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The Help
The Help (2011)
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Going into "The Help", I really didn't have much hope; I thought it was going to be another "Magic Negro helps White Folks to see there's no difference between races" kind of film. And although some might still see it that way, at the ending I was blown away. Not only had I laughed a considerable number of times, I cried 3 times too! Now, onto the performances: Needless to say, Viola Davis handles 60% of the emotional scenes, and she's brilliant in every single one of them, especially when she talks about her son's "incident". You know how sometimes you don't notice an actor until they land a really great role? It happened thrice to me in this film: I was aware of Emma Stone's comedic abilities from "Superbad" and "Easy A", but I never knew she could be so "range-y". Second breakthrough for me: Octavia Spencer. No words. Just see her, and laugh your ass off. Third, one word, two syllables: Chastain. She was so darn lovely as Celia that I couldn't help but wanting to hug her everytime she seemed sad. Just great. Verdict for "The Help"? Loved it.