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Rogue (2008)
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

This movie is Jaws on steroids!
The beauty is that very few moments in Rogue is very original, but what it copies it improves upon and the areas that do feel original will stay with you for some time.

The director found enough moments to showcase his talent and at the same time managed to create a bond between the on screen characters and the viewer. This is one of the few movies I have seen where even the least likable character did not get my vote to die a gruesome death.

Another aspect that I enjoyed about this movie is that the characters managed to stumble upon this freak of nature, whereas characters in movies of the same genre tend to go out in search of the freak in question. There was no myth attached to this particular animal and never did the characters wander into the realm of speculation of "where it came from". I found it refreshing. I liked the fact that the characters were embroiled in a struggle for life and death rather than feed each other witty one-liners and being picked off one by one until the most likely suspects (usually two people) remain and saves the day. More can not be said without spoiling the plot.

Speaking of which...the plot is simple. But the director and writer showed that a simple plot can accommodate a good script, can incorporate character development and can produce enough thrills and moments of white knuckle tension without having a final product that borders on "gore porn".

Well worth seeing and easily as good as Jaws. Will it be a classic? Unfortunately it is 25 years too late. IF this movie was made in the 80's it would be regarded a classic by now - since it's no pioneer the best we can do is watch, enjoy, and take in the awesome Oz scenery...