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7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Automaton Transfusion

Automaton Transfusion(2006)

a bad zombie film with nearly every zombie cliche and teenage horror film shock scare involved. it tries so hard to be a hardcore film but needless to say, it fails. it's more like a bad music video for underground screamo bands, any who are stupid enough to let director Miller use their music. acting that is between subpar and under average with an out of nowhere plot twist so bad M.Night Shyamalan would blush and say "what a stupid twist". the film wouldn't be so bad if it didn't take itself seriously, but every step along the way it has to be over-the-top and "hardcore". yes because punching babies out of pregnant women is totally hardcore right? it's the worst part of the 90's mixed with zombie cliches and the best gore 30000 bucks can buy. which is probably why they couldn't get competent actors because they spent every dime on the gore. the zombies are by far the worst zombies in any film I've ever seen. they're either too strong, too smart, too stupid, too weak, too over-the-top. the main characters have between no personality and border on insane, oh sorry! did I say insane? I meant inane. you can tell Miller is an amateur director and an amateur writer and though I give him credit with a 30000 dollar budget the gore effects are nice. but over all the movie is a chore to watch as everything is so horribly directed, badly panned out and nonsensically arranged.