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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Silver Linings Playbook

Silver Linings Playbook(2012)


"Silver Linings Playbook" rounded out my trio of rentals this week because there aren't yet any films from this year that I thought would be good enough to offset "Die Hard 5" and "Gangster Squad". And it turns out I made a very good choice indeed! :D I loved it!
I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking mental illness is a very delicate subject, but I don't think any movie should be interpreted as a parable. I think of this more as a character study of two people helping each other to stand on their own two feet again. (I have heard from Film Brain, though -- whom you can usually trust considering how meticulously he researches these things -- that it's a pretty realistic depiction of mental illness.)
It's also astonishingly well acted across the board -- including, surprisingly, Chris Tucker! :)
I was thoroughly enjoying the movie... up until near the end, when the DVD started skipping to the point where I couldn't watch any more! :( Imagine my frustration! You know, that *really* pisses me off! Why can't people take good care of DVDs they rent? They're supposed to be public property! Letting a disc get scratched up is downright insensitive to anyone else who wants to rent it! So my final comment is a resounding "fuck you" to whomever let the DVD end up in that state!
But even though I haven't yet seen the ending, I think I can quite safely say that, had I caught this during 2012 itself, it would definitely have been on my favourite movies of the year list -- top three easily.

My rating: 90%