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The Descendants

I'll be honest I was pretty surprised with how much I liked it. I go see a lot of movies and I had watched all of the movies that I had wanted to go watch. So I decided to get on Yahoo and look up what Descendants was about. I thought the synopsis sounded boring but I like to go to the movies so much that I decided to give it a try. I really enjoyed how authentic it felt. I watch so many movies that aren't feasible that it was refreshing to take this movie in. I went back and watched it again a few days later. I will definitely buy the dvd.

Shutter Island

I thought it was a pretty good flick. The acting was pretty solid. I don't get how people say this movie was horrible but they liked Inglorious Basterds. This was a much better movie than Inglorious Basterds. Leonardo has turned out to be a pretty good actor. The cast was well picked.