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Beyond The Black Rainbow
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I see the bad reviews for this film and I completely understand. But watching this movie from an artist/painter standpoint, it was pure genius. The color is crazy, saw some simultaneous contrast. Now that I've taken color theory and color abstraction I need to re-watch this film. The movie basically has the same kind of concept behind it as its own series of abstract paintings. Beautiful color and photography. If one has the patience and similar artistic endeavors, this movie is incredible. The film doesn't spoon feed ideas, which I greatly appreciate.

Happy, Happy
Happy, Happy (2011)
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

My heart just fell apart for Kaja, the main character. She got treated terribly, but I can also see where her husband's annoyance was coming from and it wasn't Kaja. The characterization was a bit obvious, so it was more of a light-hearted movie, but still realistic. It shows the cold spectrum of emotion and shows somewhat where it comes from in Kaja's husband's case, but not the other wife's case. This is a movie that shows how kindness and patience could be mistaken for a weakness. I still feel like there wasn't much resolved when it came to the children. Now for the other couple, I'm a bit more harsh on the wife, but then again it's neither one's fault usually, but it was nice to see her warm up a bit. I can recognize her cold sense of humor, but I would've liked to see how that developed...maybe I missed some hints..

Wolke Neun (Cloud 9)
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

What a great, original film. It's probably one of the most depressing films I've seen in awhile, I mean it dashes any remaining hopes of an already bleak outlook on marriage in society. It brings the look on relationships after the long term. And the scary part about it is, I could see the perspective on both sides and it makes you wonder about everything that can go wrong in the long run. This is one honest film.

Reprise (2006)
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I, at first, had issues with trusting the director's views. It seemed he would romanticize intelligence. I then realized that he was trying to capture the adolescent mind, which he did very well. He did a good job at making me hate the group of friends and I as turned off to his view on women at first. It was redeemable because I believe that these views were purposely served. I could have done without the book editor and friend getting together at the end. But I did enjoy most of the group of friends eating their words at the end. I really enjoyed both main characters. The director did a really good job at capturing creative insecurity esp. when one is close to several artists/writers. The characters were pretty well-defined, as much as they could be when describing such angst.