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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2

A pretty good ending to a pretty good series. After the Halfblood Prince's failure to create a movie anywhere near as good as the book it was made after, I am quite satisfied with the two part Deathly Hallows movies. This is mainly because it was made into two movies it had more time to explain itself and finish the story properly, while the Halfblood Prince movie left out crucial information from the book as well as all the flashbacks that I enjoyed from the book.

The movie picks up directly from where part one left off, of course. But this movie is filled with much more action and information as you would expect from the second half of a story, together these movies will make a really good whole movie, but on there own part two is definatley better, or at least more fun to watch.

Of course this movie can only be recommended to Harry Potter fans, as either Deathly Hallows movies would make little sense to those who are not fans. Luckily there are tons of Harry Potter fans, and I imagine the series will be known as a classic in the years to come.

The Devil's Rejects

One of the only movies ever to make the killers fully dimensional characters(for the most part)and also have them be the main characters. As many people have already stated, it's emotionally bi-polar as one minute something horrific is happening and you feel bad, and the next minute you're really enjoying the characters comitting horrible crimes.

You grow to really like the characters which is really confusing, Bill Mosley does a fantastic job as Otis, and i'm sure everyones favorite is Sid Haig as Captain Spaulding who is the funniest (big suprise, he's a clown) But the person who falls the flattest is Sheri Moon Zombie as Baby, who is just kind of annoying and i find her the least interesting. Overall I don't hate her she just dosn't do as good as the other two.

By the end of the movie it's very suprising how emotional it makes you feel when the three die, as Free Bird plays in a very epic scene. Even though they deserve to die you feel a hundred times worse when they do opposed to when they murder all the innocent people.

All of that may have to do with the fact we get to know them better and they're funnier, but it's not like the people they murder or the worst characters either we get to know them a little bit and they arn't just annoying teenager like in most horror films.

I would definatley recommend it to those who like dark humour or just horror movies in general. (don't bother watching house of 1000 corpses)

Stephen King's It

It's good to see a movie that can be creepy and have basically no gore, though I wouldn't call the movie scary But it's best the way it is!

re-edit (it's not that good)

Wolf Creek
Wolf Creek(2005)

If you think the movies is slow paced, shut the fuck up. For once a movie of this sort allows us to meet and know the main characters, and actually like them for the most part. This causes us to feel really bad when things start happening to them, and it actually becomes horrifying and sad.

But unfortunatley it's very similar to other tortur movies, but at least with this one it isn't over the top and ridiculously stupid, it's based on true events... Kind of, like most movies it's pretty far off from what actually happened, but it stays realistic because it could happen.

I think it is pretty under rated because, people just think it's brutal for the sake of being brutal. But it's not, it works hard to make you beleive that these characters are just good normal people. But unfortunate things happen, which is the horror and the depressing realization of the real world, it's not just asshole teenagers getting killed.

House of 1000 Corpses

When it starts off you might think it's ok. But as it goes farther into the movie, you may lose all hope. It becomes full of boredom and ridiculousness, and the style of the movie is just bad.

Not at any point do you care about the killers or main characters in this movie, there is nothing good abouy any of them except maybe the clown. Another thing really bad is all the random filters they use for semi-transitions, or random clips to cut to during a scene just so it can show something fucked up. Overall, not very good...

Dead Alive
Dead Alive(1993)

An extremley gory movie, it falls under the same category as Evil Dead 2, but with much more gore. The plot is simplistic, and the characters are nothing special, but enjoyable enough.

Though there isn't much of a plot, other than Lionel hiding the zombies and looking after them until they break loose, it will keep you watching because of how much fun it is. Especially once the zombies start killing. There are countless creative and hilarious kills in this movie with over the top gore everywhere on screen.

The ending throws a bit of a twist (i guess). It does answer some little things throughout the movie, but overall it's just to show that the mom was a bitch (which we already knew).

I would recommend this to anyone who like the Evil Dead movies, or who likes dark humour in general.

Pulp Fiction
Pulp Fiction(1994)

One fo the most enjoyable films I have watched, almost every minute of it is very fun. It gives us many characters to watch go through a messed up series of events, while some are better than others, all are done well.

It's one hundred percent what you would want to see in a Quentin Tarantino movie, he just really has a way of making a movie perfect, to me at least. I know some people don't like they way all the scenes are mixed, but Quentin knows how to put it together so it makes sense and you constantly learn whats going on more and more, while at the same time it's just a bunch of different events people are mixed up in together.

Another complaint is the ending, how there isn't really and ending it's just and end of a scene that leads up to other events that happen in a movie. But i see it like this, it leaves you on a good not, but you also know how everything after with unfold.

It has made it's way to being one of my favorite movies of all time, and there is absolutley no one i have watched this movie with who didn't enjoy it.


If you like over the top songs followed with lame jokes that only 40 year old women will like, you will love this. Oh and there's a story in there somewhere.

Shoot 'Em Up
Shoot 'Em Up(2007)

If you like guns and people being shot by guns as a storyline, this is your kind of movie!

The Box
The Box(2009)

I might be able to take it kind of serious if it didn't add the stupid supernatural aspect to it, or if it left the supernatural parts more hidden and didn't actually see any magical type things. Overall it has a couple moments, but just isn't very good.

28 Days Later

I heard a lot of great things about this movie, and I was very excited to watch it. Honnestly though, I didn't find it to be that good at all, it seemed so average to me. It could just be a personal thing, but I didn't find it scary, emotional, or entertaining. I understand it has a message behind it, and shows that zombies are not the only enemy to man, and big fuckin' deal. I don't give a shit about a message if the movie is so average, I know the main character developes relationships with other characters, but I was hoping this movie would be him trying to survive alone, maybe encountering another human being but again end up being alone. I jus thought that would give it a better feel to a zombie horror movie.

If you disagree with me that's fine. Tell me why you disagree, i garauntee there's nothing you can say to make me think this is an above average movie.


I honnestly didn't care about any of the characters, I know a lot of people like this movie, but to me it's just boring. The end

The Family Man

Of course it is very similar to a Wonderful life, and it's not a bad movie. Not my favorite type of role for Nic Cage though, i like him better when he plays stranger funnier roles. The only problem with the movie is the ending.

A Clockwork Orange

I just watched A Clockwork Orange for the first time last night, and I have been unsure what to say about it. I definatley liked it alot, it captures a very strange world butthe main focus is clearly on Alex who Malcolm Mcdowell did an amazing job as.

He goes through so much and enjoys doing bad so much, but you never find him unlikeable in my opinion at least, he stays clever and makes sense in his own right which can make you question alot of things about the world itself. of course you don't really support him when he's raping and beating people, but you never hate him which usually would be the case for a character like this. I think the real reason for this is simply, he just wants to do whatever he likes, just like everyone else in the world. Only thing is, what he wants is a bit more twisted than what other want.

When he gets beaten by the homeless people and his former droogs, you really do feel bad for him, along with when the old man plays Beethoven, even though you know what horrible things he did to the old man and his wife. You can tell he at least wants to try and change to get on with his life (at least at first).

Of course it keeps the dark humor throughout the entire film, and it's some of the darkest i've ever seen. I mean once it comes to rape and torture of course, Stanley Kubrick did a great job as usual he always portrays very deep messages, usually in different ways as well.

I would definatley recommend this movie to many people, but I know it wouldnt suit others. Go check it out!

Cabin Fever
Cabin Fever(2002)

It's not funny or scary, it does not pay homage to anything like Evil Dead, It's just stupid and forgetable. Eli Roth sucks, his characters are all assholes, and all they do is have sex call things gay and die.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Honnestly probably my favorite movie I have seen in a long time, There are problems with it, but I look past them because I enjoy it so much. It is it's own thing, and I havn't seen anything like it before which is awsome!

But where some of the problems are is the fascination with Ramona (who I actually thought would have been great if it gave us more of a reason to like her). She isn't really a happy person which makes you wonder why Scott chooses her instead of Knives, I personally think Ramona is one of those people you would have to get to know alot better first, but it isn't really explained in the movie. Also Scott does cheat on his girl friend which begs to ask the question if we should feel bad for him or not, but if you try and look past it the story can be very emotional.

The action scenes are awsome and I really wished I could ahve seen it in 3D, some of the video game references are dumb but most work, you really can't think of this movie as a real life thing, it's 100% fiction. The music is pretty kickass, all the Sex Bob-omb stuff was written by Beck who is an amazing musician, and I would definatley buy the soundtrack.

If i was rating this movie on how much I enjoy it, I would give it a 9/10. but since i'm rating it on how good I think it is I'll give it a 8/10


I wanted to add a bit more, Now that I have read the graphic novels it's based on, I would like to add I do think they are better and make the characters develope more and Gives us alot more reason to be happy that Scott and Ramona are together.

Burn After Reading

I really liked this movie, because these people are just fucking up their entire lives, and in some cases dying over mass confusion. But it almost has you banging your head on a wall because the characters have fucked up so bad, it's perfect in that way though.


It seems like it's just trying to be controversial, by throwing drugs sex and gore into a movie. It acts like it's smart, but it isn't. Overall, it just seems so unrealistic to think that this could ever happen.

Drag Me to Hell

Back to reviewing movies, it's been along time but I think it's about time I write at least one. Drag me to hell was an ok film, definatley not that scary to watch while the idea is pretty frightening, it dosn't deliver it as well as I would like.I am a huge fan of Sam Raimi, I get what the movie is going for, I was just disappointed.

The Stepfather

I don't know why, but i really wanted to like this movie, the premise is good and I have not seen the original so I have no clue if it woudl be what I want. It starts off a little creepily, but soon enough it's boring and un-interesting. The movie lacks interesting characters good story telling or even good kill scenes, pg13 horror movies usually are not very good and this is the perfect example.

But of course the worst part by far was the 0 tension in the final sequence and the godawful ending. But honnestly this may be a good starter horror movie if you were 9-11 years old.


Now I know a ton of people love this movie and think it's great, and its fine! But as a child i hated this movie and my younger brothers hated it and all the boys I knew from any age just didn't like it, and because of that for me personally it fails as a childs movie. I don't hate it now, but it's because i'm not a little kid anymore and for that it loses points for me.

2001: A Space Odyssey

I don't know if there is any point mentioning this is one of the most influential science fiction movies ever made since everyone else already has, But it is true. I really loved this movie for it's artistic look at the way man started and what we will eventually become, as we rely more and more on computers.

It isn't your average sci-fi movie with lasers and explosions, it actually makes you feel emotions, even for Hal the computer, or in the end at least. Most people will not like it for it's slow pace and small amount of dialouge, but for people interested in the artistic side of movies it's great.

I also wanted to add, the look of this movie is great and does not look like it's from the 60's to me, and the whole thing is really ahead of it's time.

Go check it out!

Spider-Man 3
Spider-Man 3(2007)

While spider man 3 isn't as good as the first two, it's still pretty good, the action is good the characters are fine, it may seem like theres alot more jammed together, but it ends everything it had built up to.

But some of the worse points were the total waste of the character venom, and the terrible choice of using Topher Grace as Venom. Also I know that in the comics books and cartoons Peter had some relation to alot of the villains, but in the movie when every villain comes from something generated from Peter it makes it hard to beleive that this can keep happening to him.


Final October Halloween Review!

Frankenstein is by far my favorite of the universal monster movies, or even all the old black and white movies. Some people do say that Bride of Frankenstein is better, and I do understand why they like it better. Personally this one is just better to me, it was so great for it's time and I plan to watch it every Halloween from now on.

All the actors in this film do a great job, Colin Clive does an amazing job as Dr.Frankenstein along with the Monster played by Boris Karloff, and of course everyone knows The monster as the iconic version in this movie. Every single person in the world knows the plot and maybe even alot of the scenes, just because of parodies and other references in pop culture.

Modern audiences may not see how great it is which is unfortunate, because we all know this generation can only watch a movie if it's a remake or a ripoff of something. I recommend this movie to fans of cinema and of horror, it is one of my favorite movies of all time.

i can sum this movie up with one word... Classic!


While it may not be as memorable as the original, this movie is probably more entertaining for alot of newer audiences. I am a huge fan of the original and I liked this one alot, and i honnestly did not mind Adrian Brody as the lead because he played his part fine, just because he isn't usually an action star dosn't mean he can't be for this movie and he actually manages to pull off being a badass pretty well, except he growls a bit too much but thats not a big deal.

Naturally fans won't think it's better than the original, and I don't think it's better either, but it is a huge refreshment after all the AVP crap that came out. It's about time that we dug a bit deeper into the Predators home world and learned more about them, but this movie didn't quite give us much more information.

It is a pretty good action movie and it keeps your attention, I would definatley say go check it out!

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

October Halloween Reviews

This is one of the few remakes that isn't absolutley terrible, it's actually ok. While it does not compare to the original it is entertaining enough to watch with some friends. The movie tries to be really creepy but sometimes tries too hard and you can just tell, But it does have a very grainy look to it which i like.

R. Lee Ermey does a great job and is probably my favorite part of the whole movie, mainly because he actually does seem fucked up in the movie. In my opinion they messed up Leather Face because in the original he was trying to look kind of lady-like and he actually had make up on his mask, in this film they just tried to make him look scary but i personally think a weird transvestite wearing human skin thats trying to kill you is creepier than a big guy with rotting skin on his face.

The Main characters are kind of all boring and you don't care when any of them die,and they're just so stupid. But it's a horror film and it'll keep your attention.

Sorority Row
Sorority Row(2009)

October Halloween Reviews

It's Fairly dull and lifeless and is nothing new or interesting. It's not horrible but in no means is it good, the characters are so easy to hate and the murderer is lame.

There has been alot worse horror films but that dosn't make it good, also it tries to keep the villain's identity secret but by the end it's not at all suprising with who it is.

Friday the 13th Part VII - The New Blood

October Halloween Reviews

This movie is absolutley ridiculous, 90% of it is laughable.
But i'm a sucker for Friday the 13th so i like it, i do enjoy the movie but it's not really a good movie and thats why my rating is low.

It does kind of ripoff Carrie and I think they have milked Jason far too long. The end battle is kind of cool, but it feels like a joke mostly. You would think everyone in Crystal Lake would have moved away by now.

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari)

October Halloween Reviews

German Expressionism at it's best! This movie looks amazing, I absolutley love the distorted world it takes place in, It is a great silent movie. It may have a fairly basic story, but it was one of the first horror movies ever made.

Naturally it won't be liked very much by most people today other than movie an horror fans, which goes along with most black and white old horrors. But if your a fan of the genre you will love it!

It is the first movie to add a twist ending I beleive, and it does do a very good job of that. The movie is not long but that's not a big suprise knowing how old it is. I don't have a ton to say about the acting all the characters play their parts well, and they express their emotions just fine.

It is really just enjoyable to watch for me, if your into scenery in film you'll probably feel the same way. I would say this movie earns a good chunk of it's points from just being so great to look at. It all feels very dream like while watching it, you will understand when you see it.

This would be my favorite silent film ever, but it ties with Nosferatu. I would definatley go check it out!


October Halloween Reviews

Dracula is of course a classic! I am rewriting my review of it for halloween because I am doing all the Universal monsters right now.

While I do think this is the weaker than the Wolf Man and Frankenstein it's still great. It has awsome atmosphere and the Iconic performance of Bela Lugosi as Dracula and he does a great job, The best thing about him is just the way he Stares and talks, also Renfield is incredibly creepy aswell.

I highly recommend this movie to Monster and Horror fans, but Nosferatu is a better vampire movie.

Nosferatu, a Symphony of Horror (Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens) (Nosferatu the Vampire)

October Halloween Reviews

Perfect! it has a great atmosphere and a very creepy Dracula. Obviously average movie goers won't be able to appreciate it, but for movie and horror fans it's great!

I have recently become a huge fan of old monster movies, and I love this film for the same reason I love Dracula(1931). Especially because both movies have a very creepy Dracula (or Orlok) even though both are very different. Bela Lugosi Has the stare, and Max Schreck has his creepy shadowy figure.

And of course this is the oldest Vampire Movie that can be found, or at least from what I know. Which makes it all that more interesting!

The Wolf Man
The Wolf Man(1941)

October Halloween Reviews

Another amazing monster classic! Along with Dracula And Frankenstein, it's another one of the old Universal films and by far the most famous Were Wolf Movie.

It was made 10 years after Dracula and Frankenstein, and you can tell because I do think in some ways it is supperior. While i don't find it as creepy as Dracula or as unnerveing as Frankenstein, you feel alot more emotion with this movie.

Lon Chaney Jr. did a great job! you really do feel bad for him the whole movie, and he just looks so sad at some points. Overall he's just a good character, he also seems like a nice cool guy in the movie, and it's sad that these things are happening to him.

It's a great movie and horror and monster fans will love it!

Futurama: Bender's Big Score

This Movie is my favorite thing from Futurama, and that is saying alot because I love Futurama! It's very smart with the way it presents itself and if your a fan of the series you'll love it!

They should just cancel the new Simpsons and just continue with Futurama beacause the last good thing the Simpsons did was the movie. Same deal with Family guy, cancel it and the Cleveland Show and continue with American Dad.

But I don't wanna start a rant now, Go watch this movie Futurama fans!!!

Friday the 13th

October Halloween Reviews

It's a very basic slasher film and it's honnestly nothing special, but as a friday the 13th fan i love it and many of it's ridiculous sequels.

It is enjoyable to watch and Betsy Palmer does a great job as Pamela Vorhees, and there is suspense and pretty good deaths.

Check it out if you haven't!

Friday the 13th

October Halloween Reviews

Just a way to cash-in, at least it's good seeing Jason again. The story sucks, they did an ok job of starting it off but overall it suffers from being the same movie we've seen numerous times.

I love friday the 13th movies, but they were already very basic slasher films that went on way too long, this was just not needed.

Jeepers Creepers 2

October Halloween Reviews

While it is a bit stupid and silly, it's still enjoyable to watch and it can even be a tiny bit creepy and humerous. Definatley not as good as the original though.

The story is very meh, taking place shortly after the first movie. The characters arn't interesting or likeable at all which sometimes is ok for a slasher film, but I would much rather feel something when a person dies.

Not a bad watch.


I fell asleep twice during the movie, and couldn't finish it. I know it's unfair to write a review without finishing the movie, but it was so boring to me.


October Halloween Reviews

A take back to the old, scientists creating life, which is similar to Frankenstein. It is very creepy in the same way the of the idea of the 1931 Frankenstein creeps me out, but also in a more graphic way.

I think the acting was good, and the story worked well enough even if it's comparable to other films. But if your expecting a monster going on a killing spree you've come to the wrong place.

AVP - Alien Vs. Predator

October Halloween Reviews

IT'S PG 13!

Who thought that was a good idea? Did they think it would appeal to a larger audience? Because last time i checked kids 13 and younger aren't generally fans of alien or predator... THIS IS ALIEN VS. PREDATOR!!! It's made for the fans, and the fans aren't gonna want your pg 13 bullshit.

The movie would still probably suck with the gore anyways, oh wait it would! Because i also watched AVPR(it was mildly better)...

To be 100% fair though, it isn't awful for some audiences, it's just a major (and i stress the word major) let down to fans. it seems like you would have to be so stupid to think this would be good for the fans, and i cannot get past that.

Prom Night
Prom Night(2008)

October Halloween Reviews

Terrible semi-remake, and i say semi because it's not really anything like the original at all (except there is a prom). The killer is boring and the characters aren't likeable, and the deaths were all the same from what I remember (stab to the chest). It's just one of those movies that has no good interesting or memorable parts.

I don't think the creator even thought it was remotley good it's just another way for hollywood to make some money, it's really depressing for me that this is whats happening with horror movies, they are probably my favorite genre and i miss the classic horror movie feel.

all in all fuck this movie!

Get Him to the Greek

I really liked Forgetting Sarah Marshall, so naturally I liked it's spin-off. While watching the movie I noticed it was funny, but at times had strong emotions simultanious to making jokes. The average movie goer will like it.

The Cable Guy

People keep saying this movie is creepy, and while it may be compared to some of Jim Carreys other films, it's still funny creepy and it's still Jim Carrey... he's just playing a different character for once... i see no problem with this.

Batman Forever

Definatley a disapointment comming from the Tim Burton Movies, it's alot less dark(and i mean alot!). It's over the top, Jim Carrey is ok so is Tommy Lee Jones but i actually liked Val Kilmer, and it isn't a bad kids movie.


What is even remotley enjoyable about this movie? unless you wanna sit around with some friends and make jokes... that's usually not a good sign for your movie.


In my opinion it's better than the Dark Knight, just because i love the visuals and how Batman acts (especially since he dosn't growl) and the joker is better to me aswell, which is something that's hard to say because Heath Ledger did a great job but i prefer Jack always. And it is Tim Burton so the visuals do out shadow the story, but the story is just as good as it needs to be.

First Blood
First Blood(1982)

First Blood is a great film, it has all the action you need and never loses your interest. But most of all the main character is very interesting.

Halloween - The Curse of Michael Myers (Halloween 6)

Another lame sequel too a once good horror franchise, this movie just has a weird plot that makes no sense and dosn't really fit. Not to mention it's un-interesting.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

My favorite harry potter movie, the acting is better than the first and i find the plot in this movie is more enjoyable (at least for the movie experience). Dobby is annoying though.

Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas

An unnecessary adaptation of the classic cartoon, adds nothing to the story. But as usual is enjoyable for kids and is watchable, and sometimes mildly enjoyable.

Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat

I watched this movie when i was about 8 i think, and i don't remember it leaving much of an impressions on me then. Looking back all i can think is it was total garbage from what i remember anyways.

Family Guy Presents: Something Something Something Dark Side

Same level as Blue harvest, nothings changed. Just more family guy star wars jokes!

Family Guy - Blue Harvest

Good for a laugh, and fun for star wars and family guy fans. But some people won't get the jokes if they don't watch star wars and it's pretty much what you'd expect.

My Name Is Bruce

Even though it's not good, dosn't have much of a plot, or intesting characters. Bruce is still fun to watch for a reason i do not know, and i like Ted Raimi as well. But I wish Bruce could play better rolls like Ash again, because he is a great actor he just seems to be stuck trying to be in silly b-movies, and he obviously prefers b-movies but they do exsist without being silly or over the top.


Enjoyable for kids definatley, and for adults with no sense of good movies, transformers is at least kinda cool to look at.

Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace


I am going to be reviewing all the star wars movies, my reviews won't be long because most people already have their own opinions on these movies and i don't knows what i can add to that.(this will probably be my longest review of them)

So how does it hold up?! Well compared to the original tirlogy, not well at all. Sure there is tons of eye candy, and some of the action was good. But alot of it was useless and boring!

Now i know everyone has shared their hatred for Jar jar, so i won't drag on with him but he is exactly what i mean when I say boring and useless! I don't know why they needed to add a comic releif character that has no other purpose than that, sure C3-P0 could be annoying, but he had his purposes. Not to mention all the lame politics they threw into it which dosn't add much for me or many other people.

But it's watchable and kids like it I really did when it first came out and i was 6 or 7, but now not so much.

All I have left to say is! why the hell didn't Anakin make a robot that could do all the work for him? Why is there even slaves when there are robots!

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith


This movie really helped the new Star Wars trilogy or (prequels). way more action lots of different locations and great effects. But unfortunatley it still dosn't hold up to the originals! But if you've seen the two movies before it, you wouldn't expect it to.

Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones


Much more action!? Less annoying characters!? Less Politics!?

Episode II is a big improvement over Ep.I and holds up alot better for the series...but alot of the dialogue is weak and The Hayden Christensen sucks!

They made Darth Vader into a whiney little brat who seems to shows off nothing special other than good luck, and he is way less professional than every other Jedi including the little kids.

But more action! and it's fun to watch!

Step Brothers

May not be smart or technically a good movie, but what makes you laugh is a comdey, and it succeeds very well at that.

The Hills Have Eyes

A disturbing movie with a scary premise, the characters are ok but the acting isn't very good, the mutants don't look scary, but they look alot more realistic.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

Not as smart and as scary as the first film, but for your average movie goer, it's probably the most fun to watch. With a cooler setting more gore, and alot more freddy.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

One of my favorite comedies ever, it's extremley enjoyable too watch. All the performances are great, and most importantly it's very funny.


It has very interesting premise, definatley not the best horror movie ever made but is worth checking out. It may throw you off thinking that the main villain was going to be pinhead, when it's actually not really at all. Which is probably a good thing, because having the movie not revolve around him turned out very nicely.

Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm

Amazingly well written, it's even enjoyable for adults. The story has alot of emotions and actually makes you care alot about whats going on. The animation is fantastic, it's so dark and has so much style to it, every secene is imbedded in my mind from when i was a child.

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

A great book that turned into a great movie, same can be said for all the Lord Of The Rings movies. It will definatley become a classic.

The look of the movie is great, all the characters are likeable, and the action is awsome! Anyone who likes fantasy will enjoy this movie forsure.

Friday the 13th, Part VI - Jason Lives

Definatley an enjoyable movie. I loved this movie when i was about 12 years old, it was probably my favorite movie. But looking back, it wasn't really that special, and too be honest it's mainly incredibly goofy. But thats part of it's charm, it isn't a good movie so my rating isn't that high (and trust me, i am a huge fan of friday the 13th) but i had to make sure it was listed as fresh because it's so enjoyable to watch!

Jurassic Park

The special effects... are amazing! This is one of those movies i remember watching as kid a kid, over and over and over. It made me love dinosaurs for a really long time, and looking back, it's better than i remembered.

As you get older you learn to appreciate the great characters in the movie. Spielberg isn't always my favorite... but wow. the only reason it dosn't get a 10/10 is because it's not perfect, and does have minor flaws, and in my opinion carried alot by special effects.

Army of Darkness

Army of Darkness is awsome! It's awsome to see The Evil Dead movies have three different dimensions, it starts off more serious and gorey, changes to humour but still having a creepy atmosphere, and then finally all out slap stick humour, but still keeping the character badass.

Army of Darkness is great because it managed to be really good without being gorey like the first two, and relied on laughs. Bruce is an awsome actor, he manages to be so badass an asshole, but deep down a good guy. All tied together with the killing of deadites!

King of the Zombies

King of the Zombies was a dissapointment, i was hoping for something featured on the same dvd as the silent movie Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde to be alot better. All the scenes in the movie feel very awkward, but maybe thats just because I found the the black stereotype character very annoying and unnecessary.

The doctor to me seemed like a less smoothe rip-off of Dracula, obviously no where near as cool or creepy. Some of the acting was ok, but nothing special. The ceremony drum scene is very laughable, it looks and sounds ridiculous, and the ending is pretty lame aswell.

The Wolfman
The Wolfman(2010)

Not bad, is the first words that come to mind when i think of this movie. Only problem with that, is it's dissapointing to see a really cool movie get re-made into a movie thats either ok or not good (which is usually the case) even though i wanted it to be good, i don't see much point in re-making this movie or any movies anymore, i've had enough of it.

I understand people wanting to re-imagine there favorite classic movies, or show it to a newer audiance, but people gotta start getting creative again!

All there really is to say about this movie, is that obviously the plot has been done, the special effects are ok in my opinion, and the characters are ok too. So it's an ok movie.


It's a great christmas movie, fun for all ages. Will Ferrell's performance is definatley the best, other than him nothing really stands out. But he is such a joy to watch he makes the rest of the film come to life with him.

Bubba Ho-Tep
Bubba Ho-Tep(2003)

Definatley not out of Hollywood. A movie about Elvis trading places with an Elvis impersonater(who was the elvis that died) and the real Elvis is still alive and in a care home, and makes friends with a black man claiming to be JFK, and they set out to kill a cowboy Mummy...

AND IT'S AWSOME! What other movie is anywhere as random, and still manages to be funny and interesting?! The answer is simply none. Hollywood sucks, the only reason people wouldnt like this is because it's unconventional and actually different from all the crap comming out latley.

Trick 'r Treat

A great movie for halloween. But if your looking for something gorey or really scary, it's probably not for you. The movie dosn't get very suspenseful til the end, but it dosn't matter because all the stories are fairly interesting, and all conect somewhat which is cool.

There is a little Halloween kind of guardian you might say, or maybe the spirit of halloween who's names sam. He's the little boy on the cover and he shows up in all the stories. Which is cool to have a main centre of the whole movie who links it all together. all in all it deserves better recognition.

H2: Halloween II

Rob Zombie has ruined my favorite slasher villain, he's turned Halloween into a gorefest. I don't know when people will realize that you don't need gore to be scary. Halloween was definatley one of those films where the villain was mysterious, which made him alot more scary.

He also looked like a normal sized guy, which just made him more creepy than anything. In the new films he's gigantic loud and not mysterious, he even talks which pisses me off. Oh and his background sucks too. Halloween was inspired by a normal kid who randomly killed his own family. He wasn't white trash and treated badly. Remakes suck usually, people need to learn to be creative again.

Batman & Robin

This movie is not interesting in anyway once your over 5, the 60's Batman and Robin was more serious than this. It's a shame that the Batman movies went from dark to campy. At least Batman begins and the Dark knight brought back some edge.

Meet the Fockers

I'm writting these reviews because i noticed there was a movie called little fockers comming out. I can safley say i'm not excited for it at all. The premise dosn't sound that good really, and i don't know what else they can do with the series.

Meet the Fockers, is funny but it's just like watching a newer version of the first movie. Which is ok for somone who would have liked to see more of what the first one was, but for that it's just ok.

Meet the Parents

I seen this movie for the first time when i was probablt 8-10 years old, and i thought it was really funny back then. To this day i still think its hilarious, that says alot to me. it's a great movie, enough said. (by the way i'm only 16)

Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn

My favorite movie of all time. People don't seem to understand why i love this movie so much! And i can not explain fully. But i can say it is a great movie, and obviously many people love it and obsess over it.

It's just plain fun to watch, i always get giddy like a little girl when the movie starts. Bruce Campbell is perfect in everyway as usual. No one can say a chainsaw arm is stupid, you just can't its to amazingly badass!

Inglourious Basterds

Inglorious Basterds is another one of those movies that isn't a comedy but is naturally comedic, which makes it so funy at points while still being very serious at the same time.

Tarantino is a master at doing this, and if you don't get it, or think it's stupid, then you probably have no sense of taste when it comes to movies in my own opinion.

Jeepers Creepers

Jeepers Creepers may not be for everyone, especially people looking for something scary. For some reason i really like the story, and the whole general idea of it.

Except at times it seems like theres to much, like the psychic who barley adds anything (except for explains everything to us) but i guess thats how we learn more about whats going on. Overall it's not great, but i like it.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End

It has it's moments, but for the most part this movie is way too hard to follow, and way too long. The actions scenes are awsome of course, and it can be funny.

But in this film things start getting weirder, and they show us things about the afterlife they talk about, which would have probably been cooler not knowing exactly what it was like. Instead they show us weird shit that makes no sense, other than Jack going insane.

You find the plot moves around way too much, and focuses on sooooooo many different characters. BUT THE ACTION SCENES ARE COOL!

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

I didn't really like the first one much, all the characters were annoying and they focused on them alot and it wasn't interesting. The second installment into the series makes all those mistakes and many more, its longer and it gets so boring!

The action sequences are still a jumbled mess of scrap metal, and stuff moving around like crazy. The story constantly pulls things out of nowhere, and seems to have rules that wouldn't even suit the transformers cartoons. The robots still look all the same, i think all the decepticons are black or grey, and some of the autobots start showing up n they are just as un-recognizable and bland.

All I have left to say is, kids may like it... too bad they threw in lots of sex jokes.


It's ok. Spawn dosn't have a very good plot and the actors are ok, but you find yourself not even caring about any of the characters. So all in all, the action is ok, the effects were good for the time, the story... i'm gonna give it an ok. But it dosn't feel very special at all, and for that it's just kind of ok. ok?

The Hobbit
The Hobbit(1978)

A good little cartoon for children not old enough to read the book, or watch the upcoming movie.

Disaster Movie

The movie is completley uninspired. One of the worst attempts at a comdey movie ever, If you can even call it a comedy It just tries mash up as many references to movies as it can, and none of it is funny.

Battlefield Earth

A very ugly movie to watch. it has funny moments(because it's so bad), but overall it's just plain stupid, and i don't know if it's the look of the movie, or the angle of the camera, but it gives me a headache.


Even fans don't like the movies much anymore, but you have to admitt, it's damn good for a laugh or two.

Grizzly Rage
Grizzly Rage(2007)

Poorly made, not really worth watching at all, maybe for a laugh with friends. The best part is the end.

The Evil Dead

One of my favorite movies! It's creepy, gorey, and kinda funny but it fits together all so well.

Iron Man 2
Iron Man 2(2010)

Iron man 2 is pretty good, though it feels alot more flashy than the original, and is obviously inferrior by far. For reasons such as, a way weaker plot that somtimes seems like they threw parts of it 2gether, and a more pathetic villain. but it's still a good action movie, has funny parts, and of course Robert Downey Jr. is awsome in general. So go check it out.

my rating is 7/10

Nirvana - Unplugged In New York

Wow is one of the only things I have to say about nirvana unplugged. As simple as their songs are, they are all very good. They are one of my favorite bands, and this show showed other people that they didn't have to be loud and destructive to give a great performance.

Wayne's World

Waynes world is enjoyable for anyone within certain age limits, definatley the best of the SNL spin-off movies.