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The Social Network
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

One story of ambition and one of friendship thats the Social Network.
Away from the dark and gritty feel Fincher let the story find its own tone and color, but not leaving the struggle of the main character compelling and full of growth.
The characters are dense and behave in a gray area natural as human behavior can be. Esseinberg delivers a defining and talented performance that puts him in top of the list of bets young actors above M Cera. Garfield and Timberlake cast perfectly for the perfect dynamic.
Sorkin's scripts promises with a masterful first scene of back and forth dialogue and continues with a relents pace that never stops and keeps the litigation not boring but entertaining.
Excellent movie to start the fall season or oscar season,

How to Train Your Dragon
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

How to train your dragon an amazing looking movie well balanced with a touching story.
A coming of age story about a boy who's trying to find his place in the viking village he lives.
Killing dragons is the only activity in the island, that's their work, sport and everything else.
No with strength but with intelligence the kid captures a dragon, and after failing at killing him, the kid starts an unexpected relationship with the dragon.
The best thing about this movie is the dramatic and touching feeling add to the script, surprisingly the story transmits genuine emotions about fatherhood and friendship, and balanced the action sequences.
The scenes between the kid and the dragon trying to bond, be friends and interact together are very effective. This shows what Dreamworks have learned from Pixar about showing character developing with actions and no dialogue.
Also, the flying sequences resemble Avatar and they have almost the same quality, the 3d dynamic its exploits to its best and it shows beautiful graphics.
The performances by the actors are realistic, funny and believable with the actions of the characters.
This movie proves that G. Butler is better of as an action hero, his talent is best showcase as a bad ass, please stop doing rom-coms. My boy J. Baruchel adds so much personality to his character that his performance keeps the movie going alongn at a pace.
Definitely i recommend the movie, it's visually amazing with a well develop script. It's so entertaining the time will fly.

She's Out of My League
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

A hilarious, funny and laugh out loud film, a very entertaining time at the movies.
Somehow a perfect date movie, you go as the underdog just play normal, simple and ordinary to get the hot chick, oh wait that's the plot of the movie.
J. Burechel does not disappoints, he delivers good big time.He's very straight forward, believable, funny. He carries the movie along for a ride of laughs, raunchiness, vulgarity, cuteness and insight about dating.
Alice Eve is plain cute, pretty, innocent and she left me with the terrible idea she could be incredible hot and sexy when she wants to play.Other than that she plays a typical role, predictable but in different set-ins, definitely a hard 10.
Thanks to her lost I-phone, she arranges a meeting with Kirk to get it back. She falls for his charm, she decides to give him a chance 'cause he's not a douche like the other guys she regularly dates.
So they start dating, awkward family meetings, jealousy from the ex's, friends that believe in love, friends that believe that he doesn't deserve her and more different takes in old cliches.
And for those who saw it already in and 8, minus a point or two because i drive a dodge neon, and yes im a proud owner of a neon beacuse it has personality, jajaja lol.

Hunger (2009)
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

HUNGER is a masterpiece of the first order.
This movie is an artistically achievement in the visual matter of pushing boundaries and delivering emotions with composed images.
The debut film of Alexander Mc Queen is a powerful portray of injustice and love for the cause.
Bobby Sands, poet and leader of the IRA, goes on a hunger strike to obtain back the status of political prisoners to all the inmates of the Belfast's Maze Prison.
Mc Queen masterfully uses long shots to let the actions act, he focuses on the performances to transmit the messages and let live the brutal reality of the events.
The scenes of torture and the degenerative process of the body are painful, vivid, sick and extremely graphic as well as effective showing the inhuman treatments of the prison.
The nonstop 24 minute scene between Sands and the priest is a one frame shot with no movement, just the two of them discussing the hunger strike. This scene is powerful, daring, expressive and tense.
Michael Fassbender delivers a physical performance that defines acting as art. He shows his talent in every range, he explores his role from the inside out and delivers an extreme performance.
Like S. Rockwell in Moon, performances like the Fassbender push boundaries and elevate the dramatic element higher, now i have to see Tom Hardy in Bronson.
I recommended this movie to everyone to explore a new take in biopics, it explores the most important action in a man's life by portraying it with the same passion he lived it.
This movie is not easy to swallow or for the fainted hearted
but a must see.

From Paris with Love
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Another buddy/cop movie with no chemistry between the cops, what's up with that.
The story goes all over the place destroying Paris and killing every immigrant group from the underground.
One thing this movie is successful is the action scenes from director Pierre Morel (Taken), he uses fast camera work with different angles to build tension, unexpected choices but definitely great directing. i will watch the next movie he'll do i hope with a better script.
J. Travolta is over top, funny, kicking ass and very convincing as an unreal CIA agent. Meyers to much of a nice guy, also a more dramatic actor, he just follow his partner without adding anything to their pairing.
Ok side from a that ignore the story enjoy the set action pieces, entertaining at best and take a royale with cheese with ease.