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Clash of the Titans

I'd seen the original Clash of the Titans and it was great fun. I was expecting to love this movie because not only was it Clash of the Titans, but it has one of my all-time favorite actors in it - Liam Neeson. Alas, his appearances were few and far between. I would still recommend it. I have to, any movie with my namesake in it (Medusa) is bound to worthy of the price of admission.



To say this is a family movie could be the understatement of the year. I went with my 36 year old son, my 33 year old daughter and my 3 year granddaughter and I don't know who enjoyed it more. It was wonderful! Of course, I've loved every Pixar movie I've seen and own most of them. I would like to say I bought them for my granddaughter; alas, she wasn't born yet when I made a couple of the purchases....

I Am Legend
I Am Legend(2007)

I really liked this movie, not as much as I liked the book, but that holds true for most movies. Of course, as always, the scene with his dog, well, it broke my heart, but what a good movie. I've like Will Smith ever since I saw him in Men in Black and Independence Day.

The Wolfman
The Wolfman(2010)

Oh my God, I loved this movie! Of course, I love Sir Anthony and Benicio Del Toro, although I think Del Toro's voice should be far deeper and more menacing to match his looks, but he can't really do anything about that. The way it was filmed is reminiscent of the wolfman and vampire movies I remember from my childhood that sent my scurrying to my dad's lap with that delicious sense of terror you don't think you can experience once you're in your 50's and have lived through some pretty frightening things. What a treat!

The Book of Eli

What a disappointment! I expected so much more. It seemed to be just a long walk with a whole lot of dismembering going on. Perhaps I should have done a little more investigating before I chose to spend a couple of hours in the theater for this one. I kept waiting for some revelation or some plot twist other than the one at the very end. Oh well, live and learn....

American Gangster

This one was a tough one to watch because I'm accustomed to seeing Denzel play a good guy. There was so much violence which I realize is to be expected, but I guess it wasn't what I wanted to see in a Denzel Washington film. The acting was great though, so there is that.


I really enjoyed this movie. Woody Harrelson looked like he had great fun making it which made it even more fun watching it. I don't usually like movies with a lot of blood and gore, but I was able to get past that just because of the fun they had, or looked like they had filming it.

Alice in Wonderland

I loved this movie! I really want to say Johnny Depp was my favorite character in the movie, but they were all so good, I just can't. I was surprised at how much I liked the movie because I've never read the book. It just never really appealed to me. The movie, however, was truly a feast for the senses! Thank you, Mr. Burton.