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One for the Money
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

This is a great movie--if you love the books like I do, you probably also are looking forward to seeing the quick pace and quirky, spirited and imperfect characters live and in action. This movie does not disappoint. I didn't have high expectations, because after all its just a silly story, but it lived up to them and was a well-made film to boot.

Granted, Stephanie Plum is a little better looking than I imagined, but its a movie after all and Katherine Heigl owns the role. I thought the adaptation was great and it generally avoided belittling any of the characters while still staying true to the book--no little feat since if you really think about the the book is chalk full of stereotypes that are borderline racist. These stereotypes are subverted during the course of the story of course, but its harder to include that nuance in a movie than a book. Five starts for pulling off one of my favorite comedy/mystery beach reads with style.