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Marvel's The Avengers

Fun,fun,fun a great ride.


More movies like this one, that are imaginative as well as independent and original, should be made and widelely releases,unlike the crap that is the twilight saga

X-Men: First Class

Thank you matthew ,thank you, thank you, thank you....


Strats off feirlt well then becomes cliche and stupid...had potential,,,but eh ,,,eh awwwwww

Fight Club
Fight Club(1999)

Just saw this on again for the first time on BlueRay and I gotta say I was blown away again, not just because of the sound and picture, but of the overall sense of awe.
Fight club is one of those movies that just works on every level,Great direction,cinematography,sound editing, soundtrack, art direction, editing, acting, production, story etc..etc..I just works so great on so many levels. I have now become obsesed again...I am Jack's relapse...


Visually amazing! Story and plot could have been a bit more cemented though, overall very good film!

District 9
District 9(2009)

One of the best Sci Fi movies ever made enough said...

Sleep Dealer
Sleep Dealer(2009)

Part Matrix and Part Strange days, This indie mexican film is quite an interesting watch. IT is well acted and has a descent story to it but not much more. YOu never realy learn about how and why Nodes have come about and the real story behind them, It makes Americans look really bad, because now we really treat Mexicans like animals.
The only REALLY bad part of the movie is the CGI. It is poor and laughable at best, and it is SCi Fi channel bad. But the main idea of this movies is its political undertone. Gringos bad emmigrants good!


A perfect movie for ignorant people!I wont even begin to describe how awful this disaster porn is...It is full of cliche and bad acting. Everytime I heard people laugh and clap in the theater I wanted to through up! District 9 barely made 100 mil and yet this peice of shit will probably gross 300+ mill because we are so stupid in this country! This movie was a commercial for CGI, It makes Star Wars episode one look like a masterpiece of modern cinema, Emmerich be damned!!!!!!!!!!!

The Fourth Kind

More like the second kind as in a number two...The movies "fake actors" are laughable at best, while the so called Sumerian speaking aliens act like the mafia..WTF?!?!?!?
Was excepting more from this movie but if you want a real good abduction film watch Fire in the Sky and skip this POS.

Saw VI
Saw VI(2009)

By far the best saw since Saw 1, actually has a stonger story than the messes of 4 and 5, it isnt perfect but is one of the better sequels.

The House of the Devil

Awesome Retro 80s type Horror that goes back to the roots of pure horror fun from similar likes of the amytville horror, you wont believe this movie was made in 2009, more like 1979

Trick 'r Treat

Why no theatrical release? Too much competition from all the hack horror sequels? No room for originality? Its upsetting to see all the cheese horror remakes, poorly done, yet we can't get an original Halloween movie like this in theaters? Fuck me!I am so disapointed in this industry, thank god for threads, and blogs and place like RTs so we,the movie seeing public can discover so many other good movie that arent as heavily marketed and ar far superior to the likes of say,White out or Jennifers body or any other shit bomb horror movie that came out recently!
Now that my rant is over I can say that Trick r' Treat is a fun and original throwback to those halloween movies of yesteryear. Part tales from the crypt and part Creepshow it is all a nostalgic Halloween movie, that is never seen anymore. The set decoration and costume direction made me feel like i was trick or treating right next to the extras. I loved the characters especialy the 'lil guy awesome dude! To bad they give away his face on the dvd cover...bad move, well would do they know...they also didnt want to release this movie in theaters so WTF? Anyway definetly get ready to see a great halloween movie that will make you feel like your watching a nightmare on elm street for the first time when you were 8, Enjoy, but savor it while you can, its only 80 minutes! Damn you 80 minute movies!
Looking into the future for this franchise I hope it is not run into the ground like Saw, because this movie has gainned a lot of steam and $$$s to generate a sequel, thus goes the hollywood formula. Lets hope it doesnt' suck and is orignal and fun as it predesor is.


It safe to say that every role Jeese Eisenberg gets, will be in a theme park, in a movie title that has ....Land on the end of it. With that said, Zombieland is a fun 81 minutes(Yes only 81 minutes!). But it is NO shaun of the dead, as other reviewers have compared it to,even saying that shaun of the dead is not as good as Z land.
The best part of the film are the quirky titling work that is used in clever and inventive ways. to display rules and titles, O yeah the rules are the best part of the movie. It didnt feel enough like a zombie film though, we rarely do care about the main carachters as they, wonder through zombie land. There is definetly not enough blood and gore, as well as more actors, exccept for a brilliant cameo by Bill Murray.
Wait for DVD on this one.

Capitalism: A Love Story

Can you say"go off on tangents?" An overly biast film, that sometimes enrages and bores at the same time. Moore definetly brings more things to our attention, but in the end its the sad truth we all know of, but are to caught up in it to do anything.

Paranormal Activity

Blair Witch 2:Powdered Feet? All in all an okay movie that transends a little higher than most crappy low budget,shaky cam ones. It is worth admission, yet not waiting on line in the rain for. Characters are likeable and believable, only to leave us with not beeing scared enough. If it were my abode I would have gotten the fuck out by now, no matter what. Yet our heroes stay for well onto another month.
*****SPOILERS AHEAD********************
I felt let down at the ending for the most part, I doesnt give you much info on what has happened or what was happening.(Obviously the house has demons in it) The best part of the movie comes towards the end when our heronine is pulled out of the bed in a way that i must admit made me make sure no part of my body was dangling over the edge of my bed that night. On the otherhand though, the final shot of the film is a strait up J Horror rip off, complete with bad cgi'ed face and eyes, soooooo Ringu...
***************SPOILERS END******************
As well as with other movies that we see that come and go,Paranormal Activity's weak point was its inability to fulfill its potential, a little more editing and more frights, maybe another actor or two? Maybe? Maybe some more of that great onscreen chemistry the two actors had onscreen, and definetly some more powder scences!I guess the floors had diapper rash?
This would have at least gotten an 80 or so from me, I guess it was our fault we went into the movie with realy high expectations, but it is no Blair Witch Project.