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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

I was a little confused at the beginning and i thought it was a little slow but when it got good it was great.
I think DT was similar to the movie zodiac(witch I also liked). I have never felt as creeped out as I did since I don't know when.(The scenes throughout the film)
The fincher is the best with his dark and gritty movies.

The Ladykillers

I love the cast and some of the movies scenes but there is just something big missing. Could have been a lot better.

Howl's Moving Castle

A great movie, not as great as His(hard long name)other movies but this flick has that feel to it. A great watch


I almost hated the whole Death proof movie the only time I wasn't dead bored was when a car scene was playing. A whole lot a girls talking which I really didn't care about at all like most people. I expected a lot more from tarintino even if it's a grindhouse movie(you CAN make an amazing gritty violent grindhousish movie).
Planet terror is another zombie movie. Not very creative or new but it caught my attention with it's action and characters. Bottonline is PT>DP, It was real nice seeing a grindhouse movie again even though I didn't care for them.

Meet the Spartans

it's kind of funny. Not the movie(of course) but how much money it takes to make a movie. All that wasted on this..... garbage

District 9
District 9(2009)

See it. You will be pleased. unless your like some of the people on this site that dont like good movies or rather see G.I Joe(ewww)


i thought it was ok not great not scary but i like movies with 5 people one dying and so on. it kept my attention through the movie

Cannibal Holocaust

Very wrong and sick. makes me wonder what was in the minds of the actors and directors.
Animal Cruelty, rape, torture, the all.

Disaster Movie

not good. Not good at all

Cowboy Bebop: The Movie (Kaub˘i Bibappu: Tengoku no Tobira)

A good anime movie but nowhere as good as the series.

Epic Movie
Epic Movie(2007)

There's some funnies but thats my messed up sense of humor. it's watchable

Red State
Red State(2011)

Something new. Not much movies have creative new plots these days. I thought it had nice acting and directing. It even had JOHN GOODMAN(he looked like CGI). I don't have anything bad to say about it but it felt dullish; like something was missing.


I really don't get how the movies popular. I laughed at a little scenes that were randomly weird but maybe like 2 times. It didn't make any sense I just thought it was stupid. Different? yes. Good? no
thats my opinion of course.

Spirited Away

One of the best animated movies i've ever seen i would compare it to toy story. I can't name anything bad about it. just an amazing film


I don't know what to say about Zodiac really. it's a bit slow but it kept me interested all the way.

Good Hair
Good Hair(2009)

The movie is a documentary. Lots of people won't like it because of that. But it explains black womens hair and what they go through perfectly. Well made movie no one will make a movie about this subject better.

Toy Story 3
Toy Story 3(2010)

Just as amazing as the previous ones. sadness, humorous, characters just a great movie for everyone.