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Event Horizon
Event Horizon (1997)
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

There's a question you can ask yourself when you're having a tough time deciding wether a movie of this kind is good or bad. Was watching it an entertaining journey, or a chord? The reason why I am confused about this movie's state revolves around the movie having good elements, as well as mistakes from the part of Paul WS Anderson (yes that prick) and the terrible writer that was onboard that put a negative weight over all the positives. You've got visual wonder combined with uninspired elements that are partly stolen from other films, characters that are challenged but contrivedfully so, an intriguing and out of the ordinary promise that falls flat as the movie tries to sound smart, and so on.

In Event Horizon, there's some ship that's been gone for 7 years that just came back from some place for some reason. At this point, the crew became mutated monsters and everything has been messed up pretty badly. Too bad the audience can never find out why. All the information we ever get is that this place is a sort of hell. There's some excitement as the alive-for-now crew discovers stuff inside. Unfortunately, all ambiance falls apart as it becomes clear that Paul Anderson is unable to set up a constant atmosphere and writer Philip Eisner is unabe to set up consistent or believable characters. It's hilarious how the nameless black character pulls his friend out of a freaking black hole absolutely horrified and then the next minute he's just craking jokes and easy with everyone.
The same thing can be said of pretty much every single one of the redshirts who go through the floating wreck and try to get off. Everything they do is unsubstantial. It goes on and on, giving the impression that there is a substance. It's just a bunch of random things happening on top of each other. Much like in Solaris

Blade Runner
Blade Runner (1982)
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Blade Runner... I just can't get over. What a top to bottom awe-inspiring picture.
It's almost been 30 years since this movie's been made, and all the scifi we're getting at the moment is getting supplanted by it. Never gets old to immerse yourself into dystopian Los Angeles and amaze yourself.

As soon as you behold the rousing flyby intro, you know you're in for something amazing. When I say top to bottom, I mean everything. Just everything. Let me tell you something: everything this movie does, not only does it do it, it revolutionnizes it. From the rich and evolving characters to Ridley Scott's groundbreaking direction, all the way through Vangelis' mesmerising score, every single acting performance of the film notably Harrison Ford's and the moving power of the plot, a watch of this classic can't help but leave a permanent mark of awe amongst your memories.

Nothing I've seen in my life supplants Blade Runner: it will always remain my absolute favorite. A beautiful, rich, enthralling story full of memorable moments in the most breathtaking setting ever. No matter what you tell me, I'll always love it.

Avatar (2009)
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

A visual triumph as much as the CGI marvel it is as real-time, without counting the way in which both sides are made one. James Cameron did not lose his talent in the visual department, that for sure. But let's avoid the typical ' Best Movie EVEEER ' reaction resulting too often from this type of presentation, not only by the fact that most of the film's bulk is CGI (fundamentally hurting the film's credibility), but also by the fact that the story part demonstrates what movies are made of nowadays: junk.

To be more precise, I expected much more from James Cameron in this regard. The director and screenwriter of The Terminator and Aliens has known a prodigious past due to his undeniable abilities in the writing of films (one of the best screenwriters of all time in my opinion). Unfortunately, even the uniformly excellent performances (especially Sigourney Weaver =D) can't help the extreme thinness of the story, its over-reliance on already over-used plot clichés, its been-here done-that simplicity, its predictability...
Jamie, if you actually did re-read and tweaked the script you wrote ten years ago, we're not stupid. Not only does this story you're offering insult us, we know you can do better.