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Snow White and the Huntsman
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

You already know the story, dwarves, apples, wicked queen. Now wouldnt this movie have been so much better if it had the same world & actors and people but went somewhere completely unexpected? Maybe the mirror says the fairest in the land is really the 12 foot troll because he is secretly a sad nice guy who is beautiful inside and when Snow White and the wicked Biotch see whose more fair they get ticked as they feel insulted by the mirror. Snow White should be everything she appears to be, pur sweet and innocent but unlike the wicked one her wickedness is more hidden, not unlike a lot of suburan obnoxious Snow Whites who are out there and quite evil yet havent the slightest idea that they are. Let the Huntsmen be working for the love of Snow and the fear of the queen find himself pitying the beast he almost kills, when in some revelation of the nature of the womens true nature he does something horrible to them, pores dark forest tree sap on there heads and turns them forever bald. Now thats a movie.

Underworld: Awakening
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Whats the point? Especiallly at this no. sequel. Why do I want to see werewolves and Vampires kill people? Screw them, its us or them -hello- It is feeling as dumb as Resident Evil without Mila (yes kate is hot but boring) they needed a bad ass human to clean up shop and remind them that they are not the good guys contrary to crap like Twilight and the makers with their need for more money with auto pilot movies