS A TOUGH GUY?! That's like casting Justin Bieber to play the Fonz!

The scene with monkeys was incredibly silly and fake looking. One of the things that made Indiana Jones a great series was the fact that they never relied on CGI for all of the special effects. Not so in this film. I was mildly entertained, so I will give it a 30%.

The Uninvited


I was quite interested at first, but that interest quickly faded to boredom and frustration. I found the father's behavior towards his recently released daughter a bit too distant. You would think that someone who went through something like that would need extra attention, yet the dad is rarely ever seen with her. Apparently, he's too busy reading.

So many holes in the story that I don't know where to start... apparently the little girl knew what she was doing because she killed Matt! Of course, they didn't bother revealing how she apparently overpowered and then threw him off a cliff. REALLY stupid.

The police are pretty incompetent to let that little girl loose after she went to the station claiming that her dead sister was back at the house. Also, did they ever solve the case of her mother?! Did they bother making the connection that maybe Matt was another one of her victims???

..and why did the dad leave her alone with Rachel again????


This storyline felt like an insult to my intelligence. The movie cover states that there is going to be a twist. I HATE when they do that because then you are trying to guess it the whole time. I actually nailed it in the opening minutes of the film! One of many things that ruined what could have been a good movie. I should have known not to watch a PG-13 horror movie.


Excellent movie. I really enjoyed watching this film from beginning to end. A great story filled with action, fun moments, and surprise twists. I highly recommend this film.

Lucky Number Slevin

I thought this movie was very good. The twist and turns were fun to experience for the first time. I think many of the negative reviews came from Tarantino fans who felt intimidated by the fact that someone else could make a stylish and fun picture. This movie compares very well with what is BY FAR Tarantino's best work...that is of course: Pulp Fiction...his ONLY good work IMHO.

50 First Dates

This is a movie that I would consider a chick flick. Having said that, I would categorize this as standing somewhere in the top 3 chick flicks I've ever watched(can't remember the other two). I'm sure many MANY ladies disagree with me.

It's funny, silly, and the chemistry between Barrymore and Sandler is incredible...but the spectacular views of Hawaii are what really draw me to this movie. I would've given my left arm to be a part of this film... just to have an all expense paid trip to Hawaii!

As a stand alone romance flick, I'd give it 50%.. but because of the fact that I enjoy watching it over and over for the scenery... I have to bump up my rating to 70.

Pretty Woman
Pretty Woman(1990)

Hollywood hooker falls in love with a Millionaire and changes her slutty ways when she is given unlimited amounts of money and a few pointers in etiquette... What message is this movie trying to send?? They should make a film where some rich hot woman dates a drunken piss-covered hobo from off the street...or did they do that already??

I think Dave Chapelle summed up this movie perfectly in one of his skits.

District 9
District 9(2009)

What an amazing story! This movie had tons of action, a story that really gets you involved, and amazing special effects.

At the start, I did not like the documentary style setting. I also have to admit that I was a bit bored during the first twenty or so minutes. However, after finishing the film, I realized that the documentary style and slow build up was necessary for everything to come together. The fact is, there is FAR too much going on in this fictional world for it to all be explained in a 2 hour film. I think the director did a GREAT job of condensing all you need to know before revealing the protagonist and central plot.

I'd rate it 95

Righteous Kill

A disgracefully bad movie. It should have been over after the female cop was assaulted by the "serial killer". In real life, it is over at that point...killer is arrested for assaulting an officer, investigation begins, movie is over...The way they brushed that aside was disgusting.
The killer is sooo painfully sloppy toward the end that the NYPD looks like a freakin joke.


The killer went sour because a priest mollested him as a young boy. No, I'm not kidding.

The Usual Suspects

Excellent thriller with an amazing twist at the end. This is one of the best crime dramas ever written. This movie made Kevin Spacey the legend that he is today. What a BRILLIANT actor!!

Cruel Intentions

Somehow, this movie managed to keep me interested until the end. However, after watching it.. I felt like valuable hours of my life were wasted.

The Ref
The Ref(1994)

What a great movie! This movie features some A+ acting from some A-list actors and comedians. Truly a classic in my book. I'm glad to see it has the rating it deserves.

Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd(1995)

Don't know why this movie has gotten such bad reviews. I loved it as a kid and still enjoy watching it today. While unrealistic, it does not take itself seriously(with the exception of the villain...WOW talk about over acting!)

Overrall, a decent movie to watch... but not one I'd be quick to recommend.

Demolition Man

One of many movies from the 90's to center around some type of futuristic setting. The future is quite silly and campy in this movie, so it has a fun vibe to it. I enjoyed this movie as well as the performances by all the big name actorsin it(Sly Stallone, Snipes, Bullock, Leary, and the latino guy who's name I always forget).

I would recommend it if you are a fan of Stallone, Snipes, Bullock, and/or cheesy-but-good sci-fi films. 75%


Wow, I remember liking this movie as a young boy. I watched it again today and found it to be pretty bad. Emilio Estevez's typically bad acting is as unbearable today as it was back then. The plot is absolutely ridiculous.

Old rich guys steal people from the past and transfer their minds to these new bodies in order to escape death. Yes, I'm serious.

With all the healthy people around(they've supposedly absorbed harmful sun casue the ozone is gone, but they all seem perfectly fine..), they dig around in the past for people to swap bodies with.. On top of that, instead of settling for anybody, Hopkin's character is dead set on just one person.. an early 90's race car driver.. All because he wants some bootay! LMAO! Oh, and how the hell do people do groceries in this future where you can't even walk out of your door?!?!

The 90's churned out alot of futuristic sci-fi movies about this millenium that are incredibly cheesy. I think Back to the Future 2 set the stage for movies like this to be made. Freejack provided me with a few laughs and didn't feel like a complete waste of time, but it I would NOT recommend it. The ending was so bad that it was hilarious!

The Last Boy Scout

"A slick, big-budget exploitation movie that's preposterous, foul-mouthed and gratuitously violent, but also a great deal of fun." - Chuck O' Leary

I couldn't have put it better myself. I loved this movie as a young kid(seemingly the target audience).

Twelve Monkeys (12 Monkeys)

This is one of my favorite films of the 90's. It's an AWESOME sci-fi movie with an interesting story that is full of surprises. I think everyone involved in the film did a superb job. One of my top ten favorite movies of all time!

From Dusk Till Dawn

Typical Tarantino film. If you skip to the final moments in order to catch Selma doing her thing... you will have seen the best part of this film. Everything else is like a crappy comic book on the screen. If you turn your brain off before the film starts, you'll likely have a better time watching it. The same can be said for 90% of films written and/or produced by Tarantino. IMHO

Shaun of the Dead

WOW...this movie was absolutely terrible. I did not laugh once... not even a smirk. It felt more like a really crappy horror movie that tried waaaay too hard to be funny.

The only funny horror movies are those that are unintentionally funny(Jason X). I'm shocked that this movie received over 90% approval! I wouldn't give this a 5!


IMO, this is by far the best of all the "life in the ghetto" movies to come out of the 90's. A compelling story that does a good job of keeping you interested. I can't think of anything wrong with what was put together by the creative team behind this movie. I would highly recommend this film to anyone that likes crime dramas.

Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

This is widely regarded as the best movie of the Star Wars franchise, and I absolutely agree. What else do I need to say other than.. the bad guy wins!

The Dark Knight

This movie was excellent. It is hard to make a movie over two hours long and not make it feel like it's TOO long. I remember painfully sitting through Spiderman 3 and feeling dissappointed when the final scene was a giant, video game looking mess.

Heath Ledger sets the bar incredibly high for anyone who wishes to step into the Joker's shoes in the future. Christian Bale is convincing as a Billionaire by day, and a caped crusader at night. Gary Oldman ALWAYS does an amazing job. The guy who played Harvey Dent does an excellent job as well. Truly an incredible job by everyone involved.

The ONLY thing I would have changed about this film was the rating. It should have had some blood. In the scene where the Joker takes out "spawn", you can't even tell how he killed him. A tiny speck of a blemish in a masterpiece of a film.

Overall an amazing story, great action sequences, and incredible acting throughout makes this the best movie of 2008. I'd rate this movie a 98 out of 100.


This is one of the funniest movies ever made. Absolutely hilarious from beginning to end. I laughed so hard the first time I sat through it, that I had to watch it again to catch jokes that I missed. That is a sure-fire sign of an incredibly funny movie!
It's hard to believe someone considered a "top critic" gave this movie a rotten rating. He should have his status revoked!

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

A little too querky for me. I don't remember laughing at anything other than DeFoe's character. Was thoroughly bored throughout the entire film. I'm shocked to see that this movie has received many positive reviews.

She's Out of My League

This is one movie I don't need to watch to know how stupid it is. I've never written a review without watching a movie, but felt the need to after watching 4 trailers that did not make me even crack a smile.

Why would ANYONE hang out with the annoying group of losers in the film? In every trailer, it's either him(the lead) being uncomfortable or his friends insulting him. Predictable garbage that will not rob me of my time or money.

Never Back Down

About ten minutes in, when they show the "underground fight scene"...and then show the "battle of the x's"... I wanted to turn off the TV. It only stayed on because I was sick at home and there was nothing else on TV. Although this movie seems like it was made to cater to the MTV audience and teenage MMA fanboys.. In the end, it is actually a pretty good movie. It starts off looking like American Pie, but it actually has some heart and the resemblance of a good story. However, the cheese is on the heavy side.. so I can't really recommend it.

Weekend at Bernie's II

An unnecessary sequel to a good movie. This movie was not funny at all, contradicted many things from the first movie, and was plain stupid. The only funny thing about this movie is Bernie's drunken look. That, and the fact that I can't stop watching bad movies, is why I give this film a 30.

Weekend at Bernie's

I liked this movie when I first watched it.. and I still do today. Bernie's house is still my dream home! LOL

One of the best things about this comedy is that it features an original twist to an old story. By old story, I mean the slew of 80's movies where someones boyfriend, girlfriend, brother, etc.. would die and come back from the dead as a competent zombie(no thirst for brains). ALL of those movies were terrible by the way...

The Bahama Hustle

In a way, Im glad this movie has not been watched or reviewed by anyone.. because they really screwed over the real stars of the movie. The entire movie is centered around two "young rappers" whom are never credited anywhere in the promotion! Dr Dre and Ed Lover are in the film for a total of 2 minutes at most!! It makes me very angry to see two promising young actors receive no credit for their work.

On top of that, the cover makes it look more like a porno!!


This is a very good movie. The only setback in the film is how the main actor doesn't seem like he's doing a good job acting. Also, I don't see the point of the referee if you can kick, slam, and drug people up in the ring! A little over the top, but still fun to watch. I am a little biased though, sinceI watched this movie for the first time when I was 13 and LOVED it.

Jason X
Jason X(2002)

This is one of those movies that is sooo terrible, that it's hilarious! It's always refreshing to see a complete ham once in a while. The story is truly laughable. My favorite scene is when the black guy gets stabbed and says "It's gonna take more than that to put down this old dog"...then immediately gets stabbed again and says "yep, that'll do it".. BA HAAAA HA HA HA!!!

Casino Royale

An excellent installment into the Bond franchise. This film has a much more gritty feel to it than it's predecessors. Appropriate, given that it is supposed to be a prequel to the previous films. The action sequences are some of my favorite of all the Bond films and Daniel Craig REALLY looks the part of a super spy.. the most believable of them all IMHO.

Kill Bill: Volume 1

This movie feels like a comic book on the movie screen. The fight scenes look fake as do most other special effects in the film. It's like a bloody version of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon that's made to cater to blood thirsty teenagers who aren't even old enough to watch the film! A complete garbage of a film right along the lines of 'From Dusk til Dawn'.
Kill Bill is a prime example of why I absolutely despise Tarantino's work. The ONLY good Tarantino film is the one that made him a star.

Napoleon Dynamite

Apparently, America loves a dork. I thought this movie had a total of two funny scenes. The rest of the movie is like following around a family of mentally disabled people. Boring, querky, and stupid sums up this film nicely.

Super Mario Bros.

This movie is not as bad as many claim it to be. If it had taken itself seriously, it would deserve the low rating it has received, but it doesn't. The games themselves have plots as thin as paper, so I applaud the writers for coming up with something original.


Hilarious movie! Woody Harrelson and Randy Quaid do a great job of providing laughs throughout, but Bill Murray really steals the show playing a sleazy professional bowler. One of the things I like most about this film, is the surprise ending... granted not a 6th sense type of surprise, but definitely not what I expected.

Black Knight
Black Knight(2001)

Shameless exploitation of Martin Lawrence's popularity at the time. This movie was complete garbage and a turning point in Lawrence's acting career. He hasn't made anything worthwhile since!


B-O-R-I-N-G. I watched this movie in the theatre.. and it was the first time that I ever got up and left before a movie was over. Had one, maybe two funny moments in what seemed like the longest film ever made.

G.I. Joe: The Movie

I remember watching this as a child. I loved it then, so I am forced to give a biased review now. I thought the movie was well made in the sense that it achieved several things..

1. It furthered the storyline without killing off any of the main characters.
2. It added more characters to an already huge franchise
3. It provided a back story for Cobra Commander..and everything else that happened to Cobra Commander!!
4. It used a darker tone without being too violent for children

Awesome movie. Probably better than the one that was recently released!

History of the World---Part I

A good movie that provides some really good laughs. The movie is almost 30 years old, yet it holds up well to the test of time.

Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones

I thought this movie delivered everything we wanted to see. Yes, the love story is garbage, but the last 45 minutes are the best in the franchise. When Yoda fights towards the end, the theatre erupted in cheers! That scene alone should propel this to the top or near it.

As for the love story, I touched on this in my Revenge interview, but I'll take a step further.. Lucas cannot write love stories. Period. The first trilogy had a ridiculous love story between Solo and the princess. They went along teasing each other like school children!

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

A great entry into the Star Wars series. However, I rate this as the 3rd best of the series and that's ONLY because the action sequences are spectacular.
(My list: 1. Empire strikes back /2. Star wars Episode 2 /3. Revenge of the Sith /4. Star Wars Episode 4 /5. Return of the Jedi... and of course.. /6. The phantom menace.

Ok, back to Episode 3... Not ONCE in the series do I believe that the relationship between Anakin and Padme is real. If only someone else had written the love story or maybe if a different actor were cast for Anakin Skywalker. On a side note --I saw that actor in another movie where he starred as an emo kid. Seems like that's the only role he can play--

Also, I think the motivation to kill all his friends and adopted family should have been more than just having dreams of his wife dying in child birth. I can't help but think that after Darth Vader has killed off all his friends and some children to boot, he would cut the emperor's head off for lying about being able to save Padme!! Why would he continue in his evil ways without any real motivation?! That is a SERIOUS hole in the story.

Anyways, the action and other parts of the story were excellent. The climactic fight scene between Vader and Obi-Wan was everything I could ask for as a Star Wars fan. It is probably the BIGGEST reason for the high rating. I give it a 75 rating

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

I don't know why I punish myself by actually sitting through an entire movie that I do not like. I rented this movie because a friend of mine recommended it as one of the best movies he has ever seen. I will NEVER listen to him again! At first I was genuinely intrigued and interested in the story.. for the first twenty minutes that is. The movie drags on and on as a creepy, dark, and disturbing tale. What really made this one of my most hated movies of all time.. was the ending. I will not spoil it for anyone..but it is by far.. THE most ridiculous ending I have ever seen. I yelled at the TV screen, demanding 2 hours of my life back!! LOL


This is exploitation at it's worst. They take a serious situation and unintentionally make a mockery of it. The dioalogue is some of the worst ever..although that's nothing new for a movie starring J-Lo.. and it's so predictable it's almost laughable. Poorly conceived story that never really builds any emotion.

Stuck on You
Stuck on You(2003)

I did not laugh once while watching this film. Nuff said.

Knocked Up
Knocked Up(2007)

A simple comedy that does have some good jokes hidden in there.. The scene with the bouncer at the club was HILARIOUS.. other than that moment though, the laughs are few and far between.
As for the drama, the story itself is a little too farfetched in order for you to develop any real emotion toward the characters in the movie. --Fat stoner knocks up a gorgeous hard-working woman in a one night stand..and if that wasn't hard enough to believe... she hooks up with the guy no matter what he says!-- In summary..not a good movie, but not a terrible one either.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Amazing special effects for it's time. This movie truly set the standard for the summer blockbuster. I remember enjoying this movie in the theatre as a child. I thought that not having an R rating would hurt the picture, but it was absolutely amazing! A great performance from a young Edward Furlong.. a then unknown actor.

I would have to say that this was definitely the best movie of the decade. I would rank it higher than the Matrix only because of the fact that it was produced in 1990! Seems like ancient history now, yet the special effects hold up by todays standards!!

The Terminator

The reason I like the original better than the sequel is because of it's darker tone and the R rating. It stands among the best sci-fi movies ever made. The action does not let up for one second.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

This is my favorite of the Indian Jones trilogy and also one of my favorite movies of all time. I don't think I've ever seen this good of chemistry between two actors. The movie never gets boring, has it's share of laughs, and even shows us a young Indiana Jones in the opening sequence! RIP River Phoenix

Monster's Ball

A story about a prison guard who takes advantage of a desperate woman. The pity sex scene at the end is completely unnecesary and disturbing. It's not only that this old man is banging a girl who's boyfriend has just been put to death, it's the fact that she is crying over her dead boyfriend and saying "Make me feel Gooood..MAKE ME FEEL GOOOOOOOOD!!" LMAO!!!


I think this movie had a TON of potential. However, the producers attempts at making the movie more family friendly are the biggest drawbacks to this movie. Casting was absolutely terrible. The funny chubby black guy as a hacker?? Some hot blond in a tiny top as one of the most intelligent scientists in the world?!!? "Sneaky Sneaky" as a secret service agent??! Why didn't they just cast Adam Sandler as the lead role??? Might as well throw Carmen Elektra in as the lead girl since acting is not a requirement for the part!

The scenes with the transformers were fun to watch and I think the story was great. The execution is why I gave this movie a 50% rating. I enjoyed the movie, but wouldn't rush back to see it again.

One more question... does ANYONE care about the humans in this story?? I found that I couldn't wait for the scene to pass every time they showed the military's side of the story.

Total Recall
Total Recall(1990)

Great movie with lots of action, twists in the story, and some funny moments as well. I remember seeing this movie as a kid and wondering what Quaid's real personality was like.

There's Something About Mary

Easily one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. I laughed so often that the second time I watched it, I noticed I had actually missed some jokes! Great movie that shows you don't need an overabundance of raunchiness and vulgarity to make a funny movie.


I do not understand what people find so funny about this film. It is basically this generations version of Revenge of the Nerds... except the nerds were more entertaining because they didn't hide the fact that they were nerds.. although the fat guy could easily pass for "booger". LMAO!!

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

This movie completely missed the mark. They literally took everything bad about the first one and amped it up x 100. I found myself only enjoying some of the fight scenes and completely loathing the humans. The jokes all miss the mark, the sexual references get old and annoying, and what happened to good ol' fashioned "acting"? Add to that a story full of holes, and you have one BAD movie. I'm glad I didn't waste my time in the theatre with this one!


Painfully bad, yet somehow I could not change the channel. I'm guessing it's because I grew up on Mad Max movies and found this to be a bit funny. The story was pretty stupid, the script was even worse, and the acting was horrible. I gave it a 30 only because it somehow captivated me and lured me into watching it to the end.

The Mummy
The Mummy(1999)

Truly a new start to the mummy actually being an intimidating character. Mummies are usually slow, stupid, and not too scary looking. In alot of movies you'll see them die a silly death or be used as comedy relief throughout the movie. The old horror movies are barely worth mentioning!

I think based on the above mentioned fact alone, this movie deserves a high rating. Add to that it's fun, campy feeling and you've got a winner for all ages. It also provided it's share of scares watching those little scarab beetles crawl into human flesh.

I thought the script was well written, the effects were great, and Stephen Sommers did a great job of directing.

King Solomon's Mines

Pretty bad, but a funny bad... if that makes sense. I don't think this was meant to be taken seriously, so I won't rank it as a complete failure.. but, because Sharon Stone is such a terrible actress, it also loses a few points. :oP

American History X

I can't find anything bad to say about this movie. An amazing story and an amazing cast help to make this one of the best movies ever made IMHO. Why do I rank it so high? Well, because it sends a positive message to a society that needs to wake up.

I think it should be shown in high school nowadays. The movie shows that hatred only breeds more hate, that there are ways to handle your problems without resorting to violence, and that family should be your #1 priority.


Great movie..if your a tween girl!

This movie is terrible. The fact that in this movie.. vampires basically poison people and can suck out the "venom" at any time is absolutely ridiculous!

The rare action sequences do not generate any excitement.

asily one of the worst vampire movies ever made.

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

One of the worst movies I've ever watched. Thankfully I watched it at home as opposed to wasting my money in the theater. It is amazing to me that someone actually read this script and said "ok!".

Where do I begin?

The aweful casting of Alex...or the complete loss of his character's thick british accent??.. How about deciding to cast a latina to play a british woman??.. or the worst offense of all, the absolutely god-awful script!

I mean seriously, the scene between Alex and the chinese girl is absolutely painful to watch. John's character speaks in small sentences throughout the entire movie. The yeti's come out of the blue and then go away for no reason. Jet Li can morph into whatever he wants yet can't stop a Rick O'Connell headbut!!

What a disgrace to a fun and creative series!! If I could give this movie a -10, I would.