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X-Men: First Class
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Yes, this gets a 50%...and ya know what...i liked Origins:Wolverine we go.

1) Xavier....played perfectly. It was refreshing to see a once-happy ladies man Charles, and the rest of the movie his actions and thinking are pretty spot-on...other than a SUPER annoying "touch-the-temple" thing he does EVERYTIME he accesses someone's you're argument is that he's learning?..nope, later he is able to freeze people ala X2, annnnd he works an early cerebro pretty easily.

2)Magneto...also well done...gets the rage/anger and backstory. He was believable. Even tho the way he harnesses his power is by doin a Happy Gilmore and thinking of his own private Happy Place...which is the cliche'd birthday cake as a boy...oh and that image makes him cry.

3) an early Bond villian, world domination, yadda yadda you know the type, but good....also uses his powers in a cool way.

4) EVERYONE ELSE.....SUCKS!!!!! Beast was the only OK character, but there was wayyyyyy too much "twilight" type emotion going on. And when he does become Beast every other shot of him he's roaring, while looking like a muppet on steroids....Havok, didnt give a crap about him considering he hula-hoops laser discs...oh and for being Cyclops' YOUNGER BROTHER, he's old enough to be his dad. Emma Frost, well, she's hot, but January Jones is a horrible actress...CIA agent Moira has nothing to do cuz she's a woman in the 60's in the CIA, which would NEVER EVER EVER HAPPEN...sigh, I could go on, but let's just leave it at the Dragonfly winged stripper that wears underwear and spits fire....yup.

5) Story.....should've been good!!! While Charles is womanizing, Erik is getting tortured by SHAW, a former Nazi-typed doctor....later, Shaw is doing something and Erik tracks him down just as Charles is leading a group of agents to arrest him...thats how they meet....Shaw gets away, Erik and Charles bond...later they discover Shaw is using the nuclear power of Russia and USA to create WW3 during the Cuban Missle Crisis, by pitting the countries against each other humans will be extinct and mutants will rule....sounds awesome right??????

6) Writing....miserable....honestly, couldnt decide if it wants to be X1, Iron Man, partial serious action film (its got friggin John Kennedy's REAL speach about nuclear war!!) orrrr a 60's Adam West Batman. Dialog is filled with cliche'd things and when a character says "all i kiss"....another actor goes "ugh, ok that's enough" sentiments exactly. Ready for this, instead of the obligatory "Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!", the character says "Niiiiiiiinnnnneeeeeeee!!!!"....get it? It's No, but in German! Clever right?? ughh

7) Action...ok the bread on butter...well...the killing is nice...however, other than the characters we know aka Erik/Charles/Shaw..annnnd fine I'll throw Beast in, he was my favorite as a kid after all, I couldn't give a crap about any other character. Mystique...meh, the only thing good about her is that they practically had to go to a wide-lense when panning up to show her blue-boobs...other than that, just more of the "twilight" angst we all love. Seriously, a fight during the final moments of the missle crisis and we get a dragonfly spitting fire at an ugly UGLY annoying kid doing high pitched screams wearing a flying squirrel suite...ITS THE CUBAN MISSLE CRISIS!!! On a bright side, seeing a hovering sub, watching Erik so berzerk and become a one-man army, and watching Shaw kill people was fun.

Summary: I grew up watching the 90's cartoons...when I saw X-Men over ten years ago I had a smile on my face the entire time...Cyclops, Jean, Storm, Wolverine...sigh..everyone I grew up with, all doing cool we get a SUPER horny Mystique and glipses of a cool Beast. However, they also turn Beast into The Flash...I always imagined him as a quick but gorilla-like strong smart guy, not a skinny lightning quick nerd...idk...Point is, aside from some really funny moments during training and a few very cool shots of action, not to mention the BEST use of the F-word in a pg-13 movie EVER!!!, the movie was just weak...not knowing whether it wanted to be serious or corny, it ended up all falling on the shoulders of the adult actors, who are actually pretty awesome...Erik/Charles/Shaw were great but every one of those young mutants was soooo annoying..theres even a scene where they're partying "real world mutant academy" style and they break a statue...later, Moira looks at then and demands to know who broke it, like a babysitter...really sums up the film...fine actors babysitting brats.

Finally: There are SOOOOO many tiny nitpicky things about this film and ya know what, they all matter to just wasnt fun, not nearly as much as Thor, which i didnt even really want to least on Earth, Thor was supposed to be corny and cheesy, so it was ok to laugh....with amazing-looking films coming out pretty much every weekend until August I HIGHLY RECOMMEND keeping this one for that monday night at the dollar show....wait for Super 8, Hp7, etc...its $10.50 people...per ticket...don't waste it on this.

Drive Angry
Drive Angry (2011)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Oh boy have I been waiting to review this movie...let alone see it. No one, not a single friend wanted to see this in 3D with me back in the day, and so I was forced to wait it out for (hopefully) bluray glory. I don't have, nor do I want a 3D tv so I redboxed the Bluray and here we go...

1) Nic Cage: There's one scene at the very beginning when he's blowing off limbs with a shotgun (and a hillarious bad guy with a tire iron who tries THREE times to attack Cage's character), where Milton (Cage) says "Tell him...tell him i'm comin." and it sounds like when Arnold said his lines in Terminator...just aweful execution. But besides that he's ok...doesn't get too Cage-crazy actually, just a wrath-filled hell-escapee.

2) Piper (Amber Heard)"I'm just warnin ya, you try and rape me and leave my body in the woods and I'll cut your nuts off"....ya...she is nice.

3) The Accountant (William Fitchner)...everytime he was on screen I was smiling...when he wasn't the movie was just OK...Pretty much he comes in to apparently drag Milton back to Hell....he has a spiffy magical coin that he uses frequenty and awesomeness ensues. This performance alone is why this movie gets a good review. So much fun.

4) Story. Nic Cage kills guys in search of a Cult leader who murdered his daughter and is planning on using his granddaughter to bring forth the end of days....He drives muscle cars, shoots guns, drinks straight up whiskey, and has loud sex with his clothes on.

5) Action. A Lot...he kills 3 guys with a shotgun, blows up their cars, kills cops, and runs about 40 people over.

6) The Godkiller....a revolving elogated shotgun that fires a special bullet designed to erase people from heaven, no hell, ya just don't exist anymore...and The Accountant is scared by it.

7) Effects....the bluray looked great in some driving scenes, meh in other, mostly cuz this was shot to look like a B movie...the 3D was obvious during flying limbs and the title sequence as well as some driving stuff, but would have been PHENOMINAL when you see the ultimate effect of the godkiller...think time warp meets angel of death Indy1 meets some superhero cartoon....just cool.

8)Summary. It's almost as if the director threw Amber Heard and muscle cars and sex at us just to try and get our minds off of The Accountant's a "ya i know he's not in this scene but here are some boobies!"...the movie IS the accountant, all other things take a back seat when he's around.

9) Finally...redbox it. Don't just go out to Target and buy it. I'm waiting till Amazon puts the bluray at $9.99 cuz thats about the right price for a film like this. Not great, but not Machete, Deathproof bad either...7/10

Thor (2011)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

By now people who have read my reviews should know I rarely give a movie over an 80% unless it reaches a level that makes me feel like I'm 10 agai...I dont see movies hoping that they will win Best Picture next year. I see movies to escape from the mundane crap of life. And there are several moments here where I managed to break into giddy lets get started:

1) The Plot...Shakespearean...brothers warring over their father's love, a father who is dissapointed in his son's life but knows the son is capeable of great things...and of course a love story thrown in.

2) Anthony Hopkins- Ya he gets first billing here cuz he nails everything in this film. As a King I would follow him anywhere. He plays all his roles perfect. Even when a tear rolls out of his eyes mid-sleep i felt like the whole audience shared his saddness...what other actor gives that type of emotion while SLEEPING....he's a badass too.

3) Thor/Loki...Played perfectly but keep in mind that this is an origin story, so of course the "bad guy" isnt the greatest. Thor is a show-off duechebag prettyboy and his character arc is actually very well rounded. I believed everything the actor did, even the cheesy "fish out of water" Earth humor. Loki was good too but nowhere near as effective as Thor...their scenes together, however, were very good.

4) Supporting cast....Natalie Portman does one thing in this film...swoon...thats it...and she does it very well. Stellan Skarsgard (sp?) is always awesome so i liked him too. The warriors 3 dont really do much and the guy from Rome who i think is awesome just kind of eats a lot. They really only fight at the beginning and their fights kinda reminded me of Power Rangers, especially in the New Mexico scenes. yadda yadda yadda, everyone does a good job.

5) Direction/look/feel....great. The flying scenes were shot amazingly well and even my girlfriend who did not want to see it at all (neither did i actually) said the space flights and hammer flights were really cool to watch. Thor is totally different from Superman in that Thor flies with intent and pure power. For Superman, flying is effortless and so his is always graceful, but man, Thor flying at the screen he looks like he's ready to destroy everything.

6) The Hammer: Great...I know nothing about thor...nothing...i had zero interest in seeing this and am only really excited about Captain America this summer, not x-men, not green lantern, but going into the movie thinking "all he's gonna go is hit people, lame" wow was I wrong. Every movement and sound from this thing gets you to believe its the most powerful weapon in the universe.

7) Hawkeye....ya Jeremy Renner is in this and a lot of people not knowing his character were confused in the theater. Especially since he's in it for 2 minutes tops. He says a few lines but you can tell based on body language and facial expressions/line delivery that he is NOT someone to be messed with. At any second he could have killed Thor...not punched him hard, not injured, this guy could have wasted the God of Thunder. I'm very excited for him to have a larger role.

8) SHIELD...."Is that one of Starks?" was prolly one of my favorite lines in this film. The fact that Agent Coleson is a strong enough character to make him the face of Shield is great. He's a fun character and the SHIELD presence is very well done here.

9) ACTION....its an origin story which means we get the "set-up", introducing the characters in a thrilling action scene, pause, throw in a little more action to keep people interested, pause, action scene to set up big fight, pause...wait...wait...wait...lead up, ending action. No its not amazing. It looks great, the sound is terrific, and Thor rocks, but its not an action movie that I'll be excited to see again. Maybe the first scene vs the icey blue giants but definitely not the finale. And that is the weakest point in the film. The final 20 minutes is very LoTR meats Power Rangers. Now, looking at other superhero movies we have:

Batman Begins: Batman vs Liam Neeson on a train...not the greatest especially with all the quick cuts.

Iron Man: Robot vs Robot...after seeing it a few times its not the best fight but its ok.

Spiderman: Spiderman vs Goblin...really cool, but it did take me a few seconds to actually remember the ending cuz 2 was just that much better.

X-Men: All the characters chained to the Statue of Liberty/fighting in the lobby...good for its time, stilll one of my favorites tho.

NO origin story final battle is especially memorable, so I let Thor slide on that one.

Bottom line: I am excited for Captain America...I just am. Seeing an American hero who's first comic book origin began to raise the hopes and dreams of a nation during the most known war in history trumps a lantern and a just does. But having said that I was pleasantly surprised by this film. Kenneth Branaugh does a phenominal job directing this and every actor does a good job. The fights were fun and the more I type the more i really did like this film.

finally: the after-credits scene is only there to keep Sam Jackson's contract in place. It's kind of lame, doesnt feature any other superhero, and just sets up a sequel to Thor, not a bridge between this and Capt or Hulk or Iron Man. Even tho "gamma-radiation" is mentioned twice during the film and was really cool.

Fast Five
Fast Five (2011)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Ok so 85% is more like it, but RT doesn't let you so I rounded usual review has bullet points so here we go.

1) Brian Tyler, who did the music for Tokyo Drift, also did the score for The Expendables, and its the music I listen to when I run daily...its kick ass...The second you see the jumbo jet landing you know Dwayne Johnson is gonna be getting off of it and start kicking ass...fantastic music...NO, NOT THE CRAPPY POS RAP, I'm talking music here.

2) Which brings me to Dwayne Johnson....this man owns. Every single scene he acts like this franchise is now his to control and ooooo man does he badass the crap outta every scene. Aside from a few horrible lines of dialog "You know i like my dessert first" and "ok gimmee the veggies" come to mind, he knows this film is pure "brain-switched-to-off" entertainment. My only complaint is the ending to his fight with Vin, only cuz too little was broken and they only broke through like 3 windows and 4 walls....simply not enough.

3) Vin...shouts, Dom's it up, and does an awkward sneering twitch thing a lot...but its the character that made him so theres no faulting how he works his famous character...he does just fine...and his intro is debateably more impressive than Dwayne's

4) Paul...Paul should've kept doing works like Running Scared which I thought was an impressive effort, even Into the Blue was a fun summer film...but nope, I really don't think that had anything to do with him, cuz the man can't act worth crap. My gf says he delivers every line like behind the camera there's always a mirror so he can admire himself...its true...BUT the movie rocks anyway.

5) support....good. The chemistry with Paul and Tyrese is all I remember about the snooze-fest that was Fast2, and luckily thats all that's back. Luda is fine, and Han is good as well. HOWEVER, the two blacktino characters from the last movie are about as annoying as the black robots in Transformers2...I hated them, wanted to punch them in the face, saw no real reason they existed....sorry but they just annoyed me.

6) The cars. Muscle....thats the word that defines this imports save for a few "beauty" shots....A Ford GT is the main opening car, of course Dom's Charger returns, a Shelby Cobra makes the canyon jump, Dwayne has the mother of all badass trucks, and the cars making the getaway are new Chargers....which brings me to one of my favorite moments.

7) The blue Porsche......why? Cuz the scene gets skipped...Brian and Dom need a car, so of course they enter a high stakes racing tournament, yawn, slouch, check watch, repeat....but, after a whole lotta winking and smiling and laughing and tongue-in-cheek moments....the car is theirs and they're back in their safehouse...NO was amazing, like at this point NO car race would be suspensful...they've had 4 movies to show that they're the best, so there's no know they are, they know they are, and the scene gets fast forwarded....amazing...incredible...perfect...

8) The action...perfection. A) High speed train robbery, B) Canyon jump, C) Rooftop chase, D) Camera tests with high speed cars, E) The Police Charger street race, F) The fight, G)The transport attack, H)The Heist, I) The street pursuit, J) The highway safe battle.....also, I will say there's SO much for the fans in this that certain moments are so much fun that they qualify as action scenes only cuz they really do just make your heart beat faster...aka, every scene with Dwayne.

SPECIAL MENTION...The "black hawk down" way that the transport attack was shot blew me away...just the right amount of slow-mo, very well done. Also, the way the chases were filmed made you feel the speed, and it was great.

Wrap Up.......yes this was a long review, but I don't write many anymore so I like taking my time...If you go into this expecting Oceans 11, you're going to be dissapointed...of course there are similarities but really this is a film where you can tell everyone had fun and every fan got what they wanted.


Lastly....Dwayne Johnson smiles at the end and i couldn't help but smile too, the movie was really fun...

the switching of the safes was a given, but was well done, and bringing back Michelle is a great move, as was the awesome re-introduction of seeing Eva Mendes again.

Faster (2010)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Hello, in recap, I got laid off, the day later an asian woman snackin on fries on her cell phone t-bones me and totals my car I loved, then I get hired at a different company who loses their account to the firm I previously worked at...blah blah, get a crappy sport model camry just cuz it's the only thing I can afford, now my gf who struck it rich at her job is looking for a car and I'm jealous cuz I LOVE cars, I'm currently working for SONY waiting for police departments in Illinois to start testing again....annnnnnd now you're all caught up.

So, I thought this was a fitting 1st review after being gone since July of 2010. Faster is one of Dwayne Johnson's best movies. Is that saying much? Well, actually...ya...He was terrific in The Rundown, decent in the Disney movie The GamePlan, and after some horrible movies he actually gets to kick ass again, which is what he was born to do.

Faster starts with Dwayne being let out of prison. His first words are "Where's the exit?" and boom, you know what kind of movie this is. It's pretty much Deathwish, or almost every other Charles Bronson movie. In the next 5 mins he snags an awesome muscle car, speeds off, and shoots a guy in the face. Now, two other stories are going on at the same time. 1st Billy Bob Thorton is a drug-doin, gets no respect, has been, washed up cop investigating the case who has a blah reputation with Carla Gugino, another detective. 2nd, there's a hitman hired by someone to hunt down and stop Dwayne from killing more people.

First...this movie was barely worthy of the R-rating. Sure there's violence but its NOT over the top at all. You'd think cuz it's got THE ROCK that fight scenes would be 5 minutes of muscle men picking up heavy things and throwing people through walls, gets a gun and he shoots people. No outrageous car chases, no prolonged silly shootouts, no random karate fights. In one scene he gets a knife...about 20 seconds later fight is over. It was sooooooo refreshing to see a movie with accurate portrayals of violence. Gunshots do what they should and NO one takes a million bullets to be gun down.

Second...the acting....not too shabby. Billy plays a drunk, not too hard for him. The Rock plays a tough guy but his character has built up soul that leaks out moment by moment and the character progression is actually fantastic.

Third...the plot....It's slowly revealed that The Rock is out to avenge the people who killed his brother....when the first guy at the begining gets shot we don't know why...that is we follow The Rock meeting up with these people and taking them out. There's no grand schemes, no planning ahead...we aren't told how he finds out where the people are, we just go from one plotline to the next, cut over to the rock, "ding dong", "hello", bang...back to the first plotline.

Overall...We see multiple people in the room that are responsible for the brother's death but never their faces...until the Rock shows up at their doors and we learn their part in the murder. This editing is actually really good because while it's a given that they did something wrong, we don't know what exactly their roles were. By the end we actually see that The Rock's soul is taking a beating from all the killing and he takes a little longer to pull the trigger, sometimes letting out a tear, sometimes making the gun shake a little, etc....also, he lets people live who try and stop him but aren't on his hit list, showing he has a soul left. By the end every single plotline has to meet up of course and every single character fully develops. Is it a masterpiece, no, but I rented it from Redbox and plan on getting the bluray once it hits Amazon's $9.99 section.

If you hated this movie you expected too much. It's The Rock...doing a revenge movie...knowing it aint Inception/True Grit/etc you should have a good time watching it. Also, there are 3 twists. 1 is a given from the begining, 2 I didn't guess and I liked it, and 3 is just great storytelling that I wish I could hint at in the review, but won't.

After seeing this I have no doubts that The Rock will kick ass and hopefully slaughter Vin in Fast Five.