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Something Borrowed
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

This movie could have been good. There were a few morals and lessons that could have been learned. Instead, it subtly tries to make you into an awful person.

The basic premise is that a mousy lawyer has a fling with her obnoxious best friend's fiance and doesn't know what to do about it. This takes the form of pointless scenes of dancing in clubs and awkward girl time. While the dilemma plays out, you're also given flashbacks to the past which seem to try to help justify the situation.

Rachel is a bland doormat that is totally confused and has no idea what to do and Dex is an idiotic puppy dog that can't think for himself. So, right off the bat, they're obviously made for each other. But then there's Darcy. She is an annoying narcissistic ego trip that doesn't know how to grow up.

The sad part about this is that you don't feel sorry for her and actually don't care that she's being cheated on. Not that it makes it okay by any means, but it sort of kills the angle of guilt and gives in its place a strange twisted rivalry empowerment angle. As much as you don't like Darcy, you also don't like what Rachel's doing unless you think about it like she's finally doing what she wants instead of what others want. But even that doesn't make this right.

The only character I like is Ethan, the mutual friend, but he basically always gets the short end of the stick.

I love romantic comedies, but this movie does the exact opposite of what a romantic comedy is supposed to do. Was it funny? Sort of. But was there romance? Not really. And the end! I. HATE. THE. ENDING.

It's not unwatchable, but it is very disappointing.

Toy Story 3
Toy Story 3 (2010)
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Unexpectedly dark at times, in my opinion. What an emotional roller coaster! I don't know if I found it side-splitting hilarious, but was pretty funny at times. The story was well done and gave good closure to the series. I guess you could say I sort of grew up with Toy Story films, so I was glad that the last movie was fitting.

Still, I don't think that young children watching this movie would appreciate it or at least "get it". But then again, when do they ever when it comes to movies?

It was good and I have nothing really to say against it. I'm sure whoever goes to see it will enjoy it.

Oldboy (2005)
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Let me start by saying that I have been putting this movie off. I don't exactly know why I did. Maybe because I was expecting something like Kill Bill because of how the DVD package said "...arrives with the Quentin Tarantino seal of approval..." Don't get me wrong, his movies are okay, but I always thought that they were a bit too quirky for my tastes.

Anyway (Sorry to ramble), I was consistently recommended this movie so I figured, after so long, that I would give it a shot.

From beginning to end, you are constantly asking "what the hell is going on". Usually this bugs a lot of people when it comes to movies, but since this was a very well executed suspense-thriller, one would have an exciting time trying to unravel the questions posed. With a taste of action and a difficult yet beautiful romance, you won't even have to preoccupy yourself for long trying to figure out the answers yourself. Plus, it is all basically spelled out in the end.

The characters are just perfect. Oh Dae-su, the businessman turned crazed and vengeful monster is the perfect example of someone toyed with by fate. Even the villain, Woo-jin, is complex in his own way which, for me at least, led to a feeling of sympathy for the character.

Both visually and mentally stimulating with an edgy plot and wonderful delivery, this movie has made it's way to becoming my favorite. I think I may have said something in my Lady Vengeance review about how it's probably better. I revoke that. Completely. Both are extremely good movies, but I would have to go with this one.

A well deserved 100% from yours truly. If you haven't seen it. Watch it. Right now. Seriously.