LuisaVazquez's Rating of Drive

Luisa's Review of Drive

5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


I have one thing to say about this movie: Ryan Gosling. That's all I need. That movie could have the most boring script ever but that man would pull it off. He barely said a thing, but for me he was just perfect. I totally believe his character and personification. That weird smile was creepy enough to have me entertained the one hour and forty minutes it lasted.

As for the rest, I have to say that more action was expected, but the action sequences were good enough and so was the music, cinematography and special effects.

Would I give a perfect 100% to this movie? No. It was too short for my taste and the end was not satisfying. I wanted more. For that and for more, i gave it a 70%. Nevertheless, YOU WILL enjoy it, especially if you are a girl and you liked the Notebook, but if you are a man, you will also like it but DO NOT expect a Fast Five movie.