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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes



The plot is basically that David Dunn (Bruce Willis) is the only survivor of a horrific train crash -- completely unharmed. Then he's approached by Elijah Prince (Samuel L Jackson), who believes that, because David has never been injured in his life, he's a real-life embodiment of a comic book superhero.
Elijah's theory seems absurd at first, but gradually starts to make sense as the movie progresses. I especially like how, as a security guard, David has an instinct for wrongdoing, which Elijah sees as a human trait that's the basis for super powers. It gets to the point where he can tell if someone's got a skeleton in their closet just by touching them. :)
But sadly, this is one of those movies that seems to end too soon. The climax doesn't give you any indication that you're nearing the end of the movie; it feels like you're only at the end of the second act. (I had the same problem with "Rambo 4" and "Hostel: Part II".)
But on the whole, my first impression of "Unbreakable" is that it's pretty good. It's a well-written and thoughtful take on heroes combined with life imitating art.

My rating: 75%